Armed home invasions become a regular thing in the UK

A homeowner fought off a gang of five robbers after they burst into his house wielding machetes.

David Pugh, 55, was asleep when the raiders stormed his home in the West Midlands, attacking his teenage son and dog and demanding cash.

But he bravely fought off the masked men - who were armed with long knives, baseball bats and golf clubs - and they fled empty handed.

Disturbing pictures show the extent of Mr Pugh's injuries after he suffered a broken nose and facial injuries while defending his £400,000 home.

The incident happened around 3am yesterday morning, when he saw the men attacking 17-year-old son and Rottweiler puppy Zeus.

The father-of-two said: 'There was a loud bang at 3am when they smashed the patio doors to get in but I thought Zeus had knocked something over.

'By the time I got out of bed, totally naked, I was approaching the door and it was kicked in.

'It went with a right smash and there was four or five guys on the landing in balaclavas. The men kept shouting "where's the money? Give us your money!".

'I grabbed the first couple I could, it turned into a brawl and a battle. I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs.

'I was getting hit repeatedly on the head - they had machetes, a baseball bat and a golf club.'

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Either this is fake news or he got very, very lucky. Judging by the numbers, this is probably a hoax designed to ramp up fear.
That's the second 3 for another 33.
Yeah, smells like bullshit I'm afraid.


Let's check something else.
Long Knives = LK = 32
Baseball Bats = BB = 22
Golf Clubs = GC = 73 = triple 7

You kikes aren't even trying.

Good for him, at least some bongs know how to fight back. No mention of the race of the Intruders?

This is why we need kike free first posts.

Are you serious? Not everything is a fucking false flag you make us sound like fucking lunatics.

Sorry to post so many times in succession but please, are they even trying?
Look at the fucking before and after pictures.
Psyop, 100% guaranteed.

Did you forget to wipe again? Where's your tardwrangler?

I never claimed it was a false flag. Don't use terms you don't understand.
Concern troll. Oy vey, shut it down.

Whenever I take a machete to the head, I always take a picture of myself by holding my phone in front of a mirror at an angle that would take a picture of the empty space next to me.

That's the point, he is obviously a shill trying to derail the thread.

The picture after the "attack" shows a 5 inch gaping wound.
The "after" picture, where his nose is still bruised, shows no trace at all.
It's fake.
Google "moulage" my little sheep.

You said it’s probably a hoax to drum up fear, a false flag, something that is intended to create a response from something that is a hoax.

You’re fucking retarded.

It's right under his hair retard.

yeah london is obviously so lacking in gangs of machete-wielding shitskins that the government made up a fake one, just because

How can you "derail" fake news? Why has the wound on his forehead completely healed without so much as a scar before the bruising on his nose is even resolved?

They would probably have to, yes, considering home invasions are practically unheard of in Britain.
Look, believe what you want, if you can't tell that this story is fake then I can't help you.
Why are you even here?

Niggers just found out, again, that white men actually do not go down. They parade a couple of faggots on the television to make white men look like they are wimps, but I remember at school - even when the white kids took a beating - they took it like champs. They'd get hit and hit and hit and wouldn't go down.

These shitskins and niggers have no idea what they're fucking with. If they weren't such vicious, sadistic, evil arseholes I might pity them… As it is, let it come forth. The warrior spirit has lain dormant too long . Dormant, but not gone. Time to purge the shit from our nations.

Hail victory!


Reported. Fuck off, kike.


That gash isn't very bloody…… It looks like it just started bleeding as he took the picture.
Was he blocking their attacks with his face? Why aren't his arms injured at all? Is his clavical a wound? Wtf is with that phone angle?

We can see a large flap of skin hanging off his fucking head, schlomo.
You fucked up, should've made sure the photos matched.
check all of these thread-defenders, this must be an important story for (((them))), need to read the whole thing and see what they're actually trying to achieve with this.


Sorry, reacted a bit too fast there given the massive aggressive shill activity here. They're defending their narrative voraciously.
Brilliant point. Someone who defends against a knife primarily receives defensive injuries to the hands.

It could have also simply been cropped from a larger image.

When people said that Grenfell tower was a psyop to produce fear and division I can understand the motive behind someone doing that. Because it really impacted on the whole nation.

When you claim that a random burglary is a psyop that makes no sense at all because random burglaries happen regularly anyway. So your faking something that already happens every day for what purpose?
If you can come up with a purpose then id be open to your thoery but you have to remember when they do these psyops they would have to balance the resultt they are going for with the possibility of being caught and exposed. It would have to have a significant impact on a large number of people in order for it to be worth the risk.

They even tried to kill the poor doggo.

The bandage has a spot of moulage, so fucking what?
You're wasting your time with damage control.
Pretending that it's "hidden in the hair" in defiance of your own evidence is just sad.

Pick one


Filter and report, it's a well poisoning shill.

Fuck off, kike. You can't subvert people who are more intelligent than you.

The dog's wound looks almost as fake as master's - but at least it hasn't moved to "under the hair".
No redness, hair still in the "wound".
Why didn't master photograph the dog prior to "surgery"? He seemed to have no problem photographing himself?
he didn't because an open wound takes time and effort to fake, as opposed to shaving a dog's head and gluing some pieces of thread to the hair to fake a closed injury

Fucking hell.
He still looks chipper. A household end safety well deserved.

In many parts of the country burgularies are a regular thing.

In fact I got burgled myself quite recently.
Although you now have me wondering was I really burgled or was it a psyop?

Niggers nigging is a psyop why didn't I ever see it before?

You keep using terms you don't understand.
Fake news stories aren't a part of our "well".

Dogs remain Man's best friend because the only true Man is the white man - these other apes do not deserve such a designation.

Also can someone give out the call to arms already? I probably sound like a Fed but I'm sick of seeing the evil. I've been ready for a long time now. Been arrested a couple of times and you know what? I felt fucking free. Living in passivity and trying to follow these corrupt laws is not natural - it rots our soul. It pains me just to walk down the street and stomach this filth. This facade of society needs to fall, we must become what we were always meant to be. Let the bonds be broken - let the blood flow forth.

That's not a fucking gash that's his fucking hair.
Fuck off to /x/

Only if you're using your bare hands to defend yourself, a guy with a gun doesn't take to many hand injuries from a knife for example. Use your fucking head, multiple attackers in a cramped home is not the same as multiple attackers in the street, if he's using a chair (like he said he used) and the guy with the knife isn't in front its quite believable he got smacked with a bat a few times while fighting in a hall or doorway.

So apart from the "blood", where is the evidence of injury?

Which is exactly what's alleged in the story
Ah, there we go.
It's native advertising for (((Krav Maga))), mystery solved.

I think you need to take your meds

Take your meds, goy.
Shit, can you be any more stereotypically jewish?

No, its not.

What a surprise, the country has probably the highest percentage of shitskin in the UK.

But they don't have any guns and live in peaceful paradise so this can't be. I specifically remember malnourished tea drinking cock takers saying this while laughing at Americans. This can't be true, delete this.


This. White men fought in the two most brutal fucking wars in human history. The pride and underestimating of the niggers will be their doom. I can't wait to see the look in a nigger's eyes when he realizes a "white boy" did him in

And perhaps the biggest clue of all

It's hilarious. They literally alert one another to the fact that it's fake news through the use of very precise numbers, but to the goyim this is completely invisible.
No, nothing strange at all about being so exact about the time the cops were called, while being completely fuzzy about oh, describing the fucking suspects so they can be caught?

M8 I know the elite like to do include there special numbers and follow the celestial calendar, but there's not there's no evidence this was faked or any motive to do so.

Nowhere in the article does it say the alleged invaders were niggers.

Too bad it wasn't grown up. Rottweilers are some of the best guard dogs around, which is why countless militaries and police agencies all around the world use them.



Evidence doesn't work like that. The one making the positive claim has the burden of proof. A jew saying something happened isn't evidence, let alone proof.
The man in the photograph was supposedly hit multiple times in the head with knives, bats and clubs, yet he has no visible injuries whatsoever.
No defensive injuries to the hands and arms.
No suspect descriptions (don't they want to capture such dangerous men?)
And of course, (((Krav Maga))) saved him.
Believe what you like, they don't call you goyim (cattle) for nothing.

Watch out. Butt hurt britbongs will spam LE 56% face as a argument

Checked. Don't fall for the shill, mate. Report and filter.

Nice, you circled a tuft of hair.
what's the bets that further investigation turns up that, not only is this guy a kike, but he has connections to media, govt, or benefits from the advertising of krav maga


I didnt know it was on CNN and shit like that. I dont watch that crap.
If its being promoted in the mainstream media then it is a bit suspicious.

It also explains why he didnt get fucked up really badly.

Put it this way I can think of a million easier ways of shilling some martial arts system that would be much easier and less risky than making up this story.

That's not how you meme illuminati influence.

Kike are dead obvious when you know what to look for. Zeus isn't their calling card, neither is 55 (it's used sometimes like 22 but not they don't look alike). And the injuries here are actually very well done and real looking. The only thing fake about this i would guess is the first post being a derail. And even that isn't fake, :-)


* But not 33

Sorry but your knowledge of kike numerology is very incomplete.

I love my rott. He hates niggers, beaners, chinks, and jews instinctively.


This is standard practice when it's niggers or mudshits. A couple of months ago there was a street robbery & the description was "a man in his 40's riding a black bike" They never caught the perp but the bike got 10 years.

Fucking hell, that is why crime rises.
I hope this old white fuck gets what he deserves. Defending oneself is not needed and certainly an extreme. He should have just locked him up, or better yet, just give him whatever they wanted.

Solving problems trough violence is not solving the problem: its just creating more problems.
They will be again and I hope they will cut this old white fuck and take all his stuff.

Yeah, he should have shared; Stupid fuck.

Your knowledge of how to bullshit anons is worse.

I don't even know ow your play here but fuck it I know mine… It's called better shit to do online than this story. Still blast it if that's your thing anons never hurts to redpill on the nig.

consider rehab

No you blind kike. The 5 inch gaping wound you think is on his forehead is BLOOD SOAKED HAIR, like a cow lick. Instead of sperging, use your fucking eyeballs and look!
The guy lives in bong niggerville. It's real. The police only arrest thought criminals there.

Shitskins and niggers with possible chavs.

The (((cohencidence))) is it looks like an advert for krav maga, but it would do more as an advert for RWDS

Interesting, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are said to hate niggers instinctively as well.

Dogs had to evolve around the fucking monsters too so it stands to reason they learned as much as a white man when it comes to how to work with your best buddy to stay safe.

That is a fair point, but then, even the most leftist outlets like the BBC will still include a partial description such as "5'9, beard/dark hair/" with these 4 there's nothing at all, it's inexplicable.
And it can't be because he didn't get a good look at them, according to another version of the story, the "battle" raged for 5 or 6 minutes.

Bye bye then.

I never had a problem with Rotties, my neighbor lets his dog off leach and never once felt threatened.

And I asked, where are the alleged "serious head injuries" then?
Where are they? How did they stitch them without shaving his hair?

Is that you justin?

It was the BBC

Oh shit checked.

Don't respond to the shills, it only helps them.

I have a lot more patience for /fringe/faggotry than most anons here and even I think you're a retard.

??? No, the OP is Daily Mail, and your point is irrelevant.
No news outlet has provided a description.
None of the stories attach the name of a police officer to "police statement", and the West Midlands police website has no mention of the incident.

Remember, don't question the jewish media, or else 9ff88a will think you're a retard too, and you wouldn't want that! Just listen and believe goy, listen and believe.
I'm out, my work here is done.

I look forward to your next post ten minutes from now.

Shilled enough to collect your pay?

Daily reminder: it is legal to own firearms in the UK, despite all the memes. Anons in the UK should go through the proper channels and arm themselves for self defense. Bulk up and secure your windows and doorways. Learn self defense techniques as well. Stay safe out there.


The robbers must be some weak limp wristed faggots if they have all those weapons and can't even kill anything.

Oh, one more point before I leave. As usual in these fake stories, the different interviews contradict one another.
Video interview: attacked outside his room, tries to reach son's room but son uninvolved.
Daily Mail: finds them attacking his son
More UK: finds them attacking his son.
BBC: finds them attacking his son.
So, to recap:
Story changes each time he tells it.
No evidence of injuries.
No suspect descriptions whatsoever.
(((Krav Maga))) embedded advertising in every article.
damned uppity goyim

These are sick kikes we're dealing with. They probably bashed the puppy for real.

Hey, you made it 20 minutes. Good for you :^)

It's the NHS you mong. Patch up and out the door you go. They won't go looking for a coiffeur to do his hair before stitching or gluing it together.
Niggers exist. This is what they do. Attack people in their home.

Like I said, if it really is a Krav Maga advert it will be seen more as a RWDS advert before anyone considers (((Krav))).


So one older white guy can handle and chase off 5 of these monkeys? Why the fuck are white people so scared of muds and niggers? They're dumber than rocks and generally small and weak.

Bin That Bottle!

Kike propaganda and fear conditioning. Used to be in America niggers wouldn't look whites in the eyes because they knew they'd get fucked up if they tried to mess with us. We're bringing that back


Fucking kill yourselves.

Kinda suspicious he went and took himself a selfie before he went to the hospital though.

Very nice thanks user. They look very intelligent as well as having good instincts against niggers.

They're scared of the law which punishes whites for acting appropriately.

kek. couldn't even wait half an hour.

You can own them. You can use them in sporting activities. If you use them to defend your home and your family, you will go to jail.

No, it's pretty common when someone wants to show people the results of an assault.

Exactly, the RCMP here in Canada will look the other way if a white woman is raped by a mud. And will side against a home owner if the home invader his harmed in the course of his robbery. We have no idea of their protocols, of their procedures, or even of their motivations. All we know is that they are both inscrutable and have dead soulless eyes like a fish, and that calling them into a situation always ends worse than it started.

Checked. I wonder if I can teach my cat to hate niggers. Probably not since he's an indoor cat and I don't let niggers in my house.

user, please drop every source you have on Pythagoreanism!
I've discovered pythagorean codes in the artwork of Nos - Book of the Resurrection, by Miguel Serrano. I must learn the pythagorean mysteries to understand this. Please, by the black sun and the green Thunderbolt, I implore you for your aid in this.

He's going to jail for daring to assault those poor misguided youths, isn't he?


It's true. I petted one once and he liked me. Because I'm not a nigger.

Found this :

i came to say what said.
Hairline, retard.

doubling down, lets slip his jewishness FUCK OFF JIDF

Thank you brother, but do you have more? I already found that link and that's how I made the connection.

(((Refugees))) invade a house commit assault?
Must be Fake News.

fuck yes. I'm descended from fucking berserkers. Attack me and you'll have to knock me out before i'll stop trying to break you. WWI and WWII really thinned the stock, leaving cucks in charge, but we are everywhere, and itching for an excuse to legitimately kill

are you just going to ignore the evidence that you are a fucking retard and that the photos are consistent?


pic in previous post literally shows multiple small wounds
Have you ever been in a fight? I've been in some furious ones, and even after getting smashed over the head and kicked several times in that face i've walked away with no visible evidence of harm. The time i got stabbed you could hardly even see the wound.
fuck off and get a life, faggot.
Oh, and there's a dog called Zeus on my street. Naming dogs after gods is commonplace.

checked. Zeus will remember that day.

This. Also, these are nigs with machetes. Those are HORRIBLE as a weapon. They rarely have a useful edge, have no point for stabbing, and are shit if not used in a full arc of a swing at arm's length. If they can't make a full swing, you can grab the average cheap machete with your bare hand and not suffer a laceration.
You want to kill someone with hardware store equipment? Get a nail a good 8inches long and hold it facing down (as in, point not coming up the side of your thumb.) and rapidly stab the throat and face of your target. Yeah, it's not prison-shanky style, but if you're being attacked by multiple aggressors, you will not be disarmed and the more they move foreward into you, the easier it is to stab them. If they try to cinch, you bring your hand back to your torso with the blunt end pressing against your chest, and use the combined body weight of your self and the advancing target who is attempting to pin you, to drive it deep into their torso.

Why people in no fun countries doesn't account for their circumstances? Very careless.

The nanny state would probbaly have an issue with reinforced doors and windows. Cameras which aren't theirs would require a special license and they would have to have control over those cameras.
They account for it, they just can't do shit about it.

Sand niggers are notorious for being ridiculous noodle armed soylets. The only reason they've even been able to do the damage they have done so far is by the grace of government complicity and sheer numbers.

Need to know how to use them correctly and make sure you are using the right type of strike for the style of machete. But lopping off limbs isn't the way to go unless you have a weighted blade like a kukri. And yeah stabbing is only good to keep them at reach so you can fillet flesh. That is how you should be using the machete. Deboning strikes that remove muscle and tendon from bone. Strike arms and legs at an obtuse angle so the blade doesn't bite and get stopped by the bone. You want the blade to skip off the bone taking flesh with it.
You have more reach slashing at a throat with a machete than you do with that 8 inch spike. If you're in close, great. If you are somehow behind them, awesome. But on the approach with them facing you is a little sketch if they have a longer blade in hand.

Numbers and "surprise." They hope one sucker punch does the job. The look in their eyes is priceless when they take a swing, they connect, and you just turn to look at them with murder in your eyes.

lol uk pls
we are going rwds now

Fun fact: when katanas are used by amateurs for self defense (even wallhangers versions) it leads to disfiguring or lethal wounds. Maeks you think.

Good info, reminds me of when I was learning Eskrima. (I prefer western styles though, but wasn't turning down the opportunity from an old guy who could kill me in one strike. )
That's debatable though. The Machete may be long, but it's striking surface is tiny for the size of the blade, all focused just before the curve on the tip, and with an unskilled attacker (shitskins) they won't know how to pull in their strokes. Anyone who CHOOSES a lawn-work machete is a dumbass, it's a weapon of convenience and they never come with a grip that affords any control. The answer to fighting against one is the same as for the baseball bats and the golf clubs. STEP IN! Advance with maximum aggression. Even if you're struck, if you close that gap, the damage is minimal even if you're naked. Then the target will either back up, try to initiate a grapple, or turn away. In any of those scenarios, you've gained the advantage with your spike. Remember, slashes hurt, punctures kill.
Agreed. It's nearly impossible to do with a machete unless the target is somehow braced. When nigs cut off hands, they're on a damned cutting block. Can definitely take off a finger though if you're just holding it up for them as a target.
That's because it's a giant curved slashing edge. With a machete you have about an inch or two of real striking surface, despite it's size. With a katana, you have as much surface as you can take or be given. As long as you've closed within range for a good strike, you're probably golden if it hits, ESPECIALLY if you're fighting a coward who will pull away when they see the blade coming, as their backwards motion will complete the strike even if the wielder themselves is untrained and doesn't know how to carry through once making contact.

Good thing he didn't tell the media he said "fuck you, niggers" in the middle of the brawl, or he'd be going to pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Although he might be a little difficult to pound.

Sooo, a naked bummer just waked up and take out 5 white weapon carrying thugs?

why don't pro-immigration activists know what their policies have already done to countries?
why keep insisting after all the failed experiments?

FFS that webm. It's fucking time the UK imported some USA cops to teach them how to deal with niggers.

No, wizard, I got that link from you remember?


Oh damn it. I suspected as much. Didn't know you saved all those images though.

#B R A K A K A

Never fuck with the doggos.

There is only one way to deal with niggers and American police aren't doing it.

You've been reported, Shill-kun.

Fuck off back to Holla Forums and be homosexual there instead.

Fair fucking play to the lad, fighting them off unarmed.

He's joking, m80s. He's mocking the left's response to self-defence in this country.

Serious question- what can those of us in anti-gun countries do for self defence and home protection when we don't have access to firearms?

Are there any legal weapons available for home use?

Is it even possible to get banned from this site. Fuck.

Yes. As soon as you start treating this place like your personal snowflake hugbox, you will be banned.

Are there people here trying to convince us niggers acting like niggers is somehow a false flag?
If not kikes then Euros must be super sheltered, in America the unspoken rule is to never trust brown people.

That's bloodied hair, dumbass.

Go Arsenal.

What are you talking about? Why would they want to make people in GB fearful? It'd go in the face of their "muslims are just like us, there is no crime" meme.

Imkampfy just stop existing


Bats, knifes and other such weapons are completely okay.
As for guns, you're pretty much limited to high-powered air rifles. Don't underestimate those things.
You can get away with using a firearm, but it'll cause you a lot more legal trouble than it's probably worth.

This just nade my blood boil

Poor doggo-san

yes, because this is good propaganda for more migrants…
good propagand for less guns too right.

youre retarded and gay

You can always start a book thread or call the BO a weeaboo.

It depends exactly which country you're in. Laws differ, as do the chances of being prosecuted/convicted for defending yourself in various ways. It's also worth considering how criminals in your country are likely to be armed.

Muslims confirmed


no they dont retard I had stitches right on top of my head the part it and use a staple gun

David “Step out of line and i’ll snap your spine” Pugh


All I can tell you about UK law is that its enforcement is extremely dependent on what the judge is feeling at the time. It's a system held over from a high-trust white society, which is now completely unsuited for the diversity shithole we've now become. US law has a Constitution set in not very solid stone, so there are a comparatively large number of absolute defences, but there's nothing like that here. There are some good judges, I'm sure, but you shouldn't count on getting one.

I don't know what country you're talking about, but this isn't applicable to the UK. Any self-defence here has to be completely unplanned, or you have a very high chance of getting the long cock of the law in your arsehole. If the law believes you to have made the conscious decision to actually grab a weapon and defend your life, home, or family, you can get done for assault. That means knife on the street, it means pepper spray, it means baseball/cricket bat by the side of the bed in case of home intruder. All of them are demonstrating the fact that you had the time to think about your actions, so why didn't you call the police? :^)

This also means that you have no reason to use even a firearm you legally own, because of course it's going to be locked away within an unobtainium safe sealed by seven separate wizards, all masters of their craft, which a policeman has the right to check on, at any time he damn well wishes.

This is all worst-case scenario, of course, but if you're thinking about a self-defence situation, that already is the worst case scenario.

What op said, euro-fags dont have the right to defend themselves, at least not from the UK. They have to sit and watch their wives get fucked while they call the cops to avoid legal trouble.

I wonder what a UK citizen thinks when he reads U.S. news about a home invader getting fed 00 buck because he thought he had right unjustly innact force upon property he did not own. Does UK citizens even realize how badly their government forces its citizens to be victims? Do they even realize their ancesters use to allow duels to the death simply for insulting a mans honor?


this tbh

It's a chronic case of 'well, it won't happen to me', or at least it is in the cases of the people who I've talked to. Other things I've actually heard:

knives are for opening Doritos.
That said, I carry a Benchmade.
(And a Ruger.)

There is some grade A disinfo and shilling going on in this thread I must say. Why don't the mods do something?

I remember as a young lad seeing an episode of Cops on my fully licensed television. The police were called to a domestic situation; they entered the property and found an old man sat at a table looking glum. It was explained that their had been an altercation inside the home between his granddaughter and her boyfriend, the boyfriend had struck his granddaughter so he pulled out his gun and shot him in the leg.

I felt terrible for the old lad; something about his demeanor told me he was a good man, a man who just wanted to protect his granddaughter from being hurt and now he was going to die in prison. It was unfair. Only that didn’t happen, the cops communicated with the hospital and found the boyfriend to have only suffered a flesh wound, spoke to witnesses who confirmed the old mans story and then sat with him and comforted him for a bit. Then they left. No charges, quite the opposite, he was in fact well within his right to use his firearm to protect his granddaughter. I was shocked. It had taken it for it for a given that the old man would be treated as the criminal and the boyfriend as the victim as would be the case in bongistan.

The above story illustrates the mindset of most Brits; it is taken for granted that you have no right to defend yourself of your family. Some are aware, most like myself are miserable but should the chance ever arise to attain freedom for me or my people I would take it no matter how slim to odds, living life as a declawed cat is no life at all.


But I thought everyone was supposed to get a life and bin that knife?

The fuck planet are you from, kike? Every fucking Man should always have a knife. It's a required tool for survival.
Get ahold of this bitch! Just because you're clearly incapable of combat, doesn't mean you can say that the most useful tool ever created, is useless in a fight. Let me guess, you think a knife fight is about blindly slashing? Wrong, you're not getting penetration with slashes on a short blade. A slash would be primarily directed at the hands and the face of an opponent. This disables them completely in a fight, by either blinding them, causing massive bleeding from the mouth (if you slash through the cheek) which then impedes breathing, or by disabling their ability to use their hands. The slash isn't for dropping an opponent though, that's what STABBING IS FOR!
Any idiot can shank someone in the gut if they can wrap an arm over their shoulder and grip their shirt. A few repeated stabs into the gut, and you can have punctured the liver, stomach, or intestines. All will cause death if not treated immediately, besides the liver, which is much faster if you really rupture it.

the absolute state of this german grocery store page…

Good luck killing 5 guys with machetes with a .22

Amen brother. The will of the white man has no competition.

A gun is better as it is effective at range and still usable up close, and can still be used effectively by people who don't have the speed and dexterity to effectively use a knife like an old person… unless of course you're saying old white people should either lie down and accept a mugging or be dumb enough to get into close quarters combat with some much younger and physically stronger than them (which most criminals are).

He's a puppy. If he was a full grown dog, there would've been a dead mudslime.
Pupper redemption arc is going to be fucking lit

I had a laff

Anarcho Tyranny.

He knew that it would be memory holed otherwise, and he'd be arrested for using an aftershave bottle in a threatening way.
This way he has proof that they were chopping his head with a machete.

24 posts of pathetic attempts to slide this
Nice try (((127e5b))), but you failed…and now you're gonna hang


Roll for race:
0, 1 = niggers
2, 3 = pakis
4, 5 = eastern european scum
6, 7 = gypos
8, 9 = ira gypos
Dubs = chavs
Trips = he did it to himself for attention

keking my ass off

the internet warriors are all here, they've been through medieval warfare and spent 20 years in the hard crusades. they've studied every armed and unarmed martial art on the planet, and can hit a fly in the arsehole from 2 miles away with a pistol, blindfolded.
listen to these guys, they'll save your life with their secret ninja wisdom

This has become commonplace in the last 20 years.
There used to be accurate descriptions every time, photofits put on the tv and in the newspapers too.
In the early 90s when cctv started saturating england the orwellian test-bed, they would put the faces up from that, zoomed in and clarified.
Suddenly all of that stopped, likely thank tony blair, the kike that let millions of muslims in with the stated intent to alter the balance of england.

The reality is somewhere between these. First user is comparing knives to guns, which is a useless comparison for people in countries where it's a knife or nothing. Second user is ignoring the hardest part of a knife fight (i.e. getting a chance to stab without being stabbed yourself) and basically describing using a knife against an unarmed opponent. Knives are excellent weapons within the category of "small enough to easily/discretely carry, but not a gun", and the other options in that category are mostly terrible. Although like the first user said, they don't negate physical disadvantage the way guns can, and they require you to be within stabbing/striking range of the opponent.

The only arguably better choice for a concealed defensive weapon where a gun isn't an option is a collapsible baton. Unfortunately that's often only barely more legal than carrying a gun, since you can't explain it away as a utility item like you can a knife.

guns are bad #4135341

Set up traps and cleanup after using them.
Ammonia clears all dna residue, but wear gloves because traitor police will try to lift fingerprints even from plastic bags.
Learn how to weld.

Whatever ointment he's got going on, I need it.

Someone needs to tell the Queen to give English men their guns back before it's too late. Not to the muslims or African invaders, but rather the English men, to whom the country belongs.

unified code theory

mfw I met my sweetheart at the Friday Night Lynch.

There won't be any investigation as he was white. These "robbers" were simply Soros funded thugs and pantyfas. In fact, I'm pretty sure the house owner is going to be legally attacked instead for "injuring these poor burglars".

Fuck you fucking kikes.

Bad ass. Fought off a hoard of shitskin robbers whilst naked and made it through. Also all his injuries will just be testament that he is a certified warrior. I have chased off niggers from my property so far but they are too cowardly to fight me this hard heh.

There is blood on his forehead and hair. No "huge gaping wound".


This. Can't wait for pupper to grow up and become the nigger slayer.


Needs red + blue lights on bottom frame I think to make it look like sirens are on.

I've noticed that wild animals absolutely fucking HATE niggers with a passion. We wonder why Africans never really got with the program on domesticating dogs and cats and horses, and usually we rightfully attribute it to their total lack of intelligence and foresight, but there's another aspect that doesn't get mentioned and it's that the animals themselves despise the blacks and won't let them.

You're lucky I have nothing better to do

Like the elephant constrained by a thin piece of rope, most people remember how muds and nigs would gang up on kids 5 years younger than them, with their elder brothers watching to jump in in case white boy started fucking them up regardless.
It's a hard image to shake when that's what you've grown up with.

That will be prison time for assault weapons

Better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six.

This happened at University Leeds IQ student halls a couple of years back, a group of thugs got past gated security, held some student girl at knife point whilst they robbed her.

It is most likely a regular thing, but it never gets reported by media. Hell I only found out cos I was dating someone who lived on the ground floor and the incident happened on the ground floor level.

They probably didn't tell anyone else, the Universities/Colleges in the area certainly didn't inform students of the incident.

He looks like a racist.

Wrong. Police cars in Bongland have blue lights only.

Can confirm.
Sister had a Ridgeback from a pup, soft bugger was scared of cats lol. First niglet it saw it went 'heat seeker' mode and shot after it at full speed in total silence. It was trained (just basic obedience) so she called it back but said she had never seen it do anything like that before and had no idea what it would have done if she hadnt called it in. It always stared in silence at anyone with dark skin too but otherwise it was very gentle with everyone else.

there is no gash on his forhead you fuckin retard. he's got a tuft of hair (stuck together with blood) coming down across his forhead.
go get some fuckin glasses m8.

Attempted murder in both cases. Clearly striking to target the head. How did it get so bad? Why won't anyone see that this is a genocidal war? I don't expect the enemy to be nice, but fuck at least our own people should have been able to hang together. Its going to have to get absolutely terrible before the purge of cucks. I actually want to see the cucks and traitors purged way more than the enemy.

you ever been in a fight and gotten your nose broken? you ever watched a UFC fight where a guy got his nose broken? blood tends to get EVERYFUCKINGWHERE. especially when you are throwing around/getting thrown around with/by 5 fucking nignogs

His next line is

Redpill ammo.
Normies will go apeshit over dogs being injured even when they can ignore (white) humans being murdered.

I don't think my cat has ever seen a negro. I am envious, really.

Its just part and parcel of living in a 3rd world city.

I want to buy a based nigger hating dog now

steal guns or buy em from drug dealers m8. GET GUNS fuck if they are legal or not, your life is moar important than the law

Now I'm really worried about the backlash against lawfully challenged dark skinned

What you see on his forehead is actually his hair matted down with blood. Head wounds bleed excessively. My daughter ran into a pole while playing at a park, splitting the scalp just above the hairline, and in the five minutes it took me to get her to the car to clean her up her entire face was covered in blood. Freaked out the people around us as we were hurrying to the car. But the cut was only half an inch long. So, for future reference, head wounds bleed profusely, even if it's a tiny wound.

You can always make your own party favors.

For science!



What is this, I dont even…

I like the cut of your jib!

This, also IIRC cuts to the scalp seem to bleed much more than other areas

Yeah, you guys ever watch pro-wrestling? Wrestlers cut themselves and one little nick across their forehead is all it takes for lots of blood.

this might be a cheesy response but here goes;
i caught a bit of a bbc show a while back where one character was threatening another character with a crossbow…
i suppose that implies crossbows are legal in britbongistan?


Happened a day before another mass shooting. "You don't guns to defend yourself from multiple armed intruders when you can learn Krav Magazine"

Guns are easy to make but ammunition is not.

Short of going old school with black powder, this.

If the laws of my country are similar to theirs, it can be considered a shotgun.

Only the casing, and that can be recycled.

All bows are legal (for over 18s) in the UK, along with hunting points, as are air rifles limited to 12 ft/lbs in either .22 or .177. None of the above can be open carried.

Unless you have the seclusion, tools and intention to shoot, shovel and shut up, you should think about an improvised club, or aftershave bottle rather than an edged weapon.

I'm willing to bet OP's bloody man had said or done something to deserve the visit he got.

Someone, somewhere, must have modded a Paslode. Surely?

You also need the primer, I'm not sure this can easily be acquired over there.

Don't mess with a white man's dog. I hope those animals get what they deserve.

Literally only thing that fucked up my plans was the ammo thing. I was already learning to make these guns 10 years ago and hoarding all those documents and actually read them all. I realized banning guns is stupid and pointless but the control over the ammunition supply is the bigger concern. If we could somehow make a trade-off where they make the sale of ammunition legal and we let them ban guns, I'd accept that, as I could then get all the ammo I need for my homemade guns to train with, fight with, test the guns, etc.


What euro-fags love the most are burger-retards who have no clue that UK law is not aplicable in most of Europe.

That means, in a cucked, occupied country,like Germany the home owner can use any means available to fend off an intruder.
Fact, an Hell's Angles member got away with killing a police man he thought to be a rival gang member out to kill him. Try that in the “land of the free”!

Okay, crazies ITT. I don't know why you are all trying to make shit up and project things onto this out of thin air. None of this is hard to believe. It is not hard to believe that someone in Britbongistan was attacked by subhumans. It is not hard to believe that he was injured, given multiple attackers. It is not hard to believe that he may have picked up some combatives somewhere (some is definitely enough to make the difference in this case), and it's definitely not hard to believe that it would be kike MA in England (have you truly learned nothing?).

Furthermore, Krav is about average for an MMA. It is neither amazing nor terrible. If it were me, I would be sleeping or at home with weapons I could have in whatever country (like a giant-ass claymore would have seen this man with little to no injury instead).

Nothing about any of this is even slightly odd though. Seriously, get a life.

fukkin saved



The Shilling here, it's just amazing.
"Everything is a false flag for no reason 'cause i say so"

All the ingredients you need to make a primer is found on and in a match box.
The matches themselves can be used as a powder in a pinch.

Bit of self defence knowledge for you all.
When fighting someone with a knife use the outside of your arms to defend yourself.
YOu can take a lot more damage to them with no short or long term consequences before you have to start worrying.
Don't use the inside of your arms because theres easy access to lots of important blood vessels and muscles.

And most certainly DO NOT use your face.
Also don't punch in the face, too hard.
Don't punch in general. Punching is generally a bad idea if you don't know how to do it properly.
Hammerfist instead. Get your hand in a decent fist then swing it like a hammer, aiming to hit the opponent with the bottom of your hand. It hurts less and you're less likely to damage yourself.

A giant ass claymore would be too big to effectively use. Single handed sword or a stout stick would be better.

Is this the story that we use to kill that meme?

Fucking niggers are turning oz into Africa fucking niggers burn. Good thing aussies gave up their firearms.

I have a four-winds shotgun build video from #3's author, Kurt Saxon, complete with usage tips and trick and testing!
Can someone please webm this? I have no clue at all to do so…



fugging pakis - should have known

You're being a bit disingenuous there, son. Have you actually read/familiarized yourself with the UK law and checked case law examples to see how it is actually implemented? Doesn't sound like it.
Here's the thing. Any item, even a rolled up newspaper, becomes an offensive weapon when carried with the intention of use as a weapon.
It's as simple as that. Your "legal" means fuck all. And as for this:
Great way to guarantee you go to prison. Bow hunting is illegal in the UK, yes, you read that right, there is no situation where hunting with a bow is allowed under the law. So there is no reasonable excuse to be caught in possession of broad head arrow tips. Now, you don't need an excuse if they're on your property, but when you use them against an intruder you'll be unable to explain them away as anything other than offensive weapons, and even if you dream up some excuse "I… I'm a militaria enthusiast!" no jury will believe it.
In British law you need to show that your level of violence was proportional to the perceived threat or actual incoming violence. By the way, good luck if you're a big guy, courts love to attack the strong White genome and even if you're facing multiple attackers, even if they're armed, expect to see something like this in the Jewspapers:
You get the picture.
Already banned in Scotland, England and Wales soon to follow suit (public already being primed by propaganda stories in the Jewsmedia about babies being shot in the head with pellet guns.)
None of the above can be legally used for self-defense in any but the most extreme circumstances. If you bring a gun, even a pellet gun, to a knife fight you will go down.
Cultural Marxists hate men who defend themselves, because such men demonstrate that not only is the state's army of manlets, gays, lesbians and non-Whites (the police) not required for self-defense, it's not even the most effective option.
tl;dr the official doctrine for non-cops is to hide in a cupboard and wait, disobey them, or as they imagine "imagine yourself to be police" and face the consequences.

Because of your dubs. (Checked)

Primer: Can use match heads. Cut ignition bit off end, mash to powder gently (practice ofc). Old primer caps: Take something the same diameter as primer cap, tap out the dent from hammer/striker impact, fill with match head powder, bend pins and place back in case.
Make your own out of tin if you have too, crude but functional is better then none.

Gunpowder: Can be made from shit you can buy

Projectile: Smelt your own, import a bullet cast. If that is not an option, look online for diameters you wish to use and make your own cast.

Case: This is the hard part… Should look for alternatives in home making these though the hardest part yes, should still not be super hard.
Crude but functional is still better then nothing.

Youtube has videos on most of this, look um up.

kys, then take a nap you paranoid freak.


And remember this!!!

This is why they run around in their chimp hordes

>forget about jews, niggers and muslims are the real problem.
The post.

That's not how it's done.
But will be useless as propellant unless you use exact ratios and correct atomization by running the powder through a device I'm not going to mention.
This part is easy enough.
All of it is "hard" to do in a way that will give reliable and repeatable results when you pull the trigger.

So he wasn't defending himself and son? (((Anglosphere))) press at it's finest.

You may legally possess them, and may transport them for legal purposes.

They are sold via mail order m8.

Totally missing the point re: 3 S's


Oh fugg! A fellow Leeds lad.

Sorry I am not rambo super ninja. I don't want to get close to 5 nogs to prove my manliness. Or get anywhere near their HIV loaded blood.

I am sticking with a firearm for defense. I'll save my pocket knife for opening packages.