What If You Could Get Your Own Immigrant?

No, really: a new kind of visa would let individual Americans—instead of corporations—reap the economic benefits of migration.




Isn't Politico just another blogging aggregator for communist kikes trying to mine for adclicks with salt?

You mean neoliberal kikes? Yes.

What the actual fuck.

Oh, (((Posner))) and (((Weyl))). Jews will be jews I guess.

Isn't it all the same

Well, yes.

We latifundia system now.

Whats the difference?

This is such a dumb meme. Americans refuse to do these jobs for less than minimum wage, which is the entire reason they bring in spics.

Slavery is awful, especially non-white slaves because they're fucking stupid and worthless atop being an economic negative. No point in keeping them around or alive.


Slavery should be legalized and instored again, more or less.


And kikes will monopolize that business too. If you get the normies to whore themsleves out to multiple "employers", each kike will be able to own his 2,800 gentile slaves.

I'm genuinely not surprised at anything in this Bernstain universe anymore, but MSM promoting no-feudalism is honestly more bizarre than even I anticipated. on a side note, if there are any Aussies looking to come to the US to help renovate my house for a few months, I can pay in beer and burgers

I don't get the people who think that migrants being legalized would make them keep their rates. They wouldn't as they have to pay additional taxes for it.

Without a moral compass, people justify the most absurd things that they used to condemn. Leftists in the future are probably going to justify racial homogeneity (ethnostates for non-white) when they realize that a diverse society can't properly address the concerns of each ethnicity.

They'll play revisionist history and claim that they're different by stating "ethnostates mean mspaint frogs and oven jokes".

Yes, and it is owned by one of Germany’s publishing giants “Axel Springer” (different from science Springer). Most famous paper is “Bild”.
While Springer was a gentile, he made his postwar empire with the help of (((US occupation forces))) and the CIA. He put jews in all important positions and was a “Israel first shill”, journalist working for him have to sign a paper pledging support for Israel and Transatlantism.
His last surviving wife and heir is best friend and suporter of chancellor Merkel.

Posener used to be member of extremist communist, maoist groups as a student. Like many of the people in charge in Germany now.

>(((Posner))) and (((Weyl))).
Posener is a anti-German jew who writes also in the print and online edition of Springer’s “Welt”.

And low wage rates for manual labor are a direct consequence of mass-immigration.
Probably not even true. The "refuse to do the jobs" bullshit is used in Britain too. In reality whole factories of White workforce have been thrown on welfare because shady foreign agencies who ignore labour laws are able to supply immigrant workers at below the market rate, and since they're agency workers there are no strings attached, no holiday pay, no notice period before being laid off etc.
Employers and government spin this as "better workers", "not lazy like the natives", "dynamic and vigorous", perhaps some even convince themselves that it's true.
In reality those laid off British workers did not and do not want to be unemployed. There is no semi-skilled (no such thing as 'unskilled' labour really, even a toilet cleaner becomes faster the longer they work at the job = skill) labour shortage in Britain OR America.

It's an even dumber meme considering that automation will replace the farming, factory, or fast food jobs that any of the spics would do

no amount of material wealth makes losing your people look appealing

Whites refuse to do these jobs for a next to non existent slave wage. And that's perfectly OK. We're not slaves and have self respect.

no, the goal is the opposite of that

And some americans would work at less than minimum wage. If everything wasn't multiple taxed, if we weren't importing goods that (not real competition) are made in china but break.
Even so, if paying 8 dollars an hour to pick oranges in the hot sun does not get enough labour, then pay 9, if that does not get it done in time before they start rotting at the shipment off the farm, then pay 10.

We need some meme magic on this. If they are willing to push this as a major point of immigration then we need to make it very clear that it is not a good point.

This just goes back to their overtly stated goal. To expand immigration.
If however the job was to make the labour market functional, then minimum wage would be up for discussion.

But then we are back at the lefties yelling that unions are always beneficial for workers and no one should be "forced" (choose to) work for less than a liveable wage!

They can not afford to work at that low wages. They live in one of the most expensive countries.
East-European workers can easily underbid them by temporary living in caravans or with other in a flat/house, while family is at home in the east receiving British child benefits, sometimes for children who do not exist.
In addition are those foreign worker, European or not who work illegal, without taxes (like that Brazilian “language student”, Mendez, working as plumber, who had been killed by police in the subway).

Of course if you presuppose a conclusion and then do a study in the 1-3 years that the fuckin borders are spread open most people won't realize how bad migration is fucking them. But then look at countries that have had constantly expanding migration for 5+ years. They all turn, and then their suburban folk continue the momentum of "accepting immigration.
And of course race doesn't exist goyim. Most of those migrants will be in favor of immigration so when you flood a place like paris rapidly going from 90% white to 60% white and then ask the random stranger on the street (30% chance of being a migrant or family of) you will get at least 30% support.

These fucks think we can't outmeme them on logic and statistics?

Meme war is activating on this fucking front and they will notice no one believes their lies.

Yes goyim get mad at the eastern europeans and not the somalis that are literally beheading your daughters.
Fuck off moishe.

False dichotomy mate. Somalis being subhuman criminals and terrorists doesn't justify Eastern Europeans stealing British jobs.

There was no false dichotomy presented
every time you whine about eastern europeans you forget to talk about the somalis.
The dnc of focusing on removing whites while doing nothing on removing non whites is furthering jewish interests.
if you do both, fine
if you constnatly talk mad about whites moving around the eurozone while not even mentioning the niggers payed for and imported by your government, you got some twisted priorities
and even if you dont have any priorities you are the most useful goyim

Would not be surprised if this was their angle.

It's going to become an economic liability as automation replaces a major portion of those low skill labor jobs in the coming years. The resulting displacement would only further strain the system and risk undermining it. That means immigration would have to demand much higher skilled labor requiring far tighter policies.

They can't sustain both simultaneously and since automation ultimately means total control of the entire resource and production chain without middlemen, it will eventually win over cheap human labor.

nigger they want to make citizens out of the immigrants before any such automation transition is complete
dont push defeatism, be more careful about how you post

In the USA they purposely brought in Mexicans to bust unions. Same way they shipped niggers up to Detroit to bust the unions. And since the unions are all corrupt Marxist scum, they still support it.

This is going to be used for sex slavery and as a backdoor mail order bride system.

True. Border states like Texas oppose immigration more than anyone.


Has cuckoldry gone too far?

The actual point I'm making is that immigration and automation are incompatible long term. So at some point they'll be forced to hit the breaks on immigration quite hard and should see such a trend in the coming decade.

How possible is it?

inb4 the individuals "sponsoring" migrants are:

There will be no leftists in the future. Either we win, and they die, or they win and get killed off by the inevitable consequences of their retarded ideology.

More like they'll outlive their usefulness to their handlers and be disposed of. The whole ideology is pretty much designed to implode violently should the handlers stop providing it support.

So you’re saying roasties could bring in gigolos.
They should just travel to Tijuana.

Teenage kids ages 13-15 walk dogs for a few coins per hour, not shitskins. How did we let our economies get jewed so hard. In the old days kids did all this menial stuff for a few dollarydoos. Perfect example is that kid who wanted to mow the white house lawns and Obongo told him to go fuck himself while Donny took him on. Fucking kikes just never stop.

or an QT slav girl to be your waifusex slave

Again, Somali terrorists and Eastern European job stealers are two different subjects. Both caused by the same thing, namely immigration and open borders, but different subjects nonetheless.

It's only normal that Eastern Europeans (and not Somalis) are being discussed WRT British JOBS and, likewise, it's only normal that Somalis (and not Eastern Europeans) are being discussed WRT to TERRORISM in Britain.

Nobody does that.

BOTH non whites and Eastern Euros need to fuck off back to their own countries.

This. Just like every other bait and switch globalist plot, the benefits will go to the likes of Gates and Soros, who can hire 100 million shitskins, rather than your average joe


thats better

and what is your point
the level of immigration RIGHT NOW is a problem
waiting till next decade? nigga we will be minorities in our own countries, thats fucked up

Not quite right.
American refuse to do these jobs for less than minimum wage in casual positions where there is no guarantee of hours from week to week.

Oh fuck yes I want a slave.

this is a pretty good idea. if this goes through, we need to sponsor white immigrants from places like south africa.

As if highly skilled south afrikaaners want to walk dogs and clean your toilets. Wake up noddy this is about shitskins.

This might have potential.

By refusing to do, you mean can’t get hired to, nor compete with the hordes of undocumented workers that will work for low wages.

I am very much aware of the fact that board rules prohibit us making criminal threats of violence agaisnt named individuals and have no intention of ever violating these rules. It is imperative that all of us here remain law abiding citizens and don't do anything that will gain us the ire of the FBI.

Remember what happened the last time you let the kike trick you into bringing slaves in, America?

That slave that you bring in will fuck someone elses slaves and nine months later create a new slave who will someday go on to produce more and more slaves. Eventually the slaves, and along with them the free shitskins, will outnumber the white men of your country. All it will take is a well timed slaved revolt and the slaves will become full citizens with all legal powers thereof. Why do you want you grandchildren to inherit a world that's even browner than it already is? Are you too lazy and decadent to pick your own cotton and you need a nigger to do it for you?

That's why regardless they'll be forced to act on it because mass immigration isn't just a means to reduce the population of whites and destroy culture; it's a demographic weapon to instigate a problem, reaction, solution in nations to create subservience to implement world government. When people look upon society and see it deteriorate into the chaos it has become, they'll be conditioned to seek technology as salvation instead of considering (((who's))) truly responsible for it and eliminate the source. If (((they))) push it too hard while trying to implement their technocratic vision, it risks revealing their true motives way too overtly.

There's three serious objectives Holla Forums has to take pretty much right now to throw a wrench in it. It should be obvious to most people here:

One, infiltrate the technology sector and gradually subvert their own tools against them. Two, obviously redpill people about the true causes and motivations of the state of society.
Three, provide people a psychological road map to follow and improve mental health while restoring a sense of traditional virtues.

It’s almost like

1) someone was doing these jobs before sliced started showing up en masse illegally

2) taxes on top of taxes means business owners are going to hire spics because they need cheap labor as they can’t afford it otherwise. Niggers think $1 min wage increase isn’t shit until you have 10 employees working 40 hours a week and you still have to pay all the utilities, rent, misc fees, taxes, and healthcare and you basically are working 70 hours a week for an average salary with a ton of risk.
Get rid of regulations and lower taxes now you don’t need cheap labor. Get rid of the 2 million something illegals. Wow now the entry level job market pays a half decent wage and the housing is more affordable to boot.
It’s like illegal immigration causes a lot of economic problems and that’s why there’s laws in place for becoming a citizen. Who would’ve thought.

Serfdom only works if the serfs are of your race and people.

Slavery is fucking stupid. You are goading an individual, letting them into your houses, into your systems, it's like willingly injecting yourself with a parasite in the hopes it'll help you lose weight then dying from it predictably because it destroyed your gut.

A strong people do the hard gritty and dirty work, willingly.

Sexslaves when?

Fuck off knuckle rubbing kike.

So you want to own NAZI’s

What is a NAZI? I bet you won’t post what it is now will you? ;-)

Here so you don’t have to. It a aperson the Jews target with hypnosis and gas-lighting to try to have homos rape them into submission.



Why didn't we just castrate our slaves? Arabs castrated their slaves and then worked them to death. Why is that so hard for white men to grasp? Is it because of muh empathy or some stupid shit like that?



AHAHAHAHAHA! At last we see the true face of the (((liberal authoritarian))); indentured servitude for the sake of diversity. Well-played you faggots.

Because Jews brought slavery to America, not white men. How many black slaves do you see in medieval Europe? Note that no significant number of slaves were brought to Europe from the Holy Wars. African slaves were brought to America to work because the climate was tropical so Irish did not fair well against the endemic diseases and the natives made poor laborers.

Gross, although I guess I should have known that already.

What chores I have are too easy and fast to do that paying for and the risk involved having a dependent gets nowhere close to squaring cost benefit analysis.

Invite diversity into your home right now you filthy fucking goy.

When all the European nations learn the extent of the ways of the jews there will be nowhere to hide. No law, no border, no ocean, will protect them from erasure. Not even their bull demon.

The last time we had slaves 600k whites died to save 500k niggers from slavery. I think it is safe to pass on this retarded idea.

They won't be slaves, they will be your government enforced in-house bull. These fucks won't work, or take orders from people they consider less than themselves. The mindset of mussie/sandniggers is that we are to be taken over and conquered. If there's one or more in each house pozzing up your wife and daughters and raping your sons, then they win.

i'm saying that jews will swarm to this like flies on shit - just like they did in the slave trade previously.


Some days it seems like you guys are the only sane people in this fucked up world. Just look at these kikes pushing for essentially goyim slaves just like they have done in the past. It’s so blatant but no one around me sees any of this bullshit. It’s maddening to deal with sometimes and I’m glad you all are here to help deal with this world and try to make it better one step at a time.

Sage for blogpost.

Retain and in fact expand white immigration.

Ho hum more Ivy League kikes saying that Americans refuse to do hard work? What else is new?