This crazy sjw is doxxing and bullying people who want to support Gerald Stanley

This crazy sjw is doxxing and bullying people who want to support Gerald Stanley.

Quick Rundown: Stanley was a leaf farmer who shot at some armed robbers trying to steal his property. Stanley ended up killing one on accident, and because the guy he killed was native (minority) the left thought Stanley should be crucified on the altar of political correctness. On Friday he was found innocent, but only after being dragged through the courts, draining is family of thousands of dollars in court fees and time.

Anyways the plan is to donate to his support fund in her name.

Be sure to use her name Miranda Dyck. And make sure you thank her for inspiring more donations ;)

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Another post where she is linking to a donor's Facebook profile, encouraging harassment.

That's a shit plan. I think this is her and you can have more fun with this

Another post we need to report. Here's she's tagging someone's employer trying to get her fired! Report as targeted harassment.

And that's why he gets nothing. Let this well-meaning normie suffer and die in public, so that more will see the cancer that is killing us.

Usually not an accelerationist, but this reminds me of Based Stick Man the civnat normalfag. Let them twist until they learn there's only one safe place for whites. the place we've cleansed

Her fucking bio though. . .
Like, Fiddler on the Roof Ukrainian?

eastern pro-seperatist "ukrainian"

she's a senior policy analyst at health canada, I don't think it's appropriate for government employees to organize harassment of canadians sage because reporting people on twitter is reddit-tier

Sit her down and teach her a lesson you faggot.

That's one way of saying, "my job is to call all white people racists".

How's this sound? Trying to sound like a neutral, concerned citizen.

Serious question… Can we start suing people for this?

Sounds good.

She's already being investigated, apparently. Check the replies. She's also getting run across the coals for this shit.

Typo spotted. "used"

Can't someone report the cunt for organizing harassment?

Stop thinking like a Jew, user. Our people take the direct approach.

I saw that typo too

also, it's 'doxed' not 'doxxed'

Also "Analysit", it's analyst

Funny to bring this up when she made a tresspassing issue into a racial one.

Much appreciated, thanks.

Of course.

Why not just rob them? Apparently, they condone such behaviour.

Anons, it appears as though we have the high ground. Twitter user Miranda Dyck has not posted in almost 24 hours, perhaps she is stepping back due to real world repercussions. Time will tell.

However, her fellow SJW nurses are relentless. Perhaps the efforts should be focused towards them. We need to teach them that donating to a worthy cause is not a reason to be humiliated, shamed, and potentially fired.

Just because of this I am gonna donate 20 bucks

It was a drunk asshole thief. No great loss

Is her name really Dyck (dick)?

Imagine my shock.


post this on cuckchan. needs more anons on this. flood health canada with calls saying they have someone doxing citizens.

Jesus christ, I haven't seen something this condescending since before Trump got elected

The author of that article is some wine mom blogger who needs to be dropped of at a reservation so the chugs can have their way with her. Another urbanite twat who has never had deal with the savages.

Fuck. Just send the poor farmer to us. I'd like leaf immigrants better than mexicans anyways

And apparently the crazy bitch has 4 injun babies from 2 different tribes.

We need all we can get out here m8. I just hope that community is on alert because the wagon burners will most likely be returning to his property.

Yeah, I saw her header. It was two squaws and two blonde kids.

It amazes me how many Holla Forumslacks still think the world is a fair place. It's perfectly appropriate for her to do this – her government is at war with the white race, and any action she takes short of a messy, hard-to-excuse murder will be explained away or ignored.

Got that? If the dominant mode of thought among the powerful was the 14 words, this cunt would be volunteering to do laundry for RWDS. Instead, in the Jew-dominated wasteland we actually inhabit, conformist power-sucklers like her are progressive commissars who will liquidate you with a clean conscience and be praised for it.

For the slow, I'll provide a table here to clear things up:
If you are:
you can
If you are:
you can

Is this clear? If you suck the scum off the Jews' little cocks – directly and with knowledge, or indirectly as a dupe – you will be allowed the quiet life of a normal sports fan. If you engage in pro-ZOG political activity, such as bashing the fash, you're almost guaranteed to get away with it. If you happen to be Jewish yourself, and the fash you bash is a theatrically evil skinhead, you get zero jail time and a hearty congratulation from the judge (which actually happened in Florida 20 years ago – Dr. Pierce has a good account of it on Herr Nordstrom's channel).

If, on the other hand, you go against the almighty system and think for yourself, there is no action so innocent that you cannot be viciously persecuted for it. That's what hate crime legislation is – the codification of the Talmudic imperative to persecute the apostate. Jews love it precisely because it cannot ever be turned on them; it's strictly a tool for striking their foes.

You are, in that sense, on the wrong side of history. As in, if your side becomes known, you will become history fast, and your killer will get away with it. Raise a hand to defend yourself, even just by giving $5 to a white man who's suffering, and you will be hunted like a wounded animal.

And that's why we call these people the enemy. You'd better not forget that, especially considering the days ahead

Under the left, there's no objective nor consistent consensus of what's right and wrong anymore.

I completely agree with what you said, but my wording was phrased in a manner that the milquetoast bureaucrats are more likely to expect from your average soccer mom. You want someone in government fired, you need to make it look like the employee pissed off a bunch of people and you better look polite. The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.

"Racist" is just the modern day libshit equivalent of calling someone a "heretic" in the middle ages, with the caveat being that "racist" has no actual definition or standard; a person is "racist" if the libshit decides their feelings are hurt, or even if they just want someone gotten rid of for personal reasons.

If you say the rule of law doesn't exist you get banned here. How dare you.

What makes you imply they ever had standards?

Well put.

send archive links

Excellent post. Do not fight evil on their own terms, for you will lose every time.

That's nice but I'm not too hopeful since she and the company she works for are fucking leaves.

this is definitly a presure point that can be contacted

The key thing is that we should disregard them whenever they say "only values matter" with regards to non-white crime and immigration. To begin with, they don't have a objective consensus of what good values are as they frequently excuse the bad values that are committing by minorities. Notice how NONE of them are telling minorities not to steal or commit crime, they're telling white people to do NOTHING whenever minorities fuck them over. Even after he lost his money and reputation from lawsuits, they still want to punish those who want to pull him up. That's why I don't think that white genocide isn't an exaggeration. It's the loss of western values that protect your well-being and status in the long run.

The left wants you punished, without due process, for breaking their undefined, contradictory, and inconsistent values. At the same time, they want others scot-free for breaking defined and consistent rules. If you wondered why countries are shitholes, that's the reason.

Anons, if you haven't already - email [email protected] and file a complaint. Miranda Dyck is in violation of the "Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector" (source:

Here's the email I sent.

Well the dude fled. Wait until he pops back up with a new twitter.

Miranda Dyck
Miranda Dyck works as Senior Policy Analyst for Health Canada.
Miranda can be reached at 613-301-1552

First name
Last name
Senior Policy Analyst
Telephone Number
Alternate Number
Fax Number
Street Address
No address found (view on map)
Postal Code
Health Canada

They selectively enforce their policy to give marxists a slap on the wrist and to penalize right-wingers immediately.

Not with the ethics commissioner. The weedman was censured for that Chaka Kahn free helicopter ride.
Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner
Parliament of Canada
Centre Block, P.O. Box 16
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Telephone: 613-995-0721
Fax: 613-995-7308
Email: [email protected]

what a Dyck sucker

She's a POLICY analyst, not POLITICAL. She probably deals with insurance policies since her employer is Health Canada.

Anons, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Miranda Dyck, the crazy SJW who started a witch hunt to ultimately doxx and shame people who donated to Gerald Stanley, has gone offline after her employer asked her to stop tweeting due to "racists calling the office every 20 minutes." She is an analyst for Health Canada.

Since she has stopped posting on Twitter, you can view her Facebook group for even more hilarity. The ignorant normies in there are trying to rally against the people trying to expose Dyck's efforts to bully people.

And the dude has the audacity to not check his privilege in calling women whiny?

She's out of her league

We need to focus the narrative on her being a racist "white savior" who paternalizes natives, and has separated 4 young children from their culture. There'll def be some sjw's who take the bate, and the left will eat their own (as they always do), while we make popcorn, and watch the show.

she spelled "truth" wrong

Anons, it seems as though our favorite crazed SJW is back at it, despite her employer (Health Canada) telling her to knock it off. Although this time, she's moved from Twitter to her other favorite safe haven - kikebook. She was already banned once for 24 hours, maybe it's time for another ban.

facebook / miranda.dyck1

She needs a friendly reminder that she cannot, and will not, bully people simply because they hold a different political viewpoint than her. She has started a witch hunt, encourage the doxxing and shaming of people who donated to Gerald Stanley. She has even gone so far as attempting to notify people's employers. That is too far.

I love how she is twisting this around, and is trying to portray herself as the victim now. And I'm glad she is feeling the consequences of acting like a psycho on Twitter. As a government employee her behavior has been appalling.

Her email used for linkedin is, mldyck at It's also used on her fb along with a hotmail and gmail.

The mac is in the dump and this lefty site that got hacked. her whole existence is sjw bullshit.

mldyck1 at is what she uses with fb. No leaks that I see. Give her hell and have fun with the crazy, dumb cunt.

Oh my god this is GOLD!

Lots of those types up there in leafland.

"Those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him." – Sun Tzu

There's an app for that.

just gave $100.

Thanks, Miranda Dyck.

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Of course the cbc is going to run a story saying this twat is a victim.

The Caliphate Broadcasting Company is always looking for new (((victims))).

I think she likes the attention.

Holy shit, she actually got someone suspended from their job because of "racist remarks" made on Twitter…

Euro-Canuck here, this spiteful, decietful cunt is among the few who, like our godforsaken Prime Minister, has done everything in their power to destroy my country with her vile anti-white hatred and arrogance towards the truth.

Give her Hell, Holla Forums, and make that cunt an example, I beg you.

She is also using the hashtag on Twitter #settlercollector so she can "tag" supporters of Gerland Stanley to make it easier for her fans to bully these people.

The fundraiser for Gerald Stanley is less than $9,000 away from his $200,000 goal.


Go ahead and do it, tough guy. Until then you're just a faggot who wants to look tough on an anonymous image board. or and FBI-shill of course

Some RCMP namefags were dumb enough to use social media.


(just not those soyboy bicyclefags)

Time to bring back #fascistfeminist

This stupid bitch is back. She just doesn't know when to stop.

Also who asked this stupid cunt leaf her opinion of American fucking politics?

Goddamn, people are retarded.


I was banned for life for terrorizing those HWNDU faggots. I'm sure this qualifies. Mass Report the cunt for =TARGETED HARASSMENT=

Glad I could help some spic shoot up a jewish school.

Pick one

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

She's quite proud of herself. She needs to be fucking shot.

I agree, holy fuck this cunt is out of control. This bitch has got to disappear.

We need to get our hands on those posts where she doxed the jurors

How seriously do the syrup chuggers take jury intimidation?

I would assume its about the same seriousness as it is in the US a felony here, but idk, any mapleniggers in here to confirm?

It's illegal, but whether the faggots who sign the warrants want to actually enforce the law, that is another question.


In all honesty most laws aren't enforced here. That's why the crime stats are so low. You only get charged if the crown wants you charged.

Selectively enforced. Give the right gang signs and you can do pretty much anything. Pic related.

No, because nobody cares if anyone harasses right wing people. Or white people.

Go ahead. Watch what happens.

Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

Nothing will be done about her because Canada is totally cucked and the liberals run things there.

Must be some mix of Dyke and Dick.