Possible cause of low iq in blacks?

I heard this earlier today. What does Holla Forums think of it? It seems like a sound theory. It would explain a lot and we know they're dumb enough to do this(OP is a paint eating nigger)

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Being black?

Eating lead paint. But apparently being black leads to eating it

What's on slide 16?

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Then why are niggers in mud huts (without any lead paint) dumb and violent?
A thread died for your stupidity.

Lead paint was banned from use in houses and toys in 1976 and I remember ads in the 90's about not eating paint. He could've tried to tie it to lead from gasoline, but that has also been gone since before I was born. I don't see niggers in Africa eating lead paint and they're worse off than the ones we have in the US.

Obviously they are angry about the lack of access to lead paint.

vitamin d

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If this is true, we should throwing handfuls of lead paint chips all around nig schools.

i like how this idiot acts like he's some expert on the art of shilling when he's had minimal impact if any and is always immediately identified and mocked for his swirlyface pedopics

OP is a disinformation shill who wants you to spread fake statistics so we sound stupid and wrong.


So serious question. Is the entire sub-Saharan region of Africa made of lead paint? No? So what could it be then, hmmm.

In response to everyone in this thread, leftists honestly believe the lead paint theory.

Embedded is a video of a tranny commie who tries to explain that the reason why american niggers were so stupid and poor was because they ate lead paint as kids. Skip to the 8 minute mark.

Obviously that's not true. OP can be easily be debunked by pointing out the global patterns of niggerdom that have nothing to do with the American block busting and white flight that happened in the 60's and 70's.

The reason is they finally branched off to evolve to their current level later.

Lead would explain juggalos though.

China was helping out with our lack of lead.

Do the truly retarded niggers of Somalia and other parts of southern Africa have access to lead paint? No, they're just fucking braindead stupid because they were never exposed to IQ elevating environmental pressures. Honestly, it could fairly easily be argued that Somalis are more similar to monkeys than Europeans behaviorally and in terms of civilizational development. Most members of the Pavementapus americanus species have some white DNA, with the more intelligent ones retaining more white brain development genes, hence their 85 average IQ.


Didn't even have to look to know it was some lead paint bullshit.