So my mother was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She's got a 8cm tumor near her ovaries and shes schedules for surgery next week. We don't know what stage shes in.

Now here's my question(s). I've heard about people curing low stages of cancer using Cannabis Oil and something called Laetrile. Is this Vitamin b17 (laetrile) bullshit or legit? People say you can die from cyanide poisoning from it. I'm willing to try it on myself before I give it to my mother. I've also heard about how Cancer is diet related/lifestyle related. We live in a city with fluoridated water but most of the food we buy is generally from local farmers.

Does anyone have any friends/family members that have cured their cancer on their own?

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No carbs and no sugar.

What's a good diet then? Any experiences with Apricot Kernels? (laetrile)

Sorry for your mother OP, but i think you should consort doctors, not your local nazis.

read the post again you stupid fuck. Shes going through surgery and multiple doctors. I don't her to go through chemo if she dosent have to.

Gerson clinic in Mexico. Look into it. gerson. org/gerpress/gerson-clinic-mexico/
Good luck, fag.

Oil / natural is the way

Best of luck!

My mom claims to have cured her own breast cancer with apple cider and staying hydrated.

What oil? Try being more vague next time.

It.isn't a question.for here. But definitely.purchase oil. 3 times a day in growing doses.
She will be zoned out but you have to take that compromise.

Blackmarket has it. Resin/tubes 5mg

Exquisite Bait.

I know how to order off DNM's, what oil specifically? ty for the help

I don't want to sound harsh but Holla Forums is not the place to ask this.
Search internet bro


I have. Jesus fucking Christ I'm just looking for some extra advice here.

You should visit a local headshop. Srs.
Internet can be a bit overwhelming, they will hook you up with more on.point advice

Have her go full keto.

Millet is high in B17. American Indians used it to make bread, and so did most Americans up until the 50s when it was replaced with wheat by the FDA, which not only has no B17 but is high in phytic acid, an anti-nutrient. American Indians do not have a word for cancer, they never got it.

Cancer is most often caused by a vaccine ingredient called NAGALESE which blocks the natural GcMAF production, a hormone which protects cancer cells from becoming malignant. Dr Andrew Moulden broke this story becoming a whistleblower, and was murdered for it.

Cannabis oil works well… 1/3g taken orally every 8 hours for 2-3 weeks should show some results.

Get and read a book called "Dr. Mary's Monkey" by Ed Haslan

I'd post more references but kike mods banned me for telling the truth about SpaceHoax… apparently telling the truth is a bannable offense.

Greatest thing about being a hypocrite is youre never wrong.

What about Apricot Kernels for b17? Is ordering them online safe? Also what kind of cannabis oil should I get? I only have acceess to the DNM, so my options are limited.

You’re that dumbass who actually thought that picture SpaceX released was an accurate representation of the roadster launch? Nigger if you’re autistic enough to take an advertisement seriously you’re too autistic to give good advice on fighting cancer.

Read through this forum, user.

Agreed. Sugar feeds cancer. Explore keto diet and cut out all processed shit. Best of luck, user. I know those feels. My father was just diagnosed with build-up around his heart valves and doesn't really want to quit smoking or eat healthy. Good luck.

Wow. Way to be a dick.

I've been taking apricot kernels as a preventative measure for a few months now. You can get good ones for pretty cheap on Amazon, and as long as you space out the doses and never ingest more than 5 in an hour there shouldn't be any negative side effects. And from what I understand, the only case where someone actually died from laetrile was by drinking the intravenous solution.

Give him a break he's high as fuck.

cancer can not be cured on its own
the type of cancer will make your choice for you about how to cure it
modern medicine is good

You need to read this book. Everyone in this thread need to read this book. Not optional, but required reading. Stop reading Holla Forums right now and run–don't walk–to get this book and don't sleep until you've read it.

Kill yourself kike. Reported for slide.

We're usually pretty good at being good towards one of our own. user, you're making that hard because you are being a dick. I'm sure we can understand, at least guess at anyway, the kind of feelings you're going through right now. A guy telling you he's sorry for your situation and trying to ensure that your mother is going through western medicine and not hippie bullshit gets called a stupid fuck and has his reading comprehension questioned? I'd say you'd get two more replies that dickish before most here just tell you "Whatever, fuck you and your mom's rancid cunt."

Christ, I know I said that just as an example, but I already feel bad about that. Sorry for that line. More specifically, I'm sorry for what you're experiencing and what your mother is going through. It's just my opinion, but your OP reads as if you're getting desperate. That's not a knock on you user, I'm sure 95% of us here would be in that place or worse if we were in your situation. My advice on that would be to slow down a little. Keep research of alternatives to more traditional treatments in an initial stage, take note of possibilities, but for now just wait on what the doctors suggest. And maybe, just maybe, at least try to be less of a cocksucker towards people on the Mongolian sandal-crafting board give reasonable suggestions when you come to a fucking anonymous internet community for medical advice.

do you have a .pdf?

Eminent mycology Paul Stamets claims to have cured his mother's breast cancer using turkey tail mushrooms.

Oh, and she was stage 4 - terminal.


This is a good documentary on Cannabis oil, it follows people who have different forms of cancer and how Cannabis oil aided them. Use subtitles if you can't understand them. Please keep in mind it isn't a miracle drug. Good luck user.

so i got brain cancer. Its stage 4 and i've only got about 13 months left. you can choose to believe me or not, its your choice. I don't really give a damn, but I'm going to write this anyway.

i just want to thank the lot of you gents for the good times you've given me through the years. i've been on this board for about 3 years now, and you know i haven't had much else in my life. you might laugh at me, sneer at me for saying that, go ahead, i don't give a fuck, that's one of the things i love about this board. but i don't really have a social life, never really had much, just a small farm in the back of western Australia, a couple of beers and a couple of smiles

sometimes it gets lonely around this place, i'll be honest with you. sometimes i hear the jittering of the windows as the wind batters the place and it puts me to sleep. sometimes i don't hear anything at all. but i've always loved this place, because i know that while most of you don't give a fuck about me, i give a shit about you. you know i actually care about it, because i come here and all my worries subside, i don't have to think about the impeding storms, my parents, my brothers, i don't have to. i lose myself in your humour, and sometimes i entertain the thought that just maybe, somewhere on this board there's someone just like me

i know you think this is all a bunch of fun but know that you've at least changed one bloke's life for the better, okay. i just want you to remember that. and don't stop. there's a lot of fucking things taking place that i might not be there for. do it, win it. win the French election for humanity, the dutch election next week, focus and meme because you guys can change the world. and maybe you don't think that's true, and that's alright too. but know that you did change a world, you changed mine

i love you all

Giving up and you aren't even old? Watch the video of Paul Stamets and exhaust every avenue.

Cancer is a Largely Metabolic, not Genetic, Disorder:

Look up Ketogenic Diet plans online and have her stick to it. Drop the carbs and stick to healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein. All your body's cells can adjust to fatty acid metabolism, except cancer cells. Cancer cells rely exclusively on fermenting glucose. They can't use other pathways. Isoflavones like Luteolin (Carrots) and EGCG (Green Tea) have potent actions (especially together) in stopping cancer growth when on a keto diet. This is because they push the cancer cells further into a pro-oxidative state and interfere with glutamine usage which eventually kills them. Best way to get both in sufficient quantities is just buying the extracts in powder or pill form.

Enhanced Anti-tumor Activity by the Combination of the Natural Compounds (−)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate and Luteolin

Hi OP, sorry to hear about your mom. Unless you're jewish of course.

For the oil, the go to guy is Rick Simpson. Watch a few of his presentations he's done in Europe. There does seem to be something to it.

The b17 was big in the late 70's, early 80's I believe. What I'll say about that, is that no one today is doing just one thing. For instance the Germans have been having great success with mistletoe. Yeah. But that's part of a program encompassing other treatments.

What your mom needs to do, is get the iron out of her body and to an extent, sugars. That's what the tumor feeds on.

Consume all the info you can. It's time to step up and work like you never have before. That's the woman who gave you life. I wish you and her the best.

I forbid you to die. We need you. So don't give up.

Cancer is from chronic acidosis and inflammation, it occurs when the human body is acidic.

Your mom needs to get on an alkaline diet and use herbs to help detoxify.

Dr Sebi is a good start.

use the cannabis oil

How does one get cannabis oil? DNM?

Thank you to everyone for the advice, big help.

Is that Ketogenic diet similar to the Alkaline diet?

Is the Rick Simpson oil just Cannabis oil?

Ketogenic diet has more emphasis on healthy fats (animal fat, butter, olive & coconut oils), and cutting out carbs like grains, starches and sugars. Keto can be alkaline if you include more leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as foods like avocados and salmon.

So Keto is the best one for cancer?

Yeah, just avoid too many polyunsaturated fats, that shit breeds cancer.

fuck off his mother has cancer you self absorbed faggot.

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Awful news OP. Between my wife and I we probably know at least 5 people dead from cancer, all close to us. It's a modern, first world disease as far as I can tell. My personal belief is that it's caused by a lifetime of eating massive amounts of sugar, and some people are simply more susceptible, but I wouldn't be surprised if GMO nigger crops are also to blame. I'm also quite sure there are cures, but given it mostly kills white people they're probably suppressed from public knowledge.

If you've got money to spare, look up a cancer clinic in Bad Abeling, Germany. I don't remember the name, sorry. The treatments they do there are not possible (maybe not even legal, thanks medical jews) in other western countries. Their success rate is far higher than chemo, which is so low that it shouldn't even be an option, given the decline in quality of life.

Also, keep in mind that cancer takes years to come, and often by the time it's caught it's already too late. The best cure is prevention, which seems to be a no sugar lifestyle.

I'm afraid I do not have a PDF–but there might be one that I don't know about. I did find it at my local (big city) library, so I'm sure you can get it through interlibrary loan.

While I agree with everything you say, I also suspect most people who die of "cancer" actually die of chemotherapy.

Vitamin C is tooted as a cancer killer because it's the equivalent of chemotherapy in large dosages, not in a good way.





And C60

P.S. What the health, 4G radiation, have her wear a steel accessory if you think its over exposure to cellular radiation. Also, C60!!! Also, Dont use micro waves to cook your food! and do not eat genetically modified molecules

Look for products containing CBD and CBG, they are the medicinal ones you are looking for. They are legal in most places.

For actual cannabis oil with thc, move to a legal state or live in a country where its legal if EU. THC is not necessary but it does aid in detoxification.

Problem with cancer OP is there are about 50 cures. Fighting it with CBD is gonna be damn expensive. There are other ways, many, many ways. Start looking at longecity forums and curezone forums.

Fuck yeah, even if it doesn't actually cure cancer, it's still so much healthier than high-carb diet. Carbs from nuts and seeds and ancient un-modified grains are fine (and even great) in moderation, but the bulk of calories should come from fats.
That said OP, if your mother is up for it, a 30 day fast might do her good, but I'm not a doctor so I really cant say whether its safe or not, I just know fasting assists the immune system and detoxes the body.

Yep, and it looks like mods have bumplocked the thread already. OP try >>>/new/

Redpill yourself on EVERYTHING. The packaging of the food you buy, the ingredients, what you cook it on, what you serve it on, what you eat it with, what you clean the dishes with, where you store them afterwards. We've been lied to about everything. If normalfags blindly do it, you know it isn't safe.

I 'cured' my dog's cancer two years ago without chemo. It was some sort of stomach/intestinal cancer, getting tumors in her mouth etc. which indicates it's 'too late.' We worked with a vet to get her vitamn C drips and some sort of UV blood treatment multiple times a week. We also used the vet's Bemer mat four times a week, which applies electromagnetic therapy. The mat seemed like a load of bullshit to me at first, but using only that mat (10 minutes a few times a week), my other crippled dog with two torn ACLs used to go from dragging his back end into the vet to running to the car. He used to look forward to the trip because he knew he'd be able to function properly again for a while.
I had an idea of what to look for because I know a man who was given one month to live with stage 4 colon cancer. Not only did he not die, but people couldn't even tell he was sick while undergoing treatment. In his case it was advanced enough that he did use some sort of chemo/pharma treatment IN ADDITION to these alternatives, but for my dog it was not necessary.
Look into European studies on vit C drips and Bemer mats, as you will not find anything unbiased regarding them in America. Try to find a bemer mat in your area you can pay to use.
To avoid fluoridated water, install a reverse osmosis filter in your main drinking tap, and use it for all cooking and drinking.

This, taking 2Tbs/day of apple cider vinegar 'with the mother' is crazy good for your body, you should do this even if you're not worried about cancer.

What you need to understand is that going the alternative medicine route is not necessarily cheaper than the pharma route, and that by doing it this way you are not taking the easy way out- alternate methods only work if you remain diligent in using them, typically until (hopefully you find a holistic doctor who isn't a quack) the results and professionals tell you you're clear. Most people won't make a commitment to go for treatment 5 times a week, not realizing that skipping drastically decreases effectiveness.

ignore these fools. take it from someone who is cured of incurable cancer. do the autist thing. determine the cell type of cancer. determine the genetic dna malformation/translocation , then focus your research on treatments targeting the cell type and type of dna flaw. it will take hundreds of hours of learning and research. with each type of cancer, there is usually a natural supplement that chemo borrowed from.
or you can take advice from a bunch of stoners. everyone talks about who was cured of what with this or that. no one talks about the failures of quack cures.
remember that favorable conditions like good nutrition favors cancer cells. likewise unfavorable conditions like starvation penalize high metabolism cancer cells more. whether its chemo or supplements, those that work, are those that work like poison.