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1.8 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship

what in the literal fuck is this shit? Not even the democrats were arguing for citizenship for dreamers, they just wanted amnesty. talk about cucking your constituency jesus fucking christ Don.

Bump. Sticky this.

The solution is to kick them out. If he fucks this up then every vote I cast will be for the most insane leftist running. People will wake up or be destroyed.

And nothing will come of it. Que the shrieking spics, cause there's going to be a wall involved, a twelve year wait, and a break in the chain.

I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt, i don't think he really values these aliens over his voters. Literally every single poll on this issue is clear that no one wants this, or even amnesty.
Either he is confident to win this game or there is some serious pressure we don't see.
Not even gonna lie, i hate quite a few things he said and did, like the Syria bombing and jew pandering. But i can see it being a necessary part of the game, people are still too cucked for some hard politics. So i'm just gonna do what i always do, wait for results.

I came up with a deal.

We give Amnesty to only 800k,in exchange we end birth right citizenship,end chain migration,end lotto migration,and we get the wall.

No thanks, I guess I'm just not enough of a goosestepper to sit on my hands and hope my government is just pretending to be retarded. I'll call out bullshit legislation when I see it and I'll continue to shame everyone pandering to it.

The bill isn't even considering amnesty, it's talking about citizenship.


I'm OK with amnesty for DACA residents in exchange for the wall. DACA kids are the most scrutinized group of illegals right now so they don't pose much of a risk. Not to mention without a wall Trump won't survive re-election. sage for fear mongering and doubting the GEOTUS.

Are you actually serious? Amnesty means we take you off the deport list but you're still a foreign national. Citizenship means you're now a citizen with full voting rights, etc. Please tell me you're joking.

oh shit.

Remember, the tried to pass Amnesty before Hurricane harvy aid was passed.

What did Trump do? He's been waiting for March 5th to end DACA, barring every other attempt at keeping spics here, and he didn't make the bill that's being debated on now.

This. Also.for 10 years


Amnesty is blanket citizenship for everyone. Democrats wanted to use the children of illegals to summarily grant citizenship to not only the children, but to the parents as well. The Democrats claimed there was 800,000 "dreamers" who deserve to be citizens like any other anchor baby.

Trump's plan does several things the democrats hate

It's the best short-term solution for the hand dealt. But the key is that border enforcement, including the construction of the great southern wall, must be authorized and implemented, otherwise this is just another Reagan amnesty.

14d chess

Hey kike, Trump's deal isn't actually amnesty. It will take longer for those beaner Dreamers to achieve citizenship than it would a brand new applicant.

It's a great move meant to tear away at the DNC's support base and prime the pump for deportations. Heck, half the original DACA applicants have failed to even renew their paperwork. I'm guessing at most 10% won't wash out of the program.

Yeah it's not great but Trump is taking the wind out of the DNC's sails with this move. He's also being smart and using the media's rhetoric to full advantage - most of the illegal aliens aren't DACA recipients and will be deported anyway.

The fact that you have to call it amnesty when it clearly isn't betrays your shill nature.

Anyone have a stream for the debate?

Trump during the State of the Union offered Democrats amnesty for 1.8 million beaners in exchange for stupid shit. Where have you been nigger? It's The Art of the Back Stab.

Why do we need immigration when automation will eliminate all jobs?

so they can vote

Yes, let 800k illegals (not even accounting for the issue of the already legal ones here via actual immigration or previous birthright citizenship) stay, which are now legal completely (and so there is no casus belli to remove them) can breed like rabbits and the demographics can shift again. Oh, please do this, then you might realize why Reagan is a piece of shit.

Yes, a wall whose perpose is to deter future invaders is so useful after you've let the invaders in through the front door. You're like the dumbass who sets up a bbig security system, but then opens the front door to a home invader & says "come on in".
I could care less if he is re-elected. A person being elected only matters in so much as they will do for you.
Confirmed bait or magapede shill.

tl;dr democrats would win every future election (even if both are bad, two sides of the same shekel, I like to think of Ruplicans as people who suck zionist cock and democrats are those who suck globalists. Again, two sides of the same shekel, but if I'm forced to choose between strengthening Isreal and outright killing my kin, I'd choose the prior if no third position opens up).

Kill yourself

So they can rape your daughters and murder your sons.

Pushing it as if it's good, getting backlash across the board from voters, then rescinding it. He said decision, if you rark the people up you will get what you want.
The Syria bombing was a total load of shit, 6 planes and a few buildings, kike lip service that stopped kikes CW narrative dead in its tracks, which was what really mattered.

You certain?

checked dub dubs

This is likely.

it's nothing till the dust clears…. unless your working in the WH close to Trump none of us here know what behind the scenes moves are being made and that's a fact

What's really important to note is that you're a nigger

it's literally not. it's saying we won't prosecute you for coming and staying here illegally. they're still foreign nationals, just ones who won't be deported for the crime of illegally squatting in the US. Everything is good in the plan except the granting of citizenship to 1.8 million illegal mexicans proposed in this plan. I'd rather have amnesty if i'm going to chesscuck, at least they don't get a vote.

does it also leave all the other illegals still as target for deportation?

Amnesty means granting them citizenship. Trump's plan would actually cause them to spend more time than a new applicant would have to endure. I know you're Jewish but words have meaning.

You're really put out by this which makes me think it's actually not a bad plan.

That's right, it's worse. It's a direct pathway to citizenship.

are you sure about that?

Oh, and you were doing so well.


Yes. Someone granted "amnesty" is still a foreign national who is not allowed to vote in US elections.

There is no "grant" of citizenship though, you're intentionally misusing words.

A "direct pathway" which puts them behind applicants which apply even a few years from now? Why are all your arguments reliant on misuse of our English language?

Oh yeah, because you're Jewish.

lel. You know how I know you're Shareblue?

In reality the democucks won't agree to any of Trump's conditions and the March 5th deadline will pass with no DACA deal. Because that's how The God Emperor set it up.

They already illegally voted in the last election. How dumb are you?

You don't realize how amnesty actually works. It means no law and order. Legal statuses are necessary. You're actually defending Amnesty International's core belief.

If Hillary did nothing wrong, then why did all of her staff request for immunity?


that's right. If we had law and order, we'd deport every last one.

Kek, a bunch of beaners showed up at Chuck Jewmer's house in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and tried to lynch him because they're so angry at this plan.

Illegals illegally voting is not even remotely on par with giving a bunch of illegals voting rights. stop playing stupider than you are.


You're asking me this, why? Reported for autism


citation fucking needed. I don't think I've heard one Dem say that they would be willing to sign this thing if it means funding the wall.

Fuck off back to the_cuckold you simple minded faggot.

Illegals currently get away with shit like DUIs and manslaughter. I'm not talking not being deported, I mean, not even charged fairly. You seriously think they're going to start deporting people for parking tickets if they don't deport them for DUIs?

This too, the Dreamers will see this as a betrayal by their DNC patrons.

Deportations are way up, Trump isn't cooking the books by counting people turned away at the border any more.

and how many of them do you think are actually gonna make it the whole 12 years without fucking up and actually becoming citizens? my bet is less than 20%

If you have to have immigrants, why not have ones that are already Americanized rather than some African, South American, Middle Eastern or Asian shitters selected by mouth breathing missionaries and brain dead selection offices?

These people are culturally Americans, even if their parents are not.
Too late, bitch.


wtf does that even mean?

Ask me how I know you're a kike…

He can't make bills, he's not a legislator, dumb nigger.

we don't have to have immigrants, how fucking cucked are you m8. America's history includes very long stretches where we don't allow any immigration at all, to allow the ones who came here legally in the previous open window to assimilate or gtfo.
you just outed yourself, Pedro.

That's the point

Skin this fucker alive.

How many illegals commit crime right now and how many are deported? If the numbers aren't identical, don't fucking talk down to me like ICE will start deporting people for parking tickets.

The amnesty plan was crafted by the White House.

Hit a nerve did I? I'm still waiting for anything to actually happen. Shareniggers like you can keep trying to blackpill, but anyone that has triple digit IQ knows Trump isn't this predictable.

There is no law and no constitution anymore. We have to have civil war in our lifetime. Until then, what if (theoretically and for entertainment purposes only–not suggesting or encouraging any illegal behavior of any type) mobs went out with lists ranking the biggest employers of illegals–the owners of businesses and/or top executives–and dragged the employer individuals out of their homes and shot them?

Make it so if you even look at an illegal as an employer, you don't know if you and your family will live through any given night. When the raids at night happen, maybe they could be done with overwhelming force (surveillance/recon in advance to pick an opportune time) to make sure everybody in the employer individual's family dies in the most brutal way possible?

These are all theoretical ideas for entertainment. I'm a pacifist, and everyone on here should be a pacifist just like me.

It's not amnesty though, it's a long path to citizenship with many strings attached all of which lead to automatic deportation.

The fact that you have to misuse words to make your point is rather telling.

that makes it sound even worse

It is amnesty. Also, laws already say illegals should be deported and they haven't done it for decades. More laws saying the same thing won't change a thing. You're just a Trump dick sucker and you're trying to fool people much smarter than you into fall for the kike's amnesty. It won't work schlomo.

It doesn't matter what the fuck anybody calls it.

There is going to be war in our lifetime. Probably soon.

the absolute state of torposters

You're talking to the wrong person. That TOR person above me isn't me.

It's two different people.

Faggot pol mods banned me for telling them they are weasel fucks, which they are.

That other tor guy is shilling for amnesty. He is a fuckhead.

Look, the way you use that card is to put down any discenting opinion and to change board culture. It's a fact that the reddit as a whole is shit (just due to how it does things), however, the main plague that it brings to this board in particular are people who crave a cult personality (i.e. the_donald). You're effectively saying that: "What? White skinned people are the issue. Specifying that it's jew makes you XYZ".
As for this thread: Facts:
There are two issues, nonwhites who are legal & those who are illegal. Those who are here legally (either by actual immigration or past birthright citizenship b.s. or military service), at present can't be removed (I only say this cause I don't see the 4th reich happening any time soon). However, we can still taken the illegals. There are two issues with illegals, their entering and those existing here already. The wall will keep the ones trying to enter from entering (really, you don't need a wall. That's just some bullshit. You just need the existing laws to be enforced/be willing to gun down invaders). As for those who are already here, granting citizenship makes it impossible to deport them (as I've already stated, you no longer have the casus belli of deporting them since their main crime of being illegal has been pardoned). If you grant them amnesty (presuming this doesn't include voting rights and you also remove birthright citizenship), then the more direct issues (with regards to politics) that illegals bring are avoided. However, because birthright citizenship is removed (and just due to the fact that they would remain) racemixing would be pushed at an all time high. After a sufficient amount of time, all those "illegals" descendents would be able to vote due to becoming mestizos, thus, having a demographic majority, they would control the future of this nation.

Deportations can already occur (and precedent exists via Eisenhour/Ike). Also, the granting of citizenship wi


i know, torposts get lumped together, i'm talking to the other torfag shilling for citizenship like it's some sort of 44D chess move.

Whoever is is a fucking piece of sht and is not me.

I am only torposting because mods banned me after I pointed out how they are complete pieces of shit.

NONE of this shit is acceptable. There WILL be war in our time.

I (theoretically/for fun) say what if squads started dragging out the employers of illegals and shooting them. Kill their families, too, to send a message.


The media has articles every day about new deportations of some poor fucker, they're incredibly ass blasted that Trump is actually deporting illegal aliens.

It is worse, for them. It's designed to wash out many of the DACA recipients.

It's not amnesty though, it's a long arduous path to citizenship which will take a long ass time. Another thing is that they'll all have to register with the government, which puts them on a list.

It matters what people call it, obviously, or else the nigger shills ITT wouldn't be intentionally misusing words to spread their blackpills.

It's not amnesty though, learn your English pablo.

Kill yourself. Enemies like you need to be shot.

Should be childs play to get the left to hound their senators into not voting for it.

Just get out of here.

Nobody wants to hear your shit.

We have to have a war. There is no other way. Blood needs to be shed.

You're a shill, just admit it.

If the number of crimes committed by illegals doesn't exactly match the number of deported illegals, shut the fuck up about deporting people for small driving infractions.

Stop projecting

I literally want you dead. I want to shoot everyone like you, every piece of shit who fucked this country, right in the fucking face.

That day is coming, bud. Count on it. You will be dragged out and shot. You and your little bitch family. All traitors get shot.

In order to deport 20 million illegals in 4 years you have to deport 13,698.6301369863 EACH AND EVERY DAY.

We could have mobile the military,but instead the US military cares about posturing against Russia and NK, not the US border or what's happening to Europe.

Nah, we just need to have seven more years of Trump, then we get President Mattis.

You're forgetting that in places where illegals congregate, law enforcement is largely handicapped and can't even report illegal aliens to ICE. Truth is, deportations are way up but I agree there could be more. Still your blackpills aren't that palatable, things are moving in the proper direction and it clearly pisses you off.

Everybody just arm up.

There's no point in wasting time "debating" bullshit with words. These fuckers debate endlessly while the country is getting fucked. They are trying to distract with bullshit. Same thing with Trump. He hasn't done jack shit to get rid of these fucking Mexicans. Nothing.

No more words bud. Done debating with you.

Obviously the speed of deportation could be improved, but it's already massively up over Obama's tenure.

You never even tried debating, you've just been intentionally misusing words like the Jew you are in a lame attempt to blackpill. You're probably a boomer.

Pretty much, yeah. After all, the ideology has one key tenent which are either for or against, that is racial purity. There is no inbetween for racial purity (because what is mixed is mixed, what is not is not). Anyways, just by saying that, one can tell you're either a shill, trollfag, or a magapede. Regardless of which you are, you're not welcome here.
As for my previous post,

Sorry about the last line, I type in notepad & then copy paste.

Of course you want everyone of us dead, kike. You wont get what you want though. None of it. You fucking pieces of shit thought you understood everything. You thought you could cheat the universe. You are all the biggest fucking morons that have ever come to be.

Pic related.

The absolute state of the CIA in the current year +3.

go back

Hitler said it's OK to be a Jew as long as you're only 1/4 or less, we could do a lot better. On the other hand your TRS kikery, the old full retard shillop, is pretty tired. I do hope you'll keep it up though, it's funny to watch and it will radicalize a number of whites. Now tell me about how, actually, Nazbol is the real cool thing to aim for in the future with your basic income.

You're a Jew and your shit's tired.

This is your mind on The_Donald.


Why is trump even entertaining the idea of Amnesty? He can send all amnesty supporting politicians to jail.


Domestic Transporting – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(ii) makes it an offense for any person who – knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law.

Harboring – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who – knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

Encouraging/Inducing – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) makes it an offense for any person who – encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.

Conspiracy/Aiding or Abetting – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(v) expressly makes it an offense to engage in a conspiracy to commit or aid or abet the commission of the foregoing offenses.
Penalties – The basic statutory maximum penalty for violating 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(i) and (v)(I) (alien smuggling and conspiracy) is a fine under title 18, imprisonment for not more than 10 years, or both. With regard to violations of 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1)(ii)-(iv) and (v)(ii), domestic transportation, harboring, encouraging/inducing, or aiding/abetting, the basic statutory maximum term of imprisonment is 5 years, unless the offense was committed for commercial advantage or private financial gain, in which case the maximum term of imprisonment is 10 years. In addition, significant enhanced penalties are provided for in violations of 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1) involving serious bodily injury or placing life in jeopardy. Moreover, if the violation results in the death of any person, the defendant may be punished by death or by imprisonment for any term of years.


So we get the wall and cut legal immigration in half, mostly from shithole countries? At the same time we have a 12 year grace period to lick out the dreamers? Sounds pretty good.

and what if the next president doesn't feel like doing so?

He isn't. But he wants you to think he is.

Just say 'reddit' or be labeled a shill, shill.

I'm not advocating against an ethnostate, but you have to boil this frog slowly. It took generations for us to get where we are, the social momentum is moving back to the right but if you start Spencering you'll scare the normies and cause a backlash.

You have to out-Jew the Jew, retard.




That's up to us to make sure that a Democrat doesn't get elected. We're not going to get everything we want in Trump's first term. We have to undo almost a century of kikery.

Oh my sweet summer child…

that's right, he's supporting citizenship, which is way worse.

Mind telling me how the one who cares about purity is TRS? If I remember correctly, TRS is the group which would hate on people for "purity-spiraling".
Since there are a lot of TOR posters in this thread (and due to the tone of your post), are you sure you interpreted my post correctly? I'm saying that you have to be full natsoc to not be a cuck (that is the type of post I responded to).
Even if you want your granularity to be equivalence classes of: Asians, Middle Easterns, Africans, South/Central Americans, & Europeans, there still isn't an inbetween, you're either for Europeans mixing or not.

I wonder how he's going to BTFO shills this time

genius plan

Underrated post!
Notice how the supermarket shills derailed this thread away from this.

Republicans are thinking the solution is to push this beyond midterms. This is probably a show put on for media consumption.
I would be 110% shocked if they make a sincere push for amnesty in an election year, particularly after the (successful) anti-illegal immigration themes of the previous election season.



Most true oldfags here are; remember post number >>11188821

He's supporting a long process which puts Dreamers at the back of a decade plus long line, in exchange for them all signing up on a list and agreeing to be deported if they screw up. He even talked about this being his plan during the campaign.

TRS is a Jewish psyop designed to try to make itself look as retarded as possible, they're Jewish so they're a bit tricky but you can soon learn to see through their rhetoric.

Full Natsocs are indeed cucks, that's just how it is, they actually work against the goal of an ethnostate by invoking all kinds of imagery that Americans have been trained to fear and hate.

It's a stupid plan to be a Nazi even if you like Hitler and think he did nothing wrong. Much better to keep those swastikas hidden and simply invoke Law And Order.

Trump isn't going to leave amnesty on the table indefinitely.

I don't think there is a sincere push for "amnesty" because that's not what's in the plan. The idea is to offer something to the Democrats, who will fail to take it because it includes the wall, and then simply say "sorry too late."

And still nothing has passed, this is why the blackpillers are all losers (because they cannot think like us).

Nope. He's telling the democucks "I'll give citizenship to DACA spics if you agree to certain conditions that you can never agree to". He isn't supporting anything in regards to DACA, he's manipulating the dems into destroying it with their own hands.

"oldfag" refers to anons who were here before Trump you newfag nuthugger


This kills the Bernietards. They'll have to share their UBI carnival tickets with so many more people.

what do you mean 50 million nonwhites?

wasn't Kelly supposedly bitching that they couldn't get the lazy 'dreamers' to bother signing up?


It's almost like you deliberately didn't read the article, the OP, or anything else in this thread just to look like a retard

You were saying?

Yep which automatically culls them from this program. I heard that about half the original crop of (((dreamers))) failed to renew so far. All according to the plan.

Would be funny if he waits to May 5 (qinco de mayo) to deport them all like nazis were in latin america

this is boomer tier

1.8 million is 1 million over the number of illegals already signed up for DACA. It's to extend coverage to those who never signed up. You'd know this if you weren't stuck in you hugbox over at The_Donald all day.

Alsoreminder 1 hiur before shareblue punches the clock

Looks like overtime today

So much this, also it's a move that will either destroy the Democratic party or turn it into the white people's party.

You mad fat nigger.

suck start a shotgun you literal faggot

There is no plan to extend coverage, Obama was simply lying about the true number of DACA beaners.

Personally, I can't wait to see these spics kvetch and kick as they get deported like their nazi forefathers.


You mad fat nigger.
Shareblue on suicide watch



Why not just use Obama's fake number then? Why include more people if even Obama didnt?

All my sons (genetic selection) will bully spics in school, and abuse them on the streets.

It’s actually brilliant.

Nice try. Trump knows the dems want open borders. That's why he's "offering" DACA citizenship in exchange for border security and immigration reform, two things the dems can never agree to.

We had an user here that worked on the white house…

They were included, it’s just that the Democrats were lying so the public thought there were fewer Dreamers than there actually were. Don’t blame me when functionaries, media kikes, and the rainbow hued DNC lies.

Grandpa, it's time to go back to
or wherever the fuck the current boomer containment board is.

Notice how the (((anti-trump))) shills are ignoring these points.

spics will still vote dem

Shills will hang soon, the NSA knows who they all are and that they’ve been taking foreign money and direction.

13000 sealed indictments.

Yes but there will be far far fewer of them than under the current plan.

Also note that Trump’s now pushing national ID and election integrity measures.

This is done in every single legislative battle over everything. Deal-breakers are put into funding bills and both sides get to kvetch and talk about how unacceptable the other groups offer is. The media and parties get the circus they want, and get to paint whoever they want as the bad guys who wouldn't be flexible. Nothing changes, the can gets kicked down the road, all to repeat over again. The clapping seals on both sides will call it a victory and act like it was planned all along. The people who just want actual solutions will be called shills and inflexible purists who don't understand the game. Everyone gets to pretend to be right and nothing changes. Hooray.

This thread kek. You can always tell if something is perceived as an important topic by them when all the various shill descend.

Don't try arguing with those sad losers. They'll get BTFO again by the end of the weekday and retreat neutered during the weekend. (screencap this)


Grandpa, seriously, go to bed, you're getting more and more cringeworthy by the post.

Blow your fucking brains out, amnesty supporter.

Trump will do something on Friday again which will, yet again, cause those kikes to have to work on their Sabbath.

It's what he always does. The Jews haven't had a proper Sabbath in over two years.



I agree that Gutierrez is just showboating and wouldn't ever follow through on that promise, but damn if it doesn't make me smile to imagine Trump somehow striking a deal that has the entire Democratic party PHYSICALLY participating in building the border wall. I love the image of Schumer, Pelosi, maybe even Hillary and Obama out there sweating in the sun hauling bricks and mortar while Trump kicks back with a ice-cooled drink and sunglasses in a hammock.

Sadly, such smugness could never physically exist, it would break laws of physics.

One key issue is, as president, he has the precedent to already do a lot things asked for during the election cycle. In terms of compromises, the worst he should be having to do is getting people who are on his side in power (not dealing with the masses of illegals/etc. via bargains). After that, he can use his existing power (granted as the executive branch) to deport them all without exception.
In short, he shouldn't be compromising amnesty, the worst he should be doing is taking time to put "his people" into power so he can just deport them all like Ike did.

Daily reminder the democrat party already voted to fund a wall and increase border security - but never followed through. Just because they might do it again doen't ensure they won't kick the can down the road over it again.

As a racialist, I can tell you zero!

Do you really think non-whites can fit in white society?

You're a bot ain't cha?

It's when you truely learn to appreciate slushies, air hockey, waterslide parks, and backyard barbecue.
Don't know why that's relevant though, they all have to go back.

Seems the Asians, Indians, and so on do just fine.

The smooth course of action is to make it so the shit-tier nonwhites can't thrive like they do in our current gibs culture. Trump is attacking SNAP/EBT, making the illegals sign up for lists, cutting off benefits, etc. Because of the generations of brainwashing it's just not possible or advantageous to go full HANG THE NIGGERS AND SPICS just yet.

That'll be Generation Z's calling.

This feels amazing yet surreal, 8/pol/ has been in a pure winning streak for a whole year.

we will keep winning too


LOL you shills honestly do work off scripts don't you?

Here's a very possible scenario for everyone to mull over and call me a shill for entertaining
>decide to not follow through on implementation of improved border security like they did last time

Out now.


they lied about the wall in the 80's too torposter

and just who are you going to be shooting at?
Random lady at church? Random father at the grocery store? The mall santa? Your cousin arriving from traveling the world?

watch them strain and moan to crank out this piece of legislation in three days only to be vetoed by our troll-in-chief

Nothing.can.stop.us, check out the WINNING 2019 budget!

This thread REALLY brought out the shills.

too complicated to understand for the average the_donald poster



kill yourself dude. filtered.


Reminder that he started spamming his off-topic images in every thread the day that shareblue was banned from reddit.

We are getting VOTING IDs very soon!

I don't really see any indication he would do this. Is this hopeful thinking or has he suggested he's not ok with the current bill? Because even he proposed citizenship for DACA recipients in his SOTU


It's not amnesty, learn to use your language. I know Hebrew's your native tongue and pilpul is your basis for argumentation but please, this is a civilized board.

This is why the entire establishment's been shilling against Trump nonstop, because he's exactly the same. I see, it's brilliant, sure had me fooled! Might as well not do anything because of something that happened 30 years ago then!

I'm happy that TOR posting pisses you off so much.

Shills having a breakdown is hilarious

are there really people in this thread who take party politic showmanship at face value?

Informed prediction, user. Trump gave a list of conditions for the 1.8 mil that the dems couldn't stomach. If they need 9 dem votes to get something through, it's likely they will compromise something on that list and bam easy veto.

Have some.more

((( )))
At least Trump can pay white people; how many people have you paid to?

I don't think so, they're shills and they know exactly what they're doing. It's genetic, they can't stop lying and misrepresenting.

the ones who lied are and were members of the party pushing to let all the illegals become citizens you historically illiterate faggot; they should make good on their decades old promise of a wall as a show of good faith, but they won't.


sorry, but you left yourself open for that one

lol so much for what Trump wants (or shills think he wants)

You mean the cuckservatives who Trump ran against and defeated?

He's going to put something stupid in the Republican proposal and the Democrats are going to shut down the government before they can make a deal for March 5th.

democrat senators moron

Dont forget that the kikes calling these spics dreams, in itself, is an attack upon us.

>MLK moloch - "I have a dream"

No, it is WE who are dreamers. It is WE who create greatness with our minds.

(natural and organic check em!)
Why don't you kill yourself while we all watch on a livetream?

what's the difference?

I hope the Democrats shut down the government.

Now you don't even know who controlled Congress and the Senate in the 80s. You're a millennial ain't cha?


not up to the democrats or republicans anymore

Democrats controlled the House, Republicucks controlled the Senate.

Very little nowadays.

Yikes, there are more Shareblue Shills in here than an AIDS clinic on a Saturday night.

Good thing non-shills know that (((globalists))) will NEVER agree to building a wall, ending chain migration, or merit-based immigration, ever, and all this pearl-clutching is toxic bullshit.


Get a job and buy a plane ticket if you feel "oppressed" where you live. Once you get citizenship on that country, get a loan here and go there to live life to the fullest.

Eat shit, Q-fag. Your kike isn't real.

Reported for blackpill spam.

Reported for ban evasion.

This is all part of the plan to expose the activist judiciary.

Why in the world are you trying to associate Q with the Federal indictments? One has nothing to do with the other. You're an obvious shill, and I don't think you're actually reporting people at all because that'd be abuse and result in a ban.

Unless you're the kiked out mod.

It'd be great if you did what you said you were gonna do and send them home, you old Boomer.

Should he, and the Republicans, do this, I will never vote for either of them ever again and will almost-certainly abandon electoral politics completely as far as my hopes are concerned. In fact, I will likely go full-accelerationist, and purposefully vote all Democrat all future elections.

Checked for this nigger gets it.

That is, in fact, semantics, because if they are given amnesty more will flood in, and those given amnesty wille eventually be given a 'path to citizenship' anyway.
If they get amnesty, they'll effectively be citizens one way or the other in time.

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT WITH KICK-THE-CAN-DOWN-THE-ROAD POLITICS. Trying to put a deal-breaker in a budget bill is not good strategy, it's a way to punt while patting yourself on the back and calling the other team bad for not negotiating. Everyone in the media and parties get their talking points and nothing else changes. We still don't get the wall funding. We still don't get any immigration fixes. We just get a bunch of debt my generation will have to pay off and a bunch of self-congratulatory faggotry from every civnat faggot on the internet. I'm so fucking sick of this garbage.

The shills hate this type of post.
It's pretty hard for chosen beaners to get citizenship. If they can follow the law and be gud goys for 12 years (good luck), then they get it. Dems won't agree anyway and will look shit again for their beaner and nigger pets.


The difference between now and then is that Congress doesn't know how unnecessary they are.

I fucking swear this shit better not go through

Don’t forget that the end to the chain migration starts ten years from now AFTER the three million already on the list get in. Not voting for Trump if he does this

Not true.

80+% of the federal government stays open during "shut-downs" because everyone considers themselves "critical". Everyone who was "shut down" gets the back pay, anyways, so it doesn't even help by reducing the debt. A "government shut down" does literally nothing except close some national parks until the circus is over.

Hmm I wonder when kampfy is going to start removing these reddit fags. Clearly hasn’t happened yet

They are the same shitty shill from the other trump thread. All they are here to do is to D&C trump discussion and ensure that everything, no matter what on trump is seen as blackpill/negative to drive a wedge.

They should be rounded up and deported, or tried for sedition. They run on Chinese money.

“We’re thinking it will be 10 to 12 years before all four million of these people are actually out of the system,” said Andrew Arthur, resident fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that advocates for lower levels of immigration. “And that’s on top of the 1.8 million people getting amnesty.”

You’re fucking stupid and a cuckold. 4M more beaners over ten years. That’s IF they don’t reinstitute chain migration after Trump, which is almost assuredly the plan.


Trump sycophants like you are the worst enemy of all. He should be held to his promises. This is the only one that mattered, not LE TAX CUTS.

And if a democrat wins the presidency, any gains on border security or reductions on immigration will be reversed, and all the Trump admin will have to show for its immigration policity is 4million new democrat voters from Mexico. B A S E D

They should be rounded up and shot or deported.
They always use the same formatting and tired circular arguments, also they will never admit they are wrong, nor address points raised e.g. these posts
They go for maximum inflammatory, maximum responses because that's how you derail a thread and get sheckels per reply.
It's not worth their time to debate.


He talked about a path to citizenship all through his campaign, this is the 'back of the line' program he promised us.

They will indeed be rounded up user. It'll be a literal shoah.

Nice quads

It's the entire fucking premise of the LARP. The indictments are low-level drug dealers.
You know fucking nothing.
People without introspection belong here >>>Holla Forums
Holy christ, kill yourself.
"Y-y-y-y-y-you can't report my bullshit! That's abuse!"
>>>Holla Forums


God damn it Holla Forums, we have been over this before!

Amnesty, by any other name, is a permanent action - if these wretches are given amnesty, not only will you NEVER get it taken away from the, but it is a certainty that they will be given citizenship, AND it will act as a precedent drawing more of these mongrels into our lands.

I'll use the metaphor I used before, because it still works.
This scenario is akin to someone (Trump) who owns a dog (refusal on DACA) getting into a disagreement with a neighbor (Dems) who has a garden (refusal on other matters).

Trump's "deal" here basically says "Okay, I'll shoot my dog (grant DACA amnesty), but only if you dig up your garden (fund Trump's wall), salt the Earth (end chain migration), and sign this piece of paper saying you'll never plant another one (end lottery migration)!"

And its a horrible fucking deal.

The reason being, let's assume it goes through… The Dems can replant their garden, they can remove the salted soil and add new soil to allow such, and they can simply ignore the piece of paper they signed!
For example, first of all, you are not going to "end chain migration" or "end lottery migration" into perpetuity with with legislation. As soon as Dems take control of government - and they likely will, especially if a large number of non-Whites are added to the voter rolls (now or in 10 years, doesn't really matter).
And then there's the issue of the wall, and it continues to amaze me that I have to reiterate this but: A wall is only useful in any way so long as there is someone in power who acts to defend it!

Lastly, there's Trump's side of things: While the Dems can replant their garden, Trump's dog will be dead.
That is to say, that amnesty of any sort will, in time at the very least, result in citizenship. Those citizens will vote overwhelminingly left-wing, as they always do.
Whether that's tomorrow or ten years down the line is entirely irrelevant as regards the state of our country - and once the process is begun, once the cucking happens, you will NEVER get it reversed. IOW: Once Trump shoots his dog, that fucking dog is dead, and its never coming back.
Just like White demographic security in the US if this amnesty shit passes.

I am so tired of hearing faggots trying to justify this objectively treacherous action on behalf of the US government.
Its disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Why offer them citizenship at all? What’s the gain? Trump could do nothing at all and still come out on top over this shit deal. Not to mention amnesties are always for more than they’re said for. That’s how Reagan’s amnesty was expanded to twice the amount it was originally supposed to cover. Immigration lawyers immediately start to look for the cracks and start exploiting them. The only reason republicucks are putting up a new bill is because the Reagan amnesty is hard to use as justification now. You reddit faggots need to ingest cyanide immediately. An amnesty would permanently change this country and your oh so beloved president (GLORIOUS MAGAPEDE TRUMP) will assuredly get one term. No one would vote for him after this, besides maybe you battered wives over on Reddit

How do you know this if they're sealed, kike?

Sorry, that's not how it works

Fuck off. This is not the time for pacifism.

that's exactly how it works

The POINT is that any of the benefits, like chain migration and visa lottery, end after TEN YEARS. The time frame is so wide because it was never intended to go into effect. That’s why they will immediately get the negatives front loaded and any benefits cast so far into the dystopian future where these people will now be a further strengthened fifth column in this country who will agitate for these provisions to be killed before they ever go into effect, you are dumb or naive. Pick one.

Let me check my phone's phonebook. Yep, no spics. So yeah, I don't care. Deport the lot of them.

I mean it's just 2 million vetted genuine people with a job and career, not the rapists. Does DACA mean all the rest of the illegals are going to be forcefully deported?
The wall needs to be built so that they can't get back in anyhow.


LOL they're broke and have basically lost everything. This deal is excellent because the DNC will never come back, especially not after what's coming.

Nice blackpill though, might as well do nothing because in the future it might be undone, right?

reported for being a retarded cuckold

all their voters got deported? when?

Where are you getting this? You just made it up.

Why can’t the provisions go into effect immediately? Oh yeah you’re a cuckold and can’t see past your nose.


You lying piece of torfag garbage.

Did you forget
It was one of the most-powerful memes of the entire election cycle.

Oh man you are a fucking scab and a half m8.
Are you trying to say you don't think the Dems will EVER be in power again?
Oh Jesus Christ, this is pathetic fucking LARP. Tor was a mistake, these fucking admin shills will never fucking leave.
It is now blackpilling to suggest that legislation isn't eternal and the opposition party - which has a demographic advantage, which will only increase in time - will never take power again.

I got a better analogy:
Suppose there is a deadly disease out there (think zombie apacolypse). Now, you build a wall around your country so that none of those diseases can get in (perfect). But, OH SHIT, there are diseased people in the fucking country already. Now what? If they aren't removed, the plagued inside is no different from the plagued outside (actually worse, because in the outside you can run to where ever, but within the walls you're trapped).

The deportations will come but first we solve their voting issues.

Sorry, but the legislative branch can't tell the executive branch what to do. Nice try though.

I expected this kind of cuckolding on reddit but it's really a shame to see all these sycophant magapedes on Holla Forums. There's only one acceptable immigration policy, period. Everyone here illegally goes back. They're foreign nationals who get to go back to their home country. Period. You don't give the democrats half of what they want because the next time they're in power, they'll double and triple down. You have to knock them back so next time they're in power, they're playing catch-up, not filling in the rest of the blanks. It's upsetting I even have to make this statement on Holla Forums

They're mostly going back, which is better than none of them going back, you blackpill faggot. Half already washed out of DACA over the past couple years alone.

I'm glad TOR makes you so angry.

Trump is going to deport natural born citizens or take away their voting rights?

Please tell me you don't vote.

o-ok thanks for your contribution


This narrative you're spouting is redditor as fuck m8.

Which is worth something only so long as it is defended - and the opposition party wants to welcome the diseases in!

Remove them.

Like I said, remove them. And your analogy is rather shite m8, doesn't address the same issues.

Gas yourself

Where did I say that? No, he's going to stop millions of illegals and dead people from voting for Democrats.

Never go full retard, shill.

National biometric ID laws are being introduced now, and they will be tied to voter integrity. Expect this to be a major source of kvetching.

So we don't get rid of every single DACA person, but we do get rid of 9/10 or more of the beaners at a bare minimum (assuming more don't wash out, which they will). It's a good deal.

The amount of blatant denial is almost too much to bear. This place is a Kushner shilled shit pit now. Here is the fucking WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE saying that they will allow in everyone on the backlog.

Read it and weep Kushner shill kike: whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/white-house-framework-immigration-reform-border-security/

Remember when Pat Buchanan was running in 2000 and the Jews got Trump to go after him hard? Op-Ed pieces in the La Times, TV interviews calling him a "nazi" who hates blacks and gays?

Pat Buchanan came out against the NWO, Gay Marriage, Abortion, Illegal Immigration, and the "Culture War" he later referred to as "Cultural Marxism".

The Jews had a meltdown, and their Golden Boy came to the rescue.

It's definitely strange goings on. ZH even went with an article talking about how Trump's offer needs to get 9 Dem senators to climb on it to get past a Dem filibuster. Weird narrativing when we all know this is a hyooge and terrible concession.
The whole idea of even allowing a week's discussion of this is shit. That means some "bipartisan" group will come up with a proposal that won't pass. But that proposal will hang like the Sword of Damocles, threatening to get put into any must-pass legislation down the road.

No they fucking aren't, and you're shilling for allowing like a million + to stay
This is Reagan all over again, and it exactly what everyone warned about Trump.

Seems legit faggot.

This is a shill.

Tor doesn't make me angry - worthless obviously-banned faggots like you using it to shill republicuck talking points make me angry.



Holy shit dude, the judicial branch does get to tell the legislative branch what they can and can't do. The judicial branch is the end-all-be-all of what the government can and cant do, with very rare and very uncommon exceptions. Please never vote if you're genuinely this uninformed about how the government works.

A deal where they are all removed won't happen with the current numbers. On the other hand, the Democrats have actual spic senators advocating for the wall now, in exchange for a nominal number of DACA spics.

How fucking kiked are you? The bill assumes the historic average of yearly chain migration applicant processing speed which is like 400k a year. 4m / 400k = 10 years. I sincerely hope you slit your wrists.



He'll literally go oops I guess you couldn't save them.

Cite the portion of the bill which backs up your claim.

Who cares if he's lying? This bill forces them into choosing between DACA spics and the great mass of unregistered illegals. It's perfect because it drives a wedge into their base.

cucks keep repeating this but it never materializes

Trump isn't the legislative branch, he can cancel an executive order whenever he pleases and no judicial branch rat can say otherwise. Only thing that happened is that more application have to be processed, but nothing has to go through. It's almost like you're the retard.

A federal court just ruled that DACA just goes back into effect if the deadline passes so who cares? Kicking the can down the road isn't a policy, it's just more useless posturing to give the talking heads more time to get their talking points in the media.

Nice blackpill, kike shill.

And that kike judge will get BTFO by Gorsuch.

hooooollllyyyy shit we're reaching levels of retardation I did not think humanly possible. Obama got BTFO'd 1,000x by the courts over his exec orders, genius.

Posters like you give all TORPEDOs a bad name. Look at how disingenuous this kike is anons. Learn to spot these kikes.

Because when the dems deny it, it will look really bad for them.
That said, if for some reason it did go through,
if they can stay 12 years crime free, work etc do something productive, then they get in.
That's not going to be many, the ones that do will at least contribute to the country. This versus constant political bickering and 12 gorillion spics?

p.s. you should start throwing zog + neo-conservative etc terms around to make your point better You stupid newfag shill

Heil'd Hitler dubs
Yes exactly. Just like the support numbers in 'minorities' it does drive a wedge, which gets more support for Trump.

doesn't matter they will still vote dem

If the U.S. hasn't enforced immigration law in the past thirty-odd years, why would it suddenly start now that the government is even more dominated by kikes, liberals and shitskins?

Meaning they don't exist, nigger.
Nope, not buying it.

Bullshit. More Q-tier LARPfagging. Not buying it. You're a shill.

What!? No we don't. There's millions of illegal beaners in this country, AND millions of legal beaners.
As for DACA, you aren't getting rid of any of them - you're giving them amnesty, which will become citizenship. And all their children will become citizens.
I don't believe you, and neither would anyone with any sense.

Trading a permanent condition for a bunch of temporary shit that can - and WILL - be rescinded, while the amnesty will turn into citizenship and will never be rescinded. Its a shit deal. I'm glad it triggers you so much for it to be said.

Fucking THIS.


Hahaha, Jesus Christ, what is taqiyya!?

Get fucked nigger.

no it doesn't.
They can - and WILL - have both, if you grant them the DACA spics. That will set a precedent. It will cause an illegal influx. It will show you are weak and willing to cuck to these muds. It will piss off the Republican base.

And when the Dems get back in power - the idea that they are 'out of money' when George Fucking Soros is alive, not to mention the Rothschildes - thanks to their demographic advantage, they will get to rescind all the legislation that inhibits the illegal stream, and then they'll have had their cake and eatten it too.

See, the biggest difference between the Republican base and the Democratic base?
The Republicans will be horrified by this.
Most of the Democrats won't even know it happened, because they don't follow politics - they just vote how they're told by the people who bus them to the voting stating, because they want their coupon for Sizzlers.

I don't know if you're deliberately not reading what I'm saying, or trying be as autistic as possible. This is twice now you've said something completely unrelated to what I've said.


First you said the courts can't tell the legislative branch what to do. That is factually wrong, it's actually part of their job. Then you said the courts can't do anything if Trump reverses an exec order. This is factually wrong. The courts also have oversight of the executive branch and can step in if they think Trump is violating the constitution. No branch, legislative or executive, is safe from the judicial branch oversight ever on anything. Period.

The Supreme Court denies the appeal. DACA officially dies with no law to replace it thanks to the government shutdown.

Then what happens when the government comes back online?

Everyone's already on tilt over everything going on but especially DACA. Think of this bill as the inseminated egg inside a black womans womb. It's going to get botched.
Just look at Suhumers twitter handle.

All they can do is delay the inevitable. I'm glad they're outing themselves so eagerly and early though.

Nice absence of an argument torfag.

Tell us more about how DACA amnesty is super-great and will tooooooooottally cause the Democratic Party of the US - which is broke btw, and will remain so, of course! - to collapse over their having to choose between two things that they don't have to choose between.

Tell us of the chess, true chan oldfag shilling for amnesty.

everything doesn't automatically reach SCOTUS
could go either way even if it does

March 5 has then expired. It's like DACA never existed.

So is the government going to deport all 1.8 million af that point?

learn to read the thread, faggot

I'm against DACA being continued and if the Democrats don't take this deal it will expire. I suspect Trump wants this, it will paint the DNC in a terrible light.

If the deal passes we get a wall and end to chain migration and the visa lottery, in exchange for at the most 1.8 million (((dreamers))) even though half have washed out of the program since it started, so the ultimate number would probably be like 200,000 max.

It's a win-win.

This. Anons in this thread are retarded not to see the obvious ploy here.

He's assuming the supreme court strikes down the lower court order.

Fuck off you shilling derailing faggot, they already have made those points.

They are illegal, when they are apprehended, yes I expect that they will be deported.

Follow the ID, faggot. Addressed here

It will, this all stems from an EO.

spics stop voting because of some legislative bs?

How about not banking on the democrats who have proven they won't enforce immigration laws, and not banking on ICE, who currently do not deport illegals unless they commit a major felony. How about just admitting the best course of action is deporting everyone here illegally, and not pretending to be retarded so the problems get shifted to the next round of politicians who will likely be even worse.

Spics stop voting because of biometric national ID. Same with dead people and multi-voting union members.

Again, if the U.S. hasn't enforced immigration in the past thirty-odd years, why would it suddenly start to do so now, when an entire state is openly defying federal law and declared itself exempt?

So you've just deliberately not read anything I've said, that's good to know. I said
Then corrected legislative with judicial. That's one wrong there, schlomo. They also have no power to usurp the role of president, they can only operate within the power of the judicial system.
The courts also have no power over whether the executive branch cancels an executive decision. If you've been paying attention to anything, you'd know this by now. The reason DACA is continuing is because it was only halted, not officially canceled. Once Trump says it is, then nothing can be done about it.

What part of the bill says 1.8 million illegals instantly get citizenship? If you can find it I agree with you.

So end the program.
Oh, wait, you can't! Because Trump won't impose his will upon the corrupt judiciary engaging in political activism! Aw gee wiz…
See above, but even assuming that were the case, why wouldn't you just NOT make a deal?
The Democratic base doesn't give a shit. Not at all.


That is only useful so long as it is DEFENDED.
Which will be rescinded as soon as the Democrats regain power - something made all the easier by setting the precedent of amnesty, neverminding the potentiality of future citizenship.
>in exchange for at the most 1.8 million (((dreamers)))
BULLSHIT. I've seen estimates upwards of 3 million for the present (((dreamers))), and that ignores all the other issues which will ensure that this is NOT "at most 1.8 million" - and even THAT ignores that even 1.8 million would COMPLETELY destabilize US electoral politics, given that Clinton won the popular vote by about 2 million votes (legitimate or false, doesn't matter if they're counted) and another 2 million will add to that pile.
What do you even think that means m8?
Do you have ANY evidence to back this up? Somehow, I fucking well doubt it.

Nah, it'd be ceding permanent conditions in exchange for temporary conditions gained.
Its a lose-lose.
And you still have no argument.

and when is this happening?

They get it over the next decade "as long as they don't commit crimes".

Who the fuck is 'they'? The torfag who ignores any points raised against him and just keeps spewing the same chess-tier nonsense while shilling for amnesty as a 'good deal'?

Wew lad, fuck it, doesn't even matter. Redditor shills are fucking disgusting.

Not so. Ann Coulter explains that the courts will rule that everybody gets it. So this is back door amnesty. They all know what they're doing too, they know they're liars, they know that the bill won't be thrown out for unconstitutionality, but instead will get expanded to everyone.


DACA was an Obama Executive Order, that Trump already rescinded. The Democrats are trying to make it official law to save their Meixcans, but it's politically retarded and they can only do it if they can keep the Mexicans in the country and voting for them. If the Mexicans are officially illegal and being deported in mass, they're fucked if they try to campaign on it as an issue.

It's an Executive Order. Trump asks the Supreme Court to review the lower court decision: why is a lower court enforcing a revoked order?
Conservative SCOTUS majority, means they're going to support the obvious conclusion:
you can't enforce a rescinded order

Wrong. We already have the blueprints because we've done it before. Read up, faggot.

Coulter is an anti-Trump shill who was on limited hangout. She is a blackpilling kikess who fucks black men.

EXCEPT IT DOESN'T EXIST, YOU FAGGOT! And voter fraud investigation went nowhere, being turned over to DHS, which is run by a pro-DACA catlady!
Nobody has faith in these people to get the job done, thus telling us 'Don't worry, they'll get the job done in the future!' holds not power.

Dude, he thinks - or rather, he's pretending he thinks - spics give a shit about any of this trash, as though spics and niggers are ACTUALLY going to not support the Democrats because 'muh DACA'. Its fucking ridiculous redditor-Boomer reasoning.

part of that power, is oversight of executive branch actions. Like I pointed out, Obama got his exec orders cucked by the supreme court multiple times.
I don't know what else to tell you, m8. This is just factually incorrect. The supreme court has the final say on the legality of all government activity, legislative and executive.

It was just in the news last week kike. So, soon.


Biometric National ID and voter integrity absolutely are happening. It’s been in the news with frantic kikes like you kvetching about it.

Don’t worry, we don’t have to settle this today on this image board.

The media reported on a bill in committee. It’s happening and you will howl and scream, lol.

Biometric? Like in what way? I don't mind national voter ID but I don't see myself getting a retina scan or something like that in order to vote.

Nobody with a brain has faith in that!
Oh the media kikes told you, so it must be true? SEEMS LEGIT FAGGOT!
You are so bad at fitting in. Is this your first deployment to h8/pol/? Because you're fucking awful at this job.


No, CIA stupid fucker. Man, you STINK.


The media also reported on a bill in committee that will lable "white supremacy" as terrorism and create whole new branches to go after it.
A bill being in committee doesn't mean a fucking thing, and the kike media kvetching over something doesn't mean its happening.

Prove it lel. (you can't, because its not, you just hope it is and want us to hope it is, and your source for this is the same kike media who lies constantly)

I'm not arguing they physically couldn't I'm saying they won't. They haven't in nearly 70 years, even though the problems have gotten worse, the illegal population has exploded, and public pressure is even higher.

It’s OK, don’t vote then, Paco.

You realize that blackpilling just galvanizes the people you think you’re weakening, don’t you? The past two years should be proof enough for you. Keep it up though, you’re just hurting yourself you dumb Boomer kike.

Yes you said that before, but you're not making any sense. I'm talking about cancelling an EO, which you're not and refraining from talking about. The Supreme Court won't have any say in whether Trump can or can't cancel DACA, because they don't have to. Trump can cancel an EO because he's president. I've already explained what happened with the recent court order, and it has nothing to do with whether Trump can end DACA or not.

Another federal judge has blocked the rescinding of DACA

Tuesday's ruling, combined with a ruling from a California judge last month, means the program could end up going beyond the March 5 date. The ruling means DACA recipients can renew their status, but the administration will not have to hold the program open to those who never applied.


But Don't worry goys, it's only a temporary block! We'll get the MAGA train on its rails again, never fear! That is unless another federal judge decides that the government didn't give adequate reasons for doing something completely within their power

Yep defund those kikes.

The DNC anti-white bill will never make it, Trump has already eliminated a program designed to do what this bill proposes. Do try to pay attention.

Funny how 800,000 poor little children, brought here not of there own choice, suddenly becomes citizenship for 1.8 million 20-40 year old ADULTS.

WTF. This is why normies just tune out of politics and let the parasites have their way, because the lies are so huge it's better to ignore everything than deal with the insanity and possibly go mad yourself.

The way I see it there are three possibilities from Trump's perspective.
>The bill passes and Trump genuinely thinks giving almost 2 million beaners amnesty and a path to citizenship is worth ending chain migration and a wall which it might be, but only in the long term and if whites start reproducing more, which is a big gamble


So you have no argument?

Its not blackpilling to say that an amnesty deal is a shit deal, and to note that biometric ID as you claim doesn't presently exist and is not liable to exist anytime soon.

Of what?

You really don't have any argument whatsoever, you just spew a bunch of redditor Boomer kike bullshit, talking points right off a page, and when called on it, you resort to accusations with no backing.

Cite your fucking sources on that shit being in committee and lets see which committee and whose on it, eh faggot?
Prove that biometric ID is, as you say, 'happening'. (you can't, because you have no fucking argument, and your go-to is just repeating the accusations levied against you in between spewing Faux Jews talking points)

this guy is a cia agent:

So two judges get BTFO instead of one. Not a problem. This will be fast tracked to the Supreme Court where they will settle it in Trump’s favor. He has never lost at the level of the highest court.

I'm not arguing that trump can't cancel an EO. Of course he can. I'm trying to get through to you that the courts absolutely still can go after him if he did that.

trannies in the military wasn't and Trump just gave up

He isn't supporting anything you word twisting kikel. He simply offered a PATH to citizenship over 12 years.
I know you fully understand this and you simply argue in bad faith, so lemme spell this out for the good souls here.
Given that we are talking about a path to citizenship and not citizenship itself, it is obvious that those who are affected by this would have to voluntarily abide by the conditions included in the deal for 12 years straight. Now given the fact that most of them won't ever care to look into this in the first place, I'm pretty sure that the actual spics that will attain citizenship this way will be like 1-2% of all people who have this opportunity.

Except I wasn't comparing, I was using it as an expected blueprint.

But they already are friend. I don't know if you're uninformed, not paying attention or just plain acting dumb. Sure, you have states and cities that aren't following the law but you have many more that are and a good number of those are do so exceptionally. The country was never going to unfuck itself overnight you spaz, chill the fuck out.

Just what in the fuck is going on in this place?

I made my argument, which is that the biometric ID law is being worked on and will be introduced. You started your pilpul blather about other things which aren’t related. That famous Jewish verbal IQ at work eh?

Read the thread, blackpill nigger

if the Supreme Court sets the precedent that you can enforce rescinded laws, we need to enforce the three-fifths compromise and the fugitive slave act

Calm down autist, you have the right to complain only AFTER such a thing gets passed.
I don't think Trump has any intention of passing this crap, and will demand something he knows the anti-whites aren't going to accept.



I thought it was already introduced and in committee? Which is it?
And provide proof.
Cite your fucking sources on that shit being in committee and lets see which committee and whose on it, eh faggot?

Prove that biometric ID is, as you say, 'happening'. (you can't, because you have no fucking argument, and your go-to is just repeating the accusations levied against you in between spewing Faux Jews talking points)

Again, no argument, just more empty bullshit while shilling for amnesty.

Trump can’t be expected to win every fight against such insane odds, and I see no signs that he forever granted trannies the right to join anywhere. Where is Trump’s admission that he conceded this fight? I want an official statement.

Lets just go ahead and make them slaves again tbh.

>just wait until the government fucks you over, then you can have an opinion
Literally kill yourself.

You don’t cite your sources, I won’t play the source game with an obvious shill like you. You can’t even stay on topic with your blackpills.

Aha, ignore me, I'm tired, today was long and this thread is strange.

If the US was enforcing immigration law, we wouldn't be debating what to do with all the illegals in the US would we? We'd just be deporting them.

Okay, so, when Trump allows trannies in to fight, we're to assume that's not permanent, but when Trump eliminates an anti-White enforcement agency we're supposed to assume that is permanent?
Doesn't add up schlomo.

I never cited any sources faggot, you did!
Cite the media that you claim said XYZ. SHow me, now.

The topic at hand is how its not at all blackpilled to note that DACA amnesty is a horrible deal as laid out, and that you cannot provide proof to back up your claim that "biometric ID is happening and that justifies DACA amnesty!".
You don't even know what the fuck 'blackpilling' means, you newfag reddit-Boomer shill faaahaaahaaaggot.

Learn to read you idiot, you're acting like its already passed.

Shut up shill.

Do you know what DACA is? It is a stay on immigration laws for those who applied.

Trump is deporting record numbers of illegals. More go every day.

Prove it.

I'm having an opinion on proposed legislation faggot. Discussing the ramifications of a proposed piece of legislation is literally the entire point of debating legislation before passing it. It's hard to believe there are such passive cuckolded cowards like you in the US. filtered.

I love making you dance for me as much as you love your pilpul, kike. Now dance some more.

Be sure to bring sources FIRST next time, I feel no obligation to cite anything for a shill who doesn’t cite first. It’s a game I no longer play.

As long as I make you type more than I do, I win. It’s a manpower issue at the core, are there enough shills to combat every poster like me? Man-hour wise we have you kikes over a board even with your bot assisted shenanigans.

Don't have to, it's well known. It's literally a click away to find out yourself instead of demanding anons spoonfeed your ignorant ass.
You should start with wiki I already linked your stupid ass. Just fucking stop posting please, You are lowering the IQ of this place by one fucking point with every post you make you (you) loving faggot.

You claimed that Trump isn’t enforcing the law first. You bring proofs for your claims.

Wew lad.

I didn't make any claims to cite. You did. Cite them.
Prove it.
(You can't. I win.)

Hahahaha, no.
Prove it. Now.
Otherwise fuck off with your weak-sauce shill faggotry.


Prove it.

The trick with the proofs game is to force shills to bring their proofs first. It creates more work for them. This is a man hours game and the shills are losing.

the wiki was about an operation in the mid 1950's. what the fuck am i suppposed to do with that? How about putting up a link about the Reagan amnesty disaster. How about putting up a link of the number of crimes committed by illegals contrasted against the number of illegals deported. How about just saying every illegal should be deported and all this amnesty talk is a distraction and we should enforce the laws on the books as written?

Admitting it outright.

You bring proofs for your claim then we’ll talk. Your question was in the form of a statement which pre-supposed that Trump isn’t deporting spics, but he is. Prove your concealed questioning claim then we will talk about it.

Vote for a kike stooge, get kike stooge policies.

Didn't make a claim! You did.
Prove it.

Also waiting on the info on that 'in committee' bill.

… Its almost like you just talk out your ass and, when called on it, tell the other guy to prove the negative.

It’s like you weren’t paying attention this whole time. Making shills waste their time is a great way to drain their resources.

This is just ridiculous, you're awful at this.
Prove your claims or fuck off. I've made not claims but requesting you prove yours.
Until you do, you have nothing else to say of import.

I don’t play the proofs game with shills like you:

Because you're a bad shill with no proof.

You think you’re more clever than you are. Anybody can look things up for themselves, and I’ve argued with enough shills to know that you’d simply ignore any proofs anyway.

My goal is to get you to waste time.

Blah blah blah.
Prove your claims.

No U.

You first.


Never made one.

Did too.

Prove it. ;^)

here's what comes up when i type in "Trump administration deporting at record numbers"





If there was any doubt that the democucks don't want to make a deal on DACA, they just shut down the amnesty debate they themselves asked for

Well fancy that.
2c16fe was lying!
And b9803b was also lying!

Who would do something like that!? Lie on the internet…

Your mind will be blown when you realize that I am 2c16fe and b9803b. I'm also 1f61c8. Four proxies, four faces, could you tell the difference? I bet you couldn't.

spics have wierd loyalty shinanigans, if you tell a truth, even a half truth like a public show of passing DACA and the dems are seen as fucking it up. They will absolutely on that principle alone switch teams and turn states red

Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhhhahahahahahahahahaha, that's a good one m8!
Best I've heard this thread!

pretending to be retarded is still retarded

Obama was counting people turned away at the border as deportations. Trump stopped that mis-reporting so the apparent numbers fell.

We’ve been over this before on this board, many times.

Nah, endchan sucks, too slow.
There hasn't been another exodus, not in a meaningful sense - people just stopped coming here, they didn't all go someplace else together.

Prove it. ;^)



yes, BASED spics will vote republican just like after Reagan amnesty which turned California from red to SUPER red

oh wait


They aren't sending their best.

Lying again, and proven by your own source!
You just can't catch a break alter-ego me!

dems running around like chickens with their heads cut off


Obama was inflating the numbers, how is this inaccurate?

Let’s handle one thing at a time.

Show any bean evidence of this

Dems attempting to sabatage their own attempts at making a deal

Eh, so what if Trump is Reagan? Regan was BASED.

Wanna know how I know you're fucking retarded?

We had a choice between Trump, who wants them all gone but will settle for getting rid of most of them, and Hillary who wanted totally open borders and amnesty for all of them.

Trump isn’t perfect but he’s better than Her.

Isn't that your post?

And isn't this also your post?

And doesn't that post contain this link?
And doesn't that link contain this information?

Which would make you a liar, and not a very smart one either, wouldn't it?
Yeah, it would. ;^)

I really hope this is a shitpost. There's so much civnat cuckoldry in this thread I just can't even tell anymore.

Back to T___D nigger

Ironic shitposting is shitposting.

Reported for being from reddit. Kill yourself.


So maybe not RECORD numbers but lots more than Obama, OK? LOL.

I like how you put much more work into your shilling than I do my shitposting though. Sapping the total pool of shill hours available to your organization.

Yeah it’s much better to elect an open borders Democrat right! That’ll show your (((fellow whites))) my BASED user!



The election is over nigger, nobody cares about the Walking Corpse.

Now Trump has to stand on his own worth, and if he gives amnesty, he won't get a second term to try to prove said worth. DACA is non-negotiable - you cuck on that, you're giving up.

No, you're a liar because you lied, and you're an underhanded faggot in that you can't even admit it when its laid out before you with no way to avoid it.
Do you need me to rub your nose in it again? Ah, I'm not going to - it'll stay there, and anyone with any sense in reading the thread will see it, and you, for what they are.

I like how much you project.
Tell your boss I said "You're a faggot", ya lyin' twat.

>it's (((democrat))) or (((republican))), goy

Thanks for admitting you’re a shill.

A Hillary presidency would have meant instant civil war. We would have reclaimed half our country by now, dipshit.

Mandatory voter ID laws better be in this DACA deal so those 1.8 million spics cant vote until their 12 years of reeducation is finished.

1. It’s not.
2. California is automatically registering all illegals to vote in the state, so voter ID doesn’t even matter anymore.

which will accomplish what?
they become BASED Reaganite constitutionalists?

All that needs to be done is to enforce our existing laws. It's already illegal to be a foreign national who overstays your legally allotted time (if you were ever given one). The punishment is deportation. No need to cuck yourself to make Trump look better, just stick up for your country and the rule of law for fucks sake.

So I guess nobody bothered to read because the word they used was reduce chain migration. Not end chain migration.

we want negative immigration

I like to focus on the word PATHWAY.
as in, here are the requirements, we lowered them a slight bit for you. If you can't achieve them, then you go home.
JOB (i'd say 35k+)
DRUG TEST(it's not a difficult one, i know, but i mean, hey)
CLEAN CRIMINAL BACKGROUND (not even misdemeanors)
I'm sure plenty would pass, but we could atleast get rid of the shittiest of the shits.

I'd like to focus on the word illegal. These foreign nationals broke the law and now they have to go back. That's already the law. It's really simple. No need to bend over and prep the bull.

until a democrat president decides not to

No it wouldn't, your grossly underestimating how docile the normalfag is. As long as there is bread and circus the normalfag will not raise a finger.

The problem is that republicans and democrats are our only choices. In a winner-takes-it-all political system you have to rally around the candidates capable of winning, because the losers get absolutely nothing. This encourages a two party system, where the parties fight over trivialities. As bad as the political climate is today, if we had a parliamentary system congress would be filled with representatives from nationalist parties, environmentalist parties, constitutionalist party, socialist parties, libertarian parties, conservative parties etc. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would ensure that voters would never have to vote for the lesser of two evils again.

I would assume C-SPAN would be covering…

These activists judges have literally zero authority to do such things. Why does everyone pretend activist judges have powers they do not have? This shit should be ignored completely like it didn't even occur, like it's less than worthless, because it is.

No they aren't. It's literally this kind of self-containment that is absolutely devastating this country.

but they do
but it isn't and can't be

They don't. It's the same situation as blocking the travel ban. The judges do not posses the authority to dictate national immigration policy in complete violation of existing immigration law.

They have the authority to challenge the legality of a presidents' action (which they did, and have the authority to do). They're not dictating the policy, they're determining the legality of the action taken by the president. That's literally their job.

In theory you could vote for the green party or the libertarian party, but why waste your vote? (Let's disregard for the moment that the electoral college votes for the president and that your vote may be wasted no matter what; that's a different subject) Voting third party is currently a total waste of time, because even if they get like 30% of the vote and come in second they gain no political power whatsoever. You have to vote for one of the two major parties, unless there's a three-way split and a possibility that a third party may win. That's the only time when voting third party becomes viable.

There will never be another Democrat president.

then voting is useless since both parties are controlled

You know nothing about Holla Forums, then. You’re only alive right now because she didn’t win.

Get off the board. You don’t belong here. Nothing you believe is true.

You’re eight trillion percent retarded.

demographics strongly disagree
there were people who said the same thing after dubya was re-elected lol

You have to buy cable to watch C-SPAN now. It's no longer a public service

It's still possible for good, honest people to run as republicans and democrats, it's an uphill battle, but it is what it is.

it takes money to run for office and the party can shut you out if you refuse to play ball

I'm being realistic, they're out of money, their progressive ideologies are ensuring that their support base is fracturing, and so on.

White people have seen demographic boosts through birth rate while brown birth rates are falling.

The DNC is finished, and the Obama fuckery with the surveillance state will ensure this continues. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, it's not going to be good for the DNC and anti-whites like you.

What are you talking about? From a strategical standpoint, there's no good reason to vote third party. This isn't Canada, where the parties gets seats in parliament based on the number of votes, it's winner-takes-it-all.

you have not provided one source for anything you've said the whole thread
non-whites don't give a shit about stuff like that

Nah they don’t have that power either. Ninth Circuit was severely rebuked by the Supreme Court for overstepping their bounds with the travel ban.

I already told you that I don’t play the proofs game with shills like you user.

considering arabs, north africans and many spics are considered white in statistics would make any proof you have meaningless

No, you’re fantasizing like a fucking tD faggot.
According to what? It’s being solidified and expanded by MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL SPICS BECOMING LEGAL.

voting for the person who best represents my views is the purpose of voting. throwing my vote behind someone just because other people are is the definition of throwing your vote away.

We need to change that obviously.

In exchange for a wall, end to the lottery, and chain migration. It’s a very small price to pay, my kike Boomer full retard shillops tard.

what makes you think any number they give will be final or truthful?

That's true, but when the polls show that when your candidate has no chance of winning you have to move on to the next best candidate, because if you stay with your dream candidate you are actually helping the person whom you dislike the most by not putting your vote behind a candidate that has the ability to challenge him.
It's counter-intuitive, but you have to vote for a candidate who has a path to victory.

The last time there was a possibility of a three-way split was in 92 when Ross Perot ran against Clinton & Bush. If Ross Perot had not dropped out and the polls had been close it would've been strategically viable to vote for any of the three candidates. In any other election voters had to rally around the two major candidates in order not to waste their vote.

Just cuz.

This exact same dance happened with California in 1980
My position remains the same: If this is just a word game thing to get excuse for deporting dreamers, so be it; However, if any Amnesty is passed, he loses my support.
That has been my position a year ago, that will be my position a year from now.

so if the election was between Hillary and Jeb I should have voted for Jeb?
voting confirmed useless

It’s not amnesty and this isn’t the 1980s but nice blackpill.


Get the fuck out, you goddamn newfag. NOTHING MATTERS EXCEPT SAVING OUR RACE. A wall won’t do it. We’re outbred in TWENTY YEARS unless they’re all deported. Period. End of the game. No comebacks. They’ll tear down the wall the second Trump’s out of office and call it a Gorbachev moment.

If it gets passed the Democrats would turn it into Amnesty; Granted I don't expect it too pass, but I think it would be disastrous if it was.
But keep calling everyone who disagrees with you blackpilled and you are going to set yourself up for failure

That's a tough choice, but if you thought that Jeb was the lesser evil, you should've voted for him instead of a third party candidate without a path to victory.

Why do you fucking shills think this will work here?

Gotta be smart about it, going full retard will never fly. Anyway I doubt you’re even white, you’re a kike shill.

Get the fuck out you kike

not in politics

D and R dominate bc people think like you and throw their votes away for the sake of "winning". but its a false victory because that's not actually who you want to win. if people voted for who they actually want, the D/R hegemony doesn't work. you can perpetuate the cycle like a Stockholm syndrome prisoner or you can take ahold of the reigns.

Get out.

Hard to convince me of something when you can’t even understand our language user. Nice pilpul though.

Get out kike

Not all things live in a vacuum. I suspect that the anti gibs move to end snap and replace it with food boxes was designed to fuck with the dems on this. I also suspect that this may be a strong arm negotiation tactic. The dems will say no to something in this, or the cucksertives will do something stupid, and trump will kick it back in a game of corporate hazing.

not our fault if you know nothing about immigration policies enacted since 1965


Don't blame me, user. I am just the messenger.

That's true, but it's also irrelevant. If your candidate has no way of winning the presidential race you must switch candidates in order to make a difference. The way out of this dilemma is not to vote third party, but to reform the electoral process and the way political power is distributed among the candidates.

Nice pilpul but I never said we shouldn’t enforce the laws on the books. Removal of DACA would be the best thing as long as we can get the wall and an end to chain migration and the visa lottery, but if allowing a couple hundred thousand taco niggers in in exchange for this stuff is better than no deal and keeping the current immigration system.

No kike.

I do, Trump's plan would basically undo all the pozzed immigration laws though.


That's what I suspect too, but it does turn out that this ends up with amnesty thens that it.
Frankly I'm uncomfortable they are even humoring this, even if it just leads to justification saying "we tried, but we have to deport DACA now"


Okay, shlomo.

So why not just win a more seats in 2018 and get everything we want then?


Sounds great, we can always do that too.

because republicans don't want any of the things you want either


Then how about we do that instead of having Trump's base collaspe

Of course they don't, I'm just pointing out the flaw in the other user's arguement


Trump is forcing them to choose between what the cuckservatives’ corporate backers want them to do and what the voters who elect them want to do. The cucks chose the tax reform even though many of the corporate backers didn’t want it because they wish to stay in power. He can simply keep doing this.

From what i understand, the dems filibustered this and tried to stop it. Something is going on. This stinks like controlled anarchy. I am hoping that this is a shennigan and not some attempt to allow taco niggers into the country.

This reminds me of the first shut down attempt, when trump kept kicking the deals back. The house will get this, Trump will say "this is bad, fix this" then back to square one.

Meanwhile, other moves are being made, on multiple fronts.

This is very much the time of challenging, a lot of things are in the air right now, and we can not afford to blink.

Good thing the current plan doesn’t include any form of amnesty then. It’s a back of the line program, the one Trump campaigned on.

Nice blackpill.

That probably will keep happening

I mean there is that whole seditious conspiracy thing the FBI engaged in that no one seems to care about


Amnesty = 1 term for your civic nationalist.

Meanwhile go back to reddit.

Dude, people voted for Trump and repealed all criticism for a single reason: To build the fucking wall and kick the illegals out.
As long as Trump works towards this goal, they'll stick with him; However, should he do something like pass a bill giving amnesty in practice, then his support will fracture.
It's as simple as that.

(calling ppl simple minded and not seeing the strategy yet…hilarious)
Too many dumbasses to tag so here we go.
The first time Trump made talk of this, I understand people getting concerned.
The second time, I would hope people had seen the pattern,
but now, anyone who can't see what is going on is fuckin retarded.
It is all about FRAMING. This is not "4D chess," and people who call it such appear more like people who don't understand what strategy is than anything.

It's not some crazy 4d move, its the most powerful move he can make, excellent leverage and framing, he would be a fool to miss the chance to do what he is doing. I have held this belief since the first time, and every single time you spergs on here freak out about this and call him the zog emperor, I am vindicated. Why would this be any different?
DACA will expire on the 5th. Just watch. This should be obvious to you by now but if you're too addicted to the endorphin rush of going on Holla Forums and calling trump a failure or a shill because he isn't cutting kikes heads off on national TV, just watch.

Let me demonstrate why it is imperative to switch candidates (again, let's ignore the electoral college for now)

Who would you vote for?
Candidate A, Total scumbag; 50%
Candidate B, Scumbag who do the right thing in some areas: 40%
Candidate C, Dream candidate: 10%

In this scenario the only reason to vote for candidate C is to "send a message", because he has no way of winning the presidency. By voting for your dream candidate, you are missing out on the opportunity to potentially put candidate B into office with with whom you have more in common.

How do you not see your circular logic?

I hope you do some deep reflection on this way of thinking. You are the problem that perpetuates this cycle. All it takes is not voting D or R. That's it. But one will never notice their chains unless they try to move.


to understand why you're a fucking retard.
All caps+redtext, way to be upfront about your boneheaded idiocy

Now ask yourself why candidate A and candidate B and candidate C have those odds.

Let's say option A is getting your balls cut off. Option B is getting your dick cut off. and option C is a big bowl of ice cream. How do you vote?

I never said that only republicans and democrats can win, but that more often than not it will come down to a race between two strong candidates followed by second-tier candidates who have no way of winning. It doesn't matter if the front-runners are republicans and democrats, you have to pick one or the other unless there's a three-way or four-way tie, which is unlikely.



Unless you can convince a significant portion of the voting population to vote 3rd party, good luck. I'm not saying it is impossible, but what I am saying is that it's really easy to talk about in theory on an imageboard. When you consider the practicality, it becomes difficult to imagine why anybody would focus that much energy on it.
It is not time for a 3rd party. The window is not yet there, and quite honestly the easier thing to do, from a practical point of view and not a theoretical, would be to change the GOP from the inside out. Trump has served as an example of how this is possible, and happening. Today, its a light shift to a more right-wing populism. Gradually, it will become more. Much easier and legitimate of an idea in todays political theater.



Holy shit dude.

Well, in real-life you have other options, like moving to canada, etc,
From a strategical standpoint though, you'd have to vote for option A or B if C has not enough votes behind it.

I don't like the system, i'm just telling you what it is.

When the Whig party was in the process of dying the new republican party replaced it in regions of the country. They did not win the presidency for about a decade. Any viable 3rd party is going to have to make concrete gains at lower offices first before moving on to the big enchilada. 3rd party for president may be out of reach because the only visible big name candidates are literal retards like gary johnson. Winning mayorships/local reps/state reps/congressional reps on the other hand is entirely within reach and can be achieved with much less money at the local level.

Imagine what they're going to do when the dems throw them under the bus to (temporarily) preserve their other sources of beaner votes. We're likely to see the hilarious spectacle of them chimping out violently whilst the judenpresse tries to sell them as innocent child victims.

Okay, now how do we change that? What is your plan?

I hope you didn't read my post that I linked you to, because if you did, all that tells me is that your reading comprehension is terrible.

Let me recap: WE WILL NOT GET AMNESTY. Amnesty is being used as a bargaining tool in exchange for something that will not be caved on before the 5th, which is wall funding. Trump knows this, everyone with a brain knows this.

These amnesty proposals are DOA. Read my earlier post (which was my argument…)

yes it fucking does, or maybe you can't see that because your mind is so one dimensional it cant comprehend what LEVERAGE, FRAMES, and STRATEGY are.
Dumber than a nigger, why are you here? Lurk more, read more, think more critically, or fuck off.

yeah dude?

This IS true. All politics boil down to the local.

…So this is weird.

That's precisely what is happening. The commies have no way of getting a communist party off the ground, so what did they do? They joined the democratic party and ran their candidates as dems. What did the libertarians do? They joined the republican party and ran their candidates as reps. What did the "independents" do? They picked a party and ran for office. Trump is a good example of the latter.


He campaigned on a back of the line citizenship deal too. If that’s what it takes to get the wall it’s fine.

They already hate Republicans, can’t get any madder at them. The Democrats will suffer greatly and most acutely in the communities they live and work in, like LA and NYC.

For you maybe but not everyone will see it that way

The poster you replied to isn’t eve a Trump voter.

It's been repeated to your ilk countless times this thread, so I suppose it bears repeating again: the democratic base, that is the politically illiterate shitskins who vote based on gibs and tribal loyalty (coupled with deranged libshits who despise white people equally), will vote for the democrats DESPITE being the resentful ingrates towards them that they always fucking are. They will blame republicans per usual.
…are completely worthless in wooing, if that means abandoning the hardline immigration policy that got you into power. Cucking on DACA and giving anything less than 100% on deportations will cause the conservative white people who voted for Trump to jump ship so fast your head will spin. And by jump ship, I mean not turn out for elections, which doesn't matter anyway since all parties enact anti-white policies regardless of what their constituencies want.

meant to reply to

I read the post, yeah. Still waiting for your justification.
Yeah, see, it’s not a bargaining tool. It’s not something on which there can be a compromise. Period. If you think that we compromise here, you need to leave.
And you expect us to believe you?

The moderation team is the same in both places, you fucking kike. What did you expect?

What’s your POINT?



my bad man

this is you.

How do we change that? Simple. Vote for who best represents you instead of who is most likely to win. When you support voting for a "lesser evil" you're implicitly supporting voting for evil. Don't vote for evil. That's the solution.

Ah, no worries.

Pretty much fucking this, maybe actually look into local republican primaries for once, it's not that hard to get our guys in through there

I know you’re not a Trump voter because your extremely distinctive brand of asshurt was shilling against him and continues.

Nobody believes you, and you’d do better if you didn’t make all your posts as distinctive as they are. You can IP hop all day and people can pick out every one of your posts.

Learn to be less distinctive. You’re hurting your shill game. Might as well post a cat or anime pic every time.

Please stop

Okay. I've been right 3 or 4 times on this. I will be right come March 5th.

Lad, he isn't trying to get a compromise. Stop seeing everything at face value. He knows these proposals will be DOA. He isn't trying to give out amnesty in exchange for a wall. He is providing a favorable frame for the midterms. It WILL NOT HAPPEN, and he is not trying to make it happen.
I don't know how you seem to think I believe it to be a compromise of any sort. That's not the point of what I'm typing. Your reading comprehension is painfully shitty.
yes, it is and does
Yeah, good thing that's not the goal and will not happen, and that's been my point the whole time.
This is implying trump wants to give Amnesty to them…which he doesn't, and isn't possible, because anything requiring wall funding is DOA, you fucking moron, that's the whole point

also, lol
The wall will slow illegal immigration, the wall is a powerful aesthetic, and the wall was his biggest promise, a morale booster.

To rehash it for your dumb one-track mind:
Just lol at anybody who thinks this deal will be made or who thinks trump is trying to make the deal.
I will be vindicated, once again, on March 5th (Which I believe to be the day DACA protections expire)
You are a moron. Please give up, faggot.

>amnesty isn’t genocide because i say so
lol fag

Yes, but how is that implemented into a mass social movement? There is a lot more work needed than just voting individually. You need local frameworks, local outreach, etc.

Let's look at it from your perspective. What does voting your conscience and check the box next to your favorite candidate who is polling at 5% accomplish. Does that change the system?

That shill isn’t a Trump voter.

That’s the kind of disctinctive posting which outs you every time.

Look into local primaries, sometimes it surprising how few people get involved them; There have been cases were only one person runs for election in my area and is instantly elected to represent a town

You sound like you have come right from /r/the_donald
You are the literal goyim of the Trump movement

And YOU know this how?
Literally everything the jews have ever wanted to happen in the last century has happened, and now their ““““““““““opposition”””””””””” is literally offering up what they want on his own. I have absolutely no reason to believe what you say is true. Give me a reason to believe it.
It’s literally fucking meaningless. 100% worthless. If the spics aren’t deported, the wall could be 500 feet above ground, 500 feet below ground, and 50 feet thick of solid titanium and America is still GUARANTEED to be lost.
You need to give us a REASON to believe you.
Sure you will, moishe. I bet you believe Q-LARP, too.

We need organizations with emphasis on local level politics, and then we would need a common party to run local across various states. Build from the ground up. Requires infrastructure. Would need something to run on, common goals and optics etc.

Wow you’re mad, are you OK?

Reported for admitting to being a kike shill who believes that white genocide isn’t happening.



Definitely something to start building up now

Where did I do that?


I'm stating a fact; Half-chan literally used you to destabilize reddit. You all are the definition of Goyim.

Type the following sentence: “Amnesty for nonwhites is white genocide.”

But Trump isn’t offering amnesty. Words have meaning, my Jewish friend.

Now you repeat this: “Gas all Jews without exception.”

Randlet is talking.


He's starting to break; Now he is just spamming reported.
Even if ironic shitposting, it's still pathetic.

The thing about amnesty is that it alters the demographics of the nation long term, so there are no short-term goals that you would trade for amnesty, but there are some long-term goals that you could trade for amnesty and a wall that reduces the amount of foreigners flooding into the country would be one of them.
The question is: Does the wall prevent more foreigners from entering the country than are given legal status through amnesty? The best option would be to reject amnesty and build a wall.

Reported. Thanks for admitting you support white genocide.

They are going to try to rely on the lower court ruling on DACA to Ram this through the back door. Lol. Meanwhile the spics will just see the DNC using them as pawns.

Trump isn’t offering amnesty though.

I knew you were a kike. Just type it out, “O YHVH, my GOD, please gas all Jewish people without exception.” You can’t do it.

This is how retarded white genocide shills actually are. This is what they expect us to believe.

1) You have to be dumb or not paying attention to not notice that the proposal would be DOA (Trump is neither)
2) Democrat leaders have LITERALLY said that with wall funding will never be caved on. They have basically made public the idea that any wall funding requirements will make it DOA. Pay attention, dummy!
Oh my god dude how do you not understand yet? How could anybody be THIS much of a simpleton?
No, he is not "offering" it up, stop being such a surface-level analyst. He is "offering it up" contingent on wall funding, which makes it DOA. Do you understand frames? strategy? Obviously not.
fucking lol. Lrn about how many illegals pour over the border, then learn the conservative estimates of how many the wall would stop, then run that number through 10 years, 20 years, and so on
Also, you must realize it was Trumps biggest promise, it is NECESSARY to have it up, you haven't a single cell in your brain that can comprehend strategy or see beyond the immediate, jesus fuck lad

And I mean, I have been vindicated countless times against you stupid fucks who refuse to think beyond surface level.

Are they stupid enough to actually think that will work? YESThe answer is yes

Why won’t you write out an earnest prayer to the God of the Jews to gas all Jews? Because you can’t, because you’re a kike, not just any kike, but a kike with a very distinctive whiff of faggotry which we all recognize.


Their only fight against the travel ban was based on the same tactic. They haven’t tried to fight it at all except by way of little faggy tactics from lower courts.

It’s funny but also great because it exposes the activist judges which the libtards claim don’t exist in the first place.

Gas the kikes, race war now.

There’s that extremely distinctive, Jewish posting style I like to see. You’re probably responsible for half the shilling on this board.


No no, you have to phrase it as an earnest prayer to Jehova, the God of the Jews.


Amnesty is white genocide, thank Kek that Trump isn’t proposing amnesty at all.

This is a good point. The Republicans themselves were also an amalgamation of Free Soil party voters. They had a strong presence in New York, NH, Illinois and Mass. where they had previously been free soilers, and before that, Jacksonian Democrats. There were several Democratic-Free Soil coalitions in the 1850's that set the stage for the Republican Party. The key here is continuity mixed with the possibility of great change. A new party would have to incorporate aspects of American-style conservatism, but re-direct it in a non-kosher way.

I earnestly hope you're right again, and the Democrats shoot both their figurative feet off, and nothing goes through while DACA dies like it should have done months ago.

Great going, shill.

fucking lol, you're out of arguments (which you didn't have in the first place)
I cannot wait until march 5th when no amnesty is given. It's a shame I wont be able to shove it in your dumb fucking face.

Words have meaning and Trump isn’t proposing amnesty.

DACA is fucking done, they're all going back. All these naysaying faggots will be back next week with the new script. kek

We’re in for a fun three years.

Okay, shlomo.

You absolutely will be able to, that faggot has an unmistakable faggoty posting style and he will be here kvetching on the 5th, I guarantee it. It’s his job you know.

Quite a few of us before the election expressed concerns that Trump was going to be a release valve, doing just enough to pander to the voters while doing nothing to change the demographics.

And it looks like we were dead right. I'm going to be voting for the most nutjob liberal I can find from now on, fuck this neocon cuckservative bullshit. Accelerationism or death.

So what's your word of choice?

His favorite phrase is “totally not like 1965, goyim”

I sure hope so, but even with the proposed deal it’d be a win as long as we get the wall and an end to the lottery and chain migration.

Words have meaning and Trump isn’t proposing amnesty.

Great going.

Reported for kike spam.

I agree, lots of vindication for people like me, and lots of kvetching from one-dimensional thinkers like you.

I didn't want to call him a kike, but he sure as hell argues like one. Can't stand faggots like that

Do exactly what I'm doing now. Point out to others how circular and self-defeating their logic is when it comes to voting D/R and shame them for voluntarily perpetuating a system they hate. The only person's vote you have direct control over is your own, so the best form of direct action is being the change you want others to be.

it doesn't perpetuate a dystopian system that's eroding the foundation of representative democracy.

Words have meaning my Jewish friend.

t. Paid kike shill

lol paid shill

It’s not amnesty and it will ensure that a much larger number of shitskins are kept out. Of course it’s a win.

What's it like being this much of a brainlet lol

lad, it's nothing, it cannot and will not happen. Just watch. DACA will expire, NO compromises will be made regarding DACA. None. Not one. It is dead in the water, and it leaves in less than a month.

This is the best shilling money can buy.

What kind of fucking faggot underestimates jews?

If it's not Amnesty, what would you call it?
Btw. what happened in 1965? I'm only familiar with the 1986 Amnesty under Reagan.

You’re the paid shill and your distinctive faggoty style is unmistakeable. Everybody knows you by now, you’re a Jew.

Trump isn’t proposing amnesty.

In 1965 a bunch of Jews lied to get their way and harm the goyim, same as now.

t. Paid kike shill

Trump isn’t proposing amnesty.

t. Paid kike shill

t. Paid kike shill

This is correct, the "republican" congres is.

Trump isn’t proposing amnesty.

t. Paid kike shill

Actually, I'm mistaken. They won't let off of this till March 5, when DACA expires. They'll likely tucker as the weeks pass and the bill takes on more flops and everyones talking shit on twitter.
There's like 200k even signed up for the damn thing. Trump is offering them 1.8mil free beaners and they're gonna throw 'em in the trash haha.

Going to screencap all your posts so I can remind Holla Forums how much of a dumbass you are when I turn out to be right and you turn out to be wrong. Stay mad, brainlet!


Holla Forums is fucking dead, we never should have gotten involved in the election. Look at all these shills pushing for fucking amnesty like it's some kind of win. Fuck this place, I'm going to find a hobby and wait for the race war.

“But but but but but but but it’s totally not amnesty, you stupid goy!”

I like how this has been ignored. The bill is going nowhere.

I presented my argument, you literally did not provide an argument. Your argument amounts to "He said he would do this so he is going to do this"
You are possibly the single most buttmad individual I have seen on here, but I understand, I'd be the same way if I was a literal retard too.
I look forward to seeing you when I'm vindicated, the screencaps are ready faggot

The amnesty is a frame game, it's dead on arrival when it is contingent on wall funding, it will NEVER HAPPEN, that is the whole fucking point.

If you aren't already putting this to practice, you should lurk moar.


Of what, me denouncing amnesty? Oh boy, you’ll sure win people over by supporting that here.

Just atrocious. Y'all used to be better at this.


What user? Pointing out the bill is going nowhere is me saying it's dead on arrival which is what you've said, shills getting to you?

I do have an argument. lol. I hate people like you
I almost never call people a kike on here, but who argues like this? Only insecure, blackpilled brainlets, and kikes. Not too sure which you are.

But to answer your question, no, not of you denouncing amnesty, but rather of you thinking the move is for amnesty, of you thinking that is part of the plan, part of the goal, even fucking possible in the first place.

Best money can buy.
Funny, I seem to think you won’t be keeping THAT post in the “screencap”

Nah, I was mocking how the mentally challenged faggots on here like f281cf would reply to you, I wasn't mocking u, I should've made that more obvious. You are correct in your post.


That isn't my argument, you never fail to impress me with your poor reading comprehension skills.
And I'll include everything in the screencaps, because I am 100% right, I have been every time and this is no different.

I've been replying to you all night.
You're not wrong because I say so, by the way. Why are you so buttmad? Is it because your shilling isn't working? Or is it because you're insecure because I called out how retarded you are?

The audacity of this kike.
Best it can buy.

And I'm out.
REMEMBER: No DACA deal will be made, not one person applicable will remain under its protection because it will EXPIRE.
If you think Trump is genuinely offering amnesty thinking that it is a deal that might take place, you are RETARDED.
If you don't want to believe this, just wait until the 5th when DACA expires (i believe it's the 5th)

Shitheads like this guy who can't understand strategy at all and take everything for face value will be eternally BTFO'd, do not feel bad for these shriveling little cretins.
I'll be back for my vindication

You probably should have just read correctly from the beginning.

They won't be anywhere to be found lol

OP is a faggot, once again.

Retarded divide and conquer troll on the kikes' payroll.

Trump has said no deal without a wall. No deal without termination of the diversity lottery. No deal without an end to chain family migration. He KNOWS the democrats will not accept these stipulations just to legalize 2 million illegals. He knows this because 2 million illegals will not have enough impact on demographics to achieve their goals.

Democrats needs a constant, unending chain of third world migration to prop themselves up, and will not endanger that just for a couple million spics they don't actually give a shit about. Democrat base is gonna crack and hard when he keeps giving all these illegals chance after chance after chance to finally become real american citizens and the democrats keep shutting it down over and over and over again.

You realize that the wall is 100% meaningless without deportations, right? You realize that the people already in this country are going to outbreed whites in 20 years, right? This isn't an argument.

Kikes will just fund thousands of no-show/remedial colleges and trade schools for illegals. They will set these up so the student can stay in “college” for 15 years. a lowly antisemtic chan poster can see the kikes chess moves in advance…and yet Trump’s team of master chess players can’t? If Steven Miller is truly a “based Jew”, then why the fuck did he put the “education” exception in this bill?

The rest of your post is reasonable

really great thread you got here, guys

You realize you're literally retarded right? You realize we know you're flailing away having a temper tantrum at a computer because you just can't figure out how to get another Dylann Roof going right? You do understand being a spineless faggot trying to start a race war by getting OTHER people to start a race war makes you a cock-gobbling bitch, right?

Go fuck a white woman and make some white babies if you're legit. Fellate a shotgun otherwise.

So has he actually passed the bill yet or are the shills just going apeshit pretending Trump is actually going to allow DACA to continue because they think we can't see through them?

">IF" threads are always low quality.
ShareBlue doesn't know how to blend in so it's always obvious.

I would like to remind everyone of President Trump's veto power. Even if Democrats bend the knee and agree to the wall, and even if the congressional Republicans agree, and it does make it to President Trump's desk, what's gonna stop him from vetoing on a "bullshit technicality"? This would be an excellent litmus test of President Trump. This could be the best display of old school teasing and blueballing. I suggest waiting until March.

You like kicking beehives, dontcha


Ross Perot could have won in 1992 if he had stayed in the race the whole way through. Perot/Buchanan would have been a dream ticket.



One white man can not create enough children with his wife to solve the demographic issue. The fact you would even bring this up, suggests that you are a shill.

And he is completely correct. We must deport every single illegal, have a wall and strong border security, and pass legislation that raises white birth rates and supresses non-white birth rates. By doing these three things, we can non-violently fix our demographic issues without supporting a race war.

This does not mean that such a conflict won't arise, merely that it is numerically plausible that it need not arise. Negating your other shill tactic, of seriously expecting someone to support or engage in such violence, and calling them cowardly for not.

I hope Trump is just dragging them along on a deal he doesn't think will ever go through. While this bill isn't technically amnesty, what some of you faggots don't understand and what should be painfully clear by now, is that the in US it doesn't matter what the President or Congress enacts, it's how the Federal Courts interpret the law. Imagine what the 9th Circuit Court will do to this deal when 6,000,000 spics sue the government with the kikiest lawyers in existence. They will turn it into an general amnesty for all illegals since basically anyone can claim to be "DACA eligible" with no proof required. Trump will still fight them at ever turn, but there is already judicial precedence for striking down the strings attached to gaining citizenship (e.g. no back taxes, no fluency in English, no identification required) and expanding the groups covered well beyond what was intended in the bill. See Reagan's 1986 Deal.

When you're outed you just recycle and get a fresh ID eh kike? Where's your red text or did you take my advice?

cock-gobbling bitch confirmed. Keep selling crack in the ghetto, CIA-kun, maybe if you do a good job and get enough black men locked up so their babies and baby mamas can go on welfare you might get a promotion.

It's fun to argue with shills sometimes. Watching them go back over the same script time and again makes me feel intellectually superior.

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Dreamers also have bilingual skills that will assist them to get a job and support their kinfolk. Latinos have an amazing work ethic, and their productivity will grow this economy. This will add to the GDP, which is good for everyone.

Simple filter. Sage for being boring and shit.



It's only 1.8 million + family and friends which equals AT MOST about 20 million. That's nothing! The USA can handle billions! Let's ship em in from Africa while we're at it! Fuck all you shareblue shills that are questioning our god emperor.

holy shit (65), seems pretty invested into this topic and blowing dogs for quarters. must be pay per post I suppose

Well word on the Street is that the Dem's Filibustered against any talks about Immigration. Wonderful Foot-shooting abounds.

This board game boasts fourteen dimensions.

Actually they’ll be cutting off chain migration, why do you have to lie?

Are you a shill?

Reported for being a kike. Deportations are all that matters. You're lying.

Cry more, yid.


Oliver go eat a snickers you get cranky when youre hungry

"Wow wtf this nigger doesn't want amnesty for millions of illegal spics."
Kill yourself, stupid fag.

The president doesn't pass bills, Trumptard.

he's IP hopping again

Fuck all those and things and fuck you. Only deportations. No deals.

Deportations are occurring while this shit gets drawn out

Bullshit. Notice how you don't have any source to back up your lies?

You should actually try using arguments rather than calling everyone a shill and samefag, but that would require you actually having arguments to use.

Also, pic related.

But you're wrong, faggot.

If, as you mentioned, all shitskins and anti-whites vote Democrat no matter what, Hillary in 2016 would have boasted the same numbers as Obama and defeated Trump handily. Trump didn't win because so many people voted for him, he won because so few people voted for Hillary and allowed him to win key states.

The strategy is, as follows:

Most important: Demoralize leftists, create fractures in the Democratic voting bloc, convince Democrats to stay home, vote third party or otherwise lose faith in the ability of their politicians to get anything done.

Less Important: Woo moderates and undecideds

As it stands, Trump is doing an excellent job at both. The DNC is broke and there are serious fractures forming between the pragmatic moderate Democrats (Schumer, Pelosi) and the hardline leftists (Gutierrez, Warren, Gillibrand, etc). Additionally, the Democrats have no real platform besides obstructionism and hating Trump and this whole FBI FISA thing is doing to result in a lot of Democrats getting into huge trouble before the midterms.

Trump is also wooing moderates and undecides through tax cuts, a strong economy, investment and a greater confidence that he isn't crazy or trigger happy as they previously thought.

In other words, you're wrong and retarded.

here we go again MUH ARGUMENT

Maybe deportations are down in 2017 because all the beaners got scared of Trump and went back already/are in hiding

Stop switching IP and people will take you more seriously

They're not. No "maybe" necessary.

Hard to form arguments with your face buried in Trump's crotch all day, huh?

Hard to shill when you are spotted so easily.

not an argument

I'd disagree, but you're the expert when it comes to not making arguments.

incoherent bot/nigger is incoherent

Go apply for his job if you can do it better.

I guess that would make you the expert of shoving your face in a man's crotch

Go shill somewhere else.

100,000 last year. Needed 7,300,000. Explain this discrepancy, coward.


And what if some other liberal prodigy takes office after Trump?


he switched IP again

Ask your liberalfag judges who keep stonewalling



If liberals get slammed at midterms the party *will* fracture. We're so close now.

Reported. You have no justification for this.


good luck with that
you're easy to spot dumbass


Reported. 100,000 last year. Needed 7,300,000. Explain this discrepancy, coward.


Why do you keep repeating yourself? Are you a spambot?

Its got to be a bot, not even nigger Oliver is this stupid

Ask your liberalfag judges who keep stonewalling

its gonna switch IDs again any minute



cry harder, your tears make me erect

I think you meant f281cf
I'm on your side bro





there he goes again switching ID

Who are you talking to? Learn how to use the site before shitting it up.

youre a fucking moron kid



That would be a best case scenario. So far, were operating with a significant map advantage going into the midterms. We seek to take a few senatorial seats that Democrats currently hold in "Trump" states, and the House of Reps is in the air, but likely going to land majority Republican. While I am hoping for a miracle, I expect slight wins in the Senate and slight wins in the House.

I can't wait until nu/pol/ drives a fork in their ear and pretends amnesty was something they always wanted. Goddamn this disgrace.


That's a great argument. It's almost like you're stupid or something.

He has the power to make them, but doesn't use it. Trump is a bad precedent for a president, proving that the Left can make full use of its power (because of its 5th column) while others are only house guests.

You discovered imageboards during the election, but you will always remain a redditor. Smugs for you are upvoting, while the original goal is having a good time and looking for the truth.

It's messed up how stuff like this happens, the narrative shifts to make it acceptable, and this country burns forever and ever.

Not sure it's New Pol(r) or just dot gov cyber war. I'm sure there's a manual somewhere explaining when they need to be out in force. The sort of anticipatory, programmatic responses that are VERY quick complete with talking points appear to indicate dot gov operations. Just a guess.

The goal is organizing death squads to kill traitors of all stripes.

First of all, the democrats aren't going to take this deal. The provisions involved put a definite end to the demographic strategy of the democrats - and they have no other viable strategy that can capture all the required constituent voting blocks.

If they do, the important thing to note about the 1.8 million number is that they're offering a path to citizenship. This means that the number is going to be reduced by every single one that gets a criminal record or receives government welfare assistance, so the final number of new citizens is going to be much lower. It's still going to suck, and not getting on the dole/staying out of jail isn't nearly enough to actually earn or deserve citizenship, but the chances of the democrats actually taking the deal is way too law.

Death squads now.

Beat it, you government nigger.

And Trump is going to veto any immigration bill that doesn't include what he wants.

Its almost like some middle-aged woman is trying to be funny


Go home moshe

It's Trump's bill, why would he veto it, retard?

You're awfully committed to getting these beaners amnesty, aren't you?

Is there a wall and an end to chain migration and the other provisions Trump requires included? No? Then it's the dems bill that will be vetoed. But you knew this kike.


If we grant amnesty we're done for. It doesn't matter what we get in return. But you knew this kike.

you had 70 under your other vpn


Besides your ass, where's proofs?


So no proofs. Thought so. Also, the fact that you think someone shilling against amnesty is bad says everything I need to know.

you're not shilling against amnesty
you're trying to consensus crack against Trump

lol he just admitted to shilling


Thanks for admitting Trump is pro-Amnesty.

More power to them if they succeed. Trump gave them a chance. They can’t hate him for that.

I'm honestly beginning to think there's a Pro-Trump Shareblue clone operating on this site, this thread in particular is convincing.

Pick one, losers.

It's called CADRE.

Trips confirm what I have long suspected.
The dems are dead.


Nope. DOJ knows what’s going on. That intel apparatus doesn’t exist for it not to use it.

amirite fellow sockpuppet

oh and how could I forget The_Cuckold. Those queers are at it too. Sucking Israel's cock with one hand and shilling for amnesty with the other.

Here's one of the fags now. No arguments, just shitposting and shilling for hsi BASED DACApedes.


Likely story, kike










Holla Forums - Spam every thread you don't like




















. .

Looks like the shills moved past the first post strategy and started making threads about some topic as fast as they can.
And then make a spin out of it.

This DACA shit is the battle that Trump is putting his weight behind. He includes shit that Democrats will never accept due to their fringe ideology. All the while the independents will see Democrats as giving more shit about illegals than Americans.
Trump is just playing the loud mouth loony left to torpedo themselves in the 2018 elections. The chances of DACA going through both houses, and the president that wants a wall is basically nil.
Or in other words 4D CHESS


Reminder that the 5-image spambot started posting the day that shareblue was banned from reddit.

it's like you want to be killed by your fellow whites

What good is the widow? Used up whore. What good are the children? They carry the genetics of the race traitor, and thus his mindset.


Fucking checked.


150,000 last year, 7,300,000 were needed.

you are crazy.

shows how desperate you are, Kek
trigger warning


WTTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK BLOUMPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What's next? 3 images?

You want to know how I know you're a lefty? It's because all the right wing people already armed up during the Obama years. You're not very good at this game, shill. You have your pre-concieved notions of what your enemy behaves like, and you take that to the full retard extreme, but you're not actually very good at understanding your enemy. Right wingers aren't the caricature you have in your mind, if you accept this you'll probably level up in your shill power for a time, but your need to dehumanize your enemy will get the best of you and your efforts won't come across as sincere.

It's funny you actually believe this after the exact opposite happened in 1986
All requirements were dropped by either the courts or the bureaucracy. The same thing will happen again.

Yes, just like he put all his weight behind passing Obamacare Lite but didn't really mean it. And just like he put all his weight behind expanding the pointless wars in Syria and Afghanistan but didn't really mean it.
He doesn't really mean what he says day after day after day. Only you can see his true meaning - the exact opposite of the words he says.