An American Budget - Major Savings and Reforms

The Trump administration has released proposed budget cuts for the 2019 fiscal year.
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The bigger story here is probably how Trump will be ending the SNAP cards in exchange for crated non perishable food items for their benefits.

Cutting money to overseas niglets.

I like that idea. The cash portion should also be more limited in a manner similar to WIC, with a few modifications so that cooking staples like flour, oil, salt, etc. can also be purchased.

Cuts to nigger daycare.

Damn, no wonder the media kikes have been kvetching over his proposed budget. Of course the usual repub sperging of "fiscal conservatism" as well.

Cuts to funding for nigger schools.

Cuts to nigger colleges.

christ this is awesome. Holy fuck this is nice.

Something to do with plutonium waste handling.

Cuts to "Community Service Block Grants" that disproportionately benefit nonwhites.

Letting niggers freeze.

Cuts to nigger housing.

Reduced funding for buffalo niggers.

More cuts to nigger housing.

Cuts to section ape.

I like the direction but we need to reverse the debt. These boomers are not going to be the ones left holding the bill WE ARE. I'm not going to applaud the federal government for ordering $1,000 worth of steak on my credit card because they didn't also spend $100 on caviar. STOP ROBBING FROM THE FUTURE GENERATIONS YOU SICK FUCKS.

No longer reimbursing state and local law enforcement for detaining illegals.

Glad somebody posted a thread on the budget so we can dig into it. I was looking for it the other day but was crunched for time and couldn’t find the pdf.

Cuts to foreign aid, but probably will benefit Israel.

Cuts to curryniggers.

Cuts to food aid.

Maybe, and more likely than not, but if they simply cut it ALL, then it might be able to slip under the radar. And the administration and state department could chalk it up to “fairness” if the cut everybody.

Cuts to (((NPR)))

Rand Paul got a lot of shit for wanting to cut everything, because everything included Israel.

Holy shit, PBS cost that much?! I didn’t know that. It definitely needs to get scrapped.

You don't think they really spend $40k on toilet seats, do you? Bloat at the federal level is bloat at the federal level.

Cuts to legal aid for niggers.

I have no doubt it’s padding the pockets of too many fools and swindlers but the fact it got that high and nobody cares amazes me, who even watches PBS??

And going through the first 25-30 pages and what’s been posted is incredible. If the administration got even half of this, we’d be much better off.

Why is nobody posting in a budget thread? We have a dozen stickies on page 1 and half should be merged. If we’re going to sticky anything at least sticky the budget until a budget is passed then anchor it or unsticky.

The numbers on each of these forms are just flat integers without denomination. Am I to assume these are speaking in millions?

Yes, as it says above the tables.

Whoops. Sorry. Just woke up to this thread and am still kind of booting up. Thanks.




Why not a balanced budget amendment?

I don’t think it would matter. Until the Fed and way we elect senators is changed back to the way it used to be.