Giant advertiser Unilever threatens to pull its ads from Facebook and Google over 'toxic content'

One of the world's largest advertisers is threatening to pull its ads from social sites such as Facebook and YouTube if the tech companies don't do more to minimize divisive content on their platforms.

Unilever's chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, called on Silicon Valley on Monday to better police what he describes as a toxic online environment where propaganda, hate speech and disturbing content that exploits children thrive.

"Fake news, racism, sexism, terrorists spreading messages of hate, toxic content directed at children — parts of the internet we have ended up with is a million miles from where we thought it would take us," Weed said in a speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert. "It is in the digital media industry's interest to listen and act on this."

Last year, Unilever spent nearly $9.5 billion marketing its brands, including Lipton tea, Dove soap, Axe body spray and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. One quarter of that budget, or about $2.4 billion, was spent on digital advertising.

Weed said that the company will promise to boost more "responsible content," including ads that tackle gender stereotypes, and that it will partner only with digital networks that pledge to use an industry standard for ad metrics and improve consumer ad experiences. Weed said he has already begun discussions with Facebook Inc., Google, Twitter Inc., Inc. and Snapchat maker Snap Inc. (Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post.)

"It is acutely clear from the groundswell of consumer voices over recent months that people are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of digital on well-being, on democracy — and on truth itself," Weed said. "This is not something that can be brushed aside or ignored. Consumers are also demanding platforms which make a positive contribution to society."

Google and Facebook dominate online advertising, and they have come under increased pressure from lawmakers, academics and industry critics to invest more heavily in filtering out misinformation and abusive content on their networks.

Last year, Google's YouTube faced a vocal backlash from U.S. advertisers who said the company was not doing enough to prevent their ads from being played alongside derogatory and extremist content. Google — a division of Alphabet Inc. — has since adopted changes to the YouTube platform, which draws 1.6 billion monthly users. Those changes include stricter criteria for what types of videos can receive ad dollars, and more human reviews of content.

In response to Weed's message, Google said it takes its partners' and users' trust and safety seriously. "We will continue to work to earn that trust every day," it said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this year that his social network's news feed would show its 2.1 billion users more posts from their friends and family, as opposed to news organizations and brands, in an effort to generate more "meaningful" interactions. During its most recent earnings call, Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook users spent 50 million fewer hours per day on the social network than they did the previous quarter, in part by seeing fewer viral videos — a consequence of Facebook's new push to prioritize the quality of interactions on its platform over the popularity of content.

Despite the recent pushback, Google and Facebook continue to dominate the market for online advertising. According to EMarketer's latest estimates, the two companies are expected to claim nearly two-thirds of the U.S. market share for digital ads. Google is expected to command 42% of the market, with Facebook at 23%.

Weed said that 2018 "is either the year of techlash, where the world turns on the tech giants — and we have seen some of this already — or the year of trust, the year where we collectively rebuild trust back in our systems and our society."

Facebook said in a statement: "We fully support Unilever's commitments and are working closely with them."

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Late last year, the European Commission warned the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter that it was considering legislation if self-regulation continued to fail. And at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last month, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May urged investors to put pressure on tech companies to respond more quickly to extremist content on social networks.

In response, Google has since announced it would dedicate over 10,000 staff to tackling extremist content on YouTube in 2018 while Facebook has said it will be using artificial intelligence to detect images, videos and text related to terrorism.


No surprise. Their products are all low quality and are toxic in some way or another.


Who the fuck is behind this?


Global (((capitalism)))

There's no way to control toxicity. There will always be at last some edgy kids doing it.

I'm sure there is jewery somewhere in the company, but the CEO and CFO is a Dutchman and a Scot.

There needs to be a physical war on these cultural marxist corporations. Their HQs should be invaded and the CEOs executed. The ultimate "hostile takeover"!

Just do that math. 2 out of 10 dollars grossed go right back into marketing. There's and r and d, then growth, then dividends and exec bonuses. After company stock buyback what the hell is left for marginal cost of production? They must be literally making soap out of shit

>mfw leftypol still thinks they are a threat to the (((capitalist))) establishment

Truth is by far the most dangerous element you can introduce to globalist capitalism. Just beware when these trendies begin to try to join us in their desperate plea to fit in. They cannot be trusted, and cannot be relied upon.

Its also pretty funny that the hammer and sickle get stuck in there with a bunch of religious symbols. They recognize that communism is their religion.

Polman worked for Nestle before leading Unilever.
Not sure why im adding this, seemed important to note but its late and i cant connect dots right now.

Is this cuz Soros talked shit against them recently?

There is nothing religious about that poster. It's universal humanitarian propaganda.

The founding family of Unilever were dutch jews by the name of Van den Bergh

What are good alternatives?

Unilever = jewish scam products for the plebs

You're hurting their bottom line /pol. I'm so proud of you guys but this also means that censorship is going to get worse.

I find it funny that anyone would believe that muslims can coexist with other ideologies.

Well no surprise there. It's a funny little play they put in though–the giga-company that spends 30% of it's profits on child sex slaves for the CEO pretends to care about humanity and even pretends to attack Facebook to get on everyone's good side, and then Facebook just says "we'll work on it." And everyone claps.

It fires up the endocrine system indeed.


Post in /cargocult/ for the salt.

That Core Energetics one is just a standard spiral. What you have to look for is a small triangle isnide a larger triangle or a small heart inside a big heart. Also butterflies made of hearts.

This is one of the major problems for the right side of american politics. Your followers do not act like sheep ( until trump) they do not have cohesive money ( they don't collectively purchase, bargain or sell) and any attempts and selling goods and services while spouting off talking points draws in racist/hate speech/ etc accusations.

So far your only tactic has been to use the hypocrisy of this dynamic ( the left can have brands and message tied to those brands, the right cannot ) to sway people or equivocate indiscretions. It has been moderately successful in battle but will not win you a war.





But THEIR divisive content is OK right? Fuck em. No shekels for the kikes.

Kikes hurting themselves again? Hope we see more of this.



buy our shit!

Now I get to add your dumb ass to my filters.

Abortion clinic waste.

this bot is broken

go away lefty

The jew jews out as he jews you

Proctor and Gamble have some insufferable commercials on cable every 10 minutes during the olympics coverage.

The usual ones are two back-to-back 15 second clips of the fag with the black eye and then the hijab skater bitch getting the stink eye from some white girls.


Got any good alternatives, or are you fags just gonna keep screeching "BOYCAT!!!?"

It's an idea I've long thought about: targeting brands for the Benny G treatment. The amount of PR damage that could be induced by memeing Lipton Tea as the official tea of the KKK or that Nazis prefer Dawn dish soap would be invredible.

Half their products are not just low quality but toxic as fuck. Stuff like (((margarine))).

Unilever isn't all bad.
Unilever was one of the companies that pulled ads during GG.

Sun & Earth
A generic.
Your toilet paper.
Sun & Earth

White or distilled vinegar can be used in place of fabric conditioner.

No, it won't make your clothes smell of chips, nor will it damage your washer. Yes, your clothes will still be soft.
It also makes your towels more absorbent and eczema subside if it's from the conditioners.

Anyone who says this buzzword in a country with freedom of speech should be fined or imprisoned for attempting to undermine that freedom. Without any punishment they'll just keep pushing this subjectively defined "hate speech" until voicing factual statements is illegal.

are we just preaching alternatives or what?
because if we are going to speak truthfully, fabric softener doesnt actually soften shit
its literally a chemical that stays on your clothes, the washer releases it during the final tumble AFTER the final rinse, and it tricks your skin into feeling it softer than it actually is

I don't use fabric softener, except for a generic bulk drier sheets. I'm mainly concerned about cold water detergent for my laundry.

They have something comparable to Charmin ultra-strong?

How do they compare?

I have a legitimate need for head&shoulders.


It's about the convenience, any off-brand recommendations?

Good for cold water washing?

I've basically got everything set up to where I buy in bulk through amazon every 6-10 months. I save many shekels this way, so I'd like to find stuff I can do something similar.

If the company were not run by morons, they would have figured out that advertising on jewgle and kikebook doesn't work and their traffic and click-throughs are all bot-faked. If you want to advertise, buy a fucking billboard, stop interrupting people's content.

What's our cheese with Lipton specifically?

user, I have some bad news for you.

I have always used dryer sheets as well but after reading this article, I am inclined to explore other options.

They could police it, or he could simply not spend billions in propaganda aimed at exploiting children.

Already aware. It can only get worse.

Dryer sheets are useful for driving ants away. But there should be natural oil substitutes.

Yeah these corporate niggers have no problems buying multi-million dollar ads to put on the curated and West destroying, one-way electric jew though. These retards seem to realize something isn't quite right but beyond that they're just wandering around, lashing out at anything that moves.

Can't say. I'd get Scott Soft. Besides, Charmin tends to clog your pipes.
Sun & Earth isn't going to poison you. Ingredients are on the container if you're curious. Also USA made.
Can't help you. I stopped using shampoo years ago and my hair has never been better.
No. I've never used the stuff unless not at my house and it's in reach. Scott also makes tissue paper, but I can't vouch for it.
I don't see why not.

This is a lie. It has nothing to do with the "hate content", it is because there is no return on the investment. IIRC proctor and gambul cut their online marketing budget in half, and saw no difference in sales and revenue. I suspect that because of all the bots and shill accounts, the advertising numbers are disgustingly inflated and there is no point to advertising on facebook.

But you can't call the jews out on this, because it would crash the social media bubble. So you have to come up with a magic excuse to push the kike narrative. Hence hate speech.

The problem is that the more they censor, the less fun the social media is, the fewer people use it, and the value gets deflated. We are literally watching the kikes implode due to jewish tricks. we are reaching critical levels of kikery.

I really hope you, yes – you, Putinfaggot, are pulled over by an FSB car, and the officer takes his toothpick, places it in salt, and then rams it up your urethra until you bleed KGB red. As you're bleeding, said FSB agent then buttrapes you with a nightstick to where your intestines slowly fall out and a gerbil is then placed on your hanging prostate gland as you both achieve anal orgasm while you bleed to death you Putinnigger. Why?

Because you and OP fail to realize the wealthy stockholders of these companies are coordinating with the (((social media))) companies to stifle speech.

I sincerely hope your Putinfaggot influence operations officer is skinned alive by a drunk FSB officer and skullfucked while your boss is still alive, with the FSB officer's penis ramming their cock into your commanding officer's optic nerve.

Afterwards, the entire FSB department will take your Putinfaggot boss' dead body and go munging with it. Aww, don't know what munging is? Urban Dictionary won't give you the American colloquial answer, you fucker.

I hope you get raped by Rasputin's preserved cock because you can't see that the stockholders of the Unilever company are colluding with the Silicon Valley kikes.

These are the kikes that are the largest shareholders of Unilever, you cum guzzling Putinfaggots:

(((Victor Morgenstern))), (((Myron Szold))), Roger Brown, (((Ralph Wanger))), (((Joe Braucher))), Peter Foreman, Ed Neisser and (((Earl Rusnak))).

Follow Unilever's money, faggots. But you're too pussy to neutralize then, huh? Faggots.

Lipton is one of the brands under Unilever.

Welp, i know what products i am ignoring now. Also Lipton was always shit tea.



Global corporations have power brokered to them by Governments specifically because they have power without accountability. Corporations with turnovers that exceed many nations GDP combined can exert an effective will in all sorts of areas where Governments may be scrutinized for stepping or even in the case of the USA technically forbidden. Bother parties for mutual gain exploit this and I think this is what we are seeing here.

Unilever are an interesting company to look into, they have over the past half-decade assumed a serious interest in social engineering. As have their competitors (which consists of about three other corporations by this point). Nestle for example decided presented at a food sustainability conference an idea to create a food pellet much like that fed to livestock that could meet the total nutritional needs of a human being. They wanted to sell it to western governments who in turn could send it to Africa to sustain their growing population.

the best fight against those war mongers is boycott their scamming industries

Make sure to complain to these advertisers about offensive content like pro-gay posts, pro-immigration, and so on. Let them know that they can either pander to kikes and brown people, who don't spend, or the whites who actually spend money.

If you can do it under the guise of, say, a Mexican or black or Muslim disliking homos or whatever, that'd be the best for impact. Force them to choose among the progressive stack, and elevate the ones they think spend the most money.

its always astonishing how few white woman date browns
and yet over 80% of ads either imply one did because mullato kids or directly cater to the pairing of miscegenating couples

Are the kikes fucking losing it?

Gosh golly it's a (((mystery)))

Brands (logos, names) can´t be changed.
So, fucking with them (like with faggot hashtags, or furryporn) could be just as damaging as traditional shitposting.

Fuck it. Let's accuse them of covering up their role in the Holocaust. Meme the P&G logo (their most profitable) into some Zyklon B labels or something.

How about a couple more for that wall? Maybe 10 stars higher?

There's a bit of a dig started at Holla Forumskia. This guy's in with the World Economic Forum and Havas. Wael Ghonim's name shows up.

This, but also target niggers. Memes pointing out how they are destroying Mother Africa and inner city yoofs could be quite damaging.

Why should those fucks be remembered? What's next, they going to put all their old shoes behind glass and charge people to see it?

Hit the family and the company hard.

‘We have been told that "nobody knew." Nobody knew the extent of Hitler's plans for the Jews; nobody knew that the Third Reich could carry out the Final Solution; nobody knew that Final Solution was being implemented. Now we know that not only did many know, but that some, like P&G, made it possible for the Final Solution to proceed apace.’

Wait, you’re making me like P&G user.

Use essential oil for smell. Stronger oils like neroli (if you like the girly smell of oranges) will make your clothes smell all day for 1 week.

In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, Chanel closed her shops, maintaining her apartment situated above the couture house at 31 Rue de Cambon. She claimed that it was not a time for fashion;[38] as a result of her action, 4,000 female employees lost their jobs.[74] Her biographer Vaughan suggests that Chanel used the outbreak of war as an opportunity to retaliate against those workers who, lobbying for fair wages and work hours, had closed her business operation during a general labor strike in France in 1936. In closing her couture house, Chanel made a definitive statement of her political views. Her dislike of Jews, reportedly inculcated by her convent years and sharpened by her association with society elites, had solidified her beliefs. She shared with many of her circle a conviction that Jews were a threat to Europe because of the Bolshevik government in the Soviet Union.[74]

I had no idea she was based as fuck.

Tell me more about nigger and Jew hating marques.

Nestle is notorious for human rights violations, that's why.


I wonder if this is part of the zionist kike's efforts to take over from the international kike - seeing as jewgle and faceberg are the latter's most powerful propaganda arms.

>Meanwhile the (((Lever))) brothers create advertisements featuring a little White girl speaking and implying that a world without White people is a good thing, which is literal child abuse
Typical anti-White kikes. Pretty sure there's a pedo swil in their logo too

>(((human rights violations)))
well if that's the only issue with Nestle then who cares. But I'm sure it's not.

Those assholes were advertising on Holla Forums with click 'and switch pepe gifs. No wonder they don't need faceberg any longer.

Yes. This is a solid idea. The brand owners will freak out far beyond the actual damage. If we can distribute the content well. Maybe post some comments on Adweek stories linking to images.

Thanks for the help user.

When will Faceberg and Jewgle call their competing jews' bluffs? At some point, they'll try to take control back from the advertisers.

This is butterfly war. This is also how we will win.
Every kike trick must be used against them.

Yes because Tripling down worked so well for the NFL. Sometimes I honestly wonder if this is a scheme to push them towards our cause.

A commie faggot calling others commie faggots, and advocating rape.

Those nesgay niggers came to Mt. Shasta in N. Cal and fucked the town's aquifer up, it has been since shut down but megalomart kikes like pepsi keep trying to open it. The Bush family has also been buying up property with good water on it over the years, the jews will try try poison the well big time

Baking soda cleans everything from hair to smegma.


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The kike has no problem with truly degenerate content (pic related), in fact profiting from it. The kike hates content that counters its conspiracy.

which episode of danger five is this from?

It turns out that owning central banks means that they own pretty much everything else too.

Kek this

Grow own natsoc organic rice Paddy and wash only in pure mountain streams. But seriously Unilever is well known ZOG asset and you should avoid everything they make.

Ok yes but I read this differently: Unilever is actually pissed about fake click ads, but they want to hide their meetings to address this with Facebook as being for the purpose of controlling "hate speech"; kikes actually kiked other kikes but they frame the resolution of their internal dispute as being the fault of disobedient young white men. Fascinating and deranged tactics.