Point at these retards and laugh at them

Point at these retards and laugh at them.

Ohio, where Democrats’ white non-college deficit roughly doubled from 16 to 31 points in 2016, is a good example of the challenges Democrats face. Given this deficit, Democrats could completely replicate, in 2020, Obama’s high-water performance among black voters and still lose the state handily, probably by around 5 points. There is no way around it — if Democrats hope to be competitive in Ohio and similar states in 2020, they must do the hard thing: find a way to reach hearts and minds among white non-college voters.

Tl;dr: The Democrats cannot mathematically win in 2018 or 2020 unless they increase their support among white working class voters. I.e. among the very people they have been continually shitting all over for the last 30 years.

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They will mathematically win eventually because people like you still come here and shill electoral politics instead of getting rid of niggers and spics permanently and abolishing the republic.

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Hillary 2020

I wonder when he thinks they sought white working-class support? When they paraded a whole string of proud illegals across the stage during the Democratic Convention? Maybe when they threw Bernie under the bus even though he was getting 1/3 of the vote, mostly from white college kids? Was it when Hillary Clinton prematurely gloated “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”? When the Dems put a tranny onstage at the convention to waffle on about women's rights?

I really want to know when Steve Philips of Democracy in Color thinks the Dems reached out to white working-class voters, because I watched that whole shit-show, and it looked more like three days of spitting in the faces white working-class people to me.

I have a news flash for them too—a lot of the former dems who swung to the right this election won't ever come back. For example, my grandparents, who voted Dem for years because the Dems used to represent labor unions, safer working conditions, and fair wages. Now they represent giving jobs to illegals and forcing people to treat trannies like ladies instead of the freaks that they are. I noticed my Grandpa starting to balk at the whole gay marriage thing, but he grudgingly swallowed it because they framed it as a civil rights issue. They've simply fine too far for most of white America, particularly boomers, who are now finding themselves disenfranchised for being white after fighting for minority rights since the 1950s. I heard my grandma say the word "nigger" for the first time in my life just last year. The Dems will NEVER get their white working-class base back, they've betrayed them too much.

That is not an argument, it is an exaggeration used to distract from the truth in his commentary.
That there is no political solution to this issue of demographic displacement does not suggest anyone who states as much ought be querried as to the number of non-Whites personally dispatched in the recent past.
If you wish to continue to engage politically, one should be trying to construct a Third Position, not wasting time with two Jewish-owned political parties in play, neither of whom is ever really going to engage our interests directly. Trump must be a stepping stone, because he is not anything close to the end goal, and many people seem to have forgotten that. That said, this must be undertaken with the understanding that there is no political solution to this problem, exactly because of the sort of society in which we exist (ie, a democratic republic espousing a dwindling White majority facing demographic displacement by myriad hostile non-White, oft foreign, factions who are aided by White indoctrinates/traitors and 41% of the world's Jews, and who have no issue whatsoever pursuing their own interests outright)

Of course, even if you think electoral politics is bunk in the US - and it is - there's no real you can't enjoy a bit of a chuckle at the expense of the party which gains 50%+ of its funding contributions from Jewish sources… Just don't forget that the other major party, standing in opposition to them, gains about half as much of its funding from Jewish sources, and loves Israel with a passion.

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Dems do what they do best. They make 80 IQ brainlets dependant on gibs and ship in more spics to get more votes

You can tell that they're upset about this.

dems don't need to shill for white votes much longer if nothing drastic happens in immigration policy/deporting

14 man Right Wing Death Squads

Actually, she can claim to have come the closest to winning my working class vote by committing the Hot Sauce Bag Lady faux paus.


weren't those libtards still hoping for (((Bernie)))?

It's not that lots of white working class won't vote dem; It's more like they would literally kill these people if they could get away with it.

Me I'm going to run as a democrat and jack off on stage after I clinch the primary.


Underrated posts

Why does the CIA advocate sedition? Is it even legal?

Reported to the NSA.

They've spent decades economically screwing and socially disenfranchising this demographic.


CIA-kun is just salty that people are asking questions, and wants to go back to the good old days of responsibility-free violations of the fourth amendment by starting a niggercide to help validate his unjustified powers and his shitting on the constitution.

Democrats regard working people as their enemy. They have become the party of jew elitists and welfare niggers.

Kek. Breddy sure even more fundamental rights than the 4th amendment were being violated user, for instance the whole 'Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness' thing. But point well made.