Maxine Walters wants this leaked letter removed from Twatter!

Maxine Walters wants this leaked letter removed from Twatter!

More refugee immigration planned for California!

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Darn those pesky Russians.

I guess that lots and lots of White Europeans would make for some nice immigrants to California!


I doubt Maxine Waters actually wrote that tweet herself. It's too readable and not at all like the Kangz' English she speaks in everyday life.

It was either written by someone else and signed by her (this happens all the damn time) or her "sassy mammy" personality is largely a put-on and she's fully capable of communicating like a human being when she so chooses.

Interesting, so why then are we not throwing journalists in prison?

You see user, it seems to only be illegal if someone she disagrees with does it.

Even if it turns out to be a fake the lolcow syndrome wasn't.

The delusion of this nigger cunt

41 thousand. Holy shit.

Can you imagine being so retarded that you believe this is an actual law? How would a judge even interpret that?

Isn't rent expensive in LA? Would the liberals chimp out over all of the affordable housing going to the refugees because it's hurting their bottom line?

She say a (((bank))) is going to build new houses for them

That's 40k homes that could be used for the locals.

Yes, it could.
However, that is not how Democrats operate.
They never truly fix the social problems that keep the dispossessed voting blue, only enough to keep them stuck voting for what gibs they get without giving them what they really need to lift them out of the cycle of poverty.
Once all the units are filled with refugees, instead, they'll start crying about funds for building affordable housing for all those locals ;_; and don't forget about your friends, the Dems, come election day!
Rinse and repeat.

That crazy sheboon thinks she is going to be speaker? Oh my fuck. And they were screaming about competency?

I think we should build a yuge statue for Trump. Bigger and better than any before it. It will rustle more jimmies than ever before. We can get the dems to pay for it.

Because the outcome of that would be rayciss ofc.

I remember this one political comedian. He said he talked to Waters about the morning after pill around the time when such a pill was the first on the market. He talked to her about how it could help the black community. He said in his own words that the bitch didn't give a fuck..

He's some liberal turned conservative.

probably both. it's like bush's good ol' boy shtick.

Damn, that's harsh.
Please tell me there's a video.

Looking for it.

Here are the people.

What do you think about what they have to say about this topic

found the video

Here's the birth control segment.

Buffering both now.

Adam Carolla speaks the truth as he sees it and isn't afraid to pull his punches, but manages to do so in a humorous way; the world needs more like him.
I used to lurk Carollatards, way back in the day; he had an interesting following over there.

Put him on Fox News with Tucker & Eric.

Carolla was a libertarian back in the early oughts when I listened to his late night radio show. He might still be. Guy probably knows about jews from being in show business, far as I know he hasn't let anything slip.

He has, Watch this.

pretty soft tbh

fuck the beaners

You could fit nearly all LA homeless in them.

Put it in New York City. They will riot

All forgeries are illegal, by definition. I smell kike language sophistry here.
More of the same.

She could have just said,"This document is a fake and I never wrote or said any of this."
But she didn't.

Satanists hate the morning after pill. The fetus has to be of a certain age for their Planned Parenthood abortion rituals. Also, less PP customers = less grant money.

I guess "oh ma LAUD" has a whole new meaning now.

LA user here in this cunt's district. I've thought it was suspicious the large amount of "luxury" apartments and condo's they've been putting near white and gook/nip areas. The gooks and nips have been buying up lots of spic areas and gentrifying them. One particular case that was rather suspect was the case of Sea Breeze Apartments. This area was zoned as industrial and is adjacent to an older white neighborhood in the area. The surrounding area has become heavily Korean as well. Construction of such a complex would require authorization from the surrounding neighborhoods as this would cause a lot of traffic on an otherwise busy street. But ((( somehow ))) it was able to get approved without such authorization. After digging a little I found even the LAtimes couldn't ignore this shit and did a whole OPED on it:
Basically some Chinese developer gave a bunch of campaign donations to Janice Hahn(well known corrupt dem family in the area) and Eric Garcetti through his employees as a proxy so that he could give more than is allowed by law. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just the tip of the iceberg and they are doing this in other democratic strongholds.

That's how I'd bump this thread if I were a faggot. You niggers better be retweeting this.

Carolla has got some jew in him. His mother was half japanese/half jew. His father was Italian.
Wouldn't be the first in the oven for me, his buddy Kimmel would be tho.

It's funny the FBI was signaling back in the day they were an enemy. They tried to stop the passage of the communist control act claiming it would just "force them underground."
It was passed and no enforcement was made unless the entrenched powers wanted someone to take a hit. Sounds an awful lot like what they are trying to do declaring the right terrorists now. Thing is, the left will jump on it immediately to fuck people.
We wouldn't have to deal with this today if people would read between the lines.

We want this actually, it will materially harm the Democrats.

They lost the rust belt, let's see them lose lefty SoCal suburbia too.