Unintentional Red Pill Moment For Normies

Obama Portrait Artists Paints Black Women Holding Up Decapitated White Women Heads

Seems like a pretty effective redpill for normies who haven't come to terms with race realism yet.

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This is a kike free first post. Shame it's not also a nigger free world yet

bump for interest



How much you wanna bet he started painting shit like this because he got butthurt a white woman refused to throw her heritage and self-respect away for muh dik?

textbook we wuz kangz

Checking those mirror digits. Fucking right it is, if the race was reversed (((they))) would absolutely prosecute for a hate crime (which is not surprising anymore). Fuck niggers

Ain't it great to part of the white race? The race all other races compare themselves too or envy.

Personally I've just been waiting for someone to do a deepfake on all the Martin Luther Kangz videos to make him white.

I don't think we've reached the precipice of Mt. Sodium quite yet.

Alternative possibility: He's a nigger faggot who wishes he was a white woman.


That fruity jacket of his lends credence to your theory.

Jesus, I think even the horse is supposed to be like a white woman judging from the bow-tied mane that looks like a woman's hair. What a total nigger faggot. And these are the people the USA lost to for 8+ years. I hope Trump's last few years are revamping public education, particularly history, so that the USA might not repeat these shameful mistakes for at least one lifetime.

Being raised by sheboons and butthole-craving prison inmates increases the odds of this astronomically

Of course he is a faggot.

forgot pic

Look closely, that horse has a dick.

Top kek
Top fucking kek.

I would bet a lot of money that that is exactly how it went down.

Actually I was proven wrong
He's mad because he wants to be the little white girl.

Even with his association with the black supremacist minister, Jeremiah Wright, the normies still elected Obama president. Do you honestly believe this shit will matter to them?

That was then. This is now. We've been softening up the normalfag retards to our ideals for years at this point.

I hear niglet boys often try on their sheboon mom's wigs and clothes or their moms do it to them. No doubt also absorbing their mom's envious rage towards white women for having normal human hair that doesn't look and feel like steel wool.

Is that a tumblr nose on Mj?

Yes user, I do. None of those things triggered emotional responses from the masses. This does. I'm already seeing boomers getting outraged over this. Mind you, these paintings have been out for years but none of them seemed to notice. But everything is coming out now–people are starting to notice things they hadn't before.


Here is the original


Funny that MJ has flying naked babies following him

They really can't create anything of their own.

I bet if any art user wants to look deeper into this homo-nigger they'll find he has some sort of printing system that superimposes photos onto the canvas and he then paint-by-numbers color onto it. The backgrounds are repeating and look computer generated.

I'm guessing this system would allow an untrained teenager to duplicate this guy's "art".

I was gonna say haha, but I can see where he got it. Horses are majestic as fuck user. Plus it isn't beyond a nigger to try to (projecting-ly) compare whites to animals.

side by side it looks like there's a nig sitting on napoleon's lap


We already have threads on this, nigger. Thank god we got those based mods to sticky everything else because the slides are becoming a bother.


Jesus fucking christ Holla Forums works to fast for jews

Already being memed on twitter

It's like you've never heard of giclée… ;)
On that note: can anyone tell me the name of the filter, if that's what he used? I'd like to try shooping Kathy Griffin's head into one of these. TIA

This… definitely has potential.

I'm bad at art.

Since the contrast is pretty low in the original, I'd say it's safe to try a layer mask and fill with the background white to get the face a closer match.
You may have to mess with the levels tool before merging down, then us blur to soften up any rough edges.
t. GIMPfag who never bothered completely learning the terminology; apologies if I didn't make 100% sense

no, do fakes of his style by showing allegories of niggers raping the corpses of white kids, congo pictures style
and then publish them under his own name

then use falseflag nigger accounts on social media to get them trending on the niggerweb

this will redpill normies

Niggers will steal anything that's not bolted to the ground, just look at the Egyptians or all the shit they claim to have done but White people stole it from them.

The kikes really aren't even trying anymore.

That's even more degenerate

This tbh. Sad.

Can't unsee

good god her eyes are on a slant. Why is her left eye a good cm lower than the right eye?

I really really fucking wish I had a picture of this but goddammit i was a faggit and didnt save it before it was too late. There was this "Original painting" By this nigger that was so we wuz kangz that ill never forget
it was like this
if someone has it, please nigga

Wait a goddamned second. So we've got the ghost-cloak of Napoleon levitating behind him in the upper section, but draped over his knee below. How is this supposed to work - is the nigger's leg magically passing through part of the cloak; is there a hole? Does the artist really have this poor a conception of reality? Did he do it on purpose, and if so what does it mean?

Holla Forums is no doubt powerful. there's additional memetic crossover happening with the QAnonfags on this one in particular, because they got told to dig about the symbolism in obama's painting.

Underrated post

Your Qanon faggotry is duly noted

These portraits suck and so does their creator

Gee i wonder what it says in the circle behind the nigs head.

"The official portraits for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama were painted by artists who were not employed by the federal government at the time. These images are not in the public domain, and as such, are not included in this gallery."

In other words, they don't actually have official portraits. They're unofficial portraits.

Something about lion of judah or ethiopa being mount zion or jamaicans being gods people, Haile Selassie being some sort of prophet/ Jah (god). etc etc
If you have ever listened to early rastafarianism reggae this is a common theme. It's probably true that they are one of the tribes of real jews, And the people in israel are imposters.

Holla Forumsack first and only. QLARP is marginally useful so far as redpilling normalfags about the masons. every once in a while you need to check up on your stupid younger brother and make sure they know who the (((masons))) really are. don't kid yourself. I recognize other Holla Forumsfags doing the same thing. they name the jew with undeniable skill.

Things are gonna suck when POTUS Kang takes over after America is majority shitskin.


made by a talentless nigger who was chosen because of his high score in oppression points?
so, in fact, these are #AffirmativeActionPortraits?
would be a good nickname to meme, I say

I'm confused. I thought the Obamas were consciously trying to avoid Western influences. (See pic related #1) So why is their pet faggot stealing everything from white artists? Shouldn't his portrait look more like pic related #2?




Fucking luld user, goddamn. Can't unsee tbh.


https:// www.gofundme.com/make-wakanda-real


Psyop potential

Kekd. I'll get on the logo.

we wuz kangz n shiet

From all the artists they could take, they chose someone who has paintings of niggers beheading whites? Niggers just can't help themselves it seems, no matter how stupid an idea they still go for it. Anyways

mediamatters kikes are direct linking to this thread in a kvetch article. Piece of shit archive.is won't work so here's proof I tried at least.


:'D hall of mirrors effect wew



Hope you appreciate art then as much as now.

The narrative being pushed is that its a completely innocent version of this.

Guten tag, Juden.



>Christina Lopez Goldberg

That doesn't make any sense. The two paintings are of black women looking regal holding the severed heads of white women.
The story is of a woman beheading an Assyrian king or something. So the genders and races are both changed. I'd buy it if it was a black woman beheading a black man's head. It seems an excuse to depict black women severing holding the severed heads of white women.



well, (((they))) tried to :^)

What planet are these leftist idiots living on?

That's exactly what it is. This nigger didn't give a shit what the original depicted. He probably saw it in a book as he was searching for violent pictures to copy.

That comment section is like a bar mitzva.

I'm pretty sure they moderate the comment section too; maybe you've seen this on sites where the authors are lunatics. Like feminist places where all comments have a "kill all men" vibe to them, and eerily nobody disagrees.

It makes perfect sense. The painting is a depiction of Judith beheading Holofernes, a biblical story in where a Jewess saves her people from destruction at the hands of the Assyrians by seducing the general with Jewish trickery, getting him drunk, and then beheading him while he sleeps. In this version, we have a Negress who must save her sistahs from da ebil white man by lulling him into a fall sense of security with 'black lives matter'and 'we iz one race da hooman race' and then destroying civilization in a chimput because 'we wuz kangz nigga KANGZ'.

Of course niggers don't have the creativity to think all this up themselves, so it's probably whatever his fucking Jewish art professor told him would be deep and symbolic.

This is a brilliant and most thoroughly insightful critic, good sir.


It's the story of how a kikess killed a highly capable general :^)

The message is quite simple: don't bed kikes.


It's a masterpiece. I can't believe you guys don't see the massive symbolism here.



I think he meant radioactive

Why are black people always so angry

Why area all of these people so smugly retarded, and how can they be destroyed?

the transition grace period is over. link breakers need to be flogged.

They like to ritualistically reverse things.

I don't see it. Isn't it just a bunch of random patterns because kikes and niggers have no taste?

Because they've yet to invent the wheel or agriculture. Or anything at all, for that matter.

because whitey

cut off the water supply to manhattan.

Seems like this is exactly what he's doing.

Artist is a very vague concept nowadays, as you can see from the very OP.


Just noticed a Freudian slip.

My sides are orbiting Alpha Centauri

Glad to see this kind of productivity, though.

What the hell is that goo on the monkey's head?


brain parasites

If "he" was posting here.
I hate White women so much, Pol, yo should too fellow crackas! All White women are rabidly degenerate skanks unable to understand love, -2/10, would not muh dik!




That nigger went to Yale, and still used the pattern fill tool on a commissioned presidential portrait? Sheeeeeeit.

wtf why can this newfag triforce

Nice. In case somebody needs it, pic related.

You’re not Satan you tard, you’re a CIA nigger. You’re a human being try acting like one.

Because he doesn’t want to? Maybe because Zelda is a shit game? And the requirements are stupid?


Right hand is still a nigger paw, but otherwise I really like it. I'd even hang it in my house.

Have a template setup if anyone has ideas.
sage because I'm a retard


He goes Blue, you send him dindus. He chooses White you send him Mexicans and Asians. He chooses yellow you send fags and Asians. He chooses Black you send him niggers to rape him. He walks away and chooses not to play the game, you let fags rape him everyday for a month straight and fucking laugh in his face about it.

You force him to do fuck know what’s while being drugged and hypnotized and he can’t even trust his own family because the shit you’re doing to them as well.

He knows you don’t have a case if you put him court, if you kill him you’re going to piss off more than one faction. You won’t face him yourself, you won’t let him walk away, you tell him the only way to win is to not play the game he never joined in the first place.

Seriously what in the fuck do you want? I am not l turning gay, and I am not leaving my country. What do you want yards? You want me to turn into a leftist? Why? I am no good for your movement.



MJ wasn't a pedophile, newfag.

Well, shit. Looks like I just tested out of Yale's art program in 30 minutes. Where's my diploma.



Hanging with the Kang family…

Horus, Ra, and who is that? Set?


10/10 photoshop skills would *diversity** hire

Different culture!
"Investiture of Sassanid emperor Shapur II (center) with Mithra (left) and Ahura Mazda (right) at Taq-e Bostan, Iran."


It is sperm, the artist hides sperm in all his paintings. Obama literally has cum on his face in his official portrait. 4chan was all over it.

does pic related help?



Interesting how similar they look to Egyptian and Phonetian works. Shows how much they influenced each other.

We have a lot left to learn about ancient mysticism.



top fucking kek

You christniggers try so hard to twist reality so you're not kneeling to a fucking jew god.

Guess what? You are. And we ARE going to crucify you so you find out what happens to race-traitors. You will be outcast and accursed in the lands of the dead and your own ancestors will spit on your and beat you. Your weak pathetic body will be unable to fight back or die, only suffer eternally.

Really makes you think.


It's like he wants to be seen in this way. Like it's throwing a dog a ball.



I want to die.


Some paper fodder so we are not talking about the jews, their banks, their media, their putting niggers as presidents…

Top Kek.



Use Faceapp on her? :^) this could get faceapp banned keek




No thank you. Would rather live in the real world and move on with my life. You can keep reading and telling your stories among each other though.

Turned out as expected really.

The three yellow boxes at the top should continue into the purple ones, and there are repeats above the top left and top right red boxes, and this was just from a cursory glance.

It's not suprise. Ethiopians are the real jews.

How much semen have your gods ingested user?

Try using a reliable source next time, you slippery christcuck maggot.

king of the jungle is my personal favourite. Photoshop level is the same as the original, too.
I'm assuming he has a large format printer and simply prints then coats. there's no actual painting involved




Didn't know we were playing!!!



Kang prefer Popeyes..

it fills me with such immense sadness that a good 30-70 percent of white women need to be dumped in a fucking bog

……..and then lit on fire for good measure

I'm surprised that no-one has put him on a toilet yet.

that book was literally written by a jew you retarded fucking jew-loving queer , go offer up your children to Molo- I mean Yahweh . Chances are your priest has already offered up their asshole. Read the Poetic Edda before you dare say shit about YOUR own gods (yes, they are YOUR gods, since our myths directly state that they created the German race, none of your faggot Genesis nonsense will change that)

god you christcucks are a fucking mess

She's actually referencing a famous feminist essay called "Why women shouldn't smile." I know because they forced everybody to read it in my college English class. What they DIDN'T force anybody to read was the author's apology essay written years later that basically admitted she was wrong and was acting like a cunt to everybody that dared make her think about smiling, and she alienated all her friends like the Buddhist guy that said smiling was a kind of therapy/meditation.

Is no one going to mention the clear occult hand-expression he is doing? No sane person naturally holds his hands like this.

This is why Holla Forums has gotten a reputation for biting bait. Everything has to be a production.
Just report, ignore, and hide. The faggot doesn’t care if you wax poetically about “the gawds of muh peepol” he’s doing this to get a reaction out of you. Learn these three simple steps. Report the faggot, ignore all future posts, and if he gets too obnoxious hide his ass. What about these three simple steps is so difficult?

Because I don't tolerate faggots that mock our tribal gods whether they are baiting or not

You are right though in that such things are wasted efforts. There will be a time to correct such transgressions.

Fire up your powerlevel-revealing twitters and tweet this with #theywantusdead. Plenty of niggers will just openly agree with you. Then fire up your normie larp accounts and tweet these agreements at other normies.

The nigger doesn't even paint the shit himself.

did you actually enter your email m8?

You have to admit, though, he paints like a white man.

Absolutely not.
This will give the Jews a chance to claim "much of his racist works are forgeries!!" and this, in turn, will diminish the believability of his REAL racist works.
You're just trying to get someone to muddy the waters. His beheading paintings stand quite well by themselves.

Wow, kike damage control is immediate and frantic, looks like this has them very concerned.

I don't think it's wrong to respond, it enlightens retarded newfags. And we seem to have some with genuine efforts to be less retarded:
Some might really believe Odin and Thor were sucking each other dry and that Ouroboros is a symbol of ritual self-fellation as long as some jewish scholar tells them that. Consider the fedoras converting to Jordan Petersonism

Of course it doesn't make any sense, it is a frantic, knee-jerk excuse, by people with such giant egos they think the "unwashed white masses" will simply accept their excuse as given.
The paintings stand by themselves, they are clearly nothing more than depiction of nigger women murdering white women, and because the "artist" is a fag, he clearly identifies with sheboons & is trying to display their frustration at being ugly and crude, compared to white women.
If the nigger/Jew genocides the white race, that leaves them as the best-looking and smartest, as there will be no ideal left to compare to.
Ferret/monkey faces will be the legacy of mankind, and the world will slip into technological and social decline…evolution will backtrack to an earlier, primitive state.
Stagnation will be the pathetic end of human progress.

Read the book.
youtu.be/Lm8–TwK7To (file already exists)

You DO know you're talking to a Jew, right?
They come on here routinely to try and D&C whites based on their religions. This is a strictly Jewish trick, they've played it for thousands of years. Don't let it work here.
It doesn't matter if you're Christian or Asatru, it only matters that you're not a filthy, ferret-faced Jew.
All whites are kindred, regardless of religion, and the only cucked ones are those that use their religion to include non-whites as "brothers."

I've heard supposed followers of Asatru disclaim exclusivity of their religion to only whites, so there are cucks that claim they follow both religions, but don't.
A cuck is a cuck, religion aside. Hate them all, Christian or Pagan.
Those that reject their brethren and embrace genocidal "diversity" can be shipped off to Israel and Africa along with those they think "like" them.
Then they'll get the red-pill, just before they're slaughtered.

Checked. I saw that edit ages ago and still love it. All of those types of people exist, and someday, people will be asking us "which of those were real", from how implausibly retarded they seem.

Yeah, best way to spot them is the (1), coupled with trigger material. Aimed at either side of their intended conflict. If you see a typical shill image, it is fairly safe to just hide the ID. The shills argue like jews do in that Hitler quote, never giving in an inch regarding any position on any subject - constantly switching it, and just attacking. The goal is demoralization and aggressive division - the creation of saboteurs, fanatics, loners and the like.
Well, we call chimps our "cousins" based on evolution… It's a gesture. A diplomatic move. It has its time and place, and it's not with BLM, ghetto niggers or the like.

Exactly. This is doubly true if you are in one of the heavily invaded countries (USA, France, UK…). I really do recommend watching this , it will clarify many thing biblically. If we were to cut the opening, we could use it to redpill millions of Zionist/protestant Christians. It clarifies what Jew means biblically, and how many names the jew has stolen to get the position it is in today.

OT: The neckbeard is an archetype.

Fuck that, there's a good reason we left that behind.

You are forgetting a few points.

Though you are correct in that there are valid and good reasons to not only be monotheistic, but Christian specifically.

Because they are niggers and are just mixed enough to know they will never be white.

Report all /r9k/ postings.

…and here I was, almost tricked, into thinking this nig-boon was, at the very least, painting well. Foolish white-man, will your 90's programming ever leave you?

t. 1983


What thread were you trying to post in?

bonus points for getting a shitter with the koranimal bung nozzle on the side.

Who are they standing on?






The kangz portrait is so vile.

MSM : « Not racist »


Thanks for the original painting.

It's not too early to get started on the next election cycle. This is pure monotonic gold for redpilling normies on white genocide reality. Let's gets some mileage out of this.


I was just thinking. Those people deserve respect. They have managed to survive in literally Africa for longer than most civs. King nigger on the other hand is just playing the devils card game. Willingly.

you have find de wey myy brudda

MJ is a hero.

"Skin head, dead head
Everybody gone bad
Situation, segregation
Everybody allegation
In the suite, on the news
Everybody dog food
Kick me, ==kike== me
Don't you wrong or right me

All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us
All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us "



Thanks, user. Now I'll never be able to see the portrait of Michael Obama in a different way.

Obama's 'portrait' is a computer generated image, made by an homosexual artist who
1. generates copies of famous paintings of white kings with black men superimposed in them, and
2. generates 'portraits' of black women holding the severed heads of white women.
Additionally, Michael Obama's portrait has unsettling subliminal trans-sexual imagery woven into the dress, which once seen can't be unseen.
And the Lefty media defends this?

At least that pair of faggots have left an honest statement about who they were.



The only thing making survival in Africa hard is niggers newfag.

Well, hereby go fuck your kike overlords mediamatter.




king nigger is a gay glow in the dark cianigger, "MICHELLE " is a man, the kids are loners from the nesbitt's.

Keep in mind.. it's not as if they didn't know these other paintings of his would come to light. More degeneracy and tolerance for evil shit.


Pain-by-numbers. Underrated.


Knife looks Arabian.


How fucking new are you?

This has pretty good banner potential.

Not wearing a tie, either. Trying to be like one of us. Fuck this shit.

the copy-pasted areas are numeric and add up to 666 in all directions, if you draw lines connecting them it draws a bunch of satanic symbols

On an art perspective, why the fuck did nigger choose that fucking background?!

Yup, which is exactly where we should meme this.

But who did it better?


The talentless ape merely traced a photograph

Spoil that shit, nigger.




I fucking hate you guys sometimes.

where do you think you are?

Is he ok?





He got to paint Obama's portrait.
Obama got to paint his colon.




Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck

Fun fact: the gay nigger uses chinese labor "assist" him with his paintings. In other words they do large amounts of the painting for him.

Funny. He admitted it's a "kill whitey" thing back in 2012.







It's fucking hilarious reading retarded liberal faggots trying to polish a turd and talk about this abomination of a portrait as deep and meaningful.

One thing that never made sense to me about this whole debacle, whether birther stuff or the Frank Marshall Davis thing is why on earth would ZOG pick Obobo then? Surely, they must have had plenty of choices for Presidential Kangdidate so why pick one that isn't born on US soil?

crop a bunch of photos together and paint by number over it.

A Racist Con-Man: Obama’s Portrait Artist, Who Hires Cheap Chinese Labor To Paint “His” Work, Says “Kill Whitey” Is A Major Theme

Why the hell not? He is the perfect face for the progressive agenda.

Because there was enough confusion that they knew it would pass, and that obongo's presence in the white house despite his completely un-American heritage was itself a slap in the face to white Americans. The medium is the message, in this case.


Nigger in a cage?

^ and that, my friends, is a spy

The lines were drawn shitty but its a cage made of pentagrams

Don't lose track of the fact that this person was selected by the president, after perusing their work.

Ignore their atrocious are and the fact that he is gay. Focus on the fact that this is tacit collusion by Kang. Mirror the SJW tactic i.e. " This normalize bias against skin color by making someone who holds prejudice views more prominent" etc.

This right here is a shining example of the true white mans burden. It is futile to throw pearls before swine but we must figure out a way to get them to listen. As long as people think the life they live is any sort of 'normal' than the will shut down and attack any attempt to show them otherwise. Humans have this terrible tendency to see their current perspective as all that is and they ignore how often they find themselves saying 'huh I didn't know that' never questioning, never thinking. They consume 'knowledge' given to them but never set out to learn. They accept that knowledge is something that is given to them, yet comes at a monetary cost, when the truth is that the answers to all of existence are within the pinecone laying on their lawn, most of them wont even walk through a forest but even the ones that do never stop to look at a tree.

The truth is both a blessing and a curse. It is joy and pain at the same time. The knowledge brings bliss, but it also commands that you must spread that knowledge.. Yet no one will hear it.



“It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley says.

Nevermind the dickjokes for a moment, look at those HANDS!

Pretentious nigger needs a punch in the head.

Good find user.

He'll be fine; he just had a lot to get off his mind. :^)

I swear, the difference between how they brazenly enact their plans right in front of us and an '80's cartoon villain is becoming indistinguishable.
At this point, the only thing missing is theme music and a catch phrase.


Ain't even man hands, it's creepy reptile hands. Men tend to have big palms compared to finger length and this beast is just plain old fucked up, with spindly fingers

This is such a powerful thing, because this one can be used to start the redpilling of image-oriented dumbasses who believe everything they see on TV.


Nah; too hackneyed.
I want something fresh and sounds believable coming out of the mouth of Cobra Commander.

I'm not surprised at the "artist" saying this. I'm surprised that Fmr. President Obama PERSONALLY CHOSE this guy to paint his portrait.

If President Trump had a 'A. Wyatt Mann' create his portrait it would literally be NO DIFFERENT from what Obama just did.

Incorrect. It would be much, much funnier.

The vote was literally rigged by a combination of the Chinese, Saudis, Marxists, and labor unions. Obama was not elected.

What's the jew/hindu/kaballah had next to his shirt mean? This is occult related surely?

It's a Muslim symbol.

You just KNOW they do that shit because the useful idiots and shills are on the ready to deny it, even when it's shoved in our fucking faces.

kek, even her fucking username is a self indulgence of the things she's heard for most of her life. I don't even feel sorry for her parents, they probably enabled her which is where she got her monniker from.


Here. The shortened link doesn't work, interestingly enough.

Usually it has an eye? Also funny how he has Ethiopia on it, Ethiopia is very much portrayed as the black jewish state of africa by many blacks… Obama is pretty much a muzzie and the jews are of the same coin… but, and this is just speculation, wouldn't be surprised if this artwork is somehow related to skippy's brother's art pieces when it comes to "artistic licenses" despite not lending itself to child abuse. Some fuckery afoot and to add insult to injury, serious laziness as noted by

It's pretty obvious that the "artist" uses Photoshop.

You are right brothers, I always just keep forgetting how shilled pol is sometimes. I have no ill will towards Christians, merely theological differences. It means nothing in the grand scheme of whats going on.

nice new ID heres some reading for you:

"Penalties are distinguished according to the offense. Traitors and deserters are hanged on trees; the coward, the unwarlike, the man stained with abominable vices and unmanly urges, is plunged into the mire of the morass with a hurdle put over him. This distinction in punishment means that crime, they think, ought, in being punished, to be exposed, while shameful infamy ought to be buried out of sight."

Actually its an ancient Babylonian symbol.

Although kikes and Muzzies have culturally appropriated it, its origins are very white.

Conveniently , the nigger left out the blue eye in the middle and replaced it with some squiggly Arab shit. The blue eye is supposed to chase away demons and banish evil.

It would appear obvious. I just figured he took a photo on his iPhone, used the GTAVerizer app to make you look like a cartoon and then had it printed at kinkos only to cut it out and place it on wallpaper. Mad fucking talent and lots of hard word. He should sue that uncle tom for the slavery induced to create such masterpieces.

True, but it's actually painted with paint by the Chinese keek

Thanks for the response although I do not see how it relates to christianity/xtianity however the non-jews say things this side. It would suggest the eye of horus on the hand which would signify the mark of the beast placed within the hand? Catholicism in itself is very occult so they're wikijew is most likely speaking of that side of things. There are also two though and the article you linked to shared it with the arabic religions. Interesting though. Thanks for that, learnt something new. Wanted to ask you what you make of the jewsfor hitler channel which speaks of Aryans, etc? Don't worry about responding if you haven't watched yet but would be interesting to hear anonther anons take on this as i'm not well versed in these things. Seems like a non-jew creating it all but his knowledge about the lineage of people seems sound when looking at multiple sources. vid related.


Sorry for the samefagging and not attempting to get into an argument of disagreement but I have only ever known 3 true christians in my entire life. A christian is to be "christ-like" and follow the works of Jesus Christ. I believe in an objective way, Truth and life and therefore I am a believer and I attempt to follow him. I distrust the businesses of msm christianity, the truths mixed in with lies or the gnosticism behind the scientific christian. I have a bible and I try to understand it and follow a saviour because as a mortal i am unable to do so and believe that pursuing ascension is a way of the fool and fills a path of naivety. I believe in free will but that all realities lie before us and free will allows us to step into those. I also believe that true love cannot exist without that free will which is why I do not agree 100% with the jewposter in the video's intro but with a lot of it I do. I think its important to understand and realise that we live in a very grey society where ones beliefs are polarized to such an extent that it forms division. I think a lot of knowledge was lost during the council of Nicea but think most of the world's knowledge can be found by building a relationship with your personal saviour and not support man-made religions or visiting buildings made of brick and mortar. There's a programmer, he has set the rules in place. When we pass on/upgrade according to the programmer's rules, we are either compatible or not. Just my 2 cents at least. Been reading theword.net and also looking up a lot of texts which give more context to biblical meanings. Then looking at mythology and seeing what correlates to give context. It's good to discuss these things on an open platform but I fear this isn't the place anymore. Regardless. Thank you for your input and for your information. I'll definitely do more research into it all. Have a good evening user. See Nice Jesus.jpg. You might like it but if not, I did not mean to offend you because there's a time and place for everything and sometimes an anonymous russian knitting forum is not the place to do such things. Godspeed nontheless.

honestly user I would be wary of anything like that. the Bible is strictly Jewish history, the Old Testament is purely Jewish, with some prayers stolen from the Sumerians and Babylonians, as well as a bit of their worldview (the concept of good versus evil does not come from Jews but the Babylonians)

The origins of the Aryans are shrouded in mist and darkness, most of what we know is from archeological records, linguistic evidence and comparative religion. You would know alot more about the origin of the Aryans if you read purely Pagan texts that actually do go back to the first Aryans , like the Rigveda, the Heimskringla (specifically Ynglingatal), the Poetic Edda, the Bhagavad Gita and some of the mythology of the Sumerians than if you trusted the Bible. But unfortunately I have a feeling that your religious upbringing has made you trust in "the word" over the myths of your own race. The Bible has nothing to tell us on the origins of our people. As a Pagan, I actually like Jesus, and his teachings, and think hes an alright guy, and probably was Aryan himself given that his morality exceeded the Jews, and that Pilate claimed he was blond haired and blue eyed. But trying to find the origins of the Aryans inside the Bible is, at best, a delusional fantasy, and at worst, a dangerous departure from the truth. This is a prime reason I do not like Christianity; it warps the minds of Aryans and makes them view Jewish history as their own, much like niggers viewing themselves as the true Hebrews. They deny what is truly theirs and accept a foreign belief system and origin myth into their hearts, and to me that is an abomination against the Aryan spirit.

Haven't watched the video honestly, need to do some shit today, but I saw the description and it made me cringe .

Eloquently stated, user.

Fair point made user. Have looked into the Bhagavad a little, but basically the jew is saying that only 5% of the OT is jewish and he's arguing for your viewpoint and accusing the jews and snakeoil salesmen of false doctrines which is why I thought you might be in agreement with his views. The video will probably be banned soon enough, either by the jew or the christian zionist. As for our origins, it's an important thing, but not as important as living for today. We're in a rowboat and we cannot see the future except that of proven prophecy and using our minds to get us to the desired destination. I will most definitely look into some of the sources you just cited and read into it but I ask that you do the same… If not the OT, then at least the NT. But thank you for being so respectful and humble. I wish it was a face to face conversation in a calm and sociable setting for I am sure I could learn lots. Please do watch the video if you feel bored or have any conviction to do so. Often times i've been made uncomfortable by certain unforgettable truths I've learnt, but then I keep going and going, and more often than not, i'm equipped to think more critically, to learn, to grow or to strengthen the position I was in all along. Read your last stanza and it made me pause for a while, but it is hard to describe. If you are an individual that does not believe in a soul or afterlife, then I am afraid we are stuck at a cross-roads but can still be friends without reservation on either sides. If not, then I think we are more in common that you'd realize but understand the angle you are coming from and respect your thinking. I'm also off for now but I wish this conversation could have continued…unfortunately my boss is waiting on me and there's a deadline on its way. I'll call you aryanbro and i'll be eyebro (because I asked you about the hamsa) and that way we may bump into each other in the future and discuss knitting techniques. Regardless. I had a very interesting conversation with you and just wanted to thank you for the input and your viewpoint. Go well brother.

Nice doubles but Christianity isn't exactly a religion, it's rather a rebellion against religiosity in itself and toxic theology. It is anti-religious in so many senses but unfortunately it is largely the supposed following that has put so many people off. Denominations, rituals, etc, etc are all against what was preached by the leader of Christianity (Jesus Christ) but yet so many still fall for that ruse. I actually agreed with the above user on the line you quoted and it is sad but true. Even the new agers know their bible better than most christians, but remember that there is/has been/will be a great apastaseo/falling away and we are seeing this… at least from my viewpoint and disagreeing with non dispensationalist views. Nothing is new under the sun and regardless of any of our backgrounds, we're in for a rough time before an easier time. It's more important to be humane to our own kind now more than ever for the enemy is deceptive - just look at what it did to the supposed church.



The furthest chair legs looks like a giant brown turd Onigger is dropping mid-pinch.

I have never heard that, user, got a source?




This is a good thing, the more open the jews and in this case gay niggers are about their hatred of white people the more white people are going to wake up and realize that they want us gone

Dobbo weighs in!


He wrote a letter to Rome about the situation. It's out there.

Reported for being a nigger in a nigger-free zone.

Apparently he's a faggot. He has a history of sneaking a sperm cell into his paintings somewhere. Obama's got one on his forehead/temple in the presidential portrait.




added archive link

A fitting end.

Painters tend to come up with names for their paintings. We also generally can find out the year that paintings were finished.

Can anyone find these 2 pieces of data for the 3 paintings in question? What is the official name and year for "Negress in Yellow" and "Negress in Blue" compared to the Obama portrait?

Whether these were done before or after Barack chose Kehinde is pretty important. If he painted them before Barack chose him, that is extra damning for Barack. If they were painted AFTER, well then that will be the defense Obama-apologists use "well I can't control what he does after, this did not inform my choice"

Good point, I won't research her art though because she makes me retch.

But it could be made into a heck of a meme.

>He has a history of sneaking I'm not finishing that disgusting sentence
Do we have a source on this?

It's Chinese folks, this guy doesn't even do his own work. This was computer printed on canvas in China.
He either has the fattest hand around or an extra thumb. Take your pick.

This portrait is utter garbage. Even considering the subject I'm suprised.

don't mind me just giving some misc pills for our visitors


Is that women retarded? His hands aren't backwards.

She thinks that fucked up mess on the karate chop side of his hand is a tucked thumb. Easy mistake to make imo but a mistake nonetheless. It's just janky.

Grow a fucking ballsack, you pathetic faggot.


I am concerned that your 4th image attributing a quote to Menachim Begin may be a false flag misattribution.

Please supply evidence he said this.

Make the other spearchuckers into chads with obama as the virgin.



I'd still like a source for this. I believe it but don't want to spread it w/o more pics.



IDF's chief rabbi permits the rape of non-Jewish women

Jewish man accused of spray-painting swastikas on own home

Al Goldstein's view on pornography and Christianity

British Ex-MP calls out Tony Blair's Jewish cabinet, e.g. his immigration minister Barbara Roche

Israel infiltrates UK politics

Israeli plans to destabilize and uproot the middle east for for their expansionist aims as outlined in Genesis 15:18

Jewish pornographers despise european/catholic women, and send 'agents' to high school parties to groom and recruit young girls into the porn industry. Meanwhile, the (((men))) whoring out young white girls and women live in large, multi-million dollar mansions.

"Ignorance of 'pilpul' is a very dangerous thing, something that would allow your interlocutor to have the upper hand in ways that you could not begin to even imagine"

Israeli attempts to bomb Egyptian, American and British-owned civilian targets in a false-flag

Israel deliberately sunk the USS Liberty

They've been pulling this shit for thousands of years, and have been expelled from just about every society on Earth (and continue to be today) for having done so. They can pull whatever kind of rhetoric they want on the denizens or even casual lurkers of 8ch, but they can't stop you from looking into history. From the words of Cicero to Martin Luther, Pope Clement VIII to Voltaire and Wagner, to Ford and even Nixon, their misdeeds can never escape the observant eye as much as they wish they could.
Truth does not fear investigation.
If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think.
Defend your constitutionally protected rights. No one else will do it for you.
Thank you.

Littteral ethepian cop nigger who shot and killed a white women.

The new judge is a christcuck, your image is wrong

more likely: He's a nigger who hates white people and wanted an excuse to paint it

1. Yid harder.
2. The image isn’t wrong.


Neil and his siblings, brother J.J. and sister Stephanie, were raised as Roman Catholics and attended weekly Mass. Neil Gorsuch later attended Georgetown Preparatory School, a Jesuit school in North Bethesda, Maryland, from which he graduated in 1985.[17][18][15][19]

Gorsuch's wife, Louise, is British-born and the two met while Neil was studying at Oxford. When the couple returned to the United States they started attending an Episcopal parish in Vienna, Virginia. Before his appointment to the Supreme Court, Gorsuch attended St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.[118][5][119]Gorsuch has not publicly stated if he considers himself a Catholic who attends a Protestant church, or if he has fully converted to Protestantism, but "according to church records, the Gorsuches were members of Holy Comforter", an Episcopal church.[120]

Episcopal church is very much a part of the hippie faggot wing of christianity.

People who practice trad Christianity are really worshipping a bunch of Christian-heirarchy-domininating white men who actually suppressed reading the bible for anyone not smart enough to learn latin. Because the bible is filled with suggestions to be a communist faggot, especially in the New Test.

Yes, we already know you don’t know a goddamn thing about what’s actually in the Bible. You don’t need to keep telling us.

Ah, so it may or may not be wrong in the sense of Protestant vs. catholic; I see now. Thanks.

needs a sperm on head imo

It's frightening how these 45 year old obese cat ladies wield such devastating power…..

What's next, comparing the obongo painting to the crucifixion of Saint Peter?

I hate niggers even more now.

The chimps in his family tree must have been degenerates too… species mixing with sloths.


The "artist" with Jay-Z at a spirit cooking event. This explains the sperm.

>A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him. At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews – not the poor but the rich and powerful.

>Now, Noble Sovereign, these are the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth and I have taken the time to write you in detail concerning these matters. I say that such a man who could convert water into wine, change death into life, disease into health; calm the stormy seas, is not guilty of any criminal offense and as others have said, we must agree – truly this is the Son of God.


Other descriptions describe his eyes as a light blue-grey.

The 2nd one is the only one I hadn't previously seen but all of them are excellent grist for the mill.

Any jews hoping they will be left unmolested need to realise these egregious statements have taken away any chance you had of mercy.

Does anyone know how many jewish children have been kidnapped by the pedovores?

If jewish children don't disappear like white and black kids do, non-jewish mothers have some questions to ask.

get it while its hot


For sure, any of them possessing a morsel of wisdom are already fleeing back to the desert before they they bear several centuries of European-brand revenge exacted upon them.
Unfortunately for them, when that time comes, I do not think the neighbors of Israel will show them any more kindness.

I believe he was born in the US, but it was something to do with either his age or birth parents. Can't remember the exact reason.. the most recent Sheriff birth cert. thing, mentions it. That long video. Also, the daily birth announcements in the newspaper that day did indeed have baby Obamas information, but the surrounding baby birth information was suspect. Or something.

I hear you.


We wuz wallpaper and sheit.

Did not need that mental image.

Alright ya bums, since nobody else posted it, here are some repulsive images that help put Barry's head into perspective:


Lots more at the links. Somebody needs to get cracking researching this creep's connection to cheese pizza asap (check out ).

There's a nigger in the woodpile…

so the artist clearly used a tiling backdrop, question is, was this plagiarized? can we get the source and bring this embarrassment to a whole new level?

Holla Forums is so boring nowadays. This isn't what it was like 12-18 months ago.

Then start your own board faggot.



Yeah, this nigger is definitely into some spoopy satanic shit.

Can we check **1*941 ?

Regardless, holyfucking shit thank you for the kek

Much better, more words speak less


Suddenly this shit doesn't seem so inept.

Post some OC and fix it then. The former Top Goy of the United States has unwittingly gifted a gold mine to us all


Really deserves it's own thread… halfchan pol has annihilated non SJW threads today. Mods banned me twice for fairly innocuous white rights posts. Looking at the catalogue I am not the only one. Its all cringe tier shit normies would call woke. How did this happen? Nit geberally, specifically? Leftypol? Jidf?


It's forever a mystery.

yet another datamining thread

I suggest we creat a shitstorm by accusing this artist of antisemitm, what with the first decapitated woman being scarlett johansson and the 2nd being some other jew, I can't figure out a resemblance yet.

You kike worshippers are just pathetic. There was no such person. It would be as stupid as finding a letter with the name Steve Rogers in it an using that as proof that not only is Captain America real but the comic books and movies are literal accounts of real events.

Repent from your race traitor ways before we have to kill you.

Good guess. Either way expect more traffic and shitposts soon if this keeps up.

WTF? I love this portrait now!

been seeing a lot of boomer-tier shit memes with demoshits heads shooped on babies.


Every comment seems to be:
"hurr durr drumpf supporters r so dumb. White people r like so dumb hurr durr"
Also, notice how their media tells them to think in every line of the article.
It is a "smear campaign" a bad thing, not simply some people pointing out a fact that an artist painted a raically provocative painting.
They are saying it is a copy of an old painting, so it must be fine.
Two problems:
1 in the old painting, it wasn't white people beheading non-whites, unless perhaps they were (((whites)))?
That would be amazing if an autistic user could figure out who the subjects were.
2 If it's a copy, he is a shitty, uninventive artist obviously.

Judith and Holofernes, nigger.

I'm pretty sure that was Haiti my dude.

Exactly. Africa.



Surprised no one pointed this out.

sperm in his ear too



No hands


This is what happens when you hire degenerate homos to "paint" your portrait.


It's officially sperm now.

If you wanna know how this idiot most likely paints (if at all) its probably an opaque projector. He just photopashes shit together irl. Thats why you see recurring, nonidentical copies of leaves. That's why the fidelity is alright but its still flat as shit, with no depth.

Typical leftist hack.

Make her hot.


One literally right in the middle of his nose too. See it?

SJW freaks dont need photoshop


You gotta love how Che Transvara is wearing a self defense keychain. As if it would ever have the balls to use it.


photoshop obamas face on the negress cutting off the white's head

I'm not implying whites wouldn't even thrive without ghouls, Not implying niggers now are the biggest if not sole reason it's hard to survive in Africa.

I believe most tibal africans are good natured, or atleast netural in nature. The imperialistic Zulu or other grand scheme warlike civilizations on the other hand have been shown to be very unforgiving and unkind. The gold or ivory coast had prosperous and more or less peaceful times until the trans atlantic slave trade made it profitable to enslave other tribes on bigger scales, breeding a newer generation of warlike entities by feeding the culture of victimhood further.

The most desolate and scarcely inhibited areas made good people who depended on each other. Introducing anything more advanced than the wheel to the african civilizations probably made the power balance too imbalanced in most areas of Africa due to the aggressive and competitive nature of Africa itself.

For the Africans it probably must be hard not to feel inferior in so many ways, unless 'advancements' aren't served 'too nicely' towards people who aren't climatized to such advanced technology and governances as the European and Asiatic peoples have been struggling with themselves. The Asians atleast have learned how important it is to first and foremost withhold their own culture instead of sharing it thoughtlessly, as the Europeans have been doing for centuries. That is probably due to the rise of mercantilism or way we more or less had such diverse or compatible cultures that we usually just shared out findings between us in our well deserved peace times. Such a thing lives on for instance between the American people and the European ones. In that regard we aren't very different at all, and such an alliance is so strong politics aren't really needed any more, as our cultures are bound together and more or less compatible.

Linguistic practices more often than not show how differences can be set aside, faggots. Niggers obviously still gonna nig, but bushmen still gonna survive without outside interference.

It's a mess, really. Africans shouldn't feel inferior compared to our culture or ways. They should be proud of theirs and see how our advancements in technology and even our civilizations still haven't brought a more fundamental peace into our way of living than their own. The original christianity had it right, but politics and of course the parasitic influence from (((certain))) influences have been more successful than us, the hosts, now that we are brought against each other to feed on our selves due to the corruption of earth and seed.

Check out the Thriller zombie on the right of Jabba.


Use by subtly insert it into related "trollsy" topics and how Obama is the master of trolling political adversaries and those in your own country are simpleton tyros.

Speechless. Your pic name says more than I ever could about it.

That small guy.. Isn't that PS'ed? It's just too fucking off-putting to believe he's actually standing there posing like that.

Serously? You think the artist did some thinking there with lines and such?

Looks like a bohemian mattress monster.

Underrated post. And true.

yeah, I can see why facebook decided to go with snopes for their fact checking…..

Where's the pic of that kikel cunt talking about intentionally flooding Europe with migrant shitskins? I'm thinking that, then yours next, would show a good flow of the manipulation of Jews by the leftist bolshevik Jews. High tier counter-propaganda value IMO.

Nice OC user.



Hiding is the beginning of Black Insecurity.

and yet people still wonder why the nazis burned books and (((artwork)))

dr zaius?? is that you?

Excellent. Zoom in on the severed head.

He would use it, just not in self-defense. That's for sneaking up behind a normal person in business-casual clothing and striking him in the neck before vanishing back into a crowd of rioters. Think, user.


um, wrong. he learned it from his producer Quincy Jones who is a boy-diddler. Quincy and Bill Cosby were pals growing up and in the 60s recorded a jazz track "Groovy Gravy" (ref. "gravy" as a H-wood term for being ritually sodomized as an induction into the world of fame and fortune - mentioned by the late Whitney Houston). Cosby went after the little nigger girls while Quincy diddled the nigger boys. Folks like Clooney and Spacey would indoctrinate the white ones.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

the fact that it's women's heads the ones they are holding makes i all the better.

B R E A K I N G: Might need a thread of it's own. The designer of the dress the she-boon is wearing has something to do with PLANNED PARENTHOOD, commiserating 100 years of murdering babies:

But it’s Obama’s choice of Milly as a designer that may send the most direct political statement, because Smith is known for her outspoken activism. Last September, she debuted T-shirts commemorating 100 years of Planned Parenthood, for which 100 percent of the proceeds were to benefit the nonprofit women’s health care organization.

On Yahoo news.

And you're too retarded to give us a link?

Wtf. Jewgle it. Or


These sick fucks.

From hate preacher to hate painter, the Obamas are filled with hate.

Fuck your attitude retarded newnigger. Shitting noise into threads isn't how it works here. You fucked up, you got called on it, take it and move the fuck on like a thinking white man or kys.

Who cares? Do you think the kikes sat around in a hugbox saying "do you think they'll care?" whilst they cried into their tissues? They did exactly the opposite to force their ideals on society at large, and so should we. It also solves the problem of normie fence-sitters: you don't want to take a side? Fine. Take this swastika in every orifice you have, bitch.

That is how kikes think. They thrive on the controversy and start it themselves. Rockwell was the last famous pro-white doing this IRL. As far as I'm concerned, if you think our shit is offensive, then you're a faggot. If you care what normalfags think, then you're a faggot.

Are you noticing a pattern yet? Fuck what these fence-sitting losers think. They're pathetic. That's exactly why they're not already here. Those who are not in active rebellion against the system are worthless and only exist to do as we tell them to. Those who resist will be destroyed.

THEN, if you want to man the fuck up and finally resist, then even if you kill me, I have won, because now they assert their own interests now.

Kikes herd goyim by playing extremes and pulling against balance in society. Balance martial arts work the same way and are the deadliest way with weapons.

Observe these digits for this man speaks truth
Do as he says


Isn't it funny that one shitty artist sucks off another?

The christians killed everyone who wouldn't convert by burning huge numbers of Europeans alive just like in WWII, you piece of shit. Whether you're a shill or too lazy to learn, you do not deserve to breathe the air.

WWII already happened you pathetic bluepill nigger

Sage for b8/education for newfags.

I still think that song was why (((they))) killed him.

Checked–finally, an user who gets it.

I have grown tired of even trying to explain anything to those morons, but yes.

It's ok, I know you're on your period, sweetheart.

Mann already did the official Trump White House painting :


Is he supposed to look like Breivik?
Also, ironic that he is drawing white women so lewdly. I mean, I get the '80s Heavy Metal type aesthetic, but that's a bit much.



I see the feds have started the faggotry in this thread now as well.

Not bad enough you send psychos to rape people, now you’re actively trying to convince them to do stupid shit.

Loki is Poseidon in Genesis 2 to 11. Yeshua is his son, Enkis son.

Zues "jehovah" is the rest of the OT, his sons are Samson and Samuel, and Enlils sumerian times son is Ninurta

Odin is Zues is molechian bible jehov god/alien…just like that. Enlil, working with demiurge and lizard carnivores. Made his own human children to destroy everyone else.
Odin is the traitor god of the Anunnaki (sumerian) of the elohim archangels (hebrews)

Odin is Zues is molechian bible jehov god/alien…just like that. Enlil, working with demiurge and lizard carnivores. Made his own human children to destroy everyone else.
Odin is the traitor god of the Anunnaki (sumerian) of the elohim archangels (hebrews)

Oh shit look at the faces in the two middle pics. that ISIS nigger is the con artist himself in drag

Chronos is the Abrahamic God. Father Time.

Who the hell is that anyway? Certainly not Michael Obama


Or, "אני בכוונה עשיתי את זה רע" in the original Hebrew.

That's called "post-modernism"

I didn't recognize the pic, but the paragraph let me know who it was.


That faggot isn't even Christian. He's larping as one as a "wow this religion is pretty gud. kool stories"

can you even attempt to make your schizophrenic ramblings bear some reason at all ???


Trying Obama in the tank with colors closer to the original.


Yes, Chronos is time, time is a parasite eating you, Chronos (Odin) is a one eyed monster who eats his children, though he is not really the Father


and Jihlad, when the walls fell

At least look up the subject you’re speaking about. Odin was not the first, and he didn’t eat his children you nigger trap.

Odin eats mankind as time/Chronos, as Saturn he inflicts curses and parasites, like the hourglass on a black widow, Odin betrayed humanity and the ancient pagan gods and became a Saturnalian devil cannibal

nom nom nom

AFAIK Begin never said that. Do you have a citation?

Nero had a lot of bad commercials run by the Flavii. Vespasianus was bald and clearly envious of Nero's hair.

What about Rome's favrite trap emperor, Heliogabalus?

He isn't a robot user and 30-70% isn't that bad of an estimate. A real robot would call women all worse than devils that spend every waking moment plotting to fuck up the world in whatever way possible and unironically support sharia law. Modern /r9k/ is so shit because all the good posters either killed themselves or git better and never went back so now its just all the self-obsessed trash that's left. They are so up their ass they never post any real OC or interesting opinions and spend most of their time masturbating on how sad their all important life is, how their lives aren't their responsibility and how everyone that won't agree and pity them is a horrible *insert_strawman*. Sound familiar?
At least MGTOW are just a bunch of divorcees that didn't see the bullet coming and want to warn other young men of shit women but nu-/r9k/ is useless.

Come the fuck on Holla Forums, how many stories about Jewish feminists wanting to eat literal aborted fetuses and literally actually supporting Religion of Cuck™ and Sharia does it take? Modern women are the goodest goys that ever goyed in the history of good goys.

a couple of options
a) paid shills
b) compromised beyond repair
c) exodus of normies from regular site because of increasingly rigorous censorship and speech-police
Im going with option d, a little bit of everything

You are comparing women to men and that comparaison is fundamentally flawed. Women are very different than man and have less of an identity than a man does, hell I think it would be better to compare most women as animals more than men. An animal rarely is ever conflicted in what decision to make or uses some deduction to make choices, they rely on instinct to know things such as when prey is sick or not. Women are the same in that they rely on the mind of a community and beliefs of individuals such as their fathers and husbands. This is the primary reason why women have gotten so shit, their community has become whatever the MSM has turned into in the last 100 years and the primary individual in their lives are either abscent or they are encouraged to give them up. This makes them vulnerable, scared and miserable but most of all easily manipulated. There will always be exeptions that act more like indivuals and they range from good (Marie Currie) to bad (Hillary Clinton) but the vast majority of women act very similarly and are very predictable. I'm not saying women can't lie, cheat and cry their way to unjust rewards nor that they haven't done that in the past. But women, like animals have certain instincts and behaviors that they must do or else their lives will be miserable. I have never met a feminist that wasn't A: a goon B: a miserable old cunt or C: a fear grimace beta male (Other sickos go in A for convenience) and this is because that is all it is. There is no women master plan, no 300 year old mouvement, no real values or meaning to the feminist mouvement and that is because it is fabricated. No ammount of cheating and lying is going to make women any less miserable about living a life without a husband or functionning children. Women are predictable, easy to control if you understand them well enough and don't think in long term.

Calling them a goy is like calling a dog a slave, its in their nature. /r9k/ likes to avoid the fact that women are weaker then the weakest man, that once men would have more than one wife when divorce was illegal and that women rights are just a very recent invention. Think of your dog, you would never beat your dog since its unnecessary as it knows its place, your dog is very dirty and never keeps itself clean but you clean or pay to clean it because it looks and smells better. You might let your dog go meet people, give it treats and call it a good boy but noone thinks that because of this the dog is the master in the relationship, this is just the master giving the dog something he doesn't have to. This is the same with manners, female etiquette, beauty products, perfume, the suger and spice thing, whatever drives /r9k/ up the wall. Way back when people didn't freak out if women where treated like this since men had spines and knew damn well that at the end of the day it was just like a master and his dog. The problem today is that the dog has been unleashed, thinks his pack is a bunch of wild hyenas that only use him and teach him to bite the hand that fed him along with those of his own pack and kind. We can either put it down, let it kill itself or take the time and effort to try and bring it back but the later is very hard since the hyenas are always there and are treated as the new men now. The world is filled with hyenas, bad dogs and misguided ones and they are not the same. Some women aren't worth the time and effort to look at while some could become your future wife, but the road to a happy ending in this life might be the hardest it has ever been or will ever be.

Odin isn’t Chronos.

You’re not wasting my time, I am making money sitting here doing nothing. Time/God is on my side. Tic Toc, I won already. How many children do you have?


Isn't that basically what a nigger does?

They are net consumers of the economy. I am not. All of my money goes out or gets invested into companies that provide real value.


the mind of christcuckery

Even Chronos isn't Cronos. Not the same god.

I like these portraits if I'm honest


HE SUB CONTRACTED IT, cannot make this sh#t up, lmfao

What fucking book?

I have to work African panther tonight…Hope to fuck this place doesn’t get shot up


lurk another 2 years newfag

When news of that restoration broke and I saw that photo the ensuing hilarity nearly killed me. I was in traction for 6 weeks while my sides grew back.

Her paintbrush was as effective as a sledgehammer.

Whoever photoshopped out the train carriage they were riding did a good job. This image should only be viewed on smartphones, I use a 50 inch tv and it took me a long time to stop screaming.

I had to Photoshop the Costanza picture into every single one of the smartphones. Seeing the original photo there was activating my autism.


Why does Obama have yaoi hands?

Because he's a fag.


watch to understand why decapitas and masonic shit go together. The masons are trying to set up false flags to set up marital law to set up in fema camps to set up guillotines. Its not a racial issue and that is why they are saying its racial it is but its a serious threat the freemasons wanting to cut our heads off


Your gods aren’t real, you’re just a faggot. No seriously, you’re an idiot. You’re an abuse victim looking for normalcy and abuse is all you understand.

This board is ran by Masons.

hooktube. com/watch?v=-l3D-j9Rgc0


Leave it to (((you))) to weakly try and turn this thread into christfag DnC.

Cry more, intl.

You would be hard pressed to find any two chief deities in any religion in the history of mankind that are more diametrically opposite to one another. Don't fucking speak about things you know nothing about.

I'm going to go completely in the opposite direction from everyone else here and tell you fags that this is the most talented black painter i've ever seen, and i grew up around paintings. My mom is a painter, and she only uses oils paints(like anyone who has any self-respect). This niglet's art is far beyond any other nigger art i've seen ever. Even tho these are rough copies of white paintings, they are copies of white paintings; this nog knows who the greats were at least.

Are you going to opine about the best black swimmer you've ever met next?

I've never seen another black artist even attempt to accurately portray a human face.

picrel: 'normal' black american art.

To be honest, art and especially painting have really gone downhill over the past 30-40 years. I'm intrigued that a random black guy is actually putting out something that isnt 100% garbage, even if the meaning behind is art is.

So, yeah i'm gonna opine about how unique this specific artist is, it's a breath of fresh air among all the modern trash thats thrown about and called 'aesthetic'. I hope other black people follow his lead and stop doing this shit.

i'll post some of my favorites to drown out the trash

no, he just gets chinks to copy actual european art and then claims credit
i wouldnt be surprised if he could not paint a damn wall

cucking for niggers that want whites dead is punishable by death

remember, art(and especially painting) is a higher form of memetics.
In black art, the emotion protrayed is the same (or one of a few, really) every time, one of anger, contempt, sorrow, regret, that area of emotion. sometimes they move over to pride, but rarely past it. OP nig's paintings suffer from this too.
Most black people are just uneducated on the JQ. I firmly believe that the moment they realize that it was actually mostly jews responsible for shipping Africans over, and then further responsible for widening the divide, nogs will immediately begin to understand why an ethnostate and physical separation between the races is the best solution to this problem.

Maybe if he knew who owned the slave ships, the severed head would have a larger nose.

Trump could have his official portrait done on black velvet and it would still look more dignified and presidential than Obama's sperm jungle portrait.

Am I missing something here?

Poor Michael just wanted to be white.

Michael gets honorary aryan status for pissing off the kikes so bad. Oh, did you see where Quincy Jones badmouthed the shit out of Trump and Jackson? Motherfucker wouldn't have said that dumb shit if Michael was still around. I hope he gets Trump cursed.

Shut it down.

I'm ok with this
I'm not ok with this

I have literally seen fucking videogame fanart with more heart and soul than the hack nigger vomit you insist on championing. Is this what art school does to a person's sense of aesthetics? Christ.

That was a Somali.

my teacher spotlighted this artist for lecture not too long ago, but swept the whole 'beheading white people' part of his art under the rug
wishful hoping, but think i could get him in hot water for showing a artist that does hate speech in class?


Moloch became Chronos, who became Saturn, who became Death/Santa Claus. Your pic related is literally Santa and Baby New Year, or Moloch/Baal and his Child Sacrifice.

Think about that next time you wait in line to put your child on his lap as he glows red hot and sits upon his throne.

I didn't go to college, im a pilot. And i'm just saying this guy is better than any other nig i've seen. Anything any non-autistic white dude puts out will obviously be far above that.

It's more of a 'so there's at least one decent one' thing than anything else tbh.

lmao how is saint nicholas the same as moloch?

The absolute state of kike-controlled america.

He used chinks to paint shit you homo

A slow disintegration of the office of the presidency from all respect

I think ZOG is a lot more decentralized than people think. Imagine a ship where every person on board controls the wheel but they all more or less agree on the destination but not on every stop along the way.

Take the school shooting. I don't think they specifically program people anymore. I think they use the foster care system and programs like GATE and special schools and also what kids are posting online about to find, consolidate and produce damaged people primed for MONARCH-style programming while also ostensibly performing a social service. They then expose a number of them across the country to propaganda that implants vague suggestions about what to do when activated, and when they've found a specific target they either activate an asset associated with that target or they transfer an asset to the target and let them acclimate and then activate them.

ZOG is the cabal./deepstate/WeThePeopleCartel.

Implying he was a green when everyone knows he was a blue blooded German.

It should be illegal for bluepilled faggots like you to abuse Hitler reaction images.



That's not how shit works around here.

Perhaps its the black hebrews exacting revenge for being expelled from their holy land in Judea.

Its not perfect but it should be enough to trigger some lefties.

Having chinks trace and color actual photographs superimposed on a canvas with a lazy, computer generated background isn't garbage?

I did what you should've done faggot
**lurk before posting*

Jews have only one trick. And it's

Our future if we don't cleanse these scum from our nations.

Great.. Did you intend to put a kike chicks head on the knife wielding womans body? Cause thats what you did

it forces the observer to think critically (a key piece to memes) which results in them seeking answers to questions like "why is it hate?" "why is that hate but that is art?" it makes one ask the question why?


Manitoba has the most kids in care in the western world. Winnipeg used have underage male prostitutes in Bonnycastle park which is 4 minutes drive from the legislative building. During this time (((sam)) Katz had multiple tax scams and several scandal. Bribes were paid. And those that were to investigate delayed until it was too late.
What kept the silence?
How did Scam Katz always get away?
Why did Brian Bowman turn Bonnycastle park into a dog park?

I am redpilling my city hard

I got a list of few low level pedophiles