US Reminds Iran Their Sons Are Ready to Die For Israel

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Israel will fight Iran down to the last American.

Quite some spin you're putting on it goat-fucker. Next time, don't just annoy them with shitty drones. Not accomplishing anything but "escalating" and drawing the US into it. Hit them hard and fast in DIRECT RESPONSE to something they do and you can claim "the right to defend yourself" as they do. Then no one can bitch and disassociate events from other previous events as kikes are wont to do.
Get good.

Sage negated, kike.

See goat-fucker, this is why no one takes you cunts seriously. You're a bunch of retarded niggers mixed with jew blood and it's the worst of both worlds. You don't want to remove kike, you think you'll be left alone by your jew family if you remove whites. You just want to be pets.


>why dont they just directly invade israel so the (((US))) can come running to its aid with a legitimate reason
you know where im gonna tell you to go back to right?

are you from AIPAC or something?

At some point in the last few years it was decided, depending on the website environment they were shilling in, that certain audiences were so unresponsive to typical philosemitic arguments that attacking the enemies of jews for being jews was the path to take.

the only ones in the world with this right apparently
not even americans get that

t. /r/the_zionald
Fuck me. Is Holla Forums so gone that zionists like this can openly post on here?

This is how you derail a thread

Fuck off goat fucker, anti Israel is code for anti trump

You have a serious written text understanding problem. You got his whole post wrong. You’re either a kike or simply braindead retarded and you’ll be useless to our cause in any way so you might just leave already, retard

You're gonna have try a whole harder than that, moshe.

We know.

Trump wouldn't be anti-Israel even in a million years of Presidency.

All these fucking kikes and sandniggers can suck my american pork and beans

then say what that is instead of screechoing

no, i can just see past your weaseled shitposts and read betwen the lines:
>support the wars against (((americas))) enemies


This tbh. Dr Pierce has a good segment on American food, which is all kosher. Literally.

A ban evading kike no less. How is it Holla Forums is always right?

Good luck, Iran. Not that you need it.

Is tho the Israeli mod turning this place into r_theDonald?

Seriously though, there are like 6 million kikes in Israel, and like 200 million Arab muzzies in the ME. there's no excuse for this shit, not even ZOG.


Back you go



Quintessential cuckservative. Why the fuck are you on Holla Forums?

protip: you need to put it in these //
like this;


You're not truly a White Nationalist unless you support Israel.

Israel bombs Syria
Hey Syria stop provoking Israel

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It's probably one of the Israeli kike anons from cuckchan.

Not surprising considering its also the country whose sons and daughters are routinely killed by niggers so Amazon, McDonald's and Walmart can have a constant stream of cheap labor.

How the fuck can we make America and Israel enemies? I don't want to fight their wars.

If Obama had a third term it probably would have happened tbh.

A first year law student could have picked that up, come on guys.

bump kike nigger

I love based Trump. Always putting Amerca first!

Everyone who says this shit needs to be banned.

Good way to find shills and newfags

Like this one here

Embarrassing post.

The day Assad nukes Israel is going to be the happiest day ever.

israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. Even before the muslims as per priority

Is this the level of chesscuck narrative now? At least make an effort for your pay, glow in the darks.

WTF?????? IMMA SHILLDAWG KILLBOT NOW!÷*÷-÷÷!!!!!!!**

Oprah Y Yeb! 2020

have they provided any proof this actually happened?
yeah, after it bombed their country

Lmao you actually think we're going to fall for this?

this, also pics or it didn't happen. damn kikes never learn, the chutzpah. I hope israel gets a nuke here soon.


Yes supposedly there is proof but it's kikes so I never trust it.

that could be literally anything (including video of an exercise)
wow I'm totally convinced now
nuke Tehran

TBH the mods tend to only ban criticism of Trump's overtly jewish links or any bad things said against Bannon or Kushner.
Essentially any user critical ofZOG now we're all Koshertastic Neo-Conservatives on Nu-pol

That comment you cite was just a typical jewey half arsed pretence, it was one of the mod team that made it, in order for you to have a contrived example of the mods being based and having any sort of integrity.

Which as any user who's watched this board get hijacked by kikes can tell you, they have no integrity whatsoever.

What's that?
Yeah just 30 threads pinned all praising ZOG and promoting every jewish controlledopposition grouparound while pretending the jewish puppet Trumpstein is based and secretly on ourside while only serving isreal's interests

precisely this.
Fucking kikes.
There are always drones flying around there. I'm surprised the Syrians don't jam their shit TBH.

Nice try but if you think he truly supports kikes then why has ISISrael basically lost Syria at this point? To the point they are losing planes in order to try salvage what's left of their efforts? It's funny that posters like you come along and try turn Holla Forums against the mods every fucking time, meanwhile there is plenty of evidence Trump is not working for the kikes beyond lip service and media horse shit. Syria alone is a big counter argument to your position.
And why is Holla Forums so anti-kike for a kike run board as you allege. Seems quite strange they'd not shut it down don't you think?

This user gets it.
And what makes it even more fucking obvious is that the mods left the comments and their edits up. Go into a number of threads on this board and see the countless dead quote links to deleted posts that the mods didn't want up.
You faggots aren't fooling anyone expect the kikes you already controlled and flooded this board with.

You seriously can't be this retarded. You have to be a shill pushing this nigger tier logic.


ISISrael lost ~70%+ of their land since he has come in to office.
It's just a cohenincidence, goy. The problem is you shills don't know anything about Syria then come here and try tell Holla Forums about drumfp, kike mods and your other tired ass shit.

You are obvious as fuck.

Facts on the ground dispute your horse shit claims. Keep wallposting, faggot.

What "facts" are these that dispute the self-evident fact that Trump is owned by jews,only implements action as advised by his mate uber kike Henry Kissinger all the while he is personal friends with Hillary?

I already told you, ISISrael has basically lost Syria in last year.
All you focus on is kike media horseshit.
Quote that latest kike newspaper next, it'll give your claims so much more credibility.
He called out (((allies))) multiple times. But to dumb shills like you, you can't understand this because it's not spoon fed to you by kikestream media.

I just hope you and all the infernal kikes sharing your Tel Aviv office dies in some horrible Hellfire from Iran

You also forget how he operates.

The memos coming out are a perfect example of this along with every other time he has fucked people over.

You shills want him to literally hitler. That's not how it works. He isn't hitler, he isn't perfect (I certainly don't agree with everything he does!) but he is the means towards this and the best shot so far for you burgers.

the SAA doesent have jamming equipment. russians do but they want to play it clean and surgical and dont want a direct confrontation with israel.

True they also probably don't want countermeasures to their equipment. From memory they did use jamming/hacking to down mossad ISISrael drones that attacked the russian airbase. But further inland from the kikes so it would be harder for them to pick up on it.

fucking kill yourself JIDF

When Israel blows its load too soon and Trump refuses to help because they attacked first, I want to you remember this post.

This is why I'm wondering why your bosses bother to pay you for such low rent clueless rationale when shilling for jewry on here

see you stupid nigger

This is expressly the most pointedly stupid breibart troll tier lie that only a fucking shameless kike could ever make

Do you know about Manbij and what went on there with US forces? No you don't and I'm not going to spoonfeed you ignorant nigger so shut the fuck up.
If they didn't want ISISrael kicked out of Syria (being kike puppets as you allege) then USA wouldn't have allowed Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey etc to fucking steamroll kurds, ISISrael and co.
CIAniggers who are not directly controlled by US millitary/chain of command, did the evacs and the resupply. of course they supplied/supported ISISrael, hence the whole Benghazi bullshit and the rest. This isn't a mystery.
If you think low level US mil directly supports ISIS in Syria you're a fucking idiot. They mostly use the traitorous sluts that are special forces and mossad/CIAniggers

Video related was just before Trump said no more cianigger/ISISrael support.
I had video from Syria in 2016 of TOWs calibrated in 2015 in San Diego ffs. So yes, king nigger can be blamed also, but you faggots only ever screech about Trump for some strange reason, why is that?

You keep trying so hard you faggot kike, JIDF trained you poorly.

This is exactly what is going to happen. Because otherwise, Trump will loose massive amounts of popular support dragging USA into another war.
He'll be fighting lefties and righties in the two kike party system.

US has always supported kurdniggers, for decades.

And pic related is proof you fucking know-nothing faggots. Even (((BBC))) admits this has happened.
Yes Russia/Hezb has made the biggest dent but little of that would happen without US standing aside and giving up. They let Al-Tanf get encircled, the Syria-Iraq border opened up, which allows for ground resupply of Hezbollah, but no, drumpf le kikes trust us goy.
Fucking pathetic know-nothing shillfaggots you are.

Oh and don't forget
Where mattis claimed they knocked out 20% of the Syrian airforce, by taking out 6 planes, few of which were not operational. 20% of 200-250 is 6. Fucking top kek and you faggot shills lap it up like chocolate milk with MUH DRUMPFGFFF KIKE MODS OYYY VEYY GOY TRUST US

Circular logic so utterly retarded that would even make the most rabid rabbi scratch its head at Talmud lectures

At this point, what is the point if the board Mods allows openly jewish retarded trolls like these to dominate every discussion here?

Dont forget daughters… sons and daughters.

Women are eligible for combat roles now. Wait for the outcry on the first few female combat deaths.

i do because ive been following that war since it started not since that fag was elected and i needed to defend ZOG moves he represents as a US president like you you dumb fag
ISIS was a tool to bring down assad. when the russians kicked in ISIS became useless despite US arming and funcing. so the US hired communist kurds and had ISIS surrender land to them while still fighting the syrians.
this way you had kurds taking land with no resistance while IS was putting up a fight against the SAA only kilimeters away in Dierezzor

turkey and syria arent even allies you dumbfuck, turkey is in it just for a landgrab.
and the US did nothing because theyre afraid of pissing off turkey and its FSA, especially after the coup and the deals they made with russia.
the US didnt plan manbij, they just spilled sphagetti and cried

you fucking retard pentagon commanded specops were captured in aleppo helping alqaeda, and the pentagon, CIA, alqaeda are all on the same team in syria

benghazi is in libya idiot

there are no low level US personnel in syria outside the airbases
which they fucking built on syrian soil
its all specops and green barrets training terorists

because anyone that isnt afucking idiot know that the title of "US presdident" is a fucking joke that holds no real power, you dumbass.
do you retards know how fucking annoying you are when you started screeching the the US democracy magically started working in the last two years? (((they))) offed kennedy with a fucking gunman but you think they wouldnt do the same if their puppet#45 stepped out of line?

Another (1) jumps IP.
Again you faggots fail to address any facts on the ground in Syria and keep the usual wallposting/kike mods bullshit going.
If it's so kiked here, then start your own board and fuck off. But you faggots come and demoralization shill here every time there is a quiet point and no salt generation, like clockwork.

are you retarded? were blaming the US you dumbfuck, trump is just an insignificant patsy in the whole scheme and noone outside the US gives a fuck about him or your internal partisan politics

If you don't like us odious kikes, shilling endlessly for ZOG here, you and all other antisemitic anons should just leave Holla Forums in our jewish hands

Again the flaws in your bent-logic betrays your retardation and devotion to simply spouting any old gibberish in praise of ZOG


Again the flaws in your bent-logic betrays your retardation and devotion to simply spouting any old gibberish in praise of ZOG

So have I and you are wrong on a few points.

Tell me what happened then from your POV
They didn't plan it at all it was a reaction - of course.

You'd know that the kurds were fighting ISIS (occasionally having spats with SAA/NDF etc) for a long time as they were US funded and supported for decades. Then they turned around and left negotiations with Syrian govt and now they are open fodder for Turkroaches and SAA etc.

I never implied that. Of course they are not allies but they have a common enemy.
Turkey won't get land because RU/SY forces will ensure this doesn't happen. Turkey is just doing some dickwaving against terror commies to gain popular support.

Pentagon is basically CIAnigger 2nd HQ at this point.

Of course it's in Libya, the point is they have been pumping weapons into that region for a while now, many of those weapons ended up in Syria for ISISrael, hence the whole coverup of Benghazi, it's all connected.

The blatant shit stopped, e.g. obvious continuous air drops, now it's more spec ops/cianiggers nigging as usual. Of course the USmil hates when CIAnigger faggot-ops get taken out by SAA/SAF/Hezb etc, hence the shitty air strikes every few months.

I'm well aware POTUS is a puppet position but there have been more positive changes in this regard since Trump got in. Democracy is a meme everywhere but Switzerland. Even then it's still shit.

Nice try, Chaim.

These positive changes in regard to Trump's Presidency you speak of, care to expand for those of us who can plainly see all he has done is serve the zionist Neo-Con agenda.

In brief:
The only problem with America is that it is a hijacked and occupied Super-Power who shields and enables isreal's total global control grid to maintain power.

Since electing Trump, all he has done is placed every single nation wrecking zionist kike in every key position of power in America, and now isreal looks to be advancing WWIII for dumb gullible Americas to fight and die for.


Are you actually being serious?

Using ZOG on Holla Forums is the equivalent of
That's how I can tell you're not from here.


You are here, promoting the current jewish occupation of the Whitehouse
You complained of the use of the term "ZOG" here on Holla Forums, in response to your support of ZOG
So I plainly broke down its definition in order for you to understand its meaning which you obviously hadn't a clue about.
Then you reframe this as:

No it isn't, it's criticism of you and your jewish cohorts here openly shilling for ZOG on here

Now here's the thing… so far all you have done is praise ZOG and defending the jewish zionist Neo-Conservative cabal in control of America at this point in time.

Expect the odd bit of flack from the few remaining non-jewish antisemites while on Holla Forums in that case

business tax rate
stopping (((outsourcing)))
Not having WW3 over Syria
Salt production increased 1488%
Made the kikestream media a joke
Made it nearly impossible for mexitrash to stay in burgerland
repealed key parts of shitty kangniggercare

Why can't you just call them kikes, Chaim?
All I have done is try to demonstrate that media brainwashed boomer-tier faggots like you, basing your opinion of trump on kike media, is incorrect.
No true Holla Forumsack would use such faggoty word soup to avoid saying kikes. Again, you are clearly not from here.

I've called you and your friends here kikes several times here and pretty much every time I see you, which is sadly every day since Trump announced he was running for election

This doesn't negate the fact all you are doing is promoting neocon jewry as the solution to the neocon jewish problem America faces…

So what would you do about then?
Because all I see here since then is MUH DRUMPFGF.

Ad infinitum

So basically, when he does stuff that does benefit burgers and rest of the world to the detriment of the kikes, ignore it and only loudly REEEE when you don't understand his actions.
Got it.

We eagerly await that day…


(intentionally left unckecked for stealing Hitler trips)
Only good thing he's done

specifically designed to help his yid CEO buddies and fuck white working class americans over
>stopping (((outsourcing)))

I did, and it's embarrassingly a Breibart cut-out clipnote given to their trolls while promoting their jewish choice of trump using neoConservative distorted arguments as though the only opposition to jewry are neo-liberal democrats.

Sometimes, the solution to overthrowing jewry isn't by siding with one of the nation wrecking jewish political paradigms against its other jewish controlled opposition.

This is Holla Forums yet all it seems to have is kikes like you shilling for jewry pretending to be "based fashy goys" turning it into Breibart 2.0

Is it Bannon bux or Kushner bux driving this?

Fucking them over with bonuses, right. So that's why a smaller company I am closely involved in, is looking to invest in USA and make more jobs?

Not happening over syria and never will.
Next you'll tell me WW3 over Norks, right?

WTF IM A KILLARY SHILLBOT NOW??,$$\$\?????,????????


Fuck your faggot shill ass

Was at:

Fuck your faggot shill thread

Fuck yor faggot shill threAd

I'm betting on Kushner for the following reason:

Nice anecdote, point discarded.

Escalating every day, moshe. Maybe not WWIII but more interventionist action for sure.
No, they have a fucking deterrent. We're not going to war with anyone with nukes because nobody wins a nuclear war
You massive faggot.

Exactly what trump wants you to think. Even pot-smoking boomer faggots with youtube channels doubt the media and did way before trump.

I can because to the trumpcucks it's liberal media. He hasn't touched kikes and never will.

u mad

I'm good.
You mad?

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Have a bump, you know news is good when the shills don't even bother to hide it. Godspeed OP.

How do i contact you?

Just reach over from your desk to the big nosed kike across from you in your Breibart Tel Aviv office

While you pay tax. You fucking faggot I disowned the government, am not even on the electoral role in my country, I pay no tax, no state insurance, no TIN on bank accounts and offshore setups. So get fucked you fucking idiot taxslaver.
And it's something that never gets discussed here for some really strange as fuck reason. Paying taxes is the final boomer-tier meme frontier to break. Fuck the taxrothskikes, you fuck the kikes and US gibs to ISISrael.
And it's not a felony you fucking idiot, it's a private corporation you chose to knowingly contract with.
IRS/IRD/taxkikes = IMF = world bank = rothskikes
It's pretty fucking simple.

Syria is not escalating every day. The kikes do this every year, some cross border shit, they usually lose a drone or a plane every year or two, tensions raise, Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah tell the kikes to fuck off and they go back to their rathole in tel-aviv. Very predictable.

Of course people doubted the media this has been happening for thousands of years, point is it's on a scale recently that has never been seen before. Ratings and viewership dropping, outlets going under etc.

He won't name the kike media because it would be a shitstorm. he leads people to the trough to start questioning and start leading down the JQ trail.

Kek'd and checked
Can talk on >>>/tok/ if you want to chat more privately.

Projecting much, D&C shareniggers?

Lmao. The burger who has all his Syria related news fed to him by Fox jews thinks he knows about Syria.
Look here (>>11257780) at how hard you cucked when someone (>>11257751) with actual knowledge of the war called you out. The cucking even start from the 1st line
Beta has fuck, lmao. Stay in your lane Zionald shill.

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Definitely I cucked soooo hard, almost as hard as you and this shitty thread. Don't see you contributing to the discussion, either.
You can't even type properly you autistic faggot

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How about I
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(((you))) when you were getting happy:
(((you))) after getting BTFO
As I said before, don't judge anons by your nigger tier /r/the_zionald standard. This board was used to have countless /sg/ threads before faggots like you invaded and cried about anons rightly shitting all over the United States of Zion and got them banned.

It's called debate you faggot. We both conceded points to each other. So you going to reply to the other user and say they cucked too?
You fucking brainlet, you can't even argue shit about what was discussed, or you wouldn't just be posting such utter drivel.
Of course USA is fucking kike controlled cuckery. But to say trump is also just the same is total bullshit when you look at the scenario on the ground.
ISISrael has been assfucked. USA kurdniggers getting assfucked from 5 nations.
And yet,

p.s. I have never complained about /sg/ threads, as I used to participate in them until they got shoah'd recently. I even got banned for shitting on kurdniggers, go figure.
So I'm clearly a tel aviv faggot like you then, right?

the US lost influnece among the FSA terrorists that preffered saudis and turks. the USeven got told to fuck off by a FSA group in aleppo, and there was a video of US forces withdrawing with tanks and technicals
and while the US focused on recruiting kurds, turkey stepped in for the FSA. the US trained kurds because theyre more reliable than alqaeda, but disregarded them being a natural turk enemy.
so by the time the US was grabbing land in northeastern syria, turkey took care of the kurd problem themselves and invaded syria. because the kurds cant fight the syrian army in direct battles the front stopped at the euphrates river, and in case of the northwestern kurd pocket the kurds were a libility. fearing alienating turkey the US bailed on the kurds there.

which is why they were perfect since the US was trying to excuse its invasion of syria as fighting ISIS.
in reality ISIS practically surrendered all land to the kurds after Raqqa fell

in the long run yes, but currently russia is trying to court turkey out of the US sphere of influence

pentagon was always just a ctrl+alt+del option for covert CIA fuckups

because ISIS was incapacitated in both iraq and syria. The pentagon and CIA dont reset and reboot everytime someone is elected

compared to potential hillary being elected yes. but the power and independance assumed to be held by a president is autistically out of proportion among american posters on here. the presidental position was crippled after JFK, and then again when reagan went full retard with neoliberalism in america

>Oy vey, it'called a (((debate)))
Lmao. Yeah sure looked like you wanted to have a (((debate))) when you were flinging around insults and making definitive close ended points.
==lol==. Keep telling yourself that if it lets you sleep at night. He conceded literally nothing to you and continuously called you a fucking moron while you licked his balls in the hope he'd spare you.

No way in hell you posted in /sg/ with this ZOG mentality. You'd have been hounded away. You mean you shilled in /sg/. In that case I believe you since this zionist BS poped up frequently and got BFTO every time just like now.

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How about I
Fuck your faggot shill thread

Excellent post and great overview of the situation.. you put it better than I can.

Don't now if perfect, but a better image than ISIS. I've seen even lefties getting shitty at kurds, because muh oppreshun etc that triggers SJWs. That said their female soldiers are great propaganda.

This has been quite interesting to watch indeed. I bet there are some stressed kikes fretting over this.

Agreed. But shit noticeably changed once trump said no more ISISrael gibs, there were three or four months of no TOW videos if you remember? Sure ISISrael getting fucked definitely didn't help but even in areas they still held nothing was getting through. Then they started getting a few in from saudiniggers or similar few months after this period in trickles, lately it seems they're mostly using fagots and other cold war era black market shit. TBH, the kurdniggers seem to have more than ever lately.

Good point. And yes it's clear the president has very little control on anything beyond his direct grasp, especially military, however a few unusual synchronicities have appeared (e.g. my prior TOW example), plus the overall game plan changing in Syria. One thing is for certain, the kikes are loosing ground fast, both their kurdniggers and ISISrael faggot mercs are in the bin now.

I used to still do hate turkroaches, so it's funny supporting their shit against kurds.

Be quiet you fucking sperglord, the adults are talking.

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ISIS was just a rabid dog set loose that would have gotten the job done if russia and iran hadnt stepped in. but when they did the US needed someone to serve as a proxy backdoor into syria. IS and kurds served two different purposes

that isnt cold war era shit, its freshly produced arms from eastern europe. factories in poland, serbia, bulgaria and elsewhere are still massproducing old designs (because their economy depends on it) and selling it eirther via NATO or saudis to the black market

same here, but watching their op from Hatay and Albab theyre not very productive

u mad?


Marg bar Āmrikā
Israel Police Recommend Charging Prime Minister Netanyahu With Bribery in Two Cases
Looks like war

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u mad?

They weren't stolen, you are not from here, therefore an unworthy kike, that will never receive hitler dubs,trips,qauds or anything for that matter.

Sorry, is this more to your taste?

Since you say you know about the war, from your point of view is hezbollah based? They are CONSTANTLY calling out kikes, and fighting against them. Are they like the muslims germany allied with during WW2?

Anyone that isn't yourself can see your cognitive dissonance like a neon pink marker all over a freshly painted white wall.



they served two different purposes but ultimately the same one in the long game, which was their problem. I don't think anyone expected it to last as long as it has.
There were some pretty dire times in earlier years of the war when it looked really bad, then Russia threw their hat in and did more in two weeks, than USA had claimed to do vs ISISrael in a year of mostly BS bombing empty desert structures.

Of course there are plenty of new ones, but also old ones, captured or ex millitary stocks, mostly old as hell designs in the ATGM department as you said. E.g. you don't see Javelins being used much outside of Kurds with SF accompanying.
They also do get rid of stockpiles it seems.
Seen pretty new TOWs there, from 2015 Aug San Diego (last calibration certification), used in earlyish 2016 in Syria. TOW was faulty and they pulled that video which was for their handlers, because they have to document everything to be resupplied, then screwed that up by making it public.
Coolest old thing I've seen from Syria was a WW2 cannon kek. Crazy fuckers.

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global report by the way

anti kike bump

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How about I

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I'm still baffled why normies don't see kikes or Israel as a bad guy despite all this shit.

Gotta be something to do with every president pledging allegiance to Israel and the Jewish people.



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