Did we ever find a correlation between this physical deformity in women and their likelihood of being a rabid feminist?

Did we ever find a correlation between this physical deformity in women and their likelihood of being a rabid feminist?

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Didn't fish lips turn out to be a result of fetal alcohol syndrome?

Not FAS on the left, the woman has a ridged philtrum. In FAS the philtrum (space between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose) is smooth.

Honestly, just being overtly unattractive substantially increases the likelihood they'll be a rabid feminist. This is no exception.

Those are some nice looking digits

Primarly, women turn to feminisim because of lack of sexual attention from males. The female brain, not capable of sustained logical thought looks to place blame outward which feminism gives them the agency to do so.

In my experience, most women with very low self-esteem either place blame outward, as you say, or inward, focusing all blame on themselves. There's occasionally some middle-ground, but it's fairly rare; generally, if they're not rabid feminists, then they're more likely to be the selfless sort of person, but it's generally down to how they outwardly express it.

Fish lips come from bad mouth posture, which is a nasty habit. Could be sign of low intelligence, certainly a sign of poor self control / attentiveness.


There is a correlation between feminism and testosterone levels. You'll see a lot of feminists with strong jawlines, at least the ones who aren't fat.


I recall reading a good article about allergies in a waiting room magazine. It talked about the stress that can effect the psychology of the sufferer, and also has an effect on socialization. For example, food sharing is a basic human bonding activity, but people with food allergies usually can't partake in them.

In this case, I believe these trouts have deformed faces due to severe respiratory allergies causing them to mouth-breathe and deform their faces over time. According to the article, there is a strong link between seasonal allergies and clinical depression, which brings trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions, fatigue, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, pessimism, hopelessness, insomnia, over sleeping, loss of interest in normal activity, including sex, overeating, appetite loss, headaches, persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings, and suicidal thoughts or attempts.

I would hypothesize that a combination of poor genetics, allergies, mental illness, drugs, and inability to socialize properly is the perfect recipe for a leftist zombie.

Fish lips are similar to almond eyes or big tits on a narrow chassis.
It's a sign of Jewish genes.

I suppose with no evidence of conservative, decent women with fish mouths, a correlation seems evident.

I still find the woman with the burger to be cute, but having had my values, and foresight expanded by this site and other material, I would never procreate with her. It horrifies me that in the past I wouldn't even have considered the consequences of doing such a thing, and that that is where most men are at still.

As for the deformities, obviously lefties tend to have had a worse upbringing than is adequate to create a healthy human being, so it is not far fetched to imagine their parents being of lower genetic stock themselves.

physically weak = mentally weak
physically ugly = ugly soul
internal health is reflected outward as an evolutionary selector. For instance acne is not a skin condition, it is a symptom of parasites/bacterial overgrowth/yeast overgrowth in the gut

Are you sure that's not skewed by trannies?

No, it's genetic. Especially prevalent amongst Swedish females.

You can absolutely judge a book by its cover. The content of your soul is worn on your face.

fishmouth syndrome + the soullessness in their eyes + their negative histrionics highly correlate to tulpa black magic shit. The fools.

Virtuous men achieve more, and attract beautiful women, which results in beautiful, virtuous offspring. Beauty is a decent filter for quality.

Sorry but that's bullshit being spread around by those who can't accept that many so-called women on our TV screens are in fact men in drag.
Testosterone does NOT cause the jaw to grow, especially at the (still very low compared to a man) levels which may or may not present following a switch to more male-typical behaviors/postures.
Using T helps you to lower body fat and increases muscle definition, which can lead to the impression of a wider jaw. In fact it doesn't cause jaw growth. HGH on the other hand, can.

The modern man is largely incapable of distinguishing between biological man and biological woman. This is a result of being "trained" by kike media, to associate masculine traits like square jaw, deepset eyes, brow ridge, sloping back forehead, long arms which reach half way down the thighs, large veiny feet and hands, adam's apple, with women.
This was taught by employing trans women as "female" actresses, many actors come from a handful of families who transition their kids soon after birth.
The castrato did not die with Alessandro Moreschi but is alive and well on our TV and theater screens, and our e-celeb Youtube videos.

And one final little bit, this interview of Sandra Bullock a bullock is a castrated male cow - the kikes enjoy mocking us by leaving clues in the names of their golemscaused a stir when it was released because men and women still had a good sense of when the thing being presented to them as a "woman" was actually a man in drag.
Aside from the obvious bio-markers, Bullock had not learned how to hide his male "energy", expressions etc.

they then proceed to try and prevent attractive women being visible to anyone, as is it is 'objectification' and the attractive women's right to agency isn't allowed.


Mouth breathing is a result of poor posture buddy. Another side effect is that your face, which continues to grow even after puberty, grows down instead of outward because your mouth is not closed and your tongue does not support your pallet. This also leads to impacted teeth because your jad does not grow out resulting in a (((need))) for braces and often the removal of your wisdom teeth as well as other teeth.

Look up dental posture videos to get more on this. here are 3 links to get you started.



14 minutes in on this one is a comparison of 2 girls, its interesting

Uh… huh huh… Uhhh… huh huh huh.

I thought it was just that kike women all look like men.

I literally cannot breath through my nose, something inside is fucked up. My mother had the same problem since she was born, seems to be genetic?

lean back, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth

What for?

to open your airways

I've tried everything, but the thing is that, no matter what I do, something seems to be fucked up inside, and air just won't make it into the lungs, interestingly enough, for my mother it went away at age 50, the doc that checked me up when I was a baby said it would go away eventually like it did with my mother.

This is the authoritative video proving the environmental basis for LFS (Liberal Fishmouth Syndrome.)

user, I meant keep that posture
watch these

This would explain why emma watson has not come out about being assaulted by weinstein. It would also explain the man handling in the pictures, as you would not want the public to know that the UN feminist stooge is a man.

The problem with this theory, is how are they leveraging it for control? Once the control aspect is properly identified, things will start to click. I suspect that this is a vestige, long running communist operation, a plan b in case the soviet union failed. I would not be surprised if the kikes felt that the soviet union was a stepping stone to their dream of a communist west.

I watched for 2 minutes and she just talked about her feelings. Don't even know why I clicked.

She's a dumb cunt tbh

Lie down on the floor and practice breathing through your diaphragm for about 20-30 minutes with your mouth closed.
-t mouth breather of 21 years who juts now figured this shit out.
Seriously, do it.

Is that how it is for teens?

I don't know if it always denotes a feminist, but air-cooled teeth seem to always indicate the presence of a cunt.

Basically this. They're basically the female version of INCEL's. Sure, they may actually get laid once in a while, but not by anyone they'd actually like.

Fairly soon the bitterness, envy, and hatred show up on their physical characteristics as a warning to anyone with a few brain cells.

You possibly have a deformity in the sinus. Basically the dividing wall in the center is off to the side or something. If you have nose breathing problems, find some sort of specialist center (sometimes these have a cluster of specializations, like ear, nose, throat, etc). Could be a simple a sticking a balloon in, inflating it for a bit, and then removing it. Or is could involve actual surgery.

It's worthwhile to find out, as you may be as risk for infections "sinusitis" due to blockage, and this sort of thing is better found and fixed when you are young and can still heal well.

That's actually fairly typical of women in general. With their mouths in a natural, relaxed position, most women's lips tend to part slightly. Keyword: slightly. Just a small sliver of teeth should be visible. With cuntface, the lips aren't in a relaxed position, they're actively holding their upper lip up. You can see the muscles tense around their mouths, making them appear as if they're perpetually disgusted (which they are, because they're cunts). With fishface, it seems to be a legitimate physical deformity, causing the upper incisors to be entirely or almost entirely visible at all times. There's probably some disorder which produces the specific combination of fish mouth, pig nose, low IQ, and histrionic personality, though I'm sure kike medicine would probably not have defined/named such a condition.

On a related note to what I said earlier, men tend to have completely closed lips when their mouths are in a relaxed position. Even with mouth-breathers, it's usually that the lower jaw is hanging down, rather than the upper lip lifting up. When it's the latter, it's a pretty telltale sign of estrogen overdose, which is how we get soygoy face.

I refuse to believe this, next to the notion that this means that the kikes actually have honest to god Eunuch factories somewhere spilling fucking kids out who they have to have perform DIliation.

It can't have gotten that bad behind everyone's backs and under their noses right? Can it please just be moloch worship mixed with criminal human trafficking and commissioned eugenics and corrupt government institutions?

every faggot on this board thinks because they saw that chicks video they know everything. i see like 30 people posting the same shit. you gay faggot fallowers read up peer reviewed research yourself. faggots google scholar for the pussies