2018 State of NASA event

NASA will reveal their priorities for the next year and Trump's budget for them.

tl;dr of things so far:

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if they can get through the whole thing without mentioning climate change, i'll be impressed.

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DIdn't mention climate change once.

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tl;dr, NASA's goals for 2030:

Easy to see why Pence cares so much, if everything goes according to plan he'll be the one starting a manned lunar program in the same manner President Johnson did in the mid 60s. Consider that NASA's HQ is called the Johnson Space Center.

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that's literally nothing

Really makes you think.

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Really sad how the budget is wasted on wellfare and Lockheed Martin's overpriced trash.

Do you want space research or another shitty $4 billion frigate that can't even pass the panama canal without getting damaged? Or $3000 'special' bolts that the jews just bought from the deparment store and glued their logo on it.

To get a basic idea of what it would look like. Where we are now is comparable to America in 1958, with Surveyor 1 in 1966 and Apollo 11 in 1969.

It isn't nothing because we can sit and jack off over charts all day and compare different things by pure numbers and not by results, much like a certain group of people do. In a practical sense NASA is doing great things with the $19 billion they are getting, and if that number is so truly inconsequential then call your elected representatives and demand they pump it up to $40 billion for FY 2020.

funny you mention that when the AF is paying Boeing to build this, which will fly by 2020

2030 it is then

Really makes you think.

If they have not replaced the former head of NASA they will probably make it a point to say something to the effect of "At the request of mr trump (because not muh president) research in to climate change will be temporarily halted"

if you watch the video they only got as close as "studying our planet", the term "climate change" was not mentioned once and neither was any mention of Trump. However, Pence got mentioned at least three times and got a personal thank-you from the current acting director at the start.

this is what boomers actually believe

If you want something, you have to demand it. Trump himself lays this out in Art of the Deal. If no demands are made, they just assume you either don't care or are fine with whatever you get. Why do you think Jews make a point of demanding people not engage in "antisemetic" pro-Palestinian speech?

It's 1% of the budget overall.


I don't like the sound of having all UAVS (((integrated))) into ATC.

You're forgetting that whiny boomers, while on their way out, are still the demographic that votes the most. Some of these reps still depend on their votes