Inside the Two Years that Shook Facebook—and the World

Kikes kvetch about free "open platform" access; Create (((paywalls))), kike'd metrics, and artificial hurdles to slow the spread of wrongthink
It's actually an interesting article, despite the transparent "muh Russians" angle. It lists the (((agendas)) ) going forward

It looks like they are turning the "problematic" parts of their platform (politics) into what will amount to a vauge 'Jewgel Captcha behind a paywall' for anyone who cares to participate (and favors legacy media giants). See the quotes below; they confirm paywall and more user investment as the price to interact "meaningfully"…which is essentially what Captcha does, prevent easy clicks/access

Look out for possible attacks on "Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act"
and pay attention to Tristan Harris and his "non-profit" Time Well Spent



What you mean you didn't pay your kosher press tax? No access for you.

And it look slike they are setting it up to be keyed to their gaming it with bots as it uses "interaction" as the metric.
Oy! It isn't fake is you have to pay for it!

Come find us.


This seems like a good thing to me. Why? because there are few things more offputting to the internet public than pay walls. hopefully this will accelerate the collapse of the kikemedia and lead to even more exposure of the (((demons))). fingers crossed

They did this shit with scientific journals and it became pay to play and look where it got us. They do their (((best))) work behind closed doors.


So, what are more cancerous: corporations or governments?

It seems like Zuckerberg did nothing wrong.


It got us to the point were nobody believes their (((science))) shit anymore because of that kinda crap. The most inane shit is believed by the common faggots and few of them accept anything the media or an supposed science man says on TV anymore. The numbers whom actually lend credence to Utube shit over hard science is troubling, but I'll take what I can get from the normalfags.

Can you imagine being so full of shit that you said the term "post-truth era" unironically. As if propaganda was something invented two years ago and not an art they're all well versed in.

And of course the deliberate misinterpretation of journos regarding those studies didn't help.


I'm not sure the world could survive a seamonkey flotilla.

That surely blown my sides.

Normally I hate Black Twitter, but this shit is pretty fucking funny.

I think the only reason McGregor lost that fight was not because he needed his glasses but rather that the lighting was very poor and his opponent was forbidden to smile.

that and the Trump commentary

how the fuck are we not at war yet?