Black panther music video steals its art

Like pottery


I am quite frankly shocked and appaled.
How could this happen?

Oh, one funny note on the article from the author of that "masterpiece":

No, you dumbfuck. The point of the movie is making money. Cashing in on the WEWUZ crowd is just a way to widen the market available to them.

There's nothing significantly original in the original, this cunt is butthurt that producing similar work is so very easy you may as well not call it art.

some niggress in the comments saying we wuznt kangz but thats ok since mansa musa was the richest man ever. ape probably never looked him ip or she would see he brought 12k slaves with him on his mecca vacation alone. niggers get out of white society now

It's just a bunch of random squiggles. You might as well say screensavers plagiarized a Pink Floyd music video.

Artists should bitch when their art gets exposure for free.
Ungrateful bitch.

Cashing in on the taxpayer.

more unimaginative jew funded niggers stealing, what a shock!



Sad to say that one's a fake. Made me click to see if it was real.

You fucked up

checkin those digits

What a stupid cunt, I swear that she probably stole her art from that one Yume Nikki level. Seriously, look it up.

You can stop shilling this movie any time now.

Literally no one cares.

If you can call that art, yeah alright then

Let them eat themselves

pretty obvious it was satire, dumbshit.

Not interested in the topic as it's really just confirmation bias BUT still quite funny that nigs can't avoid acting stereotypical.This is what caught my attention though
No such thing exists,she's either a Liberian with a british passaport or she's a liberian who was born in Great Britain.Unless she's white,speaks proper english,adopted fully the British and Christian values and customs,and sucessfully assimilated into British society she is not,nor will ever be,British.

Yeah, no. Even if all those things, unless they are ethnically from England, they're not English. You can be a more welcomed immigrant if you're white and all those things, but you still don't qualify as English.

Fair enough.

It's very hard for people to break this brainwash.
According to newspeakthink both of these are British Londoners.
Equally valid.
Neither a greater claim than the other.

Which is which OP?
What is the stoled art and what is the kang creation?
Can any user help me solve the life altering enigma that is facing me?


Nigger copies nigger patterns that nigger copied from nigger patters that niggers have been coping from other niggers for centuries and this is somehow something we should give two fucks about, why?
Lina Viktor a jigger?

Revealing what exactly cunt? What was revealed? The industry steals? WOW. I can sleep well now knowing kikes steal from others and they are still alive to do so tomorrow.

tbqf it's not. It's still of interest, because we have for manipulation many CIA, GCHQ, and Mossad agents. :^)


In other sad Afrimerican news, these kids just found out they can skip school to go watch X-men thanks to a fundraiser!

< muh history
< muh we waz KANGZ
Reminder Obama's presidential library will have this many books in it: 0.000000000

^ This actually would make a nice operation :^) I have an upgraded version, but Holla Forums thinks its a flood.

Sadly, niggers don't know their heritage so can not possibly keep unity except as a faux social movement funded by leftists for the destruction of all races.