Let's all Seig Heil for Trump! Seig Heil!

Let's all Seig Heil for Trump! Seig Heil!

Heil Hitler! Heil Victory! Heil Trump!


Slide heil

This is now a shitpost thread


Heil base trump

Send this to CNN


You mad?

Mad at what nigger?

Hail to the based g-d emperor

smells like salt in here

Notice how he touches her hand.
She obviously is like fuck no I wouldnt and Trump is coming in saving their ass.

Nice! Fuck, I wonder if Mel and Trump would've been buddies if it wasn't for Kushner, or do you reckon they talk shit about him via IM.

Kek yeah the hesitation she had alone speaks volumes. Nice save by The Don.

whats next, a charity for israel?

Pathetic slide thread

It's pretty clear he doesn't like having that slimy punk nailing his daughter, regardless what he says. Hard situation. Doing anything would be like pulling a serrated knife out of your gut because the little fucker is loaded.


must be why he had them married.
pure coincidence right shlomo?

I can read minds. And I know that the pot is calling the kettle a kike.

wheres that chart with the levels of virginity?
so im a kike if i call them out? great redditfag logic. also you didnt even give any argument as to why id be wrong you just went on with ad hominems and autistic screeching like you degenerates from T_D always do

Yeah, and soon Trump will authorize us to hunt you disloyal fucks down. I will hurt you really badly in the name of our Zionist lord. Die.

By the way, I reported this gay thread hours ago. Need a hand, mods?


>burgers killing freedom loving europeans on the behalf of (((them))) yet again
what a surprise. thiswill be what, the twentieth time in the last 100 years or something, burger?

Americas history revolves around giving Europeans the finger so they can do what they want…and what they want is to die for Isreal. I admire the American Spirit though. Burgers can do some crazy shit when they want to.

Those are still a thing, kike. You think Bill and Hill got married because they loved each other?

Check these dubs and bless them

Did you roundtable that term? Trump married into the tribe for the shekels, but his children are jewish according to talmudic law, so Yael's marriage to a Rabbi does not require second guessing.

Yeah, we'll burn down your entire worthless country. You european cuckold.

By the way, I'm serious about my offer to help ban and erase all traces of cunts like ad971c. Mods here are clearly understaffed if this thread hasn't been trashed yet.

You'd fit right in you LARPing faggot. If you dend Jim a check for $5 and he'll give you the whole board.

if he would sell out his own family to (((them))) why wouldnt he sell out some 4 year PR oddjob?

are you even trying?