I'm not your friend!

Aryans and niggers are my enemies. Holla Forums and /trannypol/ are not my friends. Even if Holla Forums is in the right.

I'm an halfbood who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the halfblood is awake.

Go away, EurasianTiger. Reported.

I'm not this faggot.

fuk off with your racemixing spam

Ok but I'm not your friend.

What did i just walk into?


You are talking with a retarded halfblood. You can ask me everything.

You can redpill brainwashed white women with me.

quality thread

So you don't want redpill from a golem?

this is probably a bot.

No, it really isn't. It's always all nonwhite at this point. It's trs' only valid criticism.

I'm not. My english is bad.

In real life Holla Forums doesn't exist. It's Aryan vs niggers, jews and religion of cuck.

No, it's hapas with an identity crisis. This is the final redpill on the evils of multiculturalism. I'm just glad they never leave their homes.

we dont care

Move to Asia and be a player and raise your Asian brood. Many Asian women yearn to be bleached even if by a half white half Asian.

Stop bumping, u damn cuckchan rapefugess

what made you think we ever considered you a friend?
you are a mixed mud mutt.

you are everything we are against.

Exactly I'm not helping you anymore but I'm not fighting you. I'm just leaving.


Daily reminder to report slide threads

Kissinger-class submemetic payload detected

dear supreme gentleman, do you hate the kikes?

Yes. I'm the creation of the jews after all.

I'm an halfbood

Is your life good?

What is this thread even about? Are there faggots lurking here?

We know bug-eater, we know. We aren't deceived by you fucks in the slightest.

Yeah i know, this is why i consider intelligent mongrels to be just as potentially destructive as kikes.

Never make your child go through this Holla Forums, dont fucking race-mix.

I always wondered what Holla Forums thinks of single drop rules, im 1/32 amerinigger native
I dont particularly care if you hate me for it just curious on your thoughts, would I be accepted into a white only community? should I be gassed?

I have Jew ancestry, no Jew DNA though. I don’t exhibit any of the Jew traits either. Just the traits from my lineage, which is Northern Germanic.

Gas yourself

One drop rule is only for nigger ancestry. For everything else the Nuremberg Laws are reasonable.
Also, unless you've confirmed it with several independent sources being 1/32 prairie nigger is probably bullshit. Tons of American families have a story like that about an Indian ancestor several generations back, most of them are made up.

Let me guess. Part Cherokee? If your parents told you this then they were lying. Claiming to be part Cherokee was all the rage back in the Seventies for (((some reason)))

Thanks for proving me right for the 6,000,000th time.