General Ost Plan

Hey Holla Forums, I know you enjoy reading about some irrelevant American politician or CIAnigger, but I wanted to verify the authenticity of the "General Ost Plan". Is there any evidence that it was a real thing? Are there any unbiased sources that look into this? I know it's probably bullshit, but I want to verify it anyway.

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Shit thread OP. If you can't see the importance of my two quotes, you'll never be able to debunk anything on your own.

I would say that the burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. Mein Kampf describes lebensraum and Slavs as an inferior race it does not however suggest genocide. I regard the General Ost Plan as a Commie-Jewish invention created after the war to suppress the nationalistic tendencies of Eastern European nations by associating that nationalism with their former National Socialist occupiers. None of the actions suggested by General Ost Plan would have occurred till after the war was won, it could have been real, but there is no way to prove it. Now what did happen during the war is that many Eastern Europeans welcomed the National Socialists and many joined SS units, like the 29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS RONA (1st Russian) as you can see on this map.

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Good to see the kikes are trying to convince people on this again.

General Ost Plan was the purported plan for destroying and ethnically genociding tons of people to the east of Germany supposedly. But apparently "all the documents were destroyed before may 1945", with very little evidence left of what the intended plans of the Reich were.

It was 'reconstructed' for Nuremburg, with "Opinion and thoughts on the master plan for the East of the Reichsführer SS" being used to 'prove' its authenticity.

It is not clear who came across the document, but it seems to have been originally written as an occupation plan, not dissimilar to the kike's Morganthau plan to destroy Germany. Of course, this was probably produced by one of the numerous policy offices of the third reich.

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I literally said I know it's bullshit, but I want more evidence on it. You fucking tornigger.

It always seemed like unsubstantiated nonsense to me. But I guess that's the problem with the world during and just after WW2, Europe was in a period of chaos and in shambles - any narrative put forth by the victors, would be what became the accepted story. Often times without any evidence or even logic to back it up - lampshades come to mind. I highly doubt though that the Germans had a plan to exterminate all of Europe - doesn't even seem physically possible to pull off that level of genocide. But then again Stalin got pretty good at it.

If there was any legitimacy to the claim I'm sure David Irving would have said something about it by now. Hitler did, in fact, speak of conquering the world, but his own actions defy any claim that he intended to exterminate other races/ethnic groups. He rather enjoyed other peoples as they were, but wanted the best for his own people separately from everyone else.

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So what you're essentially saying is that a document that never existed was reconstructed during the Nuremberg trials but it was written by "one of the numerous policy officers of the third reich"?

That's interesting, can you quote him on this?
I make this point to Marxists, but they just ignore it for some reason.

It's one of those things where there is no actual proof or documents, but they claim that it was a secret plan.

Just ask yourself.
Why did then so many of these peoples fight in the Germany army or the SS voluntarily against communism?
Of course this is a complete lie. And probably a projection of what jews want to do with whites.

Bump for quote.

Page 52 of "Hitler's War", by David Irving:
great compactness, of uniform race and language, tightly concentrated:
and that is the German nation, with 110 million Germans in Central
Europe. This comparison gives us cause to hope. One day the entire
world must and shall belong to this united block of Central Europe."

I'm currently doing a reading of "Hitler's War" if you guys want to listen along. You can find the thread in the catalog ("Hitler's War Audiobook").

Page 52 of "Hitler's War", by David Irving:
great compactness, of uniform race and language, tightly concentrated:
and that is the German nation, with 110 million Germans in Central
Europe. This comparison gives us cause to hope. One day the entire
world must and shall belong to this united block of Central Europe."

“On January  he delivered the first of many secret speeches to his gen
-erals. An anonymous three-page summary exists,…”

So no source at all.
Next, how Hitler grabed pussy in a Moscow hotel room.

But even if one would believe in the authenticy of an anonymous source, your quotation is strategically clipped and doesn’t talk about Hitlers wish to conquer the world, but of the Allies controlling the world with just 40-50 million people and that Germany could do that as well (but did not).

Right, my mistake. Appreciate the correction.

Any way you slice it "One day the entire world must and shall belong to this united block of Central Europe" is talk of conquering.

Nice try kike.

A variety of document for the occupation of the East were produced. Whether or not the reconstructed documents were legitimate, it seems very unlikely.

So the General Ost Plan was legitimate? Just not the reconstructed documents?

Unsigned and misdated British document. Not a single general of Hitler's ever got the impression he wanted to start a war of conquest.

Conquering /= war of conquest. Jews have conquered the world without picking up the sword themselves.

We have one English, not German text of an alleged anonymous source in Hitlers vicinity, writing Hitlers word in first person.
Translation can massive distort an original text. So were is the supposed German text? No footnotes, nothing.

How comes?

Did anonymous tape recorded it?
Did anonymous write in short, wort for word?
Did anonymous write down what he remembered after the meeting?
Or is that all just a worthless anonymous (Irving's) claptrap?

There was no such plan.

Reconstructed = not authentic made up shit

It's funny how you can prove yourself to have superior reading comprehension to myself by pointing out what I missed in a book I'm currently, and then not be able understand that I'm not arguing with you about the legitimacy of the document.

What I want to express, there is so much bull shit around the figure of Hitler, one has to be careful what to believe. Not excluded are “authoritative” sources, who very often miss to prove, document their claims.

The first thing I check before buying a history book are footnotes. Footnotes are a dull thing and of course I don’t read them all, but if you encounter something interesting, provoking or controversial in the book, I want to be able the check it.

Many “authoritative” writers, experts have very little original research, lack evidence for their claims, but since they are “authoritative” support the ruling opinion that is not questioned. It is hardly more than journalism.

You're absolutely right, and I'll remember everything you said the next time I think of sharing "facts".

GPO was a fucking bluff. Germany managed to initiate it on its borders (like in poland, checz, northern yugoslavia etc) but by the time the war started it was obvious that it just wouldnt pay off. if anyting germany would have to wait till they reached the archangelsk line and secured sicly before they could actually start the program in eastern europe. but while the war went on it was much more pragmatic to recruit locals.

“General Plan Ost” is just Slav Commie propaganda.

This places have nothing in common and before “eradication of Slav subhuman” propaganda, who more realistically describe in reverse the Plan-Slavic plans even before WWI:ída_Baarová

Before the war started Slavs massacred Germans, not the reverse.

Sure comrade Stalin, it was like you told us…

deportations did happen burger.
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so cherrypicking some personality proves X by your logic
germans and slavs have been invading eachother for centuries you illiterate dumbfuck. first the slavs expanded from the Kievan rus and Volgaria, then the teurtons and HRE invaded to christinize them, then there was the christian schism, etc.
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So the leaders of Third Reich had intercourse with subhumans and gave them prominent roles in films?

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No Polaks, Czechs, Slovens did murder Germans in large number after 1918 and that after enjoying the privilege to live in Germany unharmed and unmolested for centuries.

If you don‘t believe in the “privilege of living in Germany”, just compare the relative standard of living of Czechs under German rule and Irish under English rule, quite striking.

Should be mentioned that the only time Germans preferred to flee to the Russians was when they faced Czech mobs. President Beck's plan in 1939 was to ignite a war with Germany and lose, because another "Versailles" would give them back what they lost and more. In 45 he bragged that it was due to him that Prague was left unmolested.


Seems it was a complete failure then, because no white nations were more nationalist after WW2 than the Soviet bloc nations. And it shows today, when they are the only ones resisting (((their))) plans.

There's new translation of Mein Kampf by Thomas Dalton that came out last year that has the original German text next to it for proof. It's more honest from what I heard. In regards to Hitler, he wrote it in the 20s and you have to see it in this historical context also. Hitler said that his offical speeches have to be seen as a revision to Mein Kampf wherever it differs, because come on, every person develops through time and until the 40s it was like 15 years.

The hooktube video is one of Hitler's speeches and I quote (from somewhere at the end):
"The population that is released from the pressure of a Bolshevik power that psychologically subjects millions of human beings there to despondency and as one can well say, still holds them in a type of fear of which nobody has an idea here in Germany or in other countries. It is the fear of the commissar, it is the fear of the GPU, a fear of the entire regime, which still frightens millions of human beings. This must gradually be overcome and it will be overcome. Today, there are already vast areas in which the entire population works with us, millions of them, and there are other areas in which they already fight in our ranks and on our side."

It's holohoax v2.0, except the kikes didn't even bother to falsify any evidence this time.

t. Pole

Fairy tales, not backed by anything coming from the Third Reich. If you look at Himmler and Rosenberg's speeches and writings, you will see they planned to extend the German border 500km eastwards (that would be about Minsk, in Belarus) but not annexing the Baltic countries. Some claim Hitler and Rosenberg favored a more lenient approach to Slavs, while there were other more anti-slavic people, but that was just referring to the treatment of prisoners of war and occupied territories, distribution of supplies and integration of them into the armies.

It was debatable if they planned to deport even the Czechs who lived in the core of their border. Reported for Allied propaganda.

they happened where i live, but that doesent keep me from being a retard on discussing politics like you.
why are you putting a space in between? are you too scared to say it?
tell me how do places where germany deported people have nothing in common with deportations
the leadership was far from being purists, they were pragmatic. but ensuring the obvious interests of the germanic people is still part of the policy
american education in a nutshell
there were progoms if youd didnt know, especially in the ex austro-hunagrian empire
the germanic nobility was always enforcing their rule and status in its provinces. education was also almost entirely german, atleast up until 1848.

i dont know if youre just retarded or something but i dont know why you need to whitewash history to make seem germany in its zenith years in the 30s good. people on here are usually not stupid enough to fall for the normie bullshit of
germany and italy scorched my land in the war, twice, but that doesent keep me from being objective on the national socialist policies or strategic moves made by the german leadership.
but if youre a biased autist with a facebook level of arguing you dont really belong here

If I am right that was the intention of the creation of the General Ost Plan I would not it was complete failure. The Soviet/Eastern block nations had their nationalism brutally suppressed for about forty years before the Soviet Union fell.

Commies taught their childen up to the year 2005 that if you did not have blue eyes you would be killed by the National Socialists in Germany. It's all propaganda without any proof whatsoever. They claim the OST plan was some top secret document yet can not show that document for the life of them and that it really really did exist, just believe their hollow lying words, their the good guys after all.

Europe was going to remain Europe. In fact, in the short term the Nazi's made deals with the Slavic orthodoxy Christians and the Arab Muslims primarily in the Balkan region, the point was that the Slavs were a great method for expansion towards Russia. These deals were made to combat Bolshevism and the genocide of Slavs in then Ukraine. All parties recognized the danger of the kike in the then Soviet Union. Under increasing communist favoring governments before 1940 these eastern European countries were dealt with by a heavy hand by the leftists. Religion and churches were demolished as well as in the Religion of Cuck™ic regions Religion of Cuck™ was forbidden. These countries bet that the Germans were going to become the world super power for the next 100 years, sadly they did not. The point of the OST plan propaganda is to divide and conqueror.

Naturally, given enough time decades after WWII if they had won the Germanic people would have outgrown Europe itself and the next logical step was going to be Africa and i'm fully convinced that the rest of Africa apart from South Africa would have been colonized and introduced to Apartheid. The Sunni arabs would have most likely been faced with a war. Africa would have seen a drastic increasing migration of white europeans into Africa where Apartheid would keep the negro down and whites would take over rapidly. Africa is the closest region and the abundance of resources within the earth made it the perfect move to go there rather then populating eastern Russia. We would also see white european migration to south america but mostly in favor of those governments who had severe disdain for negroes, including Brazil. Though i'm certain they would have expanded there as well due to China/US stalemates.