Western women know -exactly- what they are doing

Western women know exactly what they are doing when they vote leftist, have below replacement level kids, divorce their husbands and racemix.
Women are not on our side! Read "The manipulated man" (bestseller) where the author explains how women think and operate in the home and society (FREE).
youtube.com/watch?v=EcAWn2D8EsM (free 4 hour audiobook)
archive.org/details/TheManipulatedMan1971-EstherVilar (free ebook
Listen to this audiobook to red pill yourself on how women manipulate men.
Women will literally sell out their entire race for short term gain!
It was a horrible mistake to give them political power!

Do you really think male feminists love kissing women's ass just for a chance at the pussy?
How do we red pill men about women's manipulative ways?

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Also: jews mostly manage to manipulate men through women.

Result: men now have to spend 6 month worth of salary on 2 rings to get married. countless more examples.

No kidding?!

It hit me hard to know that :

But this is what I never knew:
Women KNOW that they made marriage a raw deal, they dont want to have children above replacement level, they dont care this would kill the civilization, they KNOW they control 80% of domestic spending and the man barely has a room for himself in the house.
And men just give them what they want hoping it will shut them up!

< not MGTOW


No, user. Men lead women. That is, they should. When men don't lead women we get everything you see today.

You're not helping anybody by shifting the blame onto women. It's men's responsible to lead men and women to a bright future. Stop being a MGTOW faggot, and start waking men up to the Jewish problem. We need a unified mass directed solely at defeating the Jews and taking back the reigns of civilization. Women are shit because, currently, we are shit, and we're being led by (((shit))).

OP is a suicide in the making

This is what I hate about stormfags!
No matter how much proof you put forward that women are fucking us over they will always repeat their dogma: get married and have white kids anyway.

I always imagine these stormfags to be police officers in real life who would be happy to put me in jail if a gf of wife falsely reports me.

2 hands (stormfag and vaginal jew) on the same gynocentric belly!
I understand most manly men in Europe died but GODDAMN stop praying to pussy and deluding yourself youre mommies good boy!

That's becouse men are virtuous while women are promiscuous. It's as simple as that. Only males understand what loyalty, justice or modesty means. Females have no use for virtues like that. Every time she fucks a stranger in the hotel bathroom she is making a conscious choice. No one is forcing her to act like a whore. She simply loves sex and craves male attention. In the end, every women on Earth could be a loyal wife if they really wanted to. Monogamy is simply alien and oppresive to them. They chose to dress like a whore. They chose to cheat on their husbands. They chose to take them to the cleaners. We have to make sure that females can chose no longer. You either have women rights or stable society. You can't have both. Only by gassing the kikes and reestablishing Patriarchy Western Civilization can be saved.

Lmao transparent kikes. I'm going to have 14 white, aryan babies and there's fuckall you can do to stop me :^)


The wrong "cide"

The point of this thread is that your own white qt LMAOXDD wife will screw you over!

Listen to the audiobook at least to learn about female nature before your wife has 1 kid with you, then divorces you to fuck Jamal in your bed and your kid probably too.
Dont believe its possible, check this out:

They are just misguided tradcucks. They are not organic to Holla Forums. They came here during the elections. Most of them are reddit civil nationalistis. They simply have a very idealised vision of the past were Negroes were good and feminists only fought for equality. Pay them no mind. They are not real Third Positionists. They need a decade of lurking to came to the same conclusions as we did. They are one divorce away from opening their eyes to the female question.

Stop overestimating women. The average woman knows nothing, understands nothing and cares about nothing except her feels at any given moment.

And before that was a terrible mistake give them trust and respect.

Geee, who could be behind this?


This is exactly what I mean. This was probably manipulated by (((media))) as well but it shows how easily women can be manipulated to make abortion a TOP priority.

Daily reminder that females have no soul

*tips fedora

Women outvote men!

The question is: how do we red pill men on the destructive pussy power (gynocentrism) that women exert on men and society as a whole?

Maybe just create awareness about the book in the OP? It has all the red pills!

op's so fucking autistic…

Please, we need to solve this problem.
I know you love your mother and want to earn your big boy points by attacking other males that walked off the Man-plantation!

Listen to the audiobook! What youre doing right now is instilled in you through decades of woman only education from kindergarten to high school: only women!

tbqf that women might be faking just about everything is a red pill most men are not prepared for.


I wonder who could be behind this thread…

Checked and truthed

I'm seeing denial here that women *are* in fact responsible for their actions and voting patterns, whether you want to admit this or not

Stop being a white knight

What is the meaning of this picture, even? A feminist jew holding a Holla Forums user on a leesh, stuffing Nat-Soc into his brain? Is this satire? Does anyone really thinks that's what's happening here? Are you retarded? How can you even say such a stupid thing? Don't you feel sorry for yourself? Aren't you ashamed? How can you create such an abomination of coherent views and real thought. Jesus, you are stupid.

Only older men are redpilled on women. You won't find much of them here as they are trying to recover and rebuild their lives from women destroying them.

Hello CIA keek

Younger guys are learning about shit testing.

What has not yet "leaked" is that shit testing is like the testing of a dog's shock collar. It verifies functionality of a means of control :^)

Funny clip from comedian patrice O'Neil

Even the Bible says the man must extert domanance over woman, also dont forget the whole apple and Eve thing.

The meme is in the eye of the beholder. Only you know.

Why are we sold this Disney land fantasy about women? MEN are the romantics, women the brutal opportunists!

Not meant to be taken literally, only as satirical metaphor

Look in the mirror and repeat this

t. brainlet kike begging for answers, for help

This worked 80 years ago and before.
Today is just wishful thinking.
You can only lead a woman if she has something to gain.
As soon as that gain is rendered, say goodbye to your alpha lead.
See Briffault's Law:
-→ psychologytoday.com/blog/machiavellians-gulling-the-rubes/201610/briffaults-law-women-rule
-→ fedrz.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/hypergamy-and-briffaults-law/

And it is still worst, women have access to the workforce easier than men, get the same amount of money, they enjoy unlimited supply of dicks, and manipulate men as puppets to do whatever they want.
The get involved with a female is to enter in a threesome of a man, a woman and the State.
The repercussions of this is not minor, because all laws are in favor of women and tilted against men.

If you pay attention on the streets, you will notice that 80% of women of all ages are walking grabbing their phones (they are their center of power), and only 15% of men do the same (most of them young males). Do you notice the symmetry with the 80/20 rule?

Therefore, I think the contrary of your statement is true.



Should we make memes about each manipulation tactic? Like a man winning an argument and the woman breaking out in tears?

Why are kikes so shit at life

I really can't stop laughing at that picture. OP is clearly shilling. It's just hilarious how bad that pic is, it was definitely made by someone who thinks that Holla Forums would actually be influenced by it.

Quote of our time.

Why do tradcucks always give all men the advice to find that rare "cream of the crop" woman.
You DO realise there is 1 man for every woman right? You cant tell us all to go find that rare woman.
Are you 12? Just humor us with the truth.

We laugh because its true and because laughing is a coping mechanism for inconvenient truth.

Women aren't the enemy. Just the loudest ones are. Don't fall for the Jew trick of separating yourself from beautiful white women.

Having read your shit I realized how lucky I have been with my looks and I cannot even understand your world, it will only happen as I age I guess.

Here comes the Chad brigade.

You and I know that women absolutely HATE beta males even, perhaps even more, when they have a good job/wealth.
Without us, the betas, you cant have a civilization, Chad! We will go right back to being pirates, raiders, bandits like before civilization. Or gaming, NEET life, MGTOW lifestyle which is the modern version of banditry.

Your muhh white kids will be brown without our backing, and it will be beautiful.

Also, Chads, dont delude yourself into thinking women wont screw you over as well. Your divorce rate is only a little better from the baseline.

LOL @ "0% most attractive"

And they are right, men are ugly as fuck, most of men i see in the streets are "just a little" fat while women aren't, eat less, fuckers


Tits or GTFO.

Jerusalem is busy in this Jew thread


I was trying to reach out and be emphatic while mocking people that claim to just be yourself.

No. They aren't. What this illustrates is that women have an incredibly unrealistic view of all things, having not the least bit of a touch on reality. I suppose the most attractive square belongs only to top-level professional models, to their mind. They are so out of touch it's amazing.

But what you do not understand is this is mere biology. We are seeing the curve we would expect of female attraction, whether it is in turkeys or peahens, or walruses. That is, they have a preference for an ideal of beauty they haven't even seen, an extreme which may not be physically possible. This gives rise of course, unchecked, to a runaway evolution of useless traits.

Fuck off and have another wank shabbo.. not white women's fault your dad failed at raising you right.


The same thing could be said about the (right-wing) feminists in this thread as well

Only butthurt in this thread is homo butthurt mgtow get from fucking each other. I raised all of my kids right and they're turning out completely fine. If I had a son like you MGTOW faggots I would kill myself without a second thought.

Reminder to report the OP for anti-white D&C. Blaming whites is race treason.

So you're saying you 100% admit op is correct, as you have to resort to insults.

Everyone hates beta males. You faggots are the reason we're even in this mess to begin with.
Boomer generation were the greatest beta males ever to live, letting the zionists and jews lead them around with promises of spreading democracy, letting the women lead them around with promises of sex(for money and early retirement :^) ), and letting the TV lead them around with flashing logos and catchy jingles.

Are you fucking high? Yids are subversive, but we did this to ourselves - we allowed them to subvert our civilization by becoming complacent comfort-driven cuckolds that cared more about getting a flat screen tv than maintaining our demographics and keeping subversive elements out

again, most everyone hates wagecucks and greedy faggots. having a good job / wealth isn't nearly as important as having a family and land. blood and soil. you massive faggot.

Was Alexander of Macedonia a beta cuck? The ones carving civilization out of pure garbage were alpha males with high IQ and high agency. I bet you think NSDAP was muh beta uprising because Goebbels had a club foot from childhood sickness.

These people weren't betas either. They were reacting to hard economic times by carving it out for themselves, an alpha trait. Beta-males got enslaved by these people.

That would be the modern equivalent of dropping out of society, living in a factory, and writing books about how the people that live under you are so oppressed while you hit an opium pipe and dream about jailing everyone you don't like protip: this is what karl marx did

Nope, alpha males are intending to have children. Either by investing in artificial womb technology, securing women without entering the marriage system, or enouraging less intelligent alpha males to breed for eugenics purposes third option is the WLP-approved route since he spent his days sleeping around with Eastern European women and encouraged countless white men to breed
Society doesn't need you so go ahead and give bill gates and his buddies all your money, he's going to invest it all in monsanto btw.

No. That's incorrect. Whites are definitely a large part of the problems we face. True, the kikes are involved in making it worse, and leading them astray.

Consider this: Barack Obama's mother was white.

You will be executed for race treason, I have no doubts.

His mother was Jewish, cuckchan is for you. Report these cunts or go join them in posting nigger cocks somewhere else.

< Karl Marx wrote books. I bet you like books too
Jesus you're fucking dumb

No, faggot, ITT we post facts! Not your butthurt!

The fact that you post your own life as evidence ITT makes you look like a retard that cant into logic.
Your kids must be low IQ scum!

Bring the counter arguments or: begone THOT!

I glad it worked for you.
But to start a family and raise my children without complications, I will take the safe path.
And surrogacy is my choice.


Now this is LARPing

try harder, faggot

So you're saying it's okay that OP painted white women as kikes in his first image?

My daughter had a GPA average of 7 until she had to do combined reports with retards such as yourself. My son is home-schooled around a program heavily centred on STEM and coding.

Children need both a mother and father and unfortunately it doesn't work out that way all the time but to deliberately circumvent what's good for a child, well that sounds as batshit crazy as 3rd wave feminism.

and reported

marx dropped out of society and was basically a proto-MGTOW/proto-NEET cuck.
intelligent people don't drop out of the system to complain about it, they drop out of the system and forge systems of their own. they become the system.

guess im a blackpiller now, never going to have children thanks to this post, gonna go sell my land too.

No thanks.

That would be to not give a shit about women whatsoever, what you described is closer to right-wing feminism than anything else

Great post, my honest thanks!
We should really be talking about this. The measly 1.2 kids white women churn out at best will never be enough + white women cost us an incredible amount (80% of money men make is spent by women, mostly unwise)
No! Human newborns are actually born too early but have to be born, otherwise the skull doesnt fit through the vaginal canal. +CRISPR technology will allow for 200IQ babies 7ft tall.

It is the future no matter how much you pray and pander to women.

The dream of course is to mass genocide women as soon as they are unneccesary (or let them die out naturally, whatever)

Virgin detected

I have said none of those things! Fucking asshole!
Nore have I implied them.

FUCK OFF if you dont want to learn from this thread. I hope you make each and every mistake I warn men of ITT!

No, Marx was VERY (((communal))), involved in lots of socializing, and he was fucking his wife quite regularly. Marx was your typical normie, as are you. Someone incapable of even conceiving of the view of any other person.


Calm. I'm aware that the so-called book by Vilar is really more of a pamphlet. It was an early warning to men, but I love the quote where she discusses the conspiracy of the cradle. Quite true!

Fucking kek, user.


And to mass produce soldiers to tame this planet again.

No, Marx was NOT reclusive. This is a myth set forth by the kikes. Truth is, Marx was always well attached to the kike community :^) But you won't read this in any book anywhere, but you see, the more you know about kikes, the more you know about the true enemy…

That's because women should never be allowed to get involved in politics in any way, shape or form. Females are born degenerates. By nature, they are manipulative, disloyal, cock-addicted sluts. Yids knew that. That's why they invented feminism and gave women the power over men. We are now seeing the effects of that.

They can't really handle topics. It sucks. They have a meltdown if you start to discuss serious matters. It's quite ridiculous.

Think bigger, user.
How are we going to send soldiers to every corner of the universe when wahmen have only 1.2 kids each?
We need the artificial womb to conquer the universe!

So, I can see some of you are new here. I would advise keeping each reply a conversation with only one person. That way it's less confusing. If you mix in others it breaks "reply" functionality. This may not be apparent to you, but I can't be arsed to explain how this is disruptive of the conversational flow.

Just like you're well-attached to the NEET/MGTOW community? Being part of an anti-social community and being reclusive aren't mutually exclusive.
much like being a normal well-adjusted person and being introverted aren't

You realize the socialism in National Socialism exists to ensure business owners don't engage in antisocial behavior right?

yes you will, you got this from biographies about marx describing his childhood. stop trying to sound esoteric. you're shit at it.

I got fired from my student job when the woman I worked with questioned me about refugees and I tried to red pill her.

She pretended to agree with me but then told on me behind my back. They just let me go for "administrative reasons" of course, they didnt outright say the real reason.

Not the good ones and there are a few out there if you look.


We already cucked your retarded way of thinking!
Read thread before posting cancer!>>11253359

Even if the technology for artificial wombs is realized to the point that humans could be born safely with it, it'll be buried under so much red tape and ethics arguments that it'll never be used for the good of mankind. And thanks to (((who's))) in charge you know the only "supermen" born with it will be tools used for further enslavement/destruction of humanity.

What some people don't get it is that women have always wanted to betray and destroy men. Because the jews use women as a dagger to stab men in the back people think jews are the only problem but jews simply realized the ambitions that women have always had. Women and jews are a tag team men have struggled with for centuries and they've never had as much power as they do now.

You're stupid. There's literally nothing MGTOW have in common with Marx at all. Nothing. Literally and absolutely nothing.

Then you start ranting keeek.

Your mind is totally without any sense of order.

There's no way to discus things with mentally ill kikes such as this one:

^ a mentally ill kike

Source: I've seen mentally ill kikes on TV, so I know a mentally ill kike when I see one, and that's a mentally ill kike.

Also, Godhead is 3 in 1.

This pic is just a joke but is has a kernal of truth.

Lol yeah can tell you are a no lady faggot beta who has very little experience with boobanimals.
P.s learn to format you fucking newfag lurk more


I 100% agree with taking back women right to vote and every whore-enabling right (abortion, systematic alimonies, divorce etc.) but holy shit you guys can't be real with those ziplock bags?! White women need their men to lead them on the right path. Giving up on this fight to retake your women will not make you greater men.


It isn't "giving up on the fight", it's changing the terms of engagement. It's changing to battlefield to one that doesn't leave us at a perpetual disadvantage. Taking away the leverage of kikes and roasties is a very important first step.

Why is the coalburner promoting MGTOW?!

Women and Jews think and behave in a so similar way.
They are basically sociopaths, they run around causing mischief, damage, and will never ever feel responsible. On the contrary, it is always somebody else fault and they play the victim.
"A woman cries out in pain as she strikes you."

MGTOW is about the truth, not the "style" of an argument. If some ENGLISH nouns and verbs offend you, go fetal, wait for your FEMA bag.

Its afraid.
Judging by your post and the fact that you are here you seem alright. Its a shame that the good should suffer the bad.

The truth is that our demographics are fucked and we need more children. MGTOW is therefore not about the truth but rather a scapegoat for the real truth regarding jews intentionally manipulating demographics so they can create a slave race of low IQ wagecucks that won't question the fact that their currency is backed by debt.

Nice quotes :^)

Anyone who tries to deny the fact that all women hate and revile men by claiming a few of them don't is either a woman themselves or a feminist

You clearly missed my point, which is that technology that could benefit humanity is kept hidden from us or presented in such a way that it benefits (((them))) more than it does us. If you think you can access this hypothetical black market to steal their technology they'll find you and you'll end up committing suicide by two gunshots in the back.


Remember when retards like you were laughed at at the local tavern and you couldnt send your retarded opinions to the world through the internet?

You do know that women are hardly eager to put out, without cash, right? MGTOW are on your side. The issue is that women are the ones providing these disproportionate punishments.

All MGTOW are is the rats a bit brighter than the rest, who have seen their fellow rats get taken for everything by the traps set for them by the state and women.

Voting won't do us any good. Women are the majority of the electorate now. They won't willingly vote to lose their benefits. Even the most redpilled of women love no-fault divorces, getting alimony payments and abortions. Just look at tradthots. They are feminists in all but name, larping as chaste NatSoc ladies. White knights and kikes will back them up too every chance there is.

As I can see, there will not be any solution until we take political power and put the whores in check.
Meantime… no babies, except by surrogacy.

It's not like that. Sure, there are the loudmouths and the Chads, but regular guys listen and think. I go to get my oil changed, and don't meet with hostility, but with people who think. These are the White men I find wherever I go.

MGTOW don't want to reverse demographic trends, they only care about muh rights - yet another 'rights group' who doesn't give a fuck about jews.


is gore allowed here btw?

Rights are the key.
Without rules and rights, there is not any civilized society.

hahahaha you kikes and niggers are so obsessed with white woman. these threads are hilarious. most western women that are leftys still pursue traditional marriages, such as my sister. she was smart enough to get through med school but not smart enough to avoid the academic marxist brainwashing. she is married to a White man who also subconsciously desires traditional marriage. they both are huge leftist and use emotional statements as arguments such as “you don’t support feminism? then you must not support womens rights.” these arguments are evidence of indoctrination and proof that white poeple who say and do these things do not understand what they are doing which counters OP failed post. dont be demoralized by OPs JIDF post. most westerners that are this way dont know it and its because they have not woken up yet. i am slowly bringing my sister and her husband to the conclusion that the holohoax was a lie and they are starting to wake up, like the rest of us. have fun with your anti-white bullshit kikes, you are only pushing them closer to us, give it time :) im looking forward to shooting at your people.

We need to redpill the men first who for some reason seem to think voting for neocon zionist jews is somehow a win for the white man

Again, you don't know shit about women, just because you got burned by a dishonest whore doesn't make them all like that.
I can tell you're the type that would say there are no NS waifus, they don't exist. Funny how I know at least two eh!

MGTOW isn't Sandman. Sandman's a sperg kike. MGTOW will eventually have an impact, though. Many parts of society are traps. There are many trappers. Kike trappers, Christian trappers, Muslim trappers, CIA trappers, on and on. Contract law is a kind of "open source" law of human trappers.

Thread reported.

You're almost as bad as boomers. Fuck off.

The only traps I see here have their "feminine" dicks in your mouth you mentally ill faggot.

Go back to reddit.

< insults


Esther Vilar was not a "western woman", she was a jew.

OP here:
ITT only facts, reason and evidence please!
Keep your muhh shill and general insults for yourself!

I will report all baseless derailing comments!


Your only shot is marrying a 18 year old virgin. Anything else, and you entering roast beef territory with all the grim implications.

Opting out of society and procreation literally means that no impact will ever be made by MGTOW, thus why it's pushed by shills trying to stop people from becoming National Socialists.

he just keeps outing himself as an anti-family anti-white shill. ebin.

imblying the ops gaf

holy crap you're new!

hahaha this isnt halfchan fag. report away kike

Source? I swear if youre lying!

Jews and women are literally cut from the same cloth, manipulating and conspiring is their bread and butter. You can only ignore this for so long

Typical woman response
Those women are posers, women don't care about or believe in anything unless a man makes them. So congratulations on controlling two women, I guess? I mean, surely those women won't be conspiring to destroy you or the other men in their lives, right?

Spam white women in the fields, that'll really prove you right

glad i could trigger you kike, your people are losing and your fuckin scared about it. i cant wait to cut open a living kike baby with my knife. now your filtered since i had my fun.

here you go moshe. he's as jewish as they get.
and you're an idiot if you couldn't tell by his anti-family pro alt-kike rhetoric

file already exists because i posted it elsewhere.

they're both sociopathic by nature but that's about where it ends. women have low capacity for manipulation when they aren't enabled.
who is worse, the drug dealer or the drug addict? both are fucked in the head and will do anything for their ends (in one case to push the dope and in the other to score it).

one needs prison, one needs rehabilitation. see the difference there moshe?


We have been raided by a cunt brigade.


you post like asses and elgoys

You shills today suck ass, few other threads you have already been driven out of, this is just another one.

Tits or GTFO.

>you post like that guy
user stop you'll summon it

The women were not taken and they do not need retaken. They forsook, so I forsake in turn.

sorry m8 your blackpilling hasn't reached my brain yet so i haven't been taking your good goy hormone pills. fuck right off.


To be honest, it would be hilarious to see him shitting up this terrible thread.

jews are a dying race 14/88 GTMGTOW

Mods put a word filter for him specifically (samsung looms) = jews are a dying race

As you can see, there are none who can contradict the Cradle conspiracy.

Do you think you can go against genetics? Because that's what it would take to make women worthy of men. The reason women are the way they are is because they evolved to be that way. Pretend they're capable of change at your own peril.

"Not all women are like that" is a classic woman (or male feminist) response. Try it out for yourself on a woman "friend" of yours, just tell them a story about what a woman has done to you or a friend of yours or even make a story up, you'll see it in the end.

fucking kek'd

This is a kike reaction thread to the traditional women general threads that are starting to pop up, don't fall for kike shit. Make white babies.


I will, with a surrogate womb.


All that's necessary is to maintain one's adherence to the principles of National Socialism as MGTWO is not compatible with the official ideology of this board.

Women don't even cook anymore. Of course they've betrayed us.

Well, Adolf Hitler never married…

Assuming you're capable of running a eugenics program, it doesn't work if ALL women are the same in this way. They all want more and more power over men, they all select for feminine traits in their mates, they all raise men to be sympathetic to women, they all manipulate men to provide for them. What exactly is there that you can positively select for?

NacSoc works in a patriarchy.
Today we have in place a "de facto" matriarchy.


no we dont
stop being a faggot

womens nature is to bend to the whim of men who own them
why dont you own any women yet?

According to the mainstream narrative, he married Eva Braun a few days before the end. Other research suggests that the two escaped through the rat lines and lived out the rest of their days in obscurity in Indonesia.
You will be unable to point to any official policies which align with MGTWO nonsense.

women are niggers
pic related

I never realized this was such a big kike point. I will fight to the end of my days for the truth about the forgotten women out there, and the need to love and have children.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Don't fall for (((their))) lies.


Woman detected. Don't pretend like you sows don't love stuffing your faces and drinking cheap wine more than anything else.



Wasted effort OP, Holla Forums is full of horny desperate virgin whiteknight beta cucks who bow down to women and defend them.

LOL @ pic

Im OP. Can someone tell me whats going on ITT?
Did JIDF take over?

Topic is still:
(this manipulation is a FACT! no matter how much you sell your balls and worship women)

Hitler was indeed mythologized, but surely whatever may be known with confidence holds him MGTOW utterly. The sorts of laws which MGTOW object to (but which are not the sole reason for a man going MGTOW - there are many different reasons) are modern, don't you know?

sensationalizing an emotional statement when you cant argue a failed opinionated point. your English teacher failed you.
you are clearly a self-hating White person. your the type that makes those statements without considering the asian populations. If we lose, I guarantee you they will win.

Beware any poster who wishes to separate you from your people. He will berate you, your people, your loved ones. He will inundate you with disgusting pornography and scare propaganda. There is no reason for a true polack to do such things, those that berate our woman with one mouth ruin them with the other. Pay them no mind, and prepare the ovens.

At the end of the day, seek out a good woman and teach her the way. Have many kids, and be happy.

Perhaps you could quote from the material authored by the man whose picture you posted in order to support such an assertion. You won't though; this is all a raid by people who aren't even MGTOW in the first place.

^ part of the shill raid.

tbqf the shill raid is CIA.

Nah. Majority of white women chose Trump over Hillary.

Women are lemmings. They will follow a strong man. The western man has been emasculated to the point that western women are exercising a collective unconscious shit test. If you don't know what a shit test is look it up. It's very important if you want to understand how the female mind works. Muh artificial wombs aren't going to arrive for decades. In the meanwhile we have to create white children. Become a strong man get yourself a submissive lemming. Defeatist shills will be gassed together with traitors.

I can tell, because they are so clumsy. So many of their lines are like what you see promoting scams on Twitter.

That's a nice deceptive way to say minorities.
Obama lost every category of white, including women.

Hitler was his own man so your statement is irrelevant and according to the (((official narrative))) he married in the final hours. I like to think of him sitting on a beach in south america, earning 20%.

Then you should have no trouble pulling up material in regards to the state of divorce law or property holding rights of women in the Reich in order to support such a claim.

< Hitler was his own man
Man Going His Own Way.

hahaha filter this kike

If you take makeup away a shit ton of women fall into the "ugly" category. And once they pass 25 or so that number increases exponentially.

By women. This isn't unusual, women are always doing this, any time any place.

its been slow the past few days so let them come to us. a few of them change every time and their numbers shrink as they become us hahahaha

Not by women. Women don't lead. Women don't control anything. They are lemmings. They can't execute a mission like that because they are not in charge. The western man has been emasculated by the jewish media.

Source please. Also address this counter argument: 80% of single white women above 30 vote for the leftist politician, the only reason why in general white women sometimes vote right wing is because they are MARRIED and want low taxes/family friendly laws JUST because thats currently in their best interest.

As soon as those women divorce they vote leftist again. Also if any right wing politician does anything anti-woman and pro man he is outvoted 100% of the time!


OP here
Is MGTOW a jewish psyOP?
These kind of threads are so suspicious. No real MGTOW would react this way.

Without women you have no race. Without children you have no race. When Rome invaded the Britons, the women fought alongside the men.
When Rome invaded the Gauls, the Germanics and the Nordics, the women helped forge the weapons, and keep the war machine alive.

Women have always held a strong position in Nordic/Germanic/Briton ancestry. Often they were the strongest and staunchest supporters of honor, discipline and modesty.

Yet, because Semites have had a steady corruptive influence over thousands of years on our society and lineage, it's all the woman's fault, and we should shun and throw out our history, lineage, and race, for the sake of spite.

Alright Jew. Say I believe you, and we dominate women like your favorite Semitic cult Iceslam does, what then. Do we crawl around on our bellies like subhumans, emulating the rodents and parasites until the end of days?

All these threads ever amount to is

Your image reeks of halfchan. You have to go back.

Women emasculate men on a local level (the men they have access to, particularly their sons/the sons of others), the jews take care of the rest. Even if you remove the jews women will still continue to emasculate their men.

This is a suspicious and shitty thread full of fucking weird losers shilling the thread. However, the topic remains important, and there are elements which we may find necessary to discuss at some point anyway. Consider pic related:

tell that to my step-mother who was a full colonel in the Air Force. there are capable women and they are valued. you are in the wrong place.

Women are not the active culprits. They are not doing it out of their own volition. As lemmings they follow the jewish media since a masculine authority figure is absent.

Fuck, brainfart, replace "thread" by post. sorry.
OP is genuine, guys! I just want to red pill you on womens evil manipulative ways.

Only by detatching our brains from our dicks can we become great!

Jesus you're really a condescending shill.

You're from Leftypol, aren't you?

Women should not be warriors. Women should stay home. Your dad was probably a mouse. Also:

That fragment doesn't even provide detail on what the post-Reich laws even entailed, let alone their predecessors. Keep trying.

So? It proves there were massive reforms and changes. So the present regime is different from the previous one, pertaining to property, and it was less "equal". This means men got more than women, quite obviously, oh kike, oh slayer of Jesus Christ.

That's not a tattoo keek

Sure, muh lady can do no wrong !!

Former Air Force combat pilot, try again.
she was quite feminine, always cooked dinner after work, did laundry etc. try again.
If a woman can handle combat, I have no prob with it. the vast majority cant but for the few that can, they will be welcomed by their White brothers on the front lines.
try again

The bad can be tamed back to dignity. The ziplock bags can be used as a threat, but don't give up your women. They are part of your volk. They just were left by themselves when their bravest men were (((slaughtered))) a hundred years ago. They were thrown in a world they couldn't fathom, built and left by men who never came back, surrounded by cucks and unfit males. Everyone wanted them to take charge. So, led by a (((minority))) of "progressives" who seemed to know what's best, they took charge. They made choices. They pressed buttons, they said and did what anyone who looked confident told them to say and do. Like they had been behaving for thousands of years. And they screwed up. Massively. Now that strong men are coming back against all odds, they know they deserve a severe punishment, and you better fucking give them that punishment.
But for fuck's sake, don't abandon them.

They haven't been abandoned. The state married them.

They can do wrong but they're a tool of the enemy. They themselves are not the enemy. The enemy is and will always be the jews.

You have no idea how hard I ABSOLUTELY destroy leftypol!

This thread was started by me, I made 30 posts where I DESTROYED THEM squarely!
It is the nr.1 reason I dont argue with leftists anymore: they, HAHAHA, strangely, JUST LIKE WOMEN: know exactly what they are doing!
They know leftism is cucked and retarded but they simply want short term gains like women.

The thread I talked about: 8ch.net/leftpol/res/18217.html#18217

I don't disagree but traitors get the bullet, even if they're idiots or women.

Both of these.
All the raid shills have the same message


Women don't belong in the military or anywhere in the workforce, all they can hope to do is imitate men and it's something they do poorly at best
Embarrassing. Keep posting white women in the fields

This I agree with, if only because it's so ingrained in their nature that they can't help but do it. That doesn't make it okay and you certainly shouldn't be apologizing for it
The reason said authority figure is absent is because they made it that way. The jews gave them the power to replace the absolute authority in their lives, their husband, with the State and they gleefully accepted it. Now men have virtually no power in this jew-made system and that's the way both jews and women like it.

>They just were left by themselves when their bravest men were (((slaughtered))) a hundred years ago.
Nigger the bong women were going around giving all men white feathers because they weren't out killing Germans. That's without counting all the damage and disruption caused by the suffragettes in the years before WW1.

Explain how tattoos are degenerate when Europeans have traditionally imbued them on themselves for thousands of years. In fact, the earliest evidence of tattoos comes from European mummies such as Ötzi and the princess/shaman of the Altai mountains.

Incidentally, women were integral in the ancient societies of Europe and often associated with shamanic practice.

Your picture doesn't even prove that any changes were made because it fails to establish what the laws were and what the laws became, let along to call any change massive.
You mean Yeshua, the fictional Semitic idol based upon the lives of many Semitic cultists over a few hundred years from sects such as the Essene. Remember, the National Socialists also engaged in a campaign to suppress Christianity in Germany, referred to as Kirchenkampf, led by the vehement anti-Christian Alfred Rosenberg.

The women who are traitors, yes. But that's different than saying "all women are inherently traitors", which is what OP seems to imply.

Sure. The first image depicts two college sluts dressed in slutty Halloween costumes. The girl is kissing the other girl because that's what wild party sluts do whooo!! yeah!! But no they're totes 1488 tradwife NatSoc because the other one raised her hand for the photo.


im embarrassed for you. all of your assumptions have been wrong yet you continue to repeat the same failed assumptions. that anger your feeling right now is your cognitive dissonance breaking. go with it.

hahaha keep repeating yourself, maybe your opinion will come true. glad I could trigger you this morning :)

We did that when we were still savages. Subhuman-savages still practice in the jungle.
You're using some mongoloid mummy to support your argument?
Varg pls go

Your stepmum's a bull dyke and she fucked your dad in the arse with a strapon.

Im getting everyone in this thread a prostitute

That's degenerate, user.

Keep your STDs to yourself buddy

Shitposting on another level right there


I may have read that wrong, but regardless, Varg is shit.

I actually took the time to read through the third picture, and let me tell you, that's reverse psychology meant to turn women into whores and drive down birth rates even more if I've ever seen it

I want to look at one specific point, the talk about marriage as a weapon against men that has no benefit to men but which they do not question

This is, as we've seen, completely untrue. Marriage as it existed prior to bullshit "no fault divorce" rules, served serious purposes. Specifically to keep women more in check by bonding them to a single male, and it kept males working harder to attract a better female (ie: a virgin that doesnt drink or "party" like a typical slut, is pretty, has good motherly or home skills, etc) because females couldn't just marry and then divorce a man for no reason to "move up" the social ladder to a higher ranking man if she could find one.

With marriage being destroyed as it has been, yes it NOW only serves the purpose of fucking men over, but originally it did a good job at dispersing the male and female population amongst each other, compared to now where we have every 5/10 skank and above looking for 10/10 chads for a quick fuck hoping she'll get pregnant and be able to shackle him, leaving any guy who is below an 8/10 shit out of luck unless he goes dumpster diving for a hamplanet, or used up mid 30s skank with 200k miles on her dickometer, and so on, to "settle down with" because its all thats left if he didnt find ACTUAL love in his teens (good fucking luck, I grew up in a school of 400 or so kids, so about 200ish females, TWO of them I know stayed with the guys they dated in HS, every other girl was a slut during or after high school, so roughly 1% of the girls I knew growing up were worth a damn)

It also talks about how women hate prenups and WANT marriage for the legal benefits and threat of divorce and taking half a mans stuff. While this has certainly become true, it wasn't always the case. It used to be that women wanted marriage because they werent able to provide for themselves really, and motherhood was viewed as a real goal for them, while men wanted marriage because women didnt want to just fuck random dudes because then what decent man would want her?

Marriage USED TO BE a massive benefit to society. It kept women chaste until marriage which curtailed the spread of degenerate behavior/slut culture/etc, it kept men working harder to provide a good life and improving themselves (ie: manlier men), incomes paid by employeers had to be estimated to provide for a single earner household to be worth working for them because women didnt work (ie: more equal distribution of wealth in the nation which was better for economic health), it kept women from chasing "chad" dick for a fling, and kept men happier because far more men were able to find mates as men tended to more often only take one woman as opposed to "chad" who may be "juggling 4-5 hoes at a time" these days.

So whoever wrote that shit is wrong. They're looking at the after effects of jewishness, feminism, the destruction of the nuclear family model, the pushing of slut culture and "female sexual empowerment/liberation," and rather than asserting that THOSE are the problems that caused this mess.. no no boyim, its those disgusting girls, they're all just manipulating you and trying to make you embarrassed to be a NEET who does nothing but masturbate all day! You SHOULD do those things! also watch all the porn my jew brother in law makes, its got lots of black cocks and is so degrading to white women, itll make you feel better! Don't fall for the vagina, its a trap! shes just going to use you and destroy you.. thats how its always been! women are awful.. maybe you should be gay, goy, it'd be easier, and I mean theres treatment for aids now afterall!

Thats how that article comes across. The author doesnt address the root cause, at least not in that 3rd picture, only the after effects and attributes it to women in general, rather than in what was done to our society THROUGH our women. Which ends up sounding like they're just trying to push men into rejecting women, which all that does is send them running to tyrone for drugs and dick so she can live in welfare. She ends up miserable, we end up miserable, and the jews celebrate.

That being said, theres almost no redemption to be found in modern women of the west. Very few are worth having because of their personalities, and even fewer have both looks and personality, and the ones that DO are taken from their teenage years and intelligent and handsome men take them and hold on for dear life.

This, incidentally, is why so many people who frequent sites like these, shift towards asian women, because at the very least the way their society and such is depicted in anime makes their women LOOK like they have the purity they once sought in western women but that has long since dried up. They'd rather take an average asian girl, than hope to fuck a 10/10 "stacy" once or end up with a used up stacy in her 30s. Alas, thats still racemixing and isnt good either.

As you were unable to explain how tattoos are degenerate, you will be unable to explain how Varg is shit.

yes they are ALL the same in fact most humans can be reduced to basic behavioral algorithms - it's why eugenics and behavioral psychology works well and scares the shit out of people like you. i've been using very basic psychological tactics ITT to get you people to out yourselves as coordinated shills and it's worked beautifully.

tbh varg is shit but not for the reasons this faggot will say. he needs to read evola and stop being so 100% tradcuck'd. tradition is nothing without adaptation to technology, and I'd support Varg if he wasn't such a luddite

Technology will cease to exist entirely if a stable base of traditions is not restored, and most technology is worthless if not actively detrimental to humans. It's the same with cities, there is no need for tradition to adapt to cities because such things are inherently destructive to the human experience.

"Marriage" has existed long before there was a word for it. In those times women knew they needed to secure a man to support them and as long as they successfully lured one in they could cuckold him with impunity with the "superior" male(s). It's no different today, just replace the "superior male" with "whoever she wants to get fucked by today".

You haven't really answered the question though. No amount of behavioral psychology will prevent women from reverting back to their true nature. In reality the best option would be to assist men in reverting to their true nature as the true dominant force in the world, though work would need to be done to remove his slavery to pussy.

Firstly, this
Secondly, we're all individual actors in a system based on game theory, every individual will use every mechanism available to them to enact their will, there is nothing wrong with that. The rules need to change, not the weights bearing on singular individuals.

White men are more likely to "racemix" than white women

Women shouldn't go to war.


Varg is a special case of his own. He forgot that technology was always White Man's forte. At least, his views on Christianity are correct. Classifying the Mediterraneans as shitskins is retarded though.

Cities and technology are not the same. Technology does not amount to sailfoams and beepers. Those are - as some weird anime clip that used to get posted in webm threads said - Nigger Technology.
Technology is not inherently evil, and to some extent neither are cities.

NSDAP philosophy: Let's turn all this garbage into gold, advance it, and use it to dismantle the international jewish cabal
Varg philosophy: Burn the whole fucker down and start again from the stone age

Varg is and probably has the type to take a knife to a gunfight and expect to win.

You're right, eugenics will do that.
Right again, this is the only way we're going to get eugenics anyway.

Oh totally, they COULD keep a man in line by essentially saying "i'll go be a whore for some chad and pray he doesnt just toss me out on the street after fucking me."

Cause, ya know, that makes sense. Do you even listen to yourself? Or are you just here to shill? The latter I can understand, the former though means you need to get a fucking clue. Yeah, sure, a woman COULD always run off on her "cuck" err oh I mean "husband" right, thats what you would call him isnt it? But see theres this little problem of "what does she do AFTER that?" Women arent AS stupid as you make them out to be, I mean clearly if they're able to manipulate men on a mass scale there has to be some intelligence there. yes they are ruled by emotions more than logic more often than not, but that doesnt make them livestock who only act on impulse.

If she went off and fucked chad, she better be banking on him having a harem he wants to put her in, otherwise, all shes done is throw away her security with her mate just to spite him. She, at that point, has GIVEN UP any kind of control over him. Shes tossed it away for an act of spite. An act, mind you, that would not only reduce her status in society, but also reduce her security and wellbeing and stability.

So what you're saying makes no fucking sense. Yeah, she could threaten to cuck him, it could be a "looming threat" as you seem to make it out to be. But, its a threat that if carried out may hurt him emotionally, but it will DESTROY her on every level. Women can be petty and stupid, but not THAT fucking petty and mentally retarded. Either they do the things they do to obtain and secure stability and security from a male, those being their priorities and everything else being the means to achieve those goals, in which case your case doesnt fit because it is detremental to those goals.. or all of those things are lies and women are just parasites who want to hurt men for no rhyme or reason, which would make your case "work," but would also SORTA go against our species existing still

I understand his position on this tbh, he's only out for his own people and gets very specific about it. Mediterraneans aren't nordic by any means, and are only European by relatively modern standards. Their culture should remain distinct from nordic culture, french culture, etc.

We can argue about who's culture is superior after the world gets un-fucked.

Agreed, varg is overall good he's just too anti-tech for my tastes. and I am a Burzum fan

It's always seemed to me that Varg simply expects that such a return to nothingness is inevitable from the current state of thing and thus it is necessary to prepare for starting again rather than to assemble of new Reich. It'd be interesting to see if he'd change his tune if there was a warmachine that could be supported.

that might be the only option since the whole system is rotten to the core

And i agree with that as well to some degree. Anyone who isn't prepared for some kind of SHTF scenario is stupid.

Interesting to think about. Varg is an artist and therefore a perfectionist, so unless this machine was completely in line with his views i doubt he would support it. If such a movement came about that was in line with his views I would fully expect him to take initiative and either end up leading or being a high ranking member of said movement.

I do think he would compromise on technology if he saw a movement using it for good. He's not completely anti-tech seeing as he has a car, uses power tools, electric guitars, and owns firearms.

Nigger, it's the mediterraneans who called Europe Europa in the first place.

It was rotten in 1939 as well, NSDAP sought to impose a more workable system that would lead to the world-wide dismantlement of the current rotten one.
Replacing the system that seeks to replace us is plan a, taking the vargpill is plan b.

even Weimar wasn't as rotten as we are today
yes there was degeneracy but no mass immigration so the fix was still electorally much easier than it is today
it might be impossible now

When was year zero again laddo?

electorally speaking it is impossible.

No one is denying that the Jews are behind feminism. However, it is female nature that allowed feminism to spread and prosper. In a way, feminism simply is women's basic instincts running rampant. As you can see it's increadibly destructive for the society as a whole. Yids knew that. They championed women's liberation from the get go. They understood the consequences of universal suffrage from the begining. They knew the female nature better than us. Women's rights are inherently anti-White. Anons here ale simply worried about the rapid spread of white-knighting on imageboards.

Greece and Rome were the bastion of white civilization, where everything were developed.

Even the celts and germanics learn much from these cultures while incorporating their own.

You are aware there were times in human history where the jews weren't involved with humans, let alone infesting all corners of the world like they do now, right? And women were doing the same shit even then and further back in time too. That's why eugenics wouldn't work, this is literally the female instinct we're talking about here. Their nature is to be as they are now, we're only seeing it first hand because of the extent they've been let off the leash. Even if they get chained back up they'll always be looking to get off the leash again.

You idiot. What do you think "securing a male" means? She uses all her tools of manipulation to worm her way into a man's heart, then she works to increase her power over a man using sex as her weapon. This doesn't mean she'll threaten to sleep with other men, it means she'll withhold sex from the man and increase the value of sex with her to make him complicit to her demands. She wouldn't threaten to cuck him or even tell him about it, she'd just do it as she pleases. There's no commitment needed with the other man needed because she already has one. Are you getting it now? Monogamy ultimately serves the female interest because it ensures that she'll be taken care of by a man long after the woman outlives her usefulness i.e. her fertile years.

A leech has two daughters, and both are named "Give me!"

Sorry I just had to.

I shall check what shill wont, slav brother

Nope, jews.

Nope women, jews gave them the idea, they did the work themselves.

Tacitus's Germania was a book sympathizing the barbarians and their faith, and comparing them with the Roman's pantheon and so on.

But after the Roman have fallen, it's undeniable that the celts/germanics tried to ape their glory in various ways and formed tactics and strategy based on roman way of war.

Okay great we can agree on 99.9% of everything then my only point would be that the Germanic faith is superior to the Roman faith which is a belief I hold rooted in ancestry.

I think I figured out your shill angle. Are you counting female jews as jews or women?

I count them as both.

This is how you come across. Which is insanely retarded. Women bond to men as men bond to women, hell this is one of the reasons were in the mess we are in, because sexual intercourse causes a strong bond to want to form in a woman… with her first ever partner. The more partners she has, the more likely she is to divorce or be unfaithful, because physically her ability to bond to a mate has reduced. Its why purity/chastity is important.

But you come across as if all women, throughout all time, are purely parasites who have no interest in bonding, they have no actual feelings of love or intimacy at all, and are just lust driven breeding cows who want to suck men dry of their wealth, and will always do that, even behind mens backs if need be, because ya know, they're nothing but dick craving holes who want to do nothing but fuck 18" dicks and have someone feed and clean them so they never have to do anything.

That is so fucking absurd, but its exactly how you sound, like an incredibly bitter "mgtow" faggot who doesnt understand women have existed in ways OTHER than the degenerate sluts we have now in the west.

I actually hold Tacitus's ideas that the european pantheon are the same gods, just with different names and focus.

Since you are not from here, let me break it down for you.
Woken act off of impulse, they are a direct representation of society. They can barely think on their own. Do you blame a dog for being aggressive? No, how could you, they don't think. You blame the owner. If you have been here for awhile you would have read about all this in the mgtow threads.

If you act like the well behaved, traditional strong male, then your woman will eventually follow suit, and also become a model, traditional wife.

Tldr; get the fuck off this board faggot

I don't understand why it is you constantly flit between extolling the virtues of eugenics and >don't breed goy accusations. Do you want women or don't you? Or is that you think you can have all the benefits of other men continuing to suffer women in this jewed world? If things like eugenics, artificial wombs,etc. are out of our reach then all that we can do is somehow raise lots of white children "right" (against all the ones raised wrong, shitskins and half-breeds) and hope they'll continue on this path that you've set out for them going against all the women and jews standing in their way? I think you're placing altogether too much faith in this plan. Millennials are having children of their own right now and they aren't the sort of people who give me any kind of hope. And don't give me the "muh gen z" crap, they're just being edgy and contrarian.

I have been on /pol since the early days on 4chan and here since the first exodus and let me break it up to you :
Women while not being able to be rational as men aren't animals and understand very well what they are doing, this is their mating strategy. Jews simply unleashed it.

No, I would kill it for turning on me.

Confirmed for being an idiot who's going to be taken advantage of.

This has been the case throughout the entirety of human history, women were always considered spoils of war and part of the land they lived on. It was widely recognized that breeding and raising children was their only real value, at least until women deceived men into thinking them equals allowing women to destroy them.
Again, something that's been prevalent throughout human history. Constantly is a bit of a stretch, but women have always sought out what they consider to be a superior male, despite whoever they may have "bonded" with at the time. Whether they get caught in the act depends but in the past there was no such thing as paternity testing.
See above, women only exhibit a sense of loyalty when they believe it to be required and even then they'll do so begrudgingly. If a man does not behave as she desires, she will indeed withhold sex and berate him as appropriate until he does. If he does cave to her whims she'll reward him with false praise and maybe sex if she feels like it.

Is this retarded or absurd? Maybe to you, but if you deny what they are you're allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of you. Let me say it again, monogamy ultimately serves the female interest. Whether it benefits men is irrelevant, because monogamy guarantees that she'll be provided for and that her genes will live on. Hopefully your genes get to come along for the ride as well, right? You'll just have to suffer a woman for the rest of your life.

How many women do you know who are direct friends, e.g. not family and not met because they're a friends' arm candy etc

I run a business that sells product to females.

Except for when they were valued as members of households capable of contributing through activities such as weaving or when they were recognized for their potential in shamanistic pursuits due to their closer connection to the irrational.

Let me guess, (((skincare)))?
You'll sure meet the top of the crop in that business…

No, clothes.

These are secondary roles, their primary role is raising children.
No kidding.

Not much different really..
I have a feeling this may expose you to the 'wrong types' and lead to your preconceived perceptions of all women. Sure, many are as you say, but not all.

That's women's mating strategy, that's what they do and some, way more than other. That's why I believe in eugenics, some people should just die.

WHy is this obvious D&C slide thread still up?

sage for doublepost.
I know females who aren't like that btw, that's why I'va said "some, way more than other".

Sometimes we have to do something else than pretend to be a news outlet and argue about Trump.

Fair cop, we can agree there.

There are more than one of these threads

That's pretty much true. Though there is some difference in culture, and therefore values, the gods are all essential the same people doing the same things for the same reasons. Just that the ingredients change in amount from place to place across Europe.

I don't disagree with what has been said on both side, I just wish people would look at it objectively instead of losing their spaghettis.


Kek. You'll also need to convince God to change the laws of physics He created for said universe. Man will never leave this Solar system, but less visit the stars. You have one home here user, don't screw it up.

Cause yeah, voting Shitlary in would have been so much better. Chaim, pls.


Pfft. Not sure which timeline you exist on user, but in this one that is a mythical creature. The whole AoC thing is specifically and directly aimed at White genocide. The muds don't abide by such restraints, nor are they punished for doing so. If you don't marry a young women before she exits puberty, then you don't have much chance of success with a happy and long-lasting marriage. This is the reason traditional marriages were with young women, not 18 year olds. If they haven't bonded with their husbands before that timeframe, then they are very unlikely to ever bond successfully with him.

Kikes and Femshits know this, and it's exactly the point for them.

So, the trick is to keep her wanting something and use that to make sure you get what you need out of her?

Women will shit test on purpose, that's in their biology, but as long as you remain firm, you have nothing to worry about. This thread is designed to keep us from having loving relationships, marriage, and white children. MGTOW is anti 14 words. Find a church (I chose LDS) and have children. We're better than this Holla Forums

Thule and Vril would love to have a word with you.

Would be interesting. Some girls that age are very sharp and on to it, but most are not…
Sure given perfect situation I'd love to do that but short of knowing lots of fathers (who would be quite a bit older than me), it would be tricky. Most parents love me however..That said it's the traditional way and I'd love to meet a country/farm girl that way - who knows.
That said there are other ways to do it..

You sure are a talkative newfag, aren't you? Lurk for 2 years first Redditfag

Hey fellow Mormonfag
I'm 46 days out from being married (6 month dating anniversary tomorrow) and I'm really proud on how fast she's accepting the red pills (surprisingly fast progress with the JQ). Moly, of all people, has helped the most.

I'm pretty sure age redpills the majority of White men on women. If they were lucky enough to get a reasonably good women while she was still young and mostly sane (like basically my entire family did save one), then that age can mello into a resigned conciliation adopted to provide the highest degree of peace and provision for the family kin unit as a whole, thus preserving the generations. **However, my grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles didn't have to contend with smartphones and Snapchat, Tinder, et al, welded into their daughter's hands from pre-pubescence ofc).

As far as red-pilling young men? Pfft. Not sure that's doable to be quite honest. It's difficult to think or behave rationally when your gonads hold an overabundance of the sway in your day to day affairs. Kikes and femshits, as with the AoC thing I mentioned previously, count on this to lure men into shitty situations and swallow it hook line and sinker.

Besides, what good will it really be to attempt redpilling men on this anyway OP? What is the goal you seek from it? Healthy-minded men will already be redpilled on a wide variety of topics, including women, and insane libshits will continue to be cucks. You can neither help that or change it. Until you can change that demented group's fundamental mental flaws of self-hatred, then you have little chance of redpilling them on any topic, including this one.

Normalfags are little different. If a 'culture' can have literally millions upon millions of White men trading off healthy community with other Whites in exchange for sitting in front of the electricjew every week worshiping a bunch of coons chasing a ball – and consider that their tribal identity – then they also have little hope of becoming redpilled on many topics IMO.

To what purpose OP? Why seek to redpill men on the woman issue?

I'm aware of that. However, if a White guy tries to court some teen girl he's going to be charged with a statutory rape, dragged through the courts and finaly sent to Pound Town, USA to experiance what a real rape feels like. AoC laws are a Jewish concept and emerged right when feminism started to gain traction in our society. Whether or not a particular girl is ready for marriage should be a private matter between her father and the husband-to-be. It was like that for thousands of years. Nonetheless, 18 years old virgin is your best shot right know without risking going straight to jail.

I can only hope you're not serious friend.

I agree with you. These threads just make me existentially angry. Women do not know anything and there’s countless mental anguish that befalls the man who thinks otherwise. They are literal children. But you can’t get too angry over it because outbursts indicate a lack of control. But it’s good to stay sharp about this, and to maybe inform others still sleeping. The truth of he matter is that women don’t belong ANYWHERE near politics, news/reporting, or even the fucking workforce in general. They belong nowhere but the home caring for children. And I don’t even say ‘most of them’ anymore. It’s all of them.

My wife is completely useless as a partner that completes tasks, but she gave birth to the kids so I give her a pass. She doesn't have a better option because her market value is zero after all my kids and there's no way to for me to upgrade because surrogate mothers are worthless. This is as successful as you can reasonably expect. If you're not sentimental you can reach Nash equilibrium with these monsters.

Fair enough. I have no debate with this post. I'd recommend a country life, and close community ties with good White families there if you really want to court a young woman 18 or under. Worked for me.

Want to know how I know you're a kike?

Yeah, I have 45 posts full of well argumented posts, but your simple "kike" dispells all of that of course.

-sigh- I really need to start learning polish.


Goebbels was right as always. Not only does pointing out that you're a kike dispel your (((45))) posts of jewish lies, it makes you destined for the oven.

You're a kike! Jude! Nickel-chaser, Christ traitor, and a fat ugly yidlet, too. Too many mean words, jewboy? Fuck off the NatSoc board.

To all the idiots posting saying for "us whites" to have children. We wish we could but you are helping to destroy women by letting them act like the ones you hate. Remember this, in the end you will not win this because you pick women over your fellow men to help. This is why your numbers are thinning and this is why you do not make progress. Many (((media))) sources are saying birthrates are increasing but those are misguided by the fact its not white ones.
Remember also, if you keep attacking men how the kikes and women do then you will not win them over. Telling them to "Just go out and BREED!" means you want them to act like niggers and throw what made the European family unit away.
You have indeed also noticed that every time a thread is made about women it grows faster then any other. In all my years on a forum i have noticed one thing about shills. They copy past text arguments so they look like a real poster, they never make new memes or content, and they will never push another alternative idea. Most of you who post are broken records repeating the same thing kikes and women do. Memory hole any discussion about solving a problem.

Totally legitimate Holla Forumsack. But you're a Real Oldfag™ too.

this. kike-free first post. not sure really how to fix this short of a global TSHTF event user.

lel fucked that opportunity up heh.

This is what a lying kike looks like. Use your mind, exercise judgement. Find a good girl. Have kids.

Anything that is against the 14 words, is against YOU. Demand better, make your voice heard, but don't fall into the mind virus of incel.

It isn't black and white. Getting married and having kids doesn't mean marrying the first thot you come across with reckless abandon. We want something beautiful for you. (((They))) want you alone and hateful.

Remember, kikes will always twist words and meanings, notice how Natural it comes to them.

Thanks, I just hope my country understands the place of women and those who support them before it turns into a third world shithole because of it.

Its impossible to try and red pill men on the female question. I think its because they are propagandized.
Most men were leftists when they were in high school/

And Two Seedline theory exerts Eve gave up pussy to a rebellious Angelfag cast to Earth, resulting in Cain. God gave Adam dominion over Earth, presented all the animals for possible partners and allowed Adam to freely choose, and Adam rightly rejected goatfucking, so he did Adam a yuge favor by creating Eve from him, but when Adam cucked to Eve instead of kicking the bitch to the curb, God was mightily pissed and instilled the shit test as punishment for future white offspring to remind them to control their bitches.
As an aside, God didn't create non-whites, so they are bastards destined for the lake of fire
at the end, but for now they're allowed to run amok. No idea where all the non-whites came from, but Genesis infers rebellious Angelfags fucked every animal which created the other races. Seems they were the first muh dick. The idea is not directly stated, so it's not gospel/doctrine/official, but it does explain why niggers look like apes and share more of its DNA, chinks look like fish, kikes look like rats, and sandniggers have a proclivity to fucking goats.
tl;dr every woman is Eve, control your bitch

for the few that can handle it, why not? explain you opinion of stfu.

Who gave women voting rights?

Yes, but you're not very good at it. That's why I could tell you're a kike from just a glance at your post. Did you really think that calling Holla Forums a forum or kvetching about anons who call for the perpetuation of the white race didn't out you as a yid immediately? It must be amateur hour in Tel Aviv.

Umm, user I have to be honest…

Jokes aside, you mentioned the endeavor to memory-hole constructive conversation attempting to solve a problem. Obvious kike tactic ofc. So, how do we solve this? I'm asking both you and any non-shill posters here.

So, you're really just doing this to ventilate anger at women? While I sympathize with the emotion, and I'm not in the least swayed by the muh_MGTOW kike propaganda, then I'd say some of the accusations leveled at you here have some merit.

This issue is literally the single most important one related to the 14 words that White men face today. Simply kvetching about it will be to no avail.

Do better than that OP. Got any suggestions on solving this short of total collapse of the (((system)))?

Wyoming USA was the first Western place to give women voting rights: they did this to attract women (there was a women shortage and men were getting blue balled)

Does this sound familiar, every tradcuck ITT?


There is no "female question". Only the jewish question. That's why your increasingly desperate attempts to shift blame away from the kikes and make Holla Forums fight the wrong enemy isn't working.


The kikes enabled them to upgrade nagging into outright terrorism. Things got this way once rabbi shekelstien had them out bombing buildings during the brother wars, because they were angry some men hadn't gone off to die yet.

It's hilarious when you non-native English speakers try to fit in here. Don't you have some street shitting to do, pooskin?

Hahahahaha. Doubling down on your own mistake? As expected of a jew. You're not from here, you will never fit in here, and your nose is visible from a mile away.

They simply are a unnecessary distraction on the frontlines. They will cause division where there should be unity. War is the most manly thing there is. Your battle buddies should be your mannerbund. Military relies on courage, loyalty, and the ability to act under pressure. Virtues that women inherently lack. Real warfare isn't like in anime. Men get shot. Men starve. Men piss and shit themselves in fear.

That's not impressive. If it was 60% It would be okay. 70% is a sign that they're getting a clue as a group.

Details please. Spell it out plainly and in detail to help all these 'lying kikes' ITT. If you can manage to solve the incredibly complex trap that has been woven against White men in the West by the (((powers that be))), then you are plainly an unmitigated fucking genius and I'd tip my hat to you.

Please enlighten us user.

Reported for woman hating.

Hi, Tel-aviv.

Thats it.
Im now going to —forever— be a tripfag so people will know who I am.

These are all good points but you didn't properly highlight the most important issue: chivalry. God wired all of us White men to protect our women, and rightly so despite all the kike & femshit rhetoric.

Having women on front lines is not only an unnecessary distraction – it's down right fucking dangerous to soldiers. I would offer the Jessica Lynch debacle as one such example of this lunacy.

We already knew who you were, yid. Woman-hating is the pinnacle of jewish mentality.

Tripfag is the new straight.

Or until she sees another man who is more promising than you, then, hypergamy shows up.

If you're going to subject us all to this type of faggotry, then get a better trip then OP.

BTW, I'm still waiting on a response.

Fuck you guys. Yes, women in general are retarded, but at least make an exception for the ones that frequent this site. PENIS OR GTFO.

lel. You will never, ever make Holla Forums blame women for what you kikes do to them. We know that saving them means exterminating you.

Two interesting items to note.
Women don't care about A balanced budget at all, they care not for what happens later on.
THey also care a little bit less that care for the elderly than men.

Women votes were a mistake.

I'll assume you're bearing a vagoo. I can tell by some of the letters and having seen a few posts in my time. Pic related.

I'll make the assumption that you somehow want to help solve this particular shitstorm. I know, I know, crazy idea.

Can you please give us some suggestions from your perspective on how a man can find a good woman to marry in the vile cesspool that has been forced upon us regarding relationships in the West.

Long shot I know, but I'm just throwing it out there.

The bigger mistake was letting non-whites vote. White women are actually pretty good voters.

It's supposed to mean that it's the roastie coalburner that posts that exact image in MGTOW threads.

You do know that to be (((jewish))) your mother must be the Jew, not your dad. Jews are lead by their women.

This tread is a waste of time and we are running in circles.
Women are a waste of time.
We can immolate ourselves having lots of white children, and be destroyed in the process by women and their most powerful ally: the State.
It will make no difference at all.
Shitskins will outbreed us and we will disappear.
I say that until we can not tackle the State and take power, we are working with the wrong tool and on the wrong subject. .

Any man who has trouble finding a good woman has something very wrong with their ability to judge the character of another person.

I wish I had the answers for you, because I feel for men like 8 chan men looking for wives out there in this shithole of a world. I know it sounds cliche, but some of the nicest, more biddable women I've met were at church. Greek Orthodox, if you can. Other than that, if 8 chan has a "man seeks wife" thread that might bring about a connection. It's better than tinder.
The thing that got me to stop being a dumb ass whore was my husband that set examples on how to be. Brought protection and security to my life like I've never known.

Thank you for (kind of) being nice to me here.

Women are great but giving them rights is the most Jewish thing there is. Women are a property of men and the State has to get the fuck off from my property. Overall, women's rights are inherently anti-White.


Or he is completely delusional.

We all know that wahmen are fucking us over. They are not smart, and literally evolved around being fuckable. MGTOW isn't interesting or helpful


checked and truthed

I remember why trying to red pill people is so hard.

Prime (((MGTOW))) philosophy right here.

This is a pretty common occurrence for me nowadays. I used to be a fat sack of shit, but I've gotten myself together in the past couple of years. I do it for you, my brothers

A) I wasn't talking to you friend, and B) finding a good women necessarily involves the existence of, well, good women.

Please describe in detail how it all worked out so well for you friend. Enquiring minds want to know and all that.

Hmm. That sounds like both a reasonable idea and incredible troll magnet for libshits. Besides I don't think an honest thread like that could survive for long here on Holla Forums anyway. Just look at the amount of kike shilling ITT as an example of the outcome.

Nice to hear the affirmation from a woman that a good man can actually help rectify some of the inherent problems in women. Can you give any specific examples, if you wouldn't mind, of how he did this and what affected change it brought about in you from you're previous mental state? Anecdotes can go a long way in helping guys understand interactions like that.

Best bet/10. True facts. Russian Orthodox has been my experience and there are a few actually good women there.

Thank you for the courteous and thoughtful response. I now decline my demand that you expose your breasts for us all to enjoy. :^) Here, have a kitten in appreciation.

How good is a man broke and or most of his assets robbed by a woman?
Or worst, in jail because false accusations or because was unable to make Court mandated payments?
No thanks.
I am building my wealth on my own and I am steadily preparing to have my children without getting involved with a degenerate succubus.
I will rent a womb.

It's not about the number of good women, it's about the ability to recognize good women. Every single time I see somebody complaining that their girlfriend or wife fucked them over it's because they tried to have a relationship with some disloyal, conniving whore that anybody with fully functional cognitive abilities should have seen coming from a mile away.

You understand that church is the main place women virtue signal. They may look or act good there but that is all it is to them, an act.
Also, trying to "hook up" with single women on here would be useless since they have the same options on any other dating sites. A bunch of men they can select from and think they are getting the top of grade A cuts. Most will seek out the loudest men just like in real life but in the end think back that they should have found a more stable partner. This is the problem with women being here, Every single man here wants a traditional wife (((except the shills))). But, most women who come here are not looking for anyone. This shows how one sided the dating market is for men and this is why most men don't want women in male spaces because unless every guy here has a wife, only then could single women be tolerated.

And that's because you can't tell which women are or aren't degenerate succubi. Which means you have something wrong with your ability to pick up on social cues. So all things considered you actually should stay away from women and just rent a womb. You're doing what works for you. But it isn't necessary for every man to do it your way.


So, you are willing to play Russian roulette with your future.

Do you blame a poorly trained dog for barking obnoxiously or do you blame their owner who should have trained them not to? Men and only men have the ability to train women to behave civilized. It's not about blaming ourselves for the bad behavior of women. It's about accepting our role to be dominant leaders, because nobody else is going to do it.


this, pretty much.


Nah. Social skills can compliment moneymaking skills but they're ultimately two separate things. Turbo autists can and do strike it rich.

I can pick up on social cues, user. I'm able to tell good women from degenerate succubi. It's Russian roulette in your case but not in mine.

You've hit the crux of the issue right there user. God never designed either sex for the man to pursue the woman. Every single God-ordained example in the Bible is the other way around. The few that have the man pursuing the woman inevitably ended in failure or tragedy, or both.

Keep your filthy Semite religions off of Holla Forums, this is a National Socialist board. Not MGTOW, not /christian/; National Socialist.


Reported for intl. Kill yourself, you fucking yid. You will never, EVER stop us from being your worst enemies.

Woah, "reported for intl" posting from Tor? What'd you get banned for? Maybe the mods finally decided to remove you for constantly spamming counter to official National Socialist policies regarding the suppression of Christianity as led by Rosenberg.

This thread is great. It's an all out brawl. How much did Trump cuck this time around for mods to allow it? On what layer of interdimensional mahjong are we already?

We are having good discussions here unlike the shills that try and stop it.

This feels weird.. an 8ch man speaking to me like I'm a person. As for my husband's examples that helped me become a real woman, you must understand that I had previously dated men who were, for the lack of better words and to save time, idiots. Shallow beasts that resembled manly women. If you're a man's man, with kindness and love in your heart, there is not much else that you can literally do than just being yourself. As simple as it is, these qualities in a man are rare to most women nowadays (because of the Jews). You seem to have these innate qualities, user. The right woman will notice this in you. Finding someone in this world to love and them loving you back has a lot to do with just being lucky. On a personal note, the moment I met my husband he looked at me and was basically like "You're mine." I was like "Um what??…eh…um, OK yeah!" I'm really supportive of my husband, too. In everything he does. This is starting to sound like my memoirs. I got to go do wife and mommy stuff. Check back later.

Thanks for the kitten.

why do you think women love horses so much? it's a big dumb beast they can control

DC, always with the DC. so typical

How are National Socialist ideals divisive on a National Socialist board? There's a board for christcucks and it isn't this one.

You seem honest and that is quite rare in women. You deserve being treated like a person user.

If you're a man's man, with kindness and love in your heart, there is not much else that you can literally do than just being yourself. As simple as it is, these qualities in a man are rare to most women nowadays (because of the Jews).
Very good advice. That's why we always tell guys in these threads to get /fit/ etc. Not to feed the Tinder cycle, etc., but because it builds self-esteem, confidence, and general manly & fashy qualities.

Thank you I appreciate that. I'm good to go, I merely ask for the benefit of the non-shill men ITT honestly looking for a good wife too.

Cute story about his courtship of you, thanks.
You really are a good women. He's a lucky guy. God bless both of you dear.

People must earn respect, if only one "man" talks to you with respect and others don't it means he may want to befriend you. Women should not have "other male friends" as this will lead to an unstable marriage. A women however can befriend the other males wife.
This is your prospective and yours alone. That "idiot" could have been a good friend that told his friends how you where the one who was not "grown up" to handle a relationship. On the other hand maybe it was him but you chose those men.
Men do not get "lucky" and no real man would ever think like this. This world would not have become what men have made it if all we did was rely on luck.
In the end you have only contributed a "feels" of ideas to try and patch the overall problem. We do not need feelings we only need actions on how to solve this situation we are in this is also growing. It's all good and fun that you have food to eat and a stable life but if everyone around you dose not then that lifestyle will change. This is what is happening and has been happening throughout history. This is also why men set up a system to try to keep all men as happy as possible.

I know many women who board horses. They still make the men at the ranch manage them. Have you ever seen a women shoe a horse has her main job?

the best thing about shills is they all operate on the same checklist.

You have no alternative but to call those who mention Kirchenkampf and Alfred Rosenberg shills because you can by no other means explain why christcucks should be tolerated on a National Socialist board.

I think it's a little bit sad that you guys can't find decent women and so blame it on women (who are deserving) but have you honestly ever shook a woman? No abuse, just grabber her by the shoulders and shaken sense into her? Have you ever just stopped being a limp-wristed faggot and calling a whore a whore? You'd be surprised to know how many virgins there are out there but you never go out or hang out with the wrong people because whites have no community. Jews usually do the whole mgtow shit because if they're not projecting false confidence and screwing anything that walks no matter the race, then they're hiding behind their wealth and hanging about by shitposting.

I think that picture of the little sheep is awfully sad and disheartening to see. You see, a white man loves animals and will realise that if/had this sheep survived or whatever this poor little animal is, is that it would not have a mother. A white man has a father, a white man respects is mother. Both are blessings in this life. Sometimes jews don't understand that, or non-jews get a bad hand dealt in this life and fall into the same track. Parenthood is beautiful, no need to muddy the waters by posting such vulgarities which only promote degeneration as it stands today.

it's 400 pages, how is it more of a pamphlet? and also what does being a pamphlet vs a book matter? are you a fucking bot?

This is outrageous user.
You are a fucking moron and a mangina.
Tits or GTFO to that filthy cunt.

*started calling a whore a whore.

Let me teach you how to get a woman user.

These days, it's hard for me because I want a relationship, but I'm conflicted because I'm really having a hard time seeing women as anything else besides sex objects, when deep down I'm good husband/father material. When I meet a girl who's fun to talk to, I want to do boyfriend shit - spoon on the couch and watch movies, go out and do stuff together, all that stuff. I genuinely enjoy showing a girl a good time. They straight up act like 4 year olds around me. It's not even something I try to make happen, just whenever I talk to girls, something about the way I talk reduces them to a child-like state. I'm aware women are children deep down Even the "tough" ones and smart ones. Especially those ones.

I've had random strangers come up to me when I've been out on dates with girls and they would tell us that we should get married. Total strangers.
Problem is, I know if I keep it up, I'm gonna end up getting screwed over - losing my property, losing my wealth, and most likely a large piece of my soul. I wouldn't say I like being friends with girls, but relationships are fun for me, I actually enjoy myself around girls. I just don't trust them and really don't have any incentive to get married except for the fact it would make my parents happy.
So I'd very much like to see women as potential wives and mothers, but I don't see any of them that don't come with a heavy, heavy pricetag attached. So I'm conflicted. Seeing women as anything other than temporary sex partners will likely end up getting me killed, but it kills me to see them that way.

Debate me shill, i thought you get payed by the words? Or maybe it's just by the amount you post.

I'm thinking this may be one of her friends or even her "husband" because that whole conversation seems to set-up. Notice how she dose not respond to anyone with more then a few words but that one poster do to the fact he is being "kind" to her. Everyone here dose not care if the discussion gets heated because we so not base our ideals off emotion but off data and what makes more logical seance.

Jews hate woman, read what the old testament and talmud says about them - pray for not being a woman and so on…


I pray to Lord Kek.
Give the wisdom to the Mod to shut down this cunt infected thread.
The levels of vagina have reached unthinkable numbers.
I want to puke.

If anything, those "supermen" will be mass produced nigs, chinks, and goatfucking hoards of Magog that have no soul, bred to annihilate the last of the white men. Yet whites fuck will their shit up.

Yeah, but media is self-imposed programming. Direct external control happens through government, both enabled by jewish finance. One without the other bares no results.

Fuck you! The talking is over!
Soon men will do god's will by replacing ALL women with artificial wombs and genociding each and every one of you!

Nice try but again you out yourself.

Sometimes we forget that NONE OF THIS IS NEW! Read this quote by Cato The Elder below
"Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters….. All mankind rules its women, and we rule all mankind, yet our women rule us."
- Cato The Elder (around 195BC ; Rome)

During the second Punic War in 215BC, Rome passed a law called 'Lex Oppia.' Cato argued that the law removed the shame of poverty because it made all women dress in an equal fashion. Cato insisted that if women could engage in a clothes-contest, they would either feel shame in the presence of other women, or on the contrary, they would delight in a rather base victory as a result of extending themselves beyond their means. He also declared that a woman's desire to spend money was a disease that could not be cured, but only restrained; the removal of Lex Oppia, Cato said, would render society helpless in limiting the expenditures of women. Cato pronounced that Roman women already corrupted by luxury were like wild animals who have once tasted blood in the sense that they can no longer be trusted to restrain themselves from rushing into an orgy of extravagance. The law was repealed in 195BC, but this just goes to show that everything we're dealing with right now is not something brand new. When society becomes more gentrified, women gain more power, gynocracy takes hold and then the nation either collapses from within (providing too many services for women and children, at the expense of the family unit and men), OR they are taken over by more patriarchal nations.

Strabo (the Greek Historian, Geographer and Philosopher ; living from 64BC – 24AD) said this:
"The multitude are restrained from vice by the punishments that the gods are said to inflict upon offenders, and by those terrors and threatenings which certain dreadful words and monstrous forms imprint upon their minds. For it is impossible to govern the crowd of women, and all the common rabble, by philosophical reasoning, and lead them to piety, holiness and virtue – but this must be done by superstition, or the fear of the gods, by means of fables and wonders; for the thunder, the aegis, the trident, the torches (of the Furies), the dragons, etc.. are all fables. These things the legislators used as scarecrows to terrify the childish multitude.”

Essentially, they used religion as a way to terrify people (mainly women), so that society would be held in check. Just reading the history of the Roman Empire (Greco-Romans) brings such glaring similarities with our own civilization, it is as if human social dynamics are literally stuck in a cycle that repeats every couple thousand years (there were two matriarchal, extremely advanced civilizations: one at the end of the Roman empire, 2000 years ago, one possibly at the end of Babylon, 4000 years ago). For those who enjoy history, here is a short recap of social changes in Rome, 2,000 years ago (most historians focus on military, economical and political facts, but I find the social aspects just as fascinating):|

~5 century BC: Roman civilization is a a strong patriarchy, fathers are liable for the actions of their wife and children, and have absolute authority over the family (including the power of life and death)

~1 century BC: Roman civilization blossoms into the most powerful and advanced civilization in the world. Material wealth is astounding, citizens (i.e.: non slaves) do not need to work. They have running water, baths and import spices from thousands of miles away. The Romans enjoy the arts and philosophy; they know and appreciate democracy, commerce, science, human rights, animal rights, children rights and women become emancipated. No-fault divorce is enacted, and quickly becomes popular by the end of the century.

~1-2 century AD: The family unit is destroyed. Men refuse to marry and the government tries to revive marriage with a “bachelor tax”, to no avail. Children are growing up without fathers, Roman women show little interest in raising their own children and frequently use nannies. The wealth and power of women grows very fast, while men become increasingly demotivated and engage in prostitution and vice. Prostitution and homosexuality become widespread.

~3-4 century AD: A moral and demographic collapse takes place, Roman population declines due to below-replacement birth-rate. Vice and massive corruption are rampant, while the new-born Catholic Religion is gaining power (it becomes the religion of the Empire in 380 AD). There is extreme economic, political and military instability: there are 25 successive emperors in half a century (many end up assassinated), the Empire is ungovernable and on the brink of civil war.

~5 century AD: The Empire is ruled by an elite of military men that use the Emperor as a puppet; due to massive debts and financial problems, the Empire cannot afford to hire foreign mercenaries to defend itself (Roman citizens have long ago being replaced by mercenaries in the army), and starts “selling” parts of the Empire in exchange for protection. Eventually, the mercenaries figure out that the “Emperor has no clothes”, and overrun and pillage the Empire.

Humanity falls back into the Bronze Age (think: eating squirrel meat and living in a cave), 12 centuries of religious zealotry (The Great Inquisition, Crusades) and intellectual darkness follow: science, commerce, philosophy, human rights become unknown concepts until they are rediscovered again during the Age of Enlightenment in 17th century AD.

Regarding the Babylonian civilization (2,000 BC), we know that they had a very advanced civilization because we found their legislative code written down on stone tablets (yes, they had laws and tribunals, and some of today’s commercial code can even be traced back to Babylonian law). They had child support laws (which seems to indicate that there was a family breakdown), and they collapsed presumably due to a “moral breakdown” figuratively represented in the Bible as the “Tower of Babel” (which was inspired by a real tower). Interesting and controversial anecdote: some claim that the Roman Catholic Religion is nothing more than a rewriting and adaptation of an ancient Babylonian religion! (which I totally believe to be the case, but not just limited to Babylonian / Mesopotamian / Sumerian mythology. Christianity was an amalgamation of many other religions too, especially that of Greek and Egyptian mythology.)

We are not normalfaggots you know. Stop kvetching and provide counter-argument. We operate on logic not on feelings.

2ND EXAMPLE from antiquity is Hesiod (Greek Poet, living around 700BC), who has two extant works, one of which is entitled, "Works and Days" and the other is entitled, "Theogony." He writes in the latter, that after humans received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decides to give humanity a punishing gift to compensate for the boon they had been given. He commands Hephaestus to mold from earth the first woman, a "beautiful evil" whose descendants would torment the human race. After Hephaestus does so, Athena dresses her in a silvery gown, an embroidered veil, garlands and an ornate crown of silver. This woman goes unnamed in the Theogony, but is presumably Pandora, whose myth Hesiod revisited in Works and Days. When she first appears before gods and mortals, "wonder seized them" as they looked upon her. But she was "sheer guile, not to be withstood by men." Hesiod elaborates (590–93):

"From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth."

Hesiod goes on to lament that men who try to avoid the evil of women by avoiding marriage will fare no better (604–607):

"He reaches deadly old age without anyone to tend his years,
and though he at least has no lack of livelihood while he lives,
yet, when he is dead, his kinsfolk divide his possessions amongst them."

Hesiod concedes that occasionally a man finds a good wife, but still (609) "evil contends with good."

In the 'Works and Days' version of the myth (lines 60–105), Hesiod expands upon her origin, and moreover widens the scope of the misery she inflicts on humanity. As before, she is created by Hephaestus, but now more gods contribute to her completion (63–82): Athena taught her needlework and weaving (63–4); Aphrodite "shed grace upon her head and cruel longing and cares that weary the limbs" (65–6); Hermes gave her "a shameful mind and deceitful nature" (67–8); Hermes also gave her the power of speech, putting in her "lies and crafty words" (77–80) ; Athena then clothed her; next Persuasion and the Charites adorned her with necklaces and other finery (72–4); the Horae adorned her with a garland crown. Finally, Hermes gives this woman a name: Pandora – "All-gifted" – "because all the Olympians gave her a gift". In this retelling of her story, Pandora's deceitful feminine nature becomes the least of humanity's worries. For she brings with her a jar (which, due to textual corruption in the sixteenth century, came to be called a box)[9][10] containing[11] "burdensome toil and sickness that brings death to men" (91–2), diseases (102) and "a myriad other pains" (100). Prometheus had (fearing further reprisals) warned his brother Epimetheus not to accept any gifts from Zeus. But Epimetheus did not listen; he accepted Pandora, who promptly scattered the contents of her jar. As a result, Hesiod tells us, "the earth and sea are full of evils" (101). One item, however, did not escape the jar (96–9):

"Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing
Zeus the Cloudgatherer."

Hesiod does not say why hope (elpis) remained in the jar.

Hesiod closes with this moral (105): "Thus it is not possible to escape the mind of Zeus."

Hesiod also outlines how the end of man's Golden Age, (an all-male society of immortals who were reverent to the gods, worked hard, and ate from abundant groves of fruit) was brought on by Prometheus, when he stole Fire from Mt. Olympus and gave it to mortal man, Zeus punished the technologically advanced society by creating woman. Thus, Pandora was created as the first woman and given the jar (mistranslated as 'box') which releases all evils upon man. The opening of the jar serves as the beginning of the Silver Age, in which man is now subject to death, and with the introduction of woman to birth as well, giving rise to the cycle of death and rebirth.

3RD EXAMPLE , is Juvenal (55AD-138AD), who was a Roman Satirist. In his 6th Satirical Work. “Satire VI” (“Satura VI”) is a verse satire, written around 115 CE. The poem laments what Juvenal sees as the decay of feminine virtue, and uses a series of acidic vignettes on the degraded state of female morality (some would say a misogynistic rant), purportedly to dissuade his friend Postumius from marriage. It is the longest and one of the most famous (or infamous) of his sixteen satires.

The poem opens with a parody of the golden age myths and of the Ages of Man (in the Golden Age no one feared a thief, the Silver Age marked the first adulterers, and the remaining crimes arrived in the Iron Age). The goddesses Pudicitia (Chastity) and Astraea (Justice) then withdrew from the earth in disgust. He questions his friend Postumius’ plans for marriage when there are alternatives, such as committing suicide or just sleeping with a boy.

Juvenal then relates a series of examples of why women and marriage should be avoided. He describes the notorious adulterer, Ursidius, who wants a wife of old-fashioned virtue, but is insane to think he will actually get one. He then gives examples of lustful wives, such as Eppia, a senator’s wife, who ran off to Egypt with a gladiator, and Messalina, wife of Claudius, who used to sneak out of the palace to work at a brothel. Although lust may be the least of their sins, many greedy husbands are willing to overlook such offences for the dowries they can receive. He argues that men love a pretty face not the woman herself, and when she gets old, they can just kick her out.

Juvenal then discusses pretentious women, and claims he would prefer a prostitute for a wife over someone like Scipio’s daughter, Cornelia Africana (widely remembered as a perfect example of a virtuous Roman woman), since he says virtuous women are often arrogant. He suggests that dressing and speaking Greek is not at all attractive, especially in an older woman.

He then accuses women of being quarrelsome and of tormenting the men they love in their desire to rule the home, and then they just move on to another man. He says that a man will never be happy while his mother-in-law still lives, as she teaches her daughter evil habits. Women cause lawsuits and love to wrangle, covering their own transgressions with accusations of their husbands’ (although if a husband catches them at this, they are even more indignant).

In days gone by, it was poverty and constant work that kept women chaste, and it is the excessive wealth that came with conquest that has destroyed Roman morality with luxury. Homosexuals and effeminate men are a moral contamination, especially because women listen to their advice. If eunuchs guard your wife, you should be sure they really are eunuchs (“who will guard the guards themselves?”). Both high- and low-born women are equally profligate and lacking in foresight and self-restraint.

Who cares? They follow the Talmud but also the Old Testament, which is nothing but jewish mentality in a book

Juvenal then turns to women who intrude into matters that pertain to men, and are constantly blathering gossip and rumours. He says that they make terrible neighbours and hostesses, keeping their guests waiting, and then drinking and vomiting like a snake that has fallen into a vat of wine. Educated women who fancy themselves as orators and grammarians, disputing literary points and noting every grammatical slip of their husbands, are likewise repulsive.

Rich women are uncontrollable, only making any attempt to look presentable for their lovers and spending their time at home with their husbands covered in their beauty concoctions. They rule their households like bloody tyrants, and employ an army of maids to get them ready for the public, while they live with their husbands as though they were complete strangers.

Women are by their nature superstitious, and give complete credence to the words of the eunuch priests of Bellona (the war goddess) and Cybele (the mother of the gods). Others are fanatic adherents of the cult of Isis and its charlatan priests, or listen to Jewish or Armenian soothsayers or Chaldaean astrologers, and get their fortunes told down by the Circus Maximus. Even worse, though, is a woman who is herself so skilled at astrology that others seek her out for advice.

Although poor women are at least willing to bear children, rich women just get abortions to avoid the bother (although at least that prevents the husbands from being saddled with illegitimate, half-Ethiopian children). Juvenal contends that half of the Roman elite is made up of abandoned children whom women pass off as those of their husbands. Women will even stoop to drugging and poisoning their husbands to get their way, like Caligula’s wife, who drove him insane with a potion, and Agrippina the Younger who poisoned Claudius.

As an epilogue, Juvenal asks whether his audience thinks he has slipped into the hyperbole of tragedy. But he points out that Pontia admitted to murdering her two children and that she would have killed seven if there had been seven, and that we should believe everything the poets tell us about Medea and Procne. However, these women of ancient tragedy were arguably less evil than modern Roman women, because at least they did what they did out of rage, not just for money. He concludes that today there is a Clytemnestra on every street.

Although frequently decried as a misogynistic rant, the poem is also an all-out invective against marriage, which Rome’s decaying social and moral standards at that time had made into a tool of greed and corruption (Juvenal presents the options available to the Roman male as marriage, suicide or a boy lover), and equally as an invective against the men who have permitted this pervasive degradation of the Roman world (Juvenal casts men as agents and enablers of the feminine proclivity toward vice).

The poem contains the famous phrase, “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (“But who will guard the guards themselves” or “But who watches the watchmen?”), which has been used as an epigraph to numerous later works, and refers to the impossibility of enforcing moral behaviour when the enforcers themselves are corruptible.

Guess where the Rotschilds struck gold? Diamonds

I'm not going to read this obvious anti-woman thread. Promoting "Gender Wars" is something straight out of their book, lurk two more years.

lol, Well I like your creativity user. But how can lefties even compete if they're not breeding real men to build those devices? Please tell me you have a job at least. You're on Holla Forums ffs. Then again, you'd make a good aussie so we're both shitposting by the looks. Wasting out time when there are people that truly believe in such. I think there are easier and more direct ways to enrich the serotonin. Simply go to a bar and ask a girl if she has a pen… if she says yes, tell her to run back before the farmer notices she's gone… Alternatively, go to the supermarket and ask for a kit-kat chunky. When you get the kit-kat chunky, snort and retort that you seek a regular kit-kat while calling her a fat bitch.

Fuck off pseudo chad.
This is Holla Forums, women have no place here.


Holes dont belong here! Fuck off!

When stale memes are your only rebuttal you lost the argument. Go back to halfchan newfag. You can be a leftist there for all I care.

The person you're replying to isn't a shill or a jew it's just a kid with autism

Not in the white community. Fatherless families are a much bigger problem in the nigger, spic and mixed race families. I've had this uncomfortable feeling lately that most honest adherents and promoters of MGTOW in these d&c threads are actual niggers.

What do tradcucks and muslims have in common?

They both worship a dark box.



Someone should make a n expanding brain meme

Once again you can't into arguments. Why is that? Can't you express your own opinion?

< This thread was started by me, I made 30 posts where I DESTROYED THEM squarely!
What? That's not how anyone talks. You're not an American, you're not from Canada, and you're not from the UK or Ireland.

Conclusion: You're a kike from Israel.

So, I think this thread was started by people from a foreign country, and they continue to represent, though poorly, both sides. They are almost certainly kikes from Haifa.


Americans don't talk like that, but people from the levant do.

You nigger. You think there are lots of white single mothers in comparison to shitskins because you live in a 95% white town. Black fatherless families are at around 70%, spics around 50% and whites just dipped below 25%


You are a nigger aren't you? A ridegy didge, bonafide shitskin.

Why do you think that?

It's pretty funny Russia bosses Israel around like a Ukrainian whore working in a legal brothel in Tel Aviv.


Thank you for your wisdom user. Teach me your ways.

You do understand that those women have more mixed children right? This counts current marriage not re-marriage. So what you see in this chart are women who have had other kids before with a nigger or spec then finding some white man and having ONE kid with him.
Re-read what you linked, it dose not state how many "white kids" are with these "white families". Fuck i hate how the jew tricks people.

Did you know you can hide and ignore this thread?
Or are you triggered that this thread exposes the true nature and vileness of the common ratlike woman!

thinking i'm a roastie. kek. go back, it's your mod that likes the cock, not the folks this side.

ok niggerkike, I do understand that what I linked you combines all modes of 2 parent families but this research you find here clearly defines 2 parent families by race: datacenter.kidscount.org/data/tables/107-children-in-single-parent-families-by-race?loc=1&loct=1#detailed/1/any/false/870,573,869,36,868/10,11,9,12,1,185,13/432,431

"Yes goy, white women are the prob…."

I will continue to spread the word of the vileness of women so that we may one day do what god himself wants us to do: replace them and bury them!

For the Christcucks: women go to hell automatically! God absolutely hates women!
Made them just to serve man, ended up disappointing him.
In all of history zero women EVER made it into heaven, only men. Do you really think god would want a bunch of women walking around?

Woman hating is not an argument. It's hating half of your own ancestors and people.

If you can't see how this thread is just some passtime of kikes, who do it weekly, you need to read more…

^ that is someone who is not American.

I conclude that person is from Haifa. But it's also possible it's some kind of AI experiment. As you can see, it doesn't talk like any real person. I raised a very sensible objection to that particular cartoon, which was that it presented something that is implausible: that a coalburner would advocate MGTOW (much less know what it is, being a ridiculous THOT). However, it's certainly clear whoever it is cannot even comprehend English well enough to respond.

< I will continue to spread the word of the vileness of women so that we may one day do what god himself wants us to do: replace them and bury them!

That's not the product of anyone who speaks English. What machine translator did you use? Or are you a bot?

And in this link: pewsocialtrends.org/2012/02/16/the-rise-of-intermarriage/2/ we see that whites form mixed marriages far less than all of the shitskins are want to do. Only 9% of whites racemix and of that 9% white men are the most likely to marry outside race. The problem is not white women it is white men. We have allowed the kikes to exist in our countries. My final argument against OP is that shitskins are making the west look bad and therefore I deduce that OP is either: A shitskin, has shitskin tier intelligence while being white, a faggot.

^ see how that's clearly not someone who speaks English.

A bot? It could definitely be a bot. Very strange indeed!!!

Read "The Myth of the 20th century" by Alfred Rosenberg and Mein Kampf. It will irrevocably annihilate any argument these filthy subhumans can muster.

The problem with women isn't men. That's silly. Obviously, Adolf Hitler was MGTOW, so he understood something of manipulation, and we can also see how the Reich had sensible laws which were abandoned in pic related here:

keep in mind that esther vilar is a kikess.
and in said book it really shows.
i remember a passage where she said something like "women do not like children, if they did, they would care about starving nigglets as much as they care about their own children".

< filthy subhumans
^ an obvious kike shill.

Real White Nationalists promote the rights and obligations of Whites, and a productive society. They are not eager to kill white people, as the kikes, the CIA are.

Still just shows that only 24% of white kids are living with a single parent. So most likely 3-5% of those are single fathers and the 21-20% are single mothers yet to get an omega provider. It also shows two or more races being at 42% ==wew== should add that in with the white family cucks. You need to show a more refined data chart and not a broad one. This gives me something to dig for when i have time.

How would you know what people from the Levant talk like?
I'm not an American either faggot.
Calling people a kike with no apparent reason is autistic as possible.

Again, that text does not explain what laws the Reich had or even what the laws were changed to. Your claim that Hitler was MGTOW has no basis and you can provide no support for it.

However, that sort of argument is typical of "Republican compromise" types, like Nehlen.

The core argument that holds up today is that of the imbecile THOT and of the conspiracy of the cradle - do you understand these? That there is brainwashing involved, to compel one to actually respect a stupid slut?

I claim it does. Here is my reasoning:
Kikes, making new law, would not introduce (((equality))) if women already received more than men in typical divorce.

What about the offspring the women had outside of marriage? Women could have 2-4 kids of mixed then marry a white guy and be considered a "white family" if she has one kid with her new provider. They skew this shit all the time this way. As I said we need to dig deeper for the raw data.

You hate White People. You're a KIKE.

Your reasoning is meaningless. Find the facts or stop posting.

No, it's good reasoning. What alternative reason do you have for the post-Reich law calling for equality? I believe this is highly compelling.

Go on, use your own words, explain what my argument is, and why you have a different view on the facts. Like you can read English.

Blaspheming shill, he was the father of a people and nation. He went "their" way not his own way.

Closer to 3% for single fathers of whom I am actually one.

t. a father gathered evidence and took full custody of my daughters, then 15 and 13 and my son who was 8 at the time.

It has not been easy and I wish things had been different but I have raised three white children into high functioning, high intelligent young adults. I taught the girls that their virginity was their greatest asset as a woman yet in today's world with today's men they need to be highly educated to steer clear of poverty. My son is home schooled around a stem heavy program focusing on coding. He has started olympic lifting from where he will transition to the hand to hand arts, cold steel and firearms. Keeping my fingers crossed but I'm hoping for at least 9 pure huwhite grandchildren.

No, he was a leader, first of none, a man but one, who took on the whole world and its lies. MGTOW was he, he was MGTOW indeed. Adolf Hitler, the finest MGTOW history knows.

That's a valid comment and since you spoke it you can go research it.


tbqf I'm smarter than everyone in yidsrael.

How can I have a different view on the facts when you have presented no facts?
You don't have an argument nor any basis for your reasoning other than semantics. If you cannot explain what the laws of the Reich were regarding divorce and what they were changed to afterward, there is nothing to discuss.

Did you know that the IDF and Mossad sell human body parts to rabbis, for consumption in their ceremonies, and that these are harvested from the battlefield?

Ok cunt, I know you're being deliberately antagonistic and you don't truly believe what you're saying considering that he had Eva Braun and the kikes say the married but I swear to fucking christ if you said that at a bbq…

Again, explain the purpose of the (((equality))) clause above. Go on, do it.

That's your job as the one making the claim. Until you can present the content of both sets of laws for comparison, there is nothing to be discussed.

keek @ leveling baseless insults


I always respect guys like you because it's harder for you then anyone else in this day and age. Your son should turn out fine as long as hes not into what the media is pushing or has friends that are into that. The biggest thing you must watch out for are your girls. I've met guys that did everything to keep their girls on track. But girls are social beings so no matter how hard you try they will be influenced. If you can, try to direct them to a good guy with a good family "parents" that your family can vacation with. Grow the family bonds, don't shrink it.

will do, but we must all look for truth and question everything.

I suggest it is actually. The measure was put in place, why? Again, why did the kikes impose (((equality)))? I have explained why, and you say that it isn't an argument, but it is, and quite a good one.

The following poster:

is fake. That's an alias. He never raised a family, etc. It's such a retarded liar. It's so completely obvious he has no idea about anything like having a family. It's a stupid fucking LARP, or produced by AI, but it's not real, I can tell you that for certain.

You haven't even proven that the laws were different in any regard other than their naming. Explain what was changed in the German law system to impose equality. For all we know from that text, nothing was actually changed and the entire thing was an exercise in lip service to create the illusion of equality.

Quit masturbating go horsefucker porn, CIAnigger.

If you don't reply to anyone the bots/aliases won't see it. You can put anything here :^)

Curious bot…


I just realized how I can be certain the people in here are foreigners, both pro and con, in the MGTOW argument.


And it's a beautiful technique.

See you around, user. God bless you and yours, as well.

pleas give me proof, I don't take to well with just emotional outbursts without facts.

^ fake

You're fake!

Go on, tell me … why … an equality measure would have been added in this situation. Here are the possibilities:

1. Men were receiving more than women
2. Women were receiving more than men

Now, this means, if you reject my claim of (1) that you therefore support (2). What a curious thing to claim, that kikes were attempting to encourage White Nationalists!

I'm pretty good looking and women are the same. Don't believe those virgins.

Women never change until it threatens their life directly

First of all, let's address the problem of arrogance in your kike society. It has lead to the situation where you have an unduly high opinion of your infant self. Here's a thought: rebel against your country, enter the IDF's facilities and set alight tanks, and ordinance. Then you will have, at least, redeemed yourself as Samson did, in the Bible.


Neat bot, israel.

What equality? What measures in the new law made it more equal than the previous law? Until you can explain the contents of both sets of laws, there is nothing to be discussed.

All the "lady PEDE's" are here I see!

The one in the pic related… …that was the equality measure… it regarded property dispensation during divorce. An equality measure means things were previously unequal. And your suggestion is that the kikes, after WWII, were attempting to boost the white birthrate…

Women are a resource. You wouldn't be mad at the trees for providing our enemies lumber after they conquer a territory previously ours would you? Is the river running through it betraying us by quenching their thirst? They just serve whoever is in charge. They'll bend over all the same when the time comes, and until then demoralizing shit like this gets us nowhere.

That's hilarious.

But you make a great point. That's why they're so fucking stupid: they're women.

it's 90%.
This is why we have a flood of cucked husbands/black studs in every TV advert. Advertisers make their material enjoyable and attractive to their target consumers, if women actually didn't want and enjoy to imagine cucking their subdued and powerless White husbands for a taste of the black cock, then advertisers simply wouldn't tailor adverts to appeal to those desires - it wouldn't work, they would lose money.
tl;dr op is correct but the real problem isn't women, who have always been this way, the real problem is as always, the Jew, who handed women the power and impunity to act out on urges which in previous years would have guaranteed social and financial ruin.

No, my suggestion is that you have no facts to support your statement that Hitler was MGTOW. You can't even explain what the laws of the Reich were in regards to divorce or any other aspect relating to women.

Y'know what that means

It's been proven that kikes are willing to sell at a loss just to push interracial shit.
What makes you think they wouldn't do the same for commercials, or everything else for that matter?

damn this picture rustles my jimmies way more than it should

which is true of course but knowing the underlying biology doesn't hurt. It would be more important to "redpill" women themselves to their nature, though. But this would need to reverse decades of (((their))) brainwashing.



Sage negated.








(((they))) want you to think that its about release, when in fact it is not about release, but it is really about reproduction
by fooling you into being enough of a sucker into erroneously thinking that sex is about release, which it is not, its about reproduction, they accomplish these things:
1: they make people take reproduction less seriously
2: they make people have less children, giving them more of an excuse to import Religion of Cuck™ic barbarians
3: they reduce the perceived(not actual) value of reproduction, which in turn reduces the perceived(not actual) value of the life of an unborn child
4: they cause people to become more likely to become womanizers or slag
5: #4 causes there to be more single mothers, and as you know, children raised by single mothers are less likely to grow up into a decent person than a child who is raised by both parents
6: #4 causes people to care less about the ethnicity of the person who they sleep with
7: #4 also causes more women, and even men, to cheat on their significant other, whether they're married or not, which breaks down the fabric of society by tearing apart the family unit
8: as an effect of #4, it causes more men to place their self-worth in how easy it is for them to sleep with a woman(it should NOT be that way), rather than in their non-sexual accomplishments, how many children he has, and what they've accomplished
9: as an effect of #4, it causes people to embody vice, which means that they'll be more likely to embody other vices as well, which lowers the quality of society as a whole
10: and because people are chasing after the means INSTEAD OF THE ENDS, everybody is less happy as a result, even if they don't partake in the sexual degradation of society
11: by labelling it as release, they imply that sexual desire is something that builds up, which causes people to be more likely to act upon it in a degenerate manner, which further reduces the quality of society; it is
something that builds up and builds up until a bottle that doesn't even figuratively exist(because the bottle is a lie) explodes, causing you to suddenly go out and rape someone

in fact, if you go for a long time without fapping or pursuing women, your testosterone level goes up, which brings me to #12
12: the testosterone level of a man is lowered after finishing; by making men become so fixated upon the means, and not the ends, the combined testosterone level of every man in the world goes down, which causes there to be more soyboy cucks

and theres a whole lot of other reasons why peddling the lie of "sexual release" is a subversive doubleplus bad vomitfeel too


do you wanna know why that guy wasn't murdered before that book came out and why the public was allowed to read it?
its probably because he peddled the lie of sexual release

sex is NOT about release, it is ONLY about
==REPRODUCTION==, without being about release in any way, shape, or form, nor at any point in time EEEEEVEEER


Your link is about porn.
You can validate what I wrote for yourself by paying more attention to women around you. Watch how White women react when they see a fellow White woman walking arm-in-arm with a nigger, or pushing a niglet baby. They practically swoon over the latter and in the case of the former, their faces light up with the glow of "aren't you being so naughty and sticking it to the White patriarchy", coupled with knowing grin.
Look at the chatter generated in female circles by blockbuster tales of interracial fuckery.
The movements and socialisation of women has always been tightly regulated in traditional White society for precisely this reason - women are programmed to find "tall, dark and handsome strangers" sexually desirable, this is a hold-over from more agrarian times when "stranger" meant that young man from the village 50 miles yonder. An anti-inbreeding safety routine, recognized and hijacked by the kike, healthy and eugenic in essence, now in the age of ready international travel and mass-migration, and White+nigger normalization propaganda, turned dysgenic.
Women simply have far too much freedom coupled with a total absence of consequences. The "tall dark stranger" is no longer a fellow White from a different clan, he is a nigger or Pakistani. The problem will continue until it is prevented.
And here we get once again to the core of the problem. The jew has made it so that proper social sanctions and regulations are considered, legally and morally, as "abuse". Any man attempting to regulate the social activity of his wife or daughter will soon find himself ostracised through divorce at best, and imprisoned at worst.
The kike has done something similar with the baser male drives towards violence and tribalism, he has diverted that from the esprit d'corp of military brotherhood and through his strangehold control of the mass media, into "gang culture" and glorification of sports.
There's no need to take an acknowledgement of what happens when the worst excesses of female nature are not kept in check as an attack on women, for it is nothing of the sort.
We had laws and social mores to do just that for millennia and if White society is to survive they must be brought back. This can only happen if the kike is totally removed from every seat of power and its ideology outlawed.
It starts with shit like jazz music and smoking for women (made socially acceptable by Sigmund Freud's cousin Edward Bernays) and these days takes teh form of nigger "friendship" in teenage drama shows and boy bands featuring mixed race and black young men.

From what I understand is that women are directed into lower income less hazardous jobs. The teaching field is dominated by women data.worldbank.org/indicator/SE.PRM.TCHR.FE.ZS as well with the lower medical fields. Because of this women are payed less because those jobs are then flooded with personnel.
So it was not the fact that men or women "one or the other" where receiving more overall but the fact that one sex flooded a work field that then degraded the pay in that field. That is my take on it.
So historically it seems women get upset when they do not want to change and adapt to another profession. Therefore they wish for that profession they are in to subsidies them.

Shit tests shouldn't even exist in the first place. Like who the hell gave them permission to shit test anyone? What an incredible insolence.

All that shit you listed already happens, so I guess the war is already over huh?

This guy gets it. Women know exactly what they're doing when they breed with subhumans. They have no problem with destroying their genetic heritage, in fact they're glad to do it.

Where the fuck do you live? I go out and I see fat women galore. I barely ever see a fat man unless he's in his 50's

The demonisation of women is something that has been going on for a while, even in mainstream society. It is something that the jews having been repeatedly tyring to push in order to demonise certain holy aryan words that are connected to beauty, purity and and wisdom.

Take for example the rise in the use of the nigger slang "thot" that we have seen in recent years. The word thot has an obvious connection to the Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth, and the jew is trying to severe the connection between Thoth and wisdom by pushing the meme that thot means a woman who is a hoe or slut. Another example of this is the word "whore", which stems from Persian "houra", meaning a woman who is beautiful and pure. Do not let demonisation campaigns as shilled for by the OP obscure the true meanings of a language.

Resurrected player is a woman, a global mod and a BO of /girltalk/. Explains why (s)he power trips so much.

Is slut okay to use?

I have no knowledge of the relations between slut and other words. I do definitely know that the meaning of whore has been twisted in a very malefic way, as is the case for very many words that are in use in most modern languages. A defining characteristic of the Dark Age is a massive decline in the use of language in itself, leading to crude and brute conversations.

Do you know why, my dear user?
Jews can only be Jews if the mother was Jewish; the Jewish genome is counted through the maternal side, Jews are women in "men's bodies ; scheming, perfidious, brazen, unclean. We are fighting a war on masculinity and cuckoldry.

So it's OK to call the women destroying our culture and society "sluts".

so it really doesn't prove anything. who even uses that shit website? catladies??

Pretty much sum's up modern western society

So if women live up to their reputation it's actually not their fault after all?
How many people do you think know who Thoth was? Or even still, who Thoth was based on? Certainly not any kangs, ironic as that may be. As for whore, as you say it has its own definition now so you're just going to have to deal with it.

That's a jew meme if nothing else, I would no sooner trust the child of a jew father than I would that of a jew mother.

My point was that by going along with any of the trends that are pushed by mainstream jews and other "counter-culture" public figures like pick-up artists and mgtow you are playing into the hands of the language-distorting jews

The Thot meme is not only pushed by niggers. There is certainly some other force at work behind it. Niggers are incapable of creating memes, because they are incapable of original thought. The entire point of the thot meme is that the language jews want to further disintegrate the white language by perverting its words and symbols. They have been doing this for ages.

Do not forget: Sage and report all incel threads.

Its /r9k/, they really are that retarded, poster children for eugenic policies.

< /r9k/
Sides status: Blown.

< They need a decade of lurking before becoming black piled incels. We Third Positionists now.
More comedy gold.

< Stormfags.
Archived. Told you r/incel is the enemy.
Get in.

Woodchippers are better.

Hyoomahn natoor, Pol!
Feeemale natoor, Pol!
Teeenage natoor! Give up educating teenagers, stupid goyim parents!.
I'm not blackpilling you, fellow Whites, I swear!
*rubbes hands*

< Your women have no sentience, goyim!
< They are all in against the White race, they vote for mass immigration policies so they can get beaten and raped, become single mothers with mutts like me.
More /r9k/ "logic".

Not my point, dum dum.

So you think women belong in the military?

I think the root of the problem manifested itself earlier than you think. It all began when the majority of western females begun to know how to read and write properly. Remember, even Nietzsche lamented how women of his generation are starting to be less feminine with every passing year. There was even a proposal put before the British Parliament to forbade women from reading and writting altogether. Men back then knew immediately that it was a bad sign and tried to disarm women right away. Yids kvetched enough and sadly the motion was rejected. That was more than 150 years ago. Back then females were almost like saints in comparison with thots of today, but tried to act in the same manner nonetheless. After all it's the society that has changed, not women. Women remained more or less the same for thousands of years. Kikes supported female liberation from day one. Karl Marx was a big champion of universal suffrage and major feminist thinkers were of Jewish descent. There isn't anything right or proper in women's rights. It nothing more than a Jewish psyop to weaken the White Race. Like every obstacle on our path to glory it needs to be destroyed. Patriarchy has to rise from the ashes like a phoenix from the flames. Women have to be treated like property again. Anything else and our race will perish.

Bullshit, white women are the least likely to racemix. It's the kikes saying " YOU WILL LIKE WHAT I TELL YOU TO LIKE" but the fact of the matter is niggers are awful "people". It's more aimed at niggers if you think about it. "hey nigger, get your shit together and you could obtain the pinnacle of achievements, a white woman" lol.

It's not easy and a times I was harsh to my daughters in spelling out how reality is. The eldest is to be married to a blonde, half scot/irish software engineer who I suspect was raised by a natsoc through some of the things he says. He hasn't revealed his power level to me though. The second eldest has had the same bf for over 2 years now and they're planning ahead. The boy is full 1488, knows how to hide his power level but gets a bit feisty around the house sometimes.
The hard thing is the lack of mainstream jobs for single fathers, everything is geared towards mothers in that regard. If I have learnt one thing it is this: A mother's love is irreplaceable but a father's guidance a necessity.

ead you leftypol dogfucking kike.







Fresh from Reddit, huh? Take my advice, and do not replay to so many posters at once. Especially to those from the start of the thread. It simply is poor manners. Try to follow the discussion more.

Yeah, they're securing gibs thru alimony and child support plus federal gibs for single moms. But married women take on their husbands politics and right wing women are more likely to be married than left wing women.
because kikes control the social order and women cannot step outside the bounds of established social norms. with regards to muh manipulated man, lol just stand up for yourself. When my gf pulls that shit on my I just shut down emotionally and disregard her. I'll leave, go meet up with a bro, smoke, and jam together on some instruments. Women always test their men, just stand up for yourself and dont be a cuck.
yes because its the only female attention they get and its the only chance they have at reproduction.

Hitler dubs!
"But Hitler was a White Knight, unlike me!"
T. Le 56% Face Incel.

< Your women are with us!
Wouldn't that mean your own women are rabidly eager to cuck you with the goyim, to the point of supporting Pol? -)

Heck no, men did nothing wrong, beside letting women out of their cages. We would never have been subverted by kikes without teh feeemale vote, just ignore actual history of how they subverted Britain in 1814 and the US in 1912 for example. Also, the female vote killed the Roman Empire, totally not the cult-like versions of early christianity! Now will you luk and eat all those black pills?
That is what they are here for, convince you never to breed, forever remain loveshy and call you stormfag when you reject that gift. Literally the male version of feminism, down to being on their periods 24/7.

< us betas!
< Your muhh white kids will be brown without our backing, and it will be beautiful.
See? Again, /r9k/ reveals itself as an enemy.



I hope I anally ravage you future to be tradhot wife and cum on her face enough times for you to find it "reasonable".


Thanks for posting this.

This was just the post I needed to clear out the little regret I had left about ending it.

Imagine being a man that has never read these things or considered them.. I truly feel for these fallen brothers. For even being a dominant male with this knowledge my battles with the opposite sex have been well matched and tough. I would have surely been trapped defeated and emasculated without this knowledge and of lesser intelligence.

Wrong board pygmy fucker.

Im OP. No problem. Notice the level of derail/shill threads. Ignoring women is the worst thing you can do to them.

< "Women have no imagination, Pol."
< "Hey, this is how much imagination I have, Pol."

More like /r9k/ hopes teenagers are retarded and influencable enough for them to have a chance. Just like those pakis in Rotherham…

Cat ladies and the loveshy mutts paying them attention.

The Reddit Mindset.
"U from reddit, huh?"
Is there an r/GasTheIncels?

This is what they are trying to make us reverse with their cult of loserdom.


This response is basically choosing to ignore the threat women pose and acting like they did nothing wrong.

Nope, it is /r9k/ pretends it is only women that are at fault and only spits on the women that does right. Just like tumblr feminists on Waytt Supremashee.

< Everyone who disagree with me are sh… women!
< Nobody but women would finds /r9k/ to be degenerate scums that they are.
< No eugenic considerations at all.

< Dominant, masculine male.
< I am enlighetend by my knowledge and intelligence.
< Latrino GF.
< She was totally European, I swear!

See, lurkers? It is all just a facade hiding a sad reality.
There is no truth about women redpill to r9k, just a compelling argument for eugenics, you'll only be turned into a pathetic faggot if you embrace their BS.
Can't you see? There’s no room in our White homelands for "people" like them… -)

Show us your face then, Chad.

You'd probably claim you aren't a feminist yourself even though "muh white babies" is the cornerstone of right-wing feminism.

Deez tradthots gon die


That little Roman excerpt above blows them the fuck out
I don't know why they still argue
Probably out of pure fear of their worthless lives
Too bad their fates are already sealed by God

Women aren't "children" or "resources" they are a lower species of regressive apes and their chromosomes/sex preferences prove that. Remember the women turned on by monkey porn studies?

The only redeeming aspect of "femininity" lol is little girls because they still have some yang essence during growth and development.



Bestiality and sodomy is also directly against God. By promoting such - and it's obvious you have a personality disorder btw which is an immediate death sentence - you are only quickening your untimely demise.
Meanwhile I nofap and resplendent ambrosia engulfs my mental state. Truly I am one of God's greatest creations.


So you're a narcissist and a christcuck, great.

Another personality disordered tranny spouting logical fallacies and due for slaughter. Not surprised, with the state of things around here. Your fate is sealed and you know it.

It's vital to learn how narcissists operate so they can be killed (and they will be through divine retribution). Separate from the inferior womankind, they are their own soulless degenerate species. And they ruined imageboards.

While that is cancer incarnate what they're talking about, picturing that cracked me the fuck up.

While some woman may have a spirit/soul (however it's limited by her retarded monkey brain), narcissists/sociopaths/personality disordered are born soulless. All they have is an overclocked ego. It's not even a crime to kill them, since their animating essence simply dissipates at death. Really sad hollow beings that try to bring everything down to their level. I think they got power once and it was called Communism.

There is a lot wrong with this thread, and especially OP.

Third image in OP is pure blackpill from a perspective of helplessness and is a very bad mindset to have when dealing with women. They actually don't know what the fuck they're doing any more than we do, and they're not built to think about it clearly and rationally. They need us to lead them and and they need us to NOT BE SO SUSCEPTIBLE to the kinds of things mentioned.

That's the whole idea of a shit-test. See what you can get away with, be disgusted when it works, and feel admiration when it doesn't. They need us to make sure things will be ok and keep their emotional teenager tendencies in check. Yeah it's hard to learn how to do that (especially without guidance) but that's the point. That's the cultural hole we have to dig ourselves out of, and yes we have to do it while competing cultures are trying to dig it deeper.


It's because we are discussing the women problem and also single men problem. If you can't tell, it's a big one.

This is the state of this board now. Not a single post was worth reading and I read 529 of them. Now, tell me why shouldn't I feel totally and utter blackpilled on this dark and gloomy night?

Just dropping an obligatory sage in this fucking glowing D&C thread.



Seriously? Falling for MGTOW bait shilling? How cuckchan are you idiots? Sage and report.

The problems i see is that way too many women goes un-hooked for far too long. They hop from relationship to relationship and it wrecks them as we all know from past knowledge and present statistics.

There's also an ever increasing amount of demands from them for men. I mean, it's getting ridiculous, especially in a world where all the jobs have flown overseas in the name of (((globalization))).

And none of them "predicted" before they randomly hit the market. Real progress doesn't work like those glossy pop-sci kike magazines and their predictions that never come true.

But even if artificial wombs were real and practical, and assuming the children doesn't turn into hideous monstrosities, then what on earth makes you think this technology would be legal for you to reproduce with? The loonies in charge are clamping down on the most basic and harmless shit because of "muh ethics." Stem cell bullshit is still shaky ground for the bleating, frothing, drooling masses.

If you think artificial wombs is a solution to anything, you are delusional and if you're not able to at least entertain that fact then you're beyond helping.

Fun Fact: Mary mother of God ascended directly to heaven.
Fun Fact 2: Mary mother of God was born without original sin (immaculate conception).

Quite jewish this thread.


I don't need some one outside of investment groups telling me anything. I know what I know and what is to come. Some things you cannot prevent from happening. I'll let you know this, It's a small build up that will take a while. This wont happen overnight and also won't be marketed much to the public like most techs are first implemented.

I'll be nothing but pleasantly surprised if what you say is true and I'm wrong. But I can't form a coherent philosophy to live by because your dad works at nintendo, you understand that right?

Also, how can someone know something doesn't degenerate the genetic makeup over many generations, say in the hundreds or thousands, without testing it over as many generations? Modern scientists rubberstamped at kike university can't into basic logic like that. Science today is so kiked it's not even funny and generally people who use modern science as an argument for anything are religious retards. How can you blame me for being skeptical?

The fact it isn't anchored yet suggests the mods are taking part.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

This thread is great. It has unlimited fun about human stupidity on both sides (myself included).
Also it is prime example about never ever allow whores in men spaces, because everything will turn shit.

Maybe if they'd stop anchoring literature and self improvement threads they'd figure out how to get some pussy.

Beyond rabbi

As i said i don't care what you think, just giving you a heads up.

Ok, thanks for nothing.


This again?
Okay, so women are evil for being leftists but men who support the system are innocent. Fine. What do you intend to do about it? Remain a sexless cuck?

Beauty and purity my ass.
Whores are called Thots for good reason.
They are around niggers burning the coal.
Committing all kind of abominations is in women's DNA.

You messed up

You sure are a shrill one. None of what you're saying is consistent, and you're just sitting there spamming insults at people.



White Women need the spilling of blood, either theirs or someone elses, for they were made in foundries of slaughter, conflict and righteous killings. What is this White race supposed to be if it cannot prove itself to utterly destroy the most pathetic of the non-whites? Its as if the White Man was conquered in battle and so the invader came to take the spoils of our women. Can any non-white defeat the white man?

kill yourself you demented kike

kike made threads tend to be pushed a lot more by the kikes spewing them out.

Kek. I hate Jim Carrey btw.

Interesting point user. What if (((someone))) puts the trees in charge of your army, or the river? What then? Because I think that warped vision of things is a little closer to the reality Western men face today than your allegory.

Fun is over.
The Mod listened to Kek and just anchored this thread.

Jesus I remember in middle school I got this pretty cool math teacher he was like the best teacher I had I remember I was getting a A and was doing well he made math fun to learn. But some women like accused him of being a creeper and he got thrown out the door.

Fast forward to high school I got a english lit teacher , she was the worst teacher all she would do is look at fucking shopping ads , smoke outside the classroom she told us about the evil conservative man. Basically we got to fuck off while I got to play ds and psp , sure that shit was relaxing but imagine that happening every day to a good male teacher being tossed to the curb while bitches like that just collect a check without teaching shit. Basically all she did was bitch at us about her leftist politics and protested outside the school demanding more pay.

Now normally I would assume this is obviously bait, but the spaghetti from your post is spilling everywhere friend. I suggest you take a long break in the outdoors somewhere.

Lolnou. I'm not looking for a woman m8. On Holla Forums of all places kek. She has good advice. She seems both honest (for a woman) and faithful to both her husband and family. What's not to applaud?

Kek. You may be right, but who cares? She's promoting decent values now, and that means something at the least.

Missed the boat already lad. Better luck next time. And I would have quietly offed you if you had, btw.

No shit. Just look at Pocahontas or La Malinche

No, it's physiological as well as psychological. Females imprint on the strong men in their life. This is why the only reliably healthy way to begin a marriage and a family is for a well-established man to marry a young women while she is still under the care and guidance of her father. A precious gift passed from one hand to the other as it were. If you wait until she's fully adult, you've waited too late. This is why AoC laws were devised by kikes and femshits: to sabotage marriage in the West.

And if you wait till even later say after she's already been dunked deeply into the Marxist indoctrination camps of modern Uni, and ridden the cock-carousel for a few years? Hey, what could possibly go wrong am I right?

Trying to sidestep God's natural order in this type of thing never works out as plainly evidenced by our current situation.

No, it's physiological as well as psychological. Females imprint on the strong men in their life. This is why the only reliably healthy way to begin a marriage and a family is for a well-established man to marry a young women while she is still under the care and guidance of her father. A precious gift passed from one hand to the other as it were. If you wait until she's fully adult, you've waited too late. This is why AoC laws were devised by kikes and femshits: to sabotage marriage in the West.

And if you wait till even later say after she's already been dunked deeply into the Marxist indoctrination camps of modern Uni, and ridden the cock-carousel for a few years? Hey, what could possibly go wrong am I right?

Trying to sidestep God's natural order in this type of thing never works out as plainly evidenced by our current situation.

First, good and negro are relative terms. Better than now? Maybe, but it's the difference between a caged bear and a wild bear, it's still a bear. As for the "implying" that fighting for equality was good, kys if you believe that. If anyone has that post which details why all (even first wave feminism) are bad, post it.

Why do you think so much kike shilling is going on here on Holla Forums? Particularly in this type of thread which is foundational to the 14 words. OP is plainly a faggot cock-mongler, but the topic is mightily important regardless of his shit OP.

You're right, marrying a woman young is the only healthy approach. I have direct anecdotal evidence on this, quite apart from unpozzed studies. Practically every woman in my traditional, extended White family was married between 15-17. All but one line is still happily married to this day with each family having several kids and the trend continued for at least the two generations I know of. Result? We have a huge extended White family with over 100 members and we are all generally very close.

The woman's place is in the home, and she needs to begin it early. Any other approach ends in futility to say the least.

You sound like you're having a bad day friend. Hope things improve for you soon.

Dude you have to make a choice. You'll never succeed if you don't commit. This is true in every area of life. It seems like you've waffled on this for a long time now so decide. I hope you find the courage to do so user, and the wisdom to make a good one.

A few advertisingfag anons here said they had worst results with those…

Is this fucking 4chan? I want all of you normalfag retards out. You had your chance to come here when moot cucked out. Go back in shame or lurk for three years. And never post dear god

The greeks of the antique were quite different from the modern greeks of today.