Eric Bolling Knew About McStain's Treason

And he talked about it on The Five. What a rebel!

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Remember how people from Fox News leaked the debate questions to Hillary?

Megyn Kelly

Bob Beckel

Bret Baier

Shephard Smith

Faux Jews is honestly some painfully awful shit.

My Boomer father watches it, and we're made a game out of trying to determine if the people they have on are Jews or not.
Not only has my father's Jewdar improved drastically in the last year, but we've found that something like 45-75% of Faux Jews contributors in any given day are Jewish.

Whatever you think of them, they're the only news outlet with an audience that is fighting back against the deep state coup right now. I agree I wish there were better choices, but they're what we have right now. Just criticize the shills on the network and focus on boosting the ones who are pushing back against the narratives.

Are you fucking retarded? They are what is keeping the vast majority of sensible people locked into this zog bullshit? They are 100% controlled opperations. They maintain the same two puppet system that keeps fucking us over. Electing more conservative people is the right step forward but if we keep following the lead of jewish shills you are going to get trapped in some neo-cucksertative type non-sense. People end up there because it is easy answers and they can nod their head and feel right.

Fuck I know I am responding to a troll, but I hear the same shit running out of boomers mouths all the time and it pisses me off.


I know it's going to make you butt hurt, but take your medicine. Without Hannity reporting on all this bullshit at the FBI and DOJ, the Muh Russia nonsense would have succeeded. You have no sense of strategic thinking if you think that not having happened would have been a good thing. I'm not an absolute autist like you. I don't have tunnel vision and can't see context. Yes, I know what you'll be shouting at me next, but you are delusional if you think a circle jerk on an obscure chan is the same as having the number one rated cable news channel to alert boomers that people in the FBI were trying to coup the Trump administration with manufactured bullshit. And fuck calling me a troll just because I said something you disagree with. This Holla Forums is dying because people like you want a fucking safe space.

kill yourself

No, faggot. If you haven't noticed, "Muh Russia" is still alive and well, Fox Jews are just trying to redirect the handles of power from the failing democrap puppets towards the neocohens in the other party. It's going from "muh ebil Drumph colluded with Russia" to "clinton and obongo administration (of course, they won't ever accuse King Nigger himself) colluded with Russia". Russia is still the bogeyman, and US will still antagonise them and fight Israel's wars.

Do you think Faux News is what won the last 3 elections? Internet is how people get their news. And young people get almost all their news from the internet now. CNN and Faux are for boomers; libertards and cuckservatives respectively. The true victory will be in destroying television as a news sources. Once tv news loses it's legitimacy people will be forced to get their news online, and there they will be exposed to a greater variety of view points. This is happening thanks in part to Trump completely destroying the credibility of news. I don't believe this is 55d chess on his part, but I do know that I like where it leads. This is way better than working with cuckservatives, or trying to win over latino voters. Cuckservativism will always be indefensible because it is owned by zionists.

This sounds like Jordan Peterson talk. Kill Peterson, and then kill yourself you retard.

This is a decent thread, basically. It's worth recalling that McCain is a traitor, in oh so many ways.

good, because that's what happened, you faggot, it's not going to lead to a war with Russia, and if Obongo gets taken down for stuff he's guilty of, good fuck him, I know some you fags don't live in the US, but whether or not Trump is couped fucking matters here

Yes. We can hope it doesn't lead to war with Russia, i.e. US fighting Israel's wars again.

That lies squarely on whether Trump was honest during his campaign. Neocohens taking power away from democraps would be great for us IF Trump then leads and internal Republican party coup and ousts them. But that's a bunch of wishful thinking there. Still, I want to believe.

< it's up to Trump

No it isn't, stupid fucking kike. There's Russia, and there's Israel, neither of which obey America.

nice ID buddy.

this is the most confused ad hominem attack ive ever read.

the MSM movement regarding russia is predicated upon the attack or delegitimisation of trump. theres no alterior motive that i can see. any other anons see a deep state fuck russia motive?



A-Are you me?
It's funny because my Father is was? the typical boomer good goy, only now he doesn't roll his eyes sarcastically when the JQ comes up. Now he can't help but to notice (((it))) in his every day life.