General Mad Dog Mattis Admits Syrian Gas Attacks Were Hoaxed
Sun, 02/11/2018

>Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated on or about February 2nd, 2018 that the United States has no evidence that the Syrian government used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people in attacks in 2013 and 2017.
>The reporting on this is highly suspect, though. (((Newsweek, Reuters and the Washington Post))) are three American publications that all have run pieces pointing out this contradictory matter. At this time, (((FoxNews))) has nothing on its site about this matter, but ZeroHedge does.
General “Mad Dog” Mattis, is known for an uncompromising approach to dealing with America’s enemies: "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
3 Feb, 2018
Mon Feb 5, 2018

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Not exactly news here, but wonderful to have Mattis confirm what was already well documented and logical.

Could Mad Dog negotiate having the NK military stand down for Pardons in exchange for the heads of the Kim Family?

Just imagine Trump over throwing the NK regime without firing a bullet.


American politicians want to send American troops to die for Israel



Too obviously shekel, try again

No shit we know it here, this news is for the normiesphere

I suppose this neutered fake tough guy is going senile, and admitting things his kike handlers would rather he kept his demented mouth shut about. They'll be tugging on his leash soon I imagine.

Your ilk are truly pathetic m8.


Not a bot.. just a 70 IQ kike

< losing your shit
Chaim, this is a chaos god :^) Soon it will be raining frogs and we'll be parting the sea.

It doesn't even matter at this point tbh man, and I think the kikes pretty much know it.
The population has basically completely checked the fuck out already. Every four years they wake up for a few months, and then rush back to sleep, lest they're forced to recognize unpleasant truths about the path they walk and refuse to abandon.
Sure, you've got a few Boomer cuckservatives and libshit catladies, and of course you've got us and antifa and other politicized minority groups, but for the most part, the average American doesn't even remember who the fuck Mattis is, couldn't point out Syria on a map for $1,000,000 , and just generally doesn't care about anything but themselves and their own personal comfort and security in an immediate and direct sense. Everything else is just noise.

It should also be mentioned that BASED General Mattis recently emphatically said that Dreamers in the military would not be deported. Ol' Mad Dog certainly has his wrinkled little fist on the MAGA button, huh?

https: //

Truly pathetic m8.

God damn I am so sick of this shithole of a joke country in which I live.

That would be horrible to get some zogbot have the glorious leader of Best Korea assassinated.
and you look like one too

I know, and it's honestly the first time in a while someone has talked about this on Holla Forums. We tend to portray the average american as either a leftist, a conservative, a pro-white or anti-white, but the reality these days seems to be just pure apathy. There's a pervasive sense that everything is just running on fumes, and the recent massive growth in investment and housing construction in this country is almost like the last hurrah before a huge economic meltdown…or the submission of the country to complete despotism, where companies like Amazon and Google vertically integrate literally everything and the kikes in Washington sign off on monopolies. Government and corporate powers combine permanently, the population explodes in number with permanent growth since actual economies are a thing of the past, and the whole land turns into a literal garbage dump like my state.

Based zog cannon fodder

It wants to help (((Greatest Ally))) realize it's Great Pissreal territory expansion since they've all but genocided Palestinians out and are running out of room for their Jewlings to live.

Deportation is meaningless without the wall.

sentencing illegals to True Korea levels of force labor would be a good deterrent

So will USA finally stop trying to overthrow Assad? What's the efect of this knowledge?

Not necessarily true, just harsh penalties are needed. If anything, the converse of that is true, without deportations, the wall is meaningless.
The goal isn't a wall, the goal is removing nonwhites of which illegals make up a sizable portion. A wall is just a means to an end of preventing further illegals and deportations are a means to an end of removing existing illegals.

The US has massive numbers of Mexicans who have full citizenship. In these groups, the illegals mingle. It is not trivial to spot them, and there's little that can be done. No border wall, then deportation is a scam.

And you know quite well yuppies and the kikes and the Euro-kike will not permit work camps.

I am younger, under 30, but was there really a time when the average voter wasn't so apathetic? Perhaps unfortunately, it is almost hard for me to imagine a politically motivated populace. Frankly half of the reason I am partial to dark enlightenment ideals of anti-democracy, monarchy, authoritarianism of some form etc is that I don't believe the average person wants to think about politics nor do I necessarily think they should. Most people are content to go to work, have families, participate in various activities, and that's it. The average person should not concern himself with politics lest he become unproductive. It's easy to get so consumed by politics, not unlike our culture's celebrity obsession, and to let it dominate your life to the extent of snuffing out other interests and passions.

It's one thing if you are a politician or a journalist, or someone whose livelihood is deeply connected to the political sphere. But I'm not sure how productive it is for the average person to be a "political junkie".

I know I might sound really apathetic, so I'm genuinely curious, were Americans actually more politically motivated in previous times? It's my understanding that even during the Revolution, only about 10-15% of Americans fought, and half were Loyalists and the other half were patriots, with something like 80% of people completely not involved in the conflict.

government by talk must give way to government by action. cowards and kikes love to talk but they wont lift a finger to save the spics, or each other

Wonder if he'll also admit that

It might be tough running this country without international trade…

it does not matter how tough something is as long as it is necessary.

Rich people will never go for discomfort.

Yes. Politics in the US used to be about more than what it is today - you could have actual discussions in a serious context. Once gradual allowances began to be made, culminating in the civil rights movement, things began to fall apart. Things became more and more and more corrupt and openly degenerative.
You can't have actual debates about things of import and depth when instead you're drawn into a debate over whether or not Shaquawnda should be acknowledged as bearing the legal right as a human being and a woman to use her welfare money to pay for a reinforced ambulance to carry her several-hundred-pound bulk to the abortion clinic on a weekly basis, or whether the state is morally required to acknowledge the partnership of two sexual deviants seeking to create a mockery of matrimony surrounding their mutual casual sodomy preferences.

Ah, but that's not the same thing as politics, is it? Things have definitely changed.
I think its because everything just became too much of what I described above.
I mean, Christ man, the political discourse has legitimately degraded to the point wherein we're arguing over whether or not we can have borders, whether or not a man who wants to cut off his penis and take hormones to grow breasts (at tax-payer expense) should be allowed to be a soldier, and whether or not we're going to notice our selective application of evolutionary science to human populations and, if not, exactly how we're going to justify it to ourselves that we allow the founding and historically-majority biological clade of hominids be extinguished because "equality".
And that's not even addressing the media shit, the pervasiveness of it, the social media plague, the myriad nonsense into which one can toss their consciousness.

You think the degradation of discourse and partisan divides - along racial lines - hasn't hampered the interest of the common White in engagement therein? You think that degeneration of civic trust and investment hasn't driven these common Whites deeper into the embrace of media-derived distraction, and general apathy?

This shit is madness, and Whites are demoralized to the point of just wanting to stay the fuck out of it for the most part, lest they draw ire.

take their comfort

>By all accounts, then, the General is faithful to the idea that projecting American power abroad is a good thing
>projecting (((American))) power
Article still aims to make him sound ZIO-cucked even when he doesn't pretend (((White Helmets))) war propaganda is genuine or verified intel.

Take a look at history and old red pill threads and you might see the scale of the demoralisation we have gone through.

Oh look the kikes are shilling jewhedge and pushing more RT propaganda. We hit the empty tarmac for a reason. It was the appearance of responding to what people were claiming was happening. The lying semites were screaming gas. The US responded in a very lackluster way.
If there is nothing to worry about, let the UN make their official walk through if nothing else so they can turn and point to the provocateurs in Pissrael.
MIDF and RIDF need to go.

Stop bitching. "we" didn't do anything. It's a kike world, and they do it all.

I agree, just a brutal blackpill I did not want to take. I can only have political conversations with certain people. And to be honest, that was even before Trump and somewhat regardless of whether you identified as liberal or conservative, but some people were just truly apathetic.

And that's not even addressing the media shit, the pervasiveness of it, the social media plague, the myriad nonsense into which one can toss their consciousness.

I think that might be why some people are apathetic. They're told they can't think about the ideas of consequence, and as a result they are bored by the minutiae of tax policy or whatever. Unfortunately I do not see the body politic becoming more knowledgeable and engaged in the future

I don't think the majority of the public bought the official narrative about Sarin either - not because they're pro-Assad, or because they're particularly good at critical thinking but just due to the general malaise and war weariness that effects the average person. It seems like the Kikes are getting frustrated that they can't convince the younger generations to lay their lives down in pointless border disputes thousands of miles from home.

I'd like to add to that too, that ever since Iraq the position of soldier and veteran is slowly yet surely falling out of it's position of grace in society. People are becoming more inclined to view our Men and Women in uniform as nothing but parasites and dogs who jump when (((they))) say how high. Of course the average person isn't aware of who (((they))) are but I think it's sad that this is how things are developing. What once was a position in our society of high esteem, respect and admiration is through the degeneracy and degradation that effects the civilian populace becoming as much a joke as a burger flipper.

Not really. They stole our jobs, so it's understandable that people seek out work where they can find it.


When will Syria and Iran finally decide to bomb Tel Aviv?

The very second ZOG is removed from the US. So long as the kikes effectively command the US armed forces, their hands are tied.

Real talk, we could be dropping propaganda bombs and hi-jacking television signals to accomplish this.



All claims of chemical or gas attacks by Assad were fed to leadership and media in the West by Israel.

kek that video makes me lose it every time

>naming Iran as the single biggest threat to (((stability))) in the region

Stability otherwise known as kikes destroying the region through wars and terrorism which leads to massive population displacement which not only evacuates lands for greater Israel but also imports hundreds of thousands of shitskins into white countries.
Fuck this kike puppet nigger.

I think 9/11 was the be all end all event for them. There is absolutely no catastrophe that could happen in which I wouldn't wonder whether it might be a false flag. We shot our wad with Iraq. The only kind of war the people would be okay with now is a rapid strike style war in which it's over within a week

Fuck off with your boogieman, Schlomo.

No, he's right. Military is full of scum.

^ kike
< hate whites. all whites are bad

gas yourself

In a gulag everyone is employed, that goes without saying.

The military is full of scum by definition.
Where do dumb, violant brutes go in an advanced society? They join the military of course.

The American military is barely White.

^ Kike, literally in Tel Aviv or Haifa

However, I'll reply.

No, I shall not hate White Men, though you advocate for the extermination of all white people, as the CIA/Mossad will ever do.

As I have stated, and you have in no way countered: Many, deprived by the kikes, the communists, the george soros paul singers of this world their livelihoods, opportunity, jobs, seek employment wherever it may be found, and being hard-working and good of soul, White, in other words, they find employment in the military.

No. That's a kike lie. pic related. gas yourself

No, it isn't a lie. The lie is your massaged statistics. The US is a non-White shithole. That is the population its hostile, zionist military draws from. We have eyes.




Nice premise. If these retards continue to join the military to die for Israel we'll eventually get rid of them, but right now, there's still a huge amount of scumin the white gene pool.

Purina Mills Army

You're not from America keek


Shouldnt this thread be stickied?

The definition of insanity is reshaping and depopulating the middle east to make way for a fictional jewish kingdom that never actually existed.

All of congress should be fired.

He most certainly is and he's definitely White. Unlike you.

You know why Mattis is called Mad 'Mutt' Mattis? See >>11255199

:^) you shills come from an anti-American collectivist culture. Gee, which country could that be?

< being anti-America
Ah. The kike is revealed!

You're the one insisting we all get behind brown, multicam invaders shitting up our ancestors country. Sounds like something a wanderer who is barely a century removed from the Pale of Settlement would say.


I'd be less "anti-american" if you'd stop fighting for Israel and stopped sending brown people from the middle east and north africa into my country.




The last picture is hilariously retarded - none of that has anything to do with what a Democracy is or isn't. It's just a specific form of Communism that the Norks are upholding as all Democracy can be - and news flash, you don't elect your leaders in North Korea. It's basically a despotism - held together by the intellect and ingenuity of the Un family.

Wall is meaningless with dozens of extant tunnels.

Bipartisan acceptance where I live and libshits even praised trump for bombing the runway. It was a cunt of a day doing damage control for Assad in burgerland.

Then go an-hero at the Federal Reserve you blackpilling faggot.

This importantly opens up cuckservatives to the notion of a false flag by (((NGOs))) and (((rebels))). This also is 2 weeks after Tillerson accused Assad of a chlorine gas attack while Tillerson was conveniently at a conference on chemical weapons in Paris; which shows Mattis breaking from the White House (((narrative))). What Mattis said about Iran and trannies may have just been politics for Trump's first 90 days. Remember, Mattis has lost a lot of friends fighting for Israel, wants open boarders for Israel, is not a christcuck, is of German decent, and has no family. If nothing else, let us have faith alone in the fact that his callsign is Chaos6.


is there a reason why al the burger soldiers ive seen are small?

Excellent observation. It's because nearly all the food and water in the USA is poisoned. Burgers actually believe that the hormones in the water supply get there from urine of females taking hormonal contraceptives. They still don't see a problem with drinking the water. Also, most children in the USA are raised by single mothers who teach them to eat like fat women (ice cream, cookies, cake, etc.) rather than like men (steak, liver, suet, etc.). Nearly everyone in the USA is malnourished, which is why they get brain damage and go insane. The most extreme cases are fags and Antifa.

It is not possible to be an obese man; obesity signals pregnancy to your body and increases estrogen production. All obese males have the mindset of a pregnant woman. Nearly all Whites entering the US military are betas or losers, so the government adds anabolic steroids to their food to make them vaguely suitable for the military, but it does not compensate for the low testosterone and high estrogen they had during puberty.

Europeans have no idea how great they have it in the food situation, and burgers have no idea how bad they have it. 90%+ of US food is considered too toxic to be sold in Europe, and therefore banned. Even nigger countries ban US food for being too toxic. It's only one step above China-tier. Burgers will never be able to resist the kikes as long as they remain in this weakened state. The kikes have won via biological warfare.

I would imagine it has something to do with why they want to join the world's largest gang to get "military experience" in an mos that effectively teaches them how to be homeless.

Top kek. Must be tough for schlomo and chaim to never have a break. You're all way too obvious because you never have fresh material besides implied uncertainties, and you never have fresh material because the proof is not there.

As someone who got into natural medicine just to unfuck my shit, I can confirm this is all true. I'm surprised I never got morbidly obese with my previous diet that lead to my under-development and years of anxiety and depression. I basically spent most of my adulthood up to my mid 20s solving all kinds of health issues which ranged from all sorts of nutritional deficiencies and onset of autoimmune disorders.

The human body, especially whites, is astonishingly durable but that also means in this age of (((convenience))), it's easy to ignore and mask what is slowly killing you. There is something simultaneously impressive and horrifying about how an average american can slowly deteriorate and still "function." Basic and proper health and nutrition is slowly becoming esoteric and fringe science, especially how jews are sending CIAniggers to kill natural medicine guys.

Good luck trying to find me CIAniggers, you all glow in the dark. And you have nutritional deficiencies.
"The Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics", Pereira, 1852
"The Pharmacopeia of the United States of America", 1905, 8 ed.

You're welcome. You can get by with just these two books.

Just remember, it was that globalist CUNT Ivanka and her disgusting kike husband that talked Trump into bombing Syria with zero evidence Assad did anything wrong.

Best Korea is a tactical asset of China. The war is already being fought without bullets but it is between America and China.

Lithuanians are already the niggers of the Baltic. All they do is play basketball, drink, fight and commit suicide.

It's mostly compensation, honestly.


Guess how I know you're a kike.

The third picture make me hate capitalism.