Hillary's Head


JIDF been ramping up it's shilling campaign against the One Man Klan's pencil-shoah to expose what goes inside the minds of satanic kikes!

Would anyone have the original? We need to counter this.

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I saw the original but didn't save it. It had a smug looking merchant of middle eastern decent occupying xer entire cranial cavity.

where did you find this op?

This one's just terrible. Everything bad about Garrison's work as a caricature.


I feel like he did this one before.

Is this new?
The election was a year ago, how is shillary even relevant anymore?

Is this even relevant to current events?
God forbid we abort niggers. Fucking pick a different cause.

some kike changed the star of david to a pentagram, but the bastards can't fool Holla Forums

Needs more labels.

found the original

And since you're lurking, Ben. How about you do something related to Israel's unprovoked bombing of Syria?




The only thing it's missing is a heaping dose of prions.

You're serious, aren't you?

Add the (((nose))) already faggots

Look at (((Big Media))) again

I still can't forget what she allowed to happen in Benghazi.
That word has a meaning.
Saying I fucked up is not being responsible at all.

Checked and kek'd, that little (((merchant))) is perfectly placed.

The shoe! That shoe is going to follow her to her grave. In years to come a mysterious man in a stetson will be seen walking away from her grave, a single slip-on left atop the headstone.

why do these pictures always look so low-resolution?

For a split second I felt joy that I haven't felt in years, I read that as "hillary's dead"


nice lowground Anakin