Oldest discovered Greek Manuscripts; not p66

Sup pol. I'm trying to figure out what are the oldest complete manuscripts of the Gospel of John in greek.

For example, papyrus 66
_They say 66 is the oldest and nearly complete; but the trouble is I don't want anything that was DISCOVERED in 1952… even though it was dated as the earliest, I want there to be a historical record of the manuscripts existence since ancient times.

And I don't care about any other books of the bible, so it doesn't have to be one of the four unicials, which are known to be the oldest complete version of the entire bible. I'm just concerned with finding an old source for the gospel of John. Thanks

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Wrong place to ask as a thread. Expect anchor.

I already asked this on /Christian. They can't even understand my question I had to reexplain it for them 3 times already and still nothing

I think its too complicated for them or something. Pol is the only true board worth its trolls, tbh, I don't think ill get an answer anywhere else,

forgot link: 8ch.net/christian/res/603490.html


Yeah, probably because many of them think the Bible is actually divinely ordained and not written down by men and not finalized until the Council of Nicaea. To say nothing of all the parts which were discarded as not canon and then lost when those filthy fucking Religion of Cuck™ic sandniggers burned down all those libraries in the Levant.

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You have some research to do, but I think the Codex Vaticanus is probably the best candidate for a old source of the Gospel of John that has any type of recorded history. Here is what wiki said;

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To answer your question, try the codex sinaticus, with the caveat that p66 is perfectly legitimate.

I don't understand your motive of finding the earliest gospel writing.

It doesn't matter user, there are more manuscripts that reference them. I clicked on this thinking;

nice trips… :/ , but they wont release vaticanus to the public. I remember trying to find it a year ago and it was NO WHERE. I think they don't show people it, right?

Sinaiticus was discovered by Tischendorf in 1844. I was thinking we could do a little bit older than that…. honestly if there is only fragments. Is there any fragments that were discovered in the year 800 or something like that?

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Yes, I know the year the were first created. But I want the oldest manuscripts…


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ALRIGHT. SO I GUESS NOBODY KNOWS. Here's what I've discovered.


Vaticanus was discovered randomly in the vatican one day in 1516; and dates from the year 300.

Textus Receptus was a critical collation that coincidentally was first printed also in 1516.

But I'm certain there must be SOME copies left over of the greek bible that were discovered or collated before 1000.

Really, I thought this was going to be an easy quick answer… I didn't realize I was stepping into catholic vs orthodox political rivalry territory.

Honestly my man at this point there is really zero chance you will ever find a factual answer to your question given how much history has been taken/hidden by governments/Vatican/etc, destroyed, changed to meet narratives and so on.

I would absolutely love more than nearly anything to be able to see ancient texts and be able to read them but at this point there is just no way to tell since we are forced to endure somebody else telling us what it says and forced to endure someone telling us if its fake or real.

You will have far more luck trusting your instincts at this point regardless if you have no experience or not as it really is a crap shoot when it comes to history and what we are told.

>(((pagan))) intellectuals

Do you even know what positive christianity stands for? Hint: The person behind it was Alfred Rosenberg.

NO NO NO NO. Surely, there is a copy of the gospel of John somewhere from 1200 or something that has been kept in a monestary or something.

Other hint: "Kirchenkampf"

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What church narrative did I tout?


Yes probably, but at that point you are not looking for an "original" Greek text but the oldest translation that has been continuously accountable and can be traced to an authenticated author or place of writing. There are so many different factors to take into account for New Testament manuscripts, it would take years to research.

I don't have many answers to offer, but this site has many scans of original manuscripts: csntm.org/Manuscripts.aspx

OP would have more luck asking on the Christian stack exchange or a similar more academic forum.

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Alright I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way and discover this together. Search, and whoever finds the oldest discovered wins.


I just found Codex Bezae: there are records that people were familiar with it around the 10th century. It has gospel of john in greek as well as the other 3 gospels. Currently its in London.

Any others?




Good find.

I did say Christian Stack Exchange, as much as I love 8ch, it's not the best place for discussion of academic topics that are not actively suppressed.

No wonder you needed 1700 years of inquisitions, supported by certain shadowy elites, to maintain itself against "heretics" and what not, and once these elites got shaken off the thing, the whole cult felt into irrelevance and mockery - for degenerate atheism, sadly, but really makes one think…

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Codex Bezae: Discovered around 1000. Created in 400. Best find so far.

Vaticanus was created in 300, but discovered in 1516. decent, but bezae beats it by 500 years.

Sinaiticus was created in 330, but discovered in 1844… definitely not old enough.

Textus Receptus was critical collation created in 1516 by Erasmus. That's great but I'm interested in seeing his raw sources; not his expert opinion on the best combination of sources.

Any others????

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