Race and IQ Highschool Science Fair Butthurt



Some based gook has caused immense butthurt in his "Humanities and International Studies Class", by pointing out racial gaps in IQ. Shocked at how "closed minded" his project was, they immediately responded by ' ' 'shutting it down' ' '.

First thread on 8pol, I've only lurked for three months, pls no bully

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home.ubalt.edu/tmitch/645/articles/roth et al ethnic grp diff in cog abil ppsych 2001.pdf


Asian student proves there are fewer niggers in his program because it's an intelligent program and they aren't, on average, intelligent enough for it. School responds by blaming his views on the lack of niggers in the program. I can see their point, though. If he had more exposure to niggers, they'd have savagely beaten him if he dare to question their educational gibs.
Apparently I've fucked up the bold formatting. I'll beat myself later.

Thank you, I knew there was something I was forgetting.

Oh. Its normal there.

it's so weird when the zombies accuse us of being closed-minded

It's normal for people to question the narrative?

I imagine this kid is one of cuckchan's misguided children. Unfortunately, he's probably going to get shoved in a reeducation camp somewhere unless his parents are rich enough to bribe the school.

But they won't call him wrong. He planted the seed for the entire school, hell maybe even the entire district, to think about. Now the race/IQ question is on the locals minds. This is in Sacramento, North Cal too.


This has been my most effective strategy when arguing with these "people" has been to take the name calling in stride. I can be called racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, classist, closed-minded, whatever. The best response is, "That's as may be, but am I wrong?"


That kid is awesome.
And once more he gets off the racism hook since hes a gook

There is only one comment, and I can't tell if its a troll or not.

if this lad were white his face and his parents faces would be plastered around the town with racist in big bold letters in reddit font under it
that said, the lad did nothing wrong; his hypothesis was something that was already a proven fact (like all school science projects) and he dared to point out that it was because of IQ.
could have gotten away with it if he said percentage of population but what's the fun in going to a gifted magnate school if you can't flaunt it?

It's probably some reddit or boomer fag.

It may be a troll but not in the sense that you mean.

no, its not a troll
she even has a point about them being better at some stuff than us, but how can she look at their countries and say they're as smart as us with a straight face?

if that didn't tell you she's a yid I don't know what will
shes either a yid, a boomer in (((academia))) or both with the vocabulary she uses

Yeap, le old 'exception disproves the rule' rule..
niggers aren't dumb, I knew this one guy…

Just checking in

Ah, the classic social media way to say 'unemployed'

What happens to a society that plugs its ears and screams in the face of science?

What are niggers better than us at besides nogging, mug dicking, and dats mining? That blurb about the music is a crock of fucking shit, too btw.

fucking lol. Other than the spelling gaffe, her typing style and sentence structure does not give me the vibe of any kind of exceptional person, much less genius. I've often heard mensa is pretty much bullshit, and this painfully average "self-employed" bitch reinforces that.


Welcome to mainstream science goys

Based shitlord high schooler. This new generation is going to do great things

Niggers make catchy tunes and tasty food. I'll give them that. Also good at running and jumping for obvious reasons.

What tasty food exactly ?

what tops it off for me is i love the complete lack of fucks given for the science fair project presentation.
based on the observations i hypothesize this gook must be a kindergartner who advanced early to high school and got entered into the HISP program.

The blackies invented peanut butter.

You ever had negro BBQ? I'm not saying they're better than our chefs, because that's just false. Negro BBQ is top tier though. Granted it's one of the lowest forms of cooking.

What so special about it ?

So a strictly followed scientific method is now disallowed if it offends someone. Holy fuck….

LOL, niggers are smart because they have the best drum circles. Having running water and houses not built of mud and tarps pales in comparison. Going to buy my ticket to Africa now.

It's well made. I'm not a food critic. Niggers aren't bad at everything. Just MOST things.

they load it up with ungodly amounts of pepper, salt, bbq sauce, and other heart attack inducing things in the hopes it mostly burns off when they place it two inches from the fire
it's damn good but unless it's your negihbor's grandma cooking it or you do it yourself it's gonna be shit because they hoard their secret cooking techniques like measured ingredients and often take them to the grave

No, they didn't. That was another case of "we wuz inventorz", look it up.

We wuz drummers once

White BBQ > Negro BBQ every time. Nigs are seriously overrated in their abilities as pit masters, but it's one of the only things they do decently.

Agreed. Most of the attention brought to them is due to them being loud.

We should have seen the Black Panther review coming from a mile away considering this shitty retard movie about black college bands received such high ratings back in even 2002:


Note only is that a "I don't give a fuck" presentation (the vertical tape in the middle?), it even takes a shot at the school "Why does this program have more X than blacks etc.?"
Also, as for the peanut butter thing, I thought I remember there being something posted on Holla Forums at some point about how Carter just reaffirmed something (or rediscovered something) as opposed to invented it.

wtf? mission bbq is the best chain bbq and they're white as fuck.

No one said they were better you coon. It's just an example of something they can actually do well.

Ok, southernfag here. I'll break it down for you. Buy 20$ smoker off craigslist. Buy brisket in cryopack (vacuum packed plastic wrap), doesn't have to be fancy. Leave in fridge 4 weeks. This is called wet aging. Remove from cooler, cover with salt and black pepper (50/50). Put on smoker, temp should be 250F or so. Come back in 3 hours. Take off heat, cover in BBQ sauce or other sugar sauce (orange marmalade or be creative), wrap with heavy duty foil, pour half a beer in the foil, put back in smoker. Come back three hours later, use digital thermometer to make sure meat has reached 202F. Take out of smoker, let rest 30 mins - an hour, slice and serve.

No secrets between anons.

I'm not a nigger, I'm just a yank that migrated to the south. Still no hat or cowboy boots.

i know of literally only 1 black bbq place within 15 miles of me and it's awful. in my experience bbq is definitely NOT something blacks do well. try again.

Nice blog post. Already cited other examples. Fuck off and read the thread before sperging out, friendo.

top laff

The thing about niggers that differs from human groups is that they are the only remaining group that still lives in a quasi selection environment where their own behavior pretty much kills off and quells the weak so they are only left with the most physically strong where as we do not quell the weak and thus are forced to endure them.

Who do you think these faggot white guilt skinny ragtag goobers are? They are the lowest denominator of our race and unfortunately, since they aren't being quelled, they are breeding and flooding our racial makeup with useless fucks who are disrupting the entire balance. Were they niggers the nigger population would have handled them but in our case they are merely included and we are forced to deal with them while they vote and create problems. The moment we moved beyond the selection process and put ourselves above it based on civility was the moment the edge was lost and we left ourselves open to be challenged.

I love this timeline

ayyyy the kike wants to sell you pills by lying to you that salt causes heart attacks. the science actually says lack of salt causes heart attacks.

it's the same thing with animal fat and grains. the jew wants you to eat what the animals eat and not the animals. they promote this by lying to you saying that it's the animal fat that leads to bad cholesterol and inflammation. because they want to sell you statin medications and blood thinners.

pro-tip: we are wired to enjoy fat and salt more than any other flavors because fat and salt are good for us.

Humans invented civilization to protect the physically weak and the old because they still have value to other humans.

Eg, it's quite common for white grandmothers/grandfathers to give care to their grandchildren while the parents work to provide for all. This benefits the white nuclear family and is the basic building block of Western Civilization.

It's the nomadic jews and niggers that lack a cohesive family unit in part due to the niggerdry of which you spoke.

they make dem beats on dem drum
dem beats gooder than mozart

I should have been more specific. I am not referring to "weak" in terms of elderly of children by any means but in terms of trouble makers riling shit up in this day and age. Do you think groups like BAMN or the like would have been able to pull their shit if we beat the ever loving shit out of them when they started attacking people? Do you think a group like that would do well in South Central LA or the like? Point being, it is the vile fucks like those groups that stirs shit up and causes all the problems from my point of view and without them very few issues would exist but they push all these issues for either self enrichment or narratives that fuck society and rile everyone up and the moment people are riled up they take shelter and let others do the physical work for them.

Those are the cowardly weak I refer to in this modern age. They should not be tolerated.

imagine how much better the world would be if hitler had really purged every last jew, gypsy and homosexual.
no more thief cults, no more perversion.
africa could have been sterilised afterwards, arabia converted back to christianity and left as an oil plant, with annual culls to ensure population stability and subservience.

Lived in the South all my life, know my BBQ. I’ll give credit where it’s due: niggers “invented” the foundation of tasty Southern cuisine, but it’s most definitely been perfected by whites. Yeah, sure, occasionally you’ll find some above average nigger BBQ or soul food joint (which is usually managed by whites to improve consistency if the place builds a name), but if you want the best of the best, the fried chicken, bbq brisket, or shrimp ‘n’ grits that stand out, 95% of the time it’s coming from a kitchen headed by a white chef.

I travel the US for work, I’m in a different city three or four times a month. Ethnic food being perfected and advanced by whites os the rule, not the exception. If you want “authentic” then yeah, go for the nig/poo/spic/chink-run joint, but expect a healthy serving of poorly refigerated, bacteria-colonized food with a side of hair and rat droppings on the side. Remember, Western health (and service) standards are racist.

The only times I’ve had food poisoning are when I decided to be a leftist for a day and ignored my brain’s reservations about the shithole I just walked into. I quickly learned to just nope the fuck out if the whole place is staffed by mongoloids or fresh-off-the-boaters.

Notable exceptions are the Japs, as it’s nearly impossible to replicate the care and detail they put into their cuisine. If I go sushi hunting and end up at a joint staffed by spics or what look like gooks, I’m out. White man sushi is okay, but too much focus on tempura batter and creamy sauces trying to cover-up some bean counter’s neglect for truly fresh fish. This is why I also stick to jap joints near a coast.

If you want good mediterranean/middle-eastern food, avoid Arab-owned and Muslim-friendly. Greeks fresh off the boat are filth, too. Best bet is to find a Persian-owned place, as the Persians/Iranians are honorary aryans, and Western ones fucking hate Religion of Cuck™. No comment on kikes.

Summing up: like everything else in life, you’re probably alright if you stay around whites.

Not entirely disagreeing with you, but tell that to all the landwhales that exist because of said salt and fat.

He just wants to fuck white women. Tell him he has to go back and see how anti-white he can be.


Checked, I love how that was her biggest selling point. Dumbass whore, she definitely looks like a kike too.

Time Magazine 2001
Racism hasn't been happening for 50s years except on TV.

I should say racism towards non-whites. We all know they discriminate against us cis white males.

Niggers can't science because science is closed-minded.

whites take dirt and make it into plants and crops and such. negroes just eat the dirt as it is

We are wired to enjoy fat and salt because fat and salt are necessary for survival, but were low in availability. We are wired to enjoy sugar because it is the simplest source of energy and requires the least amount of effort to use, but the closest to a refined sugar we had access to before agriculture were seasonal fruits and berries.

Landwhales enjoy salt and fat, but the problem isn’t either. The problem is excessive glucose. Landwhales think they are being healthy by cutting out sweets, but end up consuming just as many, if not more, carbohydrates by eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, grains, etc.

Go into your pantry or local supermarket and read off the nutrition facts on the “healthy” products. Nine times out of ten you’ll find them still loaded with carbs of the non-fiber variety.

I eat a mostly fat and protein based diet. I like to keep carbs under 50g per day as a standard, although I’ll allow for around 100g when I want to indulge. 25g if I want to put my body into ketosis. When I began eating like this two years ago, I lost a ton of weight, felt better, gained energy, and previous chronic pains and minor problems (I’m in my mid-30s, so you start noticing shit) vanished. I was typically consuming at least 200-300g of carbs per day by eating like a typical American. I went about 3 months not paying attention not long ago and gained 15 lbs in 3 months. Felt worse. Lethargic. I also happened to run my own little diet experiment years ago in college. All I did at the time was cut soda completely from my diet (I was never “excessive” with soda, but like most Americans i drank 2-3 per day). Lost 30 lbs in 3 months. Started drinking them again. Fat. Cut again, 30 lbs down. This was in my late teens.

As I got older, I didn’t pay as much attention. I cook for myself 80% of the time or more. So I don’t eat a bunch of processed shit. But I still had no qualms consuming rice, pasta, fries, etc. struggled with weight throughout my 20’s and early 30s. Researched ketosis after my best friend from kindergarten who had become a WOW-addict fatass lost about 120lbs. Tried it myself, although I’ve never been heavier than 217 (he was at 300) and got results.

Not tryig to sound like a self-help guru, but going down this dietary path works wonders. You still need to get up, move around, and get fit, but it’s so much easier to get motivated when you feel better at the baseline due to keeping all the shitty climb-and-crash sugar out of your diet.

I’ll eat a double-patty burger with cheese and bacon, sometimes no bun, but definitely no fries, no soda, and be satisfied for 8-10 hours. Make a steak and some asparagus and parmesan spinach for dinner, don’t feel the need to eat until lunch time the next day.

Also has helped me moderate other vices. I never was a big drinker, but avoiding the carbs there has helped too. If you want to drink, you can, you just gotta stick to straight liquor. Protip: you’ll get drunk faster and cheaper if that’s your goal, since you don’t have all these bullshit carbs stacked at the front of the line taking the attention of your metabolism.

High sodium is my only real concern, fat is not. I like my savory foods. Not a big sweets guy, but I keep 70+ % dark chocolate on hand for a low-carb, high-fat sweet craving snack. After just a month of eating like this you’ll find most food too fucking sweet. Even shit you’d think is benign like tomato soup is loaded with goddamn sugar.

How is it a high school science project is able to make anything more then the local news? It seems really outlandish that people care this fucking much over a high schooler's "wrong think".

fucking niggers


Might as well make a article how bear shit in the woods

They are best in running

Decided to look more into this topic and noticed Reddit has been on a delete/censor tear the last day on similar topics that are in no way offensive. Found this one in the transparency mode that the admins locked:


I'd trust a drunk hillbilly with his head on straight than the smartest man in the world who has convinced himself of falsehoods. Your fucking piece of paper hanging on your wall that gives you access to a sekret club of fart sniffers means very little.


Alright I'm trying this recipe once the snow clears up.
Minnesnowtan reporting in

I hate liberal sophists.

And you know it wasn't a Jap because a Jap would have taken pride in his project and put some fucking effort into the presentation. Christ it looks like a 3 year old gook had art day and an introduction to tape.

You think that is bad? Look at the picture attached and check it yourself as I just did it. Try it out.

not a troll. yeah, aleatoric polyrhythms are SO DEEP

Here is another one. Type "american wisdom" into Google and this is the result


"Hmmmm"….when can just you accept that we are all the same?

Alright, watch this. Look at the differences between these two search results.

And one more.

severely underrated comment

It's like you want to get AIDs

Stopped reading there.

An unemployed liberal LARPing as a Mensa Member, in an attempting to support a disproved point.

There really is only one form of intelligence, pattern recognition and abstract reasoning, its what allows us to program computers, build rocket ships and complex math. The exact skills we need to get off this planet before the sun goes cold and we die with it.

think of every meal with purpose. what effect will it have on my metabolism? do I require the protein carbs etc. Exercise A LOT, there is a great saying if the furnace is hot enough it will burn anything. 99 percent of the time people do not train adequately and they can blame their diet but willpower underlies both dieting and exercise. mental weakness is always what produces physical weakness. We are built to run, literally, do primarily cardiovascular exercise as v02 max is your real fitness, cardiovascular health is primary for mental health as well and everything else is supplementary. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Develop your physique according to the tasks required of you and eat accordingly as well. people are so fucking confused when it comes to fitness but it really has been understood for quite some time and there is nothing to add or amend and everything these days is just jewish disinformation

kid should have built a toothbrush instead of those VR goggles.

mfw VR sucks just as much a rl.

Hardest part is finding somewhere is the fridge to stick a brisket for a month. That and keeping the smoker at the right temperature.

But that will make brisket better than any restaurant. No bbq restaurant takes the time to age meat and it makes a huge difference. Oh, BTW, no fancy wood required, I just use hardwood charcoal, sometimes mesquite but not everyone likes mesquite.

Nice D&C. Guys you need to stop falling for these leftypol shills. In fact my gf really is white but she has nothing to do with my science fair project. I did this project because our school science fair is a joke and these caliniggers constantly recycle projects year after year, put no effort into it, and don't care to try, neither do the teachers care. Then we have these marxist faggots who will complain (not even having a child at the school) about some students whites asians doing better than others niggers mexicans. Their solution is always to integrate students but in reality what it achieves is to stunt students who have a future by repelling the most talented teachers and destroying classrooms with constant class disruptions and teaching to the lowest level of the inferior students. Fuck California. Get me out of here. maga.

Show us some prove that it is really you.

and then ban him for being underage.

If that's actually him he can stay. He is truly an honorary Aryan.

Imagine being so brainwashed you need to use 10 words instead of one.

They get defeated by the society that takes science seriously and accepts reality even if it hurts someone's feelings.

This young gook is going praces

Any intelligent gook will realize that if white people go, they are next. Since they will be the ones remaining who have wealth for Jews to plunder and feed their shitskinned armies of darkness.

If black people are dumb because they don't have any of these things, then where did white people get them from? Thin air?

At least prosecutors are using these studies that say IQ tests are racist to execute more black criminals.

It's not like that around here. You don't have to beat yourself for something like that. Rather gas yourself, or for a minor infraction just kys. Welcome newfriend.

This has got to be pasta from way back or something.

China has a jewish caste with unique names.
They did for a long time now, i am disappointed in you

The jew cries "closed-minded" as it closes minds to irrefutable facts concerning race.

It does pass the smell test for being sincere.
They live at the peak of Mt. Stupid while falsely believing they are making sound and fit judgements.

Literally junglebeatz

Close. We're not so much wired to enjoy sugar because it's simple, we're wired to gorge on sugar when it's available due to seasonal (read: temporary) availability and ease of access (read: you don't have to chase it). All living organisms that can discern sweet tastes behave this way, craving and gorging on ripe fruit when it's available to bank the calories for the coming lean season, whether it's a dry season or a cold season. Our bodies are in turn wired to bank sugar calories and lower metabolism (after a brief 'high' period while our hormones catch up with what we're eating) when those are the calories that are available/actively being eaten.


Oh wait, its an AZN, the jewish media can't even properly lynch him and his family. Asians are still allowed to be openly racist for the time being, will be interesting to see if it lasts.



If the methods and results indeed conclude this then I see it as good science.
Why all the outrage?

I've yet to see any evidence, other than lolnews articles by distinctly left leaning news sites/reporters, that one can be both intelligent and unable to spell. And this clearly is also tied with the fact that if you use a computer, know you have truble spelling, and are smart, you would spellcheck. So bad spelling is really sad when someone tries to act smart.

Fucking reminds me of liberal cunts running around saying "if it wasn't for blacks we wouldn't have these inventions" bullshit. They were also hint/alluding or out right saying whites aren't smart enough to invent that shit.

Obviously it's fucking bullshit.

this so surreal and hilarious on so many levels. Even the niggers seem to think this is absurd and retarded…

overly sweetened or overly salty

Tasty southern cuisine like "grits", "waddamelon", or "fried chiken"?
Niggers haven't invented a cuisine that wasn't already known by the white man.
BBQ? Caveman cooking.
Fried foods? French cooking.
Grits based dishes? Grain based dishes.
Mayonnaise salads? French foods.

No they aren't. They just spend more time doing it because they are running from animals, each other, or the police. If whites spent half as much time running as them, whites would still be "best" at it.
The only people who would have a genetic "advantage" and it is limited to a specific region for obvious reasons are the high altitude dwellers. Andeans have the EGLN1 mutation and Tibetans have EPAS1, EGLN1, and PPARA.
Tyrone doesn't have a specific genetic advantage that makes him a better runner than whites.

Or overly hot. Pretty much everything. None of their food or flavors are subtle with the exception of watermelon. I'm pretty sure they don't like it/taste it and only eat it because it was cheap. The drinks they drink are disgustingly sweet. Everything is soaked in butter or grease. Not sophisticated enough to realize that sometimes less is better.

Where are the sources for all this stuff? I was trying to explain to someone the facts and I am looking for some studies that prove these nogs are retarded

Say " racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, classist, closed-minded" aren't arguments.




Prove you are white by searching for the various studies and put the data together so you can explain it in an informed manner.

Back to reddit cunt.

(((it boggles my mind)))
Give up, user. Her mind is boggled.

This brings me back to grits.
Grits are nasty as fuck no matter how you make them because ground corn has little to no flavor when boiled.
This forces you to add tons of fat this is niggers, so cheaper shit like bacon grease or lard, tons of salt, or tons of sugar, which causes the quality of food to drastically plummet. The end result is something that's barely palatable that ends up costing more to make than the same amount of farina made with whole milk and some dates.
Not even injuns ate corn this way.

They even insist on seasoning watermelon. I've seen them do this shit to apples.

Don't fall into the kike propaganda that tells you about the strong athletic nigger. It's strange how many people who should know better still fall for it and even feel "smart" for repeating that drivel.
Did you know that the average american nog is smaller than the average white guy?


Didn't know that, good info. Had no clue.

I'll have one a week at most. Usually it's less. This is why America is a meme.


Never forget that IQ tests are only measuring development levels and results can change throughout your life. An adult will likely score higher than when they were a child, and of course, you can practice taking these exams to get better at them. Guess what MENSAfags do?

I want this to be true but that doesnt make it so. I demand sauce

Currently on day 4 of a 7 day fast. Thanks, dick, you're making it so much easier.

Amazing how they can call other people closed minded and then try to ban new ideas from being spread in the same breath.

Yes whites have no rhythm and are incapable of manufacturing and playing musical instruments. Blacks make us look really rubbish when it comes to music.


that's not how it works, fucko.

Stuff like this is dynamite, but sauce is required, or it is useless and worthless.

Based on what my uneducated friend


Seriously. I'm screencapping your post because it's a good reminder to practice brevity lest I drift from reality.

Alright Holla Forums, listen up because every time a lib tries this argument they're utterly collapsing their own side of the debate.

Let us imagine that a race realist and a denier are having a conversation over IQ tests. Now, the initial argument from the denier is almost certainly going to be that IQ test do not in fact measure intelligence in any meaningful sense. The realist will likely at that point ask how it is possible that science has produced consistent separation in racial IQs over such a long period of time. As this commenter did, the denier then claims that IQ test only measure certain forms of intelligence and that minority races make up for it in other forms (polyrhythmic and microtonal music, as she argues).

This destroys their position, because it's an admission that minorities posses a generally weaker grasp of reasoning skills and the other elements that most IQ test analyze. It is at this point you may simply bring this up and (depending on the debate particulars) either thank them for agreeing with you or then proceed to elaborate on how this shows the difficulties in integrating different racial cultures together.

To put this another way, imagine you've been appointed the head of military equipment procurement. Your task for the day is to evaluate the candidates for the military's new sniper rifle. Company A presents their rifle, a finely crafted bolt action firearm of incredible accuracy. Company B brings out a submachine gun. As you indicate that clearly Company A's gun is more suited to the task, the representative of Company B begins loudly bitching that your tests completely failed to appreciate their gun's high fire rate and portability. If you can respond to this hypothetical man, you can respond to an IQ difference denier.

well said friendo but we already established that people who use these arguments will just yell racist at you and are probably already aware that their shit isnt logic

walk outside of your basement
most nigs are either skinny somalian types of obese mixed race basketball americans


Pic related

Oh how wrong you are. The marxists will just accuse him of "internalized white supremecy" or go through some other mental gymnastics to explain away why this kid holds these views . No one is ever safe no matter how non-white they are.

Thank god for QandA, and the GayBC for their appreciation of abo "culture"; they shed the light on the limitations of a race through airing this.

Since I went to an (((international school section))) within a traditional school in an undisclosed asian country, the school's level of education and school fees was far higher than what you would get at a normal school in both the material we received and what was expected from us.albeit being taught calculus at year 9 killed my aspirations to become an astronaut

Anyhow, the English/Literature department of the school was completely compromised with the most cutting edge leftist studies these fag teachers could get their hands on. Instead of studying the fundamentals like the Greeks and Shakespeare, we studied and read Adorno, Butler, bell hooks, and Sylvia Plath. It was a horrible time, and the girls within the class soaked it all up; the entire English course was set up like a brainwashing factory. The first year, discussions (nothing too deep, but based on inequality and representation; Gaymergate level SJWism); by the second year, if you chose to take the Literature course over the STEM course I chose the literature course because I fell for the history class meme, they'd start teaching selected texts proving that the inequalities/representation was caused by
through pomo thinkers like Adorno, Foucault, Satre and the rest. I stopped engaging with my class work around here because I was able to make up for my grades through practical courses like compu-sci and biology
By the third and final year, there'd be groups of female retards within the class who proactively discuss feminist politics with each other during lunchbreaks and go the teachers for more input.

I'm glad that I get to leave this god-forsaken school for uni this april; I hope the school shuts the international school section down as they've already fired two of the worst pinkos down. I'm fairly certain that one of them was a kike too.

sage because badly written blogpost

If were built to run it's only for short distances like one mile. We were built to move but mostly like nomads, to walk. Running too much will damage your joints and isn't the best when you can do other lower impact cardio.

Bad advice, few are actually required to do jack shit beyond sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen.

Which, if you do it long enough is quite grueling and will fuck you up, youngster. That's why I ended up getting into shape. Hunched over with wrist pain is no way to go through life.

sure they do

Dail Fail had the EXACT SAME article,but it was shoa'd.
so here is archive

racial differences in fast twitch muscle fiber genetics


Wowzers thats fucking hilarious, bashing a drum does not need intelligence, it needs muscle memory and a keen ear. Anyone here in an afternoon can crank out a polyrythmic masterpiece with a few friends, a table and some fingers.

I'm imagining a beta chink making a cardboard science project about how niggers are too stupid to function.

I am almost certain good ole' Abe was kike. Deformed face, large nose and ears, protruding brow ridge, and everything ever written about his voice says there was something different/off about it. He was married to a dumpy shrew, who constantly harangued him. He was an out of nowhere candidate, with unknown backing. Yeah, I don't even care if he was a kike or not, I've written him off as a traitor of the American people.

Hey at least his science project was pretty alpha.

His idea was classic. His delivery was grade-school-tier. Presentation is everything.

Good point.

Buy your brisket now, yours could be ready by March!

you have to go back

Doing it fucking wrong.
I use apple because it's delicious, but pretty much anything will work. Suit it to your tastes.

mesquite or other wood-infused charcoal.
apple, mesquite if you're not already using it in your charcoal, cherry, or pecan. Wood chips should be soaked in water for a day beforehand. If you don't have a separate smoker, chips should be wrapped in foil and holes punched in the foil before being placed directly on the coals, but not directly under the meat.

Yes to all of the above, except for the seasoning.
Seasalt or pink salt, black pepper, Tony's Spice and Herbs seasoning; 1:2:2 ratio. If you're feeling frisky, cut some fresh peppers (bellpepper, jalapeno, pick your poison) and throw them in when you cover it in sauce.
Yankee heathen. Beer is for chicken, turkey, or steak–or for marinading beforehand–but not for use mixed with your sauce on brisket.

I prefer boneless, skinless chicken breasts because it's easier to use them for sandwiches later.
Let marinate 24-48 hours in plastic bag or tupperware bowl soaking in salad dressing of your choice. I prefer Italian.
Remove from marinade, place on smoker/grill combo–CHARCOAL, not propane. Smoke with wood chips of choice. Use above mix of salt/pepper/tony's. When chicken nears preferred level of doneness, apply sauce of choice. I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's sweet chili, but suit to taste.
I cannot stress this enough. It should have a light coating of sauce, not be dripping a river of sauce off into your goddamn coals.
Leave on grill until sauce begins to caramelize. Remove, eat, enjoy.

1lb angus burger or some other 'steak' hamburger. Preferably something like 5 to 10% fat content but no more.

fucked up my spoiler.
I'll see myself to the oven now.

What is math metal?

SJW's and leftists have this strange circular reasoning. They are constantly guilty of attribution error and simply putting the cart in front of the horse. You never hear a leftist politican or nigger "activist" ever answer a question with a straight, honest answer. It's always this crazy round-a-bout mental gymnastics that always blames everything on someone else, usually whites or white men specifically.

Must be something wrong with the prison systems

Must be a problem with the schools.

Must be a problem with the employers or police

Must be something wrong with the program, the school, the students, the teachers, the culture, the country, Trump, white people, asian people, desks, chairs, computers, statistics, the English language…..


That is not true.
So what do you base that idiotic opinion on?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that bullshit again!! Of all the retarded liberal memes about niggers not being inferior, that one truly takes the cake. Video related is polyrythmic music, truly mindblowingly amazing isn't it? LMAO

KEK that is what MensaFag was talking about

Asians and Indians specifically aren't afraid to call out niggers for being low IQ. It is sad though that whites have been so gimped by jewry they can't even call out obvious facts of nature and the reality of there being IQ differences between races. Its really upto non white but still high IQ races to set the record straight.

That's because

Remember that the caste system in India was invented by the Aryans in the north to keep the Dravidians in their correct place in society. The whole restriction on intermarrying between levels was to keep the races pure, at least until the (((West))) stepped in.

we talking African-style human cuisine or white game?

thoughtcrime and bad-goy syndrome

GENIUS level troll

a stick, a bowl and a blanket…

Its just math according distribution curves of IQ.
That being said I have never seen it put that way and would also like sauce.

this is an extremely cuck-tier version of the navy seals copypasta

What the fuck did you just fucking say about niggers, you little goy? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my Talmud class in Mensa, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret shill campaigns on Facebook™, and I have over 300 confirmed satoshis. I am trained in subversion and I’m the top shill in the entire ShareBlue squad. You are nothing to me but just another racist. I will wipe your facts the fuck out with Talmudic pilpul the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with spewing those truths about niggers over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of hotpockets across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for shilling, maggot. The shilling that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call the truth. You’re on the wrong side of Herstory™, racist. I can shill anywhere, anytime, and I can demoralize you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with leftist buzzwords. Not only am I extensively trained in astroturfing, but I have access to the entire collection of JIDF nigger porn and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your problematic masculinity off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “red pill” hate facts were about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit kosher all over your Twitter™ feed and you will drown in it. You’re a fucking WHITE MALE, kiddo.

By the time the British arrived in India the original caste system established on race and Aryan pantheon had degenerated millenia ago. The greatest lie propagated by marxists today is that castes are "oppressive" and artificial. Castes exist in every Traditional civilisation including the European one until 1789.

heres some sauce for other data

you stupid kike he was over 7 feet tall he (pobably had) marfans syndrome

so the whole "Untouchable" thing was just a myth?
Because the only major complaint I have with caste is that I personally wouldn't want to be a dalit or an eta or whatever you want to call it, a peon.

Oh no they're still a thing.
Despite the best attempts of the British to get the other Indians to stop being cunts to them.

appreciate that, but I actually already have that.
But the data in this would be invaluable.

No it was microtonal you shitload. They harnessed vibranium and slaved it to their jungle boogie subroutines until it created phase specific nanotech on command for them. God do you even into wakandology?

As a member of a few extraordinarily high IQ groups myself, your pic related is just a soygirl dishing out the soy. I went through the rosters of the three groups I'm in two are high range and a total of five out of hundreds are black (only two in the 'high range').
While it's not spoken because PC is just as strong in high IQ communities as it is elsewhere, the race/IQ correlation stands out strong.

Jealous normgroid boomer gonna jelly.

Don't know, I always save statistics and infographs with source, or put them in my lol folder.

Either a troll or not i laughed.


Musicfag here. African polyrhythm is just banging drums to basic arithmetic. Indian used microtones because they lacked a tuning system. And the correllation between IQ and musical ability is very small anyway.



You exaggerate a bit, he was 6'4", which is huge today and even more so for the 1800s. Something I just found while trying to verify that though: Google is trying to rewrite history by memeing Lincoln as having been a literal faggot. Number two result for "How tall was Abraham Lincoln" is a kikepedia article entitled "Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln." Not linking because I don't want to promote that shit directly. Screenshot related.

Get out, racist.

Could have a point. Back in middle school (10 - 20% black), in social studies, two other guys and I were given the task: "Imagine you were an abolitionist who was involved in the drafting of the American constitution. What would your strategy be for putting an end to slavery in America? Present your strategy to the class."
Our personalities were: smart/awkward, street-smart/football, and quiet/no-motivation. My idea was to keep slavery legal at first, because otherwise the South wouldn't enter the union, and then to gradually pass laws restricting and outlawing it. The other two thought it sounded good, but the football player demanded that we instead say that our strategy was to outlaw it immediately in the constitution, because he didn't want us to get beat up.

Do you have a source for this nigger?

home.ubalt.edu/tmitch/645/articles/roth et al ethnic grp diff in cog abil ppsych 2001.pdf