Self Improvement General /SIG/

The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related.

How to better yourself:

Go to the gym and do two hour workouts instead of one.
These chad workout mixes will help:

Stop believing in memes like "lose all ur gainz after 60 minutes of gym". Not even close to true. Look at all the greatest bodybuilders.

Stop listening to degeneracy.
Listen to things that are good for you.



Stop consuming too much carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no more cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. No soy. Don't breed with roasties. Find a wholesome waifu. Do cardio. Go running. Stockpile food and buy a truck/SUV to survive The Coming Ice Age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing and acting like a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.


Notable Lifters: Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, Dorian Yates

Reading List: Some Orwell and some Machiavelli.

Stop consuming as much pornography and even try the NoFap challenge to boost test levels. Get off the internet for at least five minutes a day. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do hard drugs. Weed is okay in moderation and only if it is medicinal. Don't watch degenerate media and read some books. Invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement.  Brush off the haters and jealous cucks. This is your life now. Welcome to /SIG/ 2018.

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any alternatives to cigs? i want to quit but i want another habit to take its place.


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But hey, no one can "datamine" us through template threads like music and art!

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Try running. Willpower is the only option really if you want to beat your demons.


we could just go for a run outside or make ourselves do push-ups and work with the body and temple that God gave us to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. If we don't take care of ourselves then how do we expect to take care of anyone else or our own children once we have families? Everything else is just personal willpower and keeping your vices within moderation. You are given the freedom to ruin yourself because God thought of us all as inherently flawed and without him we cannot be saved. Not going to religiously moral fag this thread to death but some of these practices persisted because the core good intentions of faith have stood the test of time.

What do you mean by losing gains after 60 mins?

stop smoking, vaping is probably worse for you in some other way that isn't cancer. probably gives you popcorn lung or some awful disease we haven't even seen yet.

also it makes you look like a faggot. it's hard to quit, especially at night.

when you start working, pre-20's boy, you ain't gonna have even an hour of free time. Get fucked.

vaping is gay as fuck, dont do it. i want to try pipe smoking but i couldnt get fresh tobacco where i live.

I'd add having two kids takes away the time you don't have, so you borrow from your sleep (very bad).
I'll eventually start working out march-sept, but will likely stop in the winter again. Vicious cycle. But at least I have 2 kids. Kids are fuggin lovely.

Get a clue, OP. How many threads have to be deleted before you get the point? Your self-improvement threads are not welcome here.

OP made the same thread two or three times already and the mods deleted it every single time. OP, when will he ever learn?

So are you ever going to explain or at least provide a source for any of your claims? Its really no wonder you keep getting b&

It does.

Best way to stop smoking is to put your mind to it and tell yourself it's disgusting, then quit cold turkey. That worked for me.


How did your sex life change after the 1st preg? Do you have any advice for a fellow user that fulfilled half of his obligations for the white race?

Stop smoking immediately and switch to nrt (gum, patch, lozenges) then wean yourself off those over weeks.

There may be government programs that will subsidise them.


If you want to stop smoking cigs, switch to a pipe, you can buy raw tobacco that way and at least stop smoking formaldehyde. If you want to stop smoking in general, try switching to tea or something to take the place of the oral fixation without driving your calories through the roof.

Not the greatest written OP. But I'll give a bump and also highlight the importance of not only lifting and eating healthy, but improving all foundations of your body. When your body is strong, your mind will settle and you can go out in the world and do great things. Self Improvement threads have always been a staple for Holla Forums and as you can see already, there is a hunger for these threads


I think it's more shut it down shills.
Why would they want white men to talk about improving themselves?

Take it to >>>/fit/
Holla Forums = politics

For almost 15 years they've been trying to get user to stop making off topic threads and spread out across other boards. As of yet, they have not once succeeded. Leaving things somewhat fast and loose in regards to what is and isn't on topic is really the only feasible strategy when it comes to realisticly keeping a board alive. Move against the nature of user, and you just end up with an exodus.

We should also work on gaining influence with coworkers, family and friends, Going full 1488 and wearing it on your sleeve can be counter productive, we need to be more subtle with our intentions if we want to be effective.

I found tons of extra time here and there when I quit smartphones. Also just bought a pocket planner, since I tend to forget important meetings and such. Now, at lunchbreaks, instead of the mindless browsing, I actually read books. It's pretty cool to start noticing the world properly again,

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Also, reported for abusing the report feature.

How is this not a slide? The op.copy.pastad that exact format with the exact links with exact same starting picture. So easy a bot could do it.

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Two hours per day of exercise is horrible advice especially to self improvement newfags. All research points to short but intense sessions being superior for muscle growth and health, with at least 48 hours of rest before hitting the same muscle group. If you're a total newfag to exercise or have fat to lose focus on sprinting and squats more than anything else. You'll get the best hormonal and metabolic response from intense leg stimulation. For sprints do several sets of 20 second maximum effort. Exercise focused on raising testosterone doesn't take much time, an hour max, but once you know what you're doing can be done in a half hour. Two hours of gay bodybuilding obsession is pure faggotry and is time being wasted on the even more important goals of becoming wealthy, influential, and fathering non degenerate white sons and daughters.

Well, it is harder to fuck, due to circumstantial lack of suitable time (both are not tired, nothing better to do / both are very horny AND baby is sleeping, etc, you get the idea), but when we get to it we fuck to the point of total exhaustion (or until baby wakes up).
Advice: if she just gave birth, give her 2-3 months before vaginal.
If she had episiotomy (most likely she did have it), give her 6, or be very careful.
It takes about a year to recover, if you want to have more than one. Better give her 1.5, but watch out for her age - impregnating a woman older than 30 is ill advised, for both her and baby.
In any case, just be careful, and don't tear her apart with your monster cock.

Agreed, 2 hours is way too much

What's the best way to fast without losing muscle mass? I started fasting 2 weeks ago and am down 15lbs but I'm starting to feel tired. Don't want my fasting to be my biggest gainz goblin.

It is still here aint it?

Intermittent fasting could work for you, I usually skip breakfast or only have a glass of milk, a small lunch and then a large dinner, intermittent fasting helps your body use your fat as energy, it also helps hormones and overall life expectancy.

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psychological wellbeing and improvement server:

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currently working on

I also have graphs of these many paths available if you ask me.

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She's considering a c-section exactly to avoid all those problems. Does anyone have anything on the pros and cons for natural vs csection?

I didn't realize you said you were already fasting, not sure how you could prevent muscle loss, I think as long as you are training with heavy weights and eating enough protein for rebuilding you're good. Gains are less important than functional strength and overall health.

All I know is

Passage through the vaginal canal during birth is thought to have positive outcomes in regards to immune system health. Given the critical role of the immune system in life, from the common cold to cancer, I think natural birth is always preferable barring serious health considerations

daily reminder that there can be no spiritual growth without brahmacharya