Meet The US Army's Latest Killer-Robotic Humvees

In the coming months, the United States Army is sending its first robotic Humvee to a field training exercise to see if the autonomous combat vehicle can accurately destroy targets, as part of a new experimental program to weaponize robots.

The killer Humvee, which is called the ‘Wingman,’ is part of the Joint Capability Technology Demonstration, or JCTD program, where engineers have developed autonomously piloted weaponized vehicles in hopes it will provide direct and indirect fire support for ground troops trapped in dangerous situations on the battlefield.

According to the Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center, or TARDEC program, the goal behind the “Wingman” is to train soldiers and weaponized robotic vehicles to work together on the battlefield to confront America’s enemies. Army engineers say it will be Soldiers, not computers, which decide when the robotic Humvee fires a round.

The Army Armaments Research Development and Engineering Center, or ARDEC, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division are also partners in the program, which was launched last year and funded with roughly $20 million after years of positive testing.

Popular Mechanics explains how the Wingman system works,

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The Army highlights a significant issue with the current Wingman’s armament system. Engineers indicate the program will be upgrading legacy gas-powered M2 .50-caliber machine gun and M240 7.62-millimeter machine gun to an electrically-driven weapon that does not jam like the gas-driven machine gun.

“Obviously if you’re a kilometer away from your vehicle, jams are not good,” Udvare said. “What’s nice about their electrically-driven system is that the incidents of jamming are greatly reduced.”

The Army’s solution: the Advanced Remote/Robotic Armament System (ARAS). Popular Mechanics dissects the ARAS system and how it is a fitting upgrade to legacy gas weapons:

In May, the killer robotic Humvees are expected join engineers at “Grayling, Michigan, or Fort Benning, Georgia, to become certified in daytime operations on a Scout Gunnery Table VI course,” confirmed the Army.

Military personnel could get their first opportunity to work side by side with the killer robotic Humvee come October, when “engineers hope to conduct an operational user assessment at Fort Benning using Soldiers and Marines,” added the Army.

“We saw the Table VI as an opportunity,” Udvare said. “The course may not test all of our capabilities and may not show all of our flaws, but at least it’s a beginning point to start to assess these platforms and drive technology.”

“By 2035, advances in technology may allow a Soldier to manage multiple assets such as combat vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and reconnaissance vehicles at the same time in combat, Udvare said.

“Autonomous systems aren’t going to be smart enough to be on their own for decades,” Udvare added.

“How we make split decisions on what we process in our environment … is very complex”

“To add autonomous platforms to the manned formations and have both the man and the machine work side-by-side to accomplish a mission is pretty powerful,” Udvare said.

So, how many units did Israel and friends order?

This is terrifying. The ZOG can kill us with robots now

This is old stuff you'd have to be a brainlet or extremely ignorant of military equipment to be surprised by something like this, i mean who goes to Holla Forums that doesn't also go to /k/. The hummer is not even remotely ideal platform for such a system.

bad goyim beware

If all their techno-toys make the US military so undefeatable, then why hasn't it won a war since Iraq I?

The goal isn't to win, but terrorize people into paying heaps of cash to not be terrorized. They don't actually need to deploy one of these things either. They stage an event in a spook city where they mow everyone down like Robocop and nobody will want to do shit anymore. Most shit they show isn't real.

It's also a giant money pit for (((contractors))). We get fucked coming and going.

So been thinking for a while.
If anons came together we could easily design and build a line of remote controlled micro battle tanks.
Even been thinking on some of the basics of how it would work myself.

This is the extent of the USAs efforts really as they're a bunch of twits who aren't hurting for manpower so don't see much use in unmanned vehicles.

So if we could build a decent sized swarm of these micro tanks we could easily lay siege to DC or the capitol of any country we care to name.

Looks like a nice money sink for the Zionist faggot goyim.

That's a great idea and all, but I think drone assassinations are a bit much for Holla Forums to pull off. Unless you're already a robotics expert, but then wtf would you announce that shit for if you were?

Drone assassinations are easy as fuck. Anyone here could do it.
By a ready to fly model aircraft, slap in a GPS autopilot or a camera setup so you can see where its going.
Then strap on some explosives.

Boom instant guided bomb.
For a few hundred US Dollars at most.
You don't like some government official? You can easily kill them for a few hundred US Dollars.
And nothing involved except explosive precursors are on any kind of watchlist.

What I'm talking about is a large number of anons coming together to finance and build a bunch of literal tanks. Then utilising said remote controlled tanks to stage an armed coup or at least smash a government.

Why is the USA using ISIS vehicles?

user, you need to consider if idle conversation crosses the line into solicitation of criminal conspiracy. I suggest you keep your ideas to yourself if they can be misunderstood. Consider your ideas in support of your nation's military as a private company. Don't talk about things that will only bring you and your family heartbreak, from one GuP fan to another.

That said, on youtube this has been explored by people trying to get ahead of this and ban scary things. Look up "murderbots" on YouTube.

I can be arrested at any point just for my name.
So not terribly worried.

I believe he was referring to the knitting technique called "drone assasination." It's basically just a pattern to make it look like hames bond or some shit.

Not really, gps isn't accurate enough to deliver the paltry kind of explosives that a civilian could make and a rc aircraft could carry. It's not easy by any stretch of the imagination, assuming the idea would be to not get caught. If you don't care about getting caught you may as well deliver the payload of steel directly to the heart, it's more likely to succeed in eliminating the target.
The radio controlled ground vehicle would probably be more devastating than the air attack. But they are simply going to jam everything from 27mhz up to 5ghz and your vehicle/s will be nothing more than a delivery of forensic leads.
Theoretically/rhetorically shooting the breeze of course.

Tune is catchy as fuck.


In general though it's not impossible to get around jamming and this is assuming they even opt to immediately throw out wide area full spectrum jamming that'll leave them and emergency services unable to communicate.

Lot of chinese companies are selling remote control gear that is designed to work in "busy" or "overloaded" spectrum.

Oh in the not too distant future I'm sure some super advanced muslims will hack the israeli based self driving software and use a driverless vehicle to deliver a devastating payload of explosives somewhere there are no jews.
It's going to happen but it wont be people fighting back against any state oppression.

it isn't but they've got so many of the damned things it's worth trying to reuse a few
Think their general idea for the autocannon hummers is to have one in back or front or both providing a buffer for ied or snackbars also:
couple with the crew of 3 for the Humvee, the crew of 2 for the lrad and the crew of 4 for the checkpoint/area to be guarded; pretty intense system they're developing but until they standardize the dual aa-12 auto that can be mounted on the hood for small personal defense, it's prone to being overwhelmed or outranged which really, if it's a fully autonomous machine, wouldn't matter if a few guys with psls took potshots at it outside the range of it's targeting, manned it would matter

kill all democratic leadership NOW with bullets and blades

t.the fucking FBI