"It's Madness" - 'Mad Max' Violence Soars On Venezuela's Lawless Roads

With hunger and scarcity widespread around its crisis-hit economy, Venezuela has seen a frightening upsurge of attacks on its increasingly anarchic roads in recent weeks.

“Every time I say goodbye to my family, I entrust myself to God and the Virgin,” says 36-year-old Venezuelan trucker Humberto Aguilar.

Just a few days earlier, Aguilar said he sat terrified when hundreds of looters swarmed a stationary convoy, overwhelming drivers by sheer numbers. They carted off milk, rice and sugar from other trucks but left his less-prized vegetables alone.

Reuters adds that across Venezuela, there were some 162 lootings in January, including 42 robberies of trucks, according to the consultancy Oswaldo Ramirez Consultores (ORC), which tracks road safety for companies. That compared to eight lootings, including one truck robbery, in the same month of last year.

Eight people have died in the lootings in January of this year, according to a Reuters tally.

The dystopian attacks in a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates are pushing up transport and food costs in an already hyperinflationary environment, as well as stifling movement of goods in the crisis-hit OPEC nation.

They have complicated the perilous life of truckers who already face harassment from bribe-seeking soldiers, spiraling prices for parts, hours-long lines for fuel, and who are banned from carrying guns by law.

It's not all biker-gangs, the looters use tree trunks and rocks to stop vehicles, and are particularly fond of “miguelitos” - pieces of metal with long spikes - to burst tires and halt vehicles. In some cases, crowds simply swarm at trucks when they stop for a break or repairs. Soldiers or policemen seldom help, according to interviews with two dozen drivers.

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can't they just keep on gold-mining in classic Runescape?

i'm ok with this.

Last I heard, they were getting slaughtered in the wilderness. Benevolent players didn't want cash shop users around, malevolent players wanted to kill someone IRL by killing them in a game.


the feels…

Good try but this wasn't real socialism!

For fucks sake, that country became hell on earth + communism and we're missing out on everything because lol no internet for commies. Imagine watching constant livestreams of Mad Max tier gang fights for resources, or seeing raw pictures of Venezuela's now-decrepit streets.
Plus not only that, we have so little info and images with proof that future generations will probably end up bluepilled about the country's history of its demise.

You can tell a lot about a man, by the way he treats animals, and children.

God I want to see the Venezuelan Hunger Games!

they have internet, dumbfucking fuck

All the more reason that I'm pissed off that I can't have some drone drop a couple shotgun shells and a granola bar to my favorite tribute.

I don't know how I feel about this.

In case someone asks for sauce:

Perhaps I was too vague - Internet in Venezuela exists of course, but connection quality has heavily degraded which makes it hard to livestream, it's heavily regulated and censored by the top commies, and prices rose pretty hard just like everything else. More and more citizens are dropping internet because
Thus, we're maybe-slowly but surely running out of independent, raw sources of intel on the streets.


Friendly reminder that all (((entertainment industries))) and retarded stoners with Che shirts are complicit in this.

The highwaymen vid is from 2 years ago, MSM is doing a good job memory holing Venezuela, here’s another for the memory hole :
Joe Kennedy and his Venezuela Oil Company promotion , giving discounted heating oil to us po’ Americans, there’s a commercial out there to with Joe blowing the Venezuela Goverment over this.

Thanks for pointing this out. It's sincerely made my day. Makes me sad too. Imagine what they were thinking or looking at? It must have been a beautiful view. Poor Blondie, she had a lovely master. I wonder if she sensed what her master went through? Best friends in that picture right there.

p.s. Do you or the guys around here really think he killed her at the end? I don't really think he would do that to her and it only fits with the suicide narrative which is in itself very much jewish propoganda pushed by russia at the time.

sorry for being off topic.

Jim [cokehead irish jew?] Willie has been harping on about Venezuala for years and the oil ties. Really activates the almonds…

Alot of information that's happening in Venezuela that we should be cataloging. This information will help prevent the same thing happening again. leftists love to cover up information so they can keep recycling the same ideas over and over. This is why they set a system up that befits cattle.

Brazilian President Michel Temer is mad at Venezuelan government for making Venezuelans life a hell and forced Brazilian government to deal with the Venezuelan refugees.

Man, there is shit coming out now and again saying he was able to get out at the last second, but I tend to lean on the fact that many of his closest aides said he did die in berlin, as for blondie I am not too sure if she was in the bunker, hopefully the dog was spared before berlin fell, otherwise, it'd be a shitty existence after the war.

Is there are any RWDS in Venezuela already?

Nice digits, I love these pictures, it shows the noble spirit of these men, which were ruined by the ever-corrupt Kike-brigade (U.S., and other allied countries)

thanks user. Kind of want to believe that he escaped but if he did die in the bunker, it'd tie into his own words about honor and virtue. Poor doggo though, I couldn't imagine the pain. Judge a man by the way he treats animals. Thanks for the pic.

If had the time or resources, would put together a collage of them and/or vids and have it go with this tune. The feels would kill. It would be rather depressing but I think it'd wake up the blue-pilled faggots.

That lion belonged to Göring.

Holy shit, I had no idea. Feel like an idiot now.
Fuck, that's amazing. https


First comment made me kek. Sorry, it's two vids so I was being lazy on the former. Reminds me of Christian the Lion or Terry/Teddy - Honorary member of the special forces…

Thanks user… maybe someday things will get better. They'll get worse before they get better but maybe one day we'll be able to have a place with wide open spaces and animals to love. They are truly a blessing upon us all. Have a lovely day and God Bless you. Hopefully you have a good week. It's times like these that make Holla Forums worthwhile… or as that one song says "never wish away the dark days, for they're the ones that make it all worthwhile."

Göring was definetly the most eccentric and extravagant personna of the NSDAP top brass. It's amazing how much remains hidden for just 12 years of history.

So would they continue to vote for communist?

Nazi top brass were all a bit /fringe/ tbh

Probably not but they'll be counted on the ballot either way.

Maybe I should just lurk more. hah, came with the first exodus but the culture seems dead lately. I must admit im drunk posting but close to tears. You see I'm a very solitude person and alone for most of the time. I used to have a cat, and then got another… both died in a years time, one from feline aids and the other was run over in a tragic accident about 2 months after the loss of the person I loved most in my life. I knew nothing about cats and had no idea they could be as affectionate or as straightforward as dogs. To make a long story short, my fur kid that was run over was found with icicles on her back and she didn't know how to be a cat… I taught her and rescued her… and she rescued me in return. It took me several months before she began to act like a normal animal again. I think animals have a way with humans. In many ways we help one another. I also fully believe that an animal can tell and sense who is good and who isn't. Watch their body language, regardless of species and they will always be attracted to the people they know will be good to them… At least that's my theory. Regardless, we're going to get banned for shitposting and de-reailing so I will bid thee a farewell. Thank you for the lovely conversation. It means a lot to me and now that I live in a small apartment with no animals, this entire thread has me teary eyed as I look back on videos from a few years ago. I miss the people in my life who are no longer here, I miss my animals who are no longer here. I'm so lonely but the camaraderie and mutual love for animals across Holla Forums is something that I will never ever forget or ever stop being grateful for. You guys are good people. We are the last remaining people who do as we say and say what we do - at least this is what we should strive for! Mankind and animals - their bond throughout centuries is something so special that it's almost a secret which sub-humans are unable to attain. Regardless, I sit here in melancholy and smiles thinking about all the anons and our loved creatures great and small. Must definitely look into Göring more. Also would like to look more into Rommel, i.e. was he a traitor? or a great general. It's all irrelevant for now.

Take care user and have a beautiful day.

May you have a blessed day as well, user. Stay strong. We're all in this together.

And I'll check your sevens before you go.

Quite interesting really. Hungry people don't give a fuck about vegetables, they want protein & carbs. Veges are a fucking meme t. inventor of the bread, meat & beer diet

I've come to the conclusion that media does the voting every single time. As long as over half the population bases their worthless opinion on what TV & its online equivalents say, democracy has been subverted.

> t. inventor of the bread, meat & beer diet
post belly

lel I'm underweight if anything. Also I don't really drink beer, that shit is bad for you.

yeah i kinda quit drinking over summer and now my alcohol tolerance is so low that 2 or 3 beers now give me that sea sick feeling when i go to bed so that i can't sleep. really sucks because really like the taste of most craft beers and brewing is also a hobby of mine but now i can't really drink anymore without sleeping terribly the night after.
also the lack of fibre can't be good for your digestive system unless you eat really dark bread

Really dark bread, Roggenbrot is the tits with meat, cheese, & onion. Bacon hock soup with some crusty homemade bread is my ultimate comfort food. Sugar is the great satan of the modern diet.

casual (1) poster denigrating national socialism

sounds nice, i really like liver with bacon and onions, liver is by far the most tasteful and healthy type of meat, tastes like iron and the bacon and onions really compliment it

read up on the Thule society

Probably something like this.
Also those people tend do be genetically inclined to vote for shit that leads to suffering and destruction that's what makes them such great immigrants.

Fuck, I just noticed ;_;

So what do Leftists have to say about this now? Not the right kind of socialism?

Assblasted shitskin detected.

archive this.

Screw the wilderness. Venezuela IS the PVP zone.

They have internet for jew

You are just as bad as a fucking commie.

Are you stupid?

Never noticed. My doggo an I sometimes hold paws.

They've been killing green dragons and, more recently, doing blast mine.

This user is right, the Venezuelan meta has had to adopt to it.

I bet none of you plebs are even maxed
Heil Hitler

/k/ had a guy who was stealing internet for sometime. Wonder if he got v&

Feels bad man.

My sides. Is that guy wearing a white party hat? His account probably got shoah'd for those thought crimes.

Then where are the videos?

I didn't know you could keep a lion as a pet like that. Incredible! How does he not get mauled? Aren't undomesticated animals unable to bond as thoroughly as domesticated ones?

I'm maxed in RS3.

Probably too poor for phones with cameras.

When you shoot for socialist utopia and end up creating a flamingo chowing anarchist wasteland.

Not real socialism. That is not socialism.

Even the dog would have been made an example of. It was a mercy for Blondie as well.

I asked this in another thread and didn't get an answer:


Oh user, you made my day. I was one of those people who would slaughter those bots.

i'm not sure, afaik the commies in the government accidentally used non-true communism (a very common mistake in communist states) which led to the collapse of their money

If they did that would only prove communism as an even bigger failure, since it would demonstrate that communist economies lasted only as long as they had Rothschild gibs.

Wait….are you saying breeding rabbits for food is bad, or that Venezuelans are breeding like rabbits?

Quite the opposite. It's the best choice as a protein source in times of famine and desperation because rabbits will eat almost every non-poisonous plant matter and they breed like rabbits and they are bigger and easier to contain, catch and slaughter than the next best alternative, rats and mice.

The thing is that rabbit-raising for meat nowadays is not really a thing in developed countries because their meat doesn't sell much since you can practically only stew a fucking rabbit by shimmering it for hours until the little edible meat they have separates from their tiny bones or you can spit roast and literally suck on a tiny corpse if you are a guerrilla, high fantasy adventurer or a hobo.

True, but (and i'm not informed enough to say this with certainty) if Hugo Chavez went from socialism to National socialism…
and that is why they killed him…
…and crashed the economy…

*'you see where I am going with this, right?**

I need to do some serious research, I think…

What you call distopian madness I think a communist would call working as intended. The hungry masses take what they require. The trucks laden with good flow forth and are distributed among the population. Is this not the glorious communist goal? What a paradise. Finally we can point to a communist utopian society. It finally works guys!

There was a video showing a Venezuelan supermarket. Totally empty except for non-food items.

yeah but (((they))) would probably spin up some kind of narrative in venezuela about ebul nadzees and shit if that were the case. i'm not sure how the economy was crashed, something with mass inflation right?

always convoluted

Translation: Its spics spiccing, not poor starving people looking for food.

Undomesticated animals can get pretty tame if you raise them since birth and socialize them often with humans.

I thought beaners loved beans though, they can't possibly mean root vegetables. But then again,

Well of course.

Since skinned rabbits look like cats people are also suspicious.
Isn't there something like rabbit poisoning? Where you consume too much protein but not enough fats and and body use more to process the meat than it gains from it

It is true, once you are on a high simple carb diet you feel less satisfied with veggies. If you switch to a mostly vegetable diet for a while it might be hard but when your blood sugar settles down you stop craving simple carbs as much and are much more satisfied with veggies.

rip in peace user

Per request.

who's cutting up onions here? :(


aka "Rabbit Starvation".

People have been completely blind to its demise, it's mindboggling. We're told to care about the lives of the millions of well fed africans and sandrats invading europe.

Don't look at Venezuela or any other shithole whatever you do. That's badthink.

George Galloway had some good comments for this little commie faggot.

Devil's Advocate here;
Are there any sanctions on Venezuela?
I know they pissed off the CIA a few years ago.

Actually, no. My memory served me wrong about that video. It's fun how he shuts down the little fruitcake but I think most of his points might be bullshit.

Even after i die my soul will be laughing at all the deaths caused by ideologies that assume that humans can be "perfected", specially through force. Fuck you all even more than how much you've been fucked already, plus how much you're all going to fuck yourselves in the future over and over and over again.

Well if they do something weird in open air goolag earth will pick it up, I think you can technically fly some drones over the borders at chile.

when will they kill Maduro?

Is cannibalism wide spread yet?



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Given that Chavez didn't form any alliance with any productive sectors of society(ie the white land owners) like Prussianism and hence Natsoc is defined by and instead gave free food to the dregs and collectivized agricultural land. Gonna have to say NOOOOOOOOO.

I wasn't prepared for these feels. Great work user.

My friend is Venezuelan, and just recently escaped to Slovenia.

I asked him a lot about the current situation.

He said that all he dreams about in Slovenia is that America goes to war with Venezuela and kills literally every last person there so that they don't have to suffer their own stupidity ever again, and that somebody competent can use the natural resources.

So how did he manage to get out? I figured the whole place was on lockdown.

Why Slovenia of all places?

His heritage?

After TPP, Japan might become same situation like as the tragedy of the Venezuela.

People don't turn cannibal that easily. That said, it seems farmers began planting toxic tuberculous along with their proper produce to deter niggers from stealing their shit (it seem there have been a couple of deaths by intoxication due to this)

this exactly here, they think humans are chess pieces, or part of a computer program and they will behave in the way you expect them to. You know what happens when you make a system abusable? someone will abuse it, simple as that.

kidnappers are getting around the situation of the country by asking the family of the kidnapped to drive to colombia so they can sell their car for dollars, and ask for that as ransom.

So you are saying communism isn't working?

Maybe we're not so different after all.

every time that happens the kikes ruin it so we should just sit back and watch it burn

and it had totally slipped my mind but this happened diariolavoz.net/2018/02/05/investigan-caso-canibalismo-crimen-joven-carabobo/

There was some discussion over (the article reads) "500 bolivares" (when it actually is 500 thousand but people are dropping the thousand when speaking as the amounts are so high already), there was a teenager on one side of the discussion, and an adult and his son, and 3 other teenagers on the other side. While they were arguing the adult hit the teenager with a pipe in the back of his head then pulled him to their home where they finished killing him, they cut him in pieces and cut most parts but went and grabbed the meaty parts and ate them….

as a disclaimer, minimum wage is 250 thousands + 550 thousands bolivares a month, the first one is actual money, the latter is food stamps (yeah, 2/3 is food stamps) and 500 thousand bolivares is roughly $2. Yes, that caused this discussion that ended up in cannibalism.

El hombre nuevo!