Cambridge extremist jailed for four years after inciting racial hatred online

An extremist who made anti-semitic comments and shared Hitler imagery online has been jailed for four years.

Lawrence Burns, 26, had earlier been found guilty of two charges of inciting racial hatred in a string of provocative Facebook posts in 2014.

He was also prosecuted for making a racist speech at a memorial demonstration for American white supremacist leader David Lane.

In the speech, which was later shared online via YouTube, Burns was heard to refer to Jews as “parasites” that wanted to create a “mongrelised race”.

Burns, of Coldham’s Lane, Cambridge, was charged with the two offences on January 22 last year and found guilty in December.

A judge at Peterborough Crown Court today ruled that he should serve a total of four years in prison for his offences.

what can be done at this point we are fucked

God bless this limey. The Jew is an enemy to all, not even other Semites like (((them))). Such a shame the (((parasites))) already got him.

The UK needs to go full civil war immediately.

poor guy. cant even mention them without them taking your shekels and time; hell they will even take your dignity if you let them.
And it will be swept away. Like the rest of the lot that goes against them. Hehe, he think he was the "chosen one"? everyone knows only they are that special. (;

Factual statements are illegal speech.

the dogs has been slaved for 2000 years and the backlash will come i have no doub about it ,only 50 years in charge and have weakened usa to the point of no return but in the process of destroying european at all cost they have awaken to the chinese more united and stronger and motivated than ever ,the west wont resist and the jews will come with us they want it or not
they have lost even if they dont know it

east europe and russia sound better say by day

Someone should say the same shit about whites, file a complaint then see what happens.

We can't. We have no guns; we never did. If we so much as say a single word against them, we get arrested immediately. CCTV is everywhere.
America, never give up your guns, otherwise the fate of England shall befall you too.

revolution wont came with gun in this era only with words would persuade your friends and familiar be active in your social circles and advocate for your peoples no matter what,this is the most corageous thing that you can do

You know what's gonna be funny? As seeing that he knows of David Lane, he's probably going to follow in Lane's foot steps and become more radicalized in prison and write literature too.

What would happen if we raided the UK? Maybe bots shitpost nazi pics to everything that can receive pics. Imagine BBC covered in swastikas and pics of the fuhrer. Fax machines print Hitler pics in the crown court. How hard would it be to make something like this happen?
I suck cocks when talking computer stuff

Did that event happen in the US? Does UK prosecute so called crimes which happen outside their borders instead of going along with the laws the other country has? If that's the case can't all the muslims in the UK be implicated in FGM or animal abuse or something? Even though they were outside the country doing it.

Four years in jail for telling the Truth?
When is enough going to be enough bongs?
In your national anthem there is a line that says "Britons never, never, never shall be slaves"
Fucking prove it.

Unless a bunch of people start shit all at once, we're pretty fucked m8.

I could potentially be arrested for the shit i say on here it's that bad, but we're not sure because that law is so purposely vague.
Hell, i'm literally the canary in the coal mine for my friends regarding that, i do nothing but shitpost about jews and muslims so if i suddenly disappear they know shit's hit the fan.

He should have known better than to commit thought crimes :^)

It's very possible that it's an organized and publicized arrest. They draw out possible threats with the "right wing" groups they create, then they publicly make an example of them. The geezer who looks like he lost his lucky charms may be in on it or not. I have seen plenty of hill jews (israeli settlers) that look exactly like that.

This guy looks Romney from harry potter

Thats rule britannia, our national anthem is God save the queen. They have guns, we don't.

Are you guys going to swallow this like whores?
I think that the time for arguments and obeying the law is over. You guys from U.S should remember what Benjamin Franklin said.
Its better to go down as a free man than to live your lives likes slaves on your knees.
Anyone can buy rifles and tons of ammo, plus body armor. Wouldn't you guys rather die fighting the oppressive jewish system than to submit to it like cucks?

Gang rape of children gets you community service, but words gets you four years.

One wonders just how long the status quo can last before the people enter open revolt? We seem to be getting closer and closer to that moment as Generation Zyklon reaches soldiering age.

Ayy I could do far worse in the US and get 15 days in jail. What a fucked up world. Four years of your life gone for thought crime, unbelievable.

You need to find out what the capacity of all the holding cells in your country is, and get more people than that to participate in a protest that turns into a putch.

There is nothing they can do against that many bodies that won't incite a straight up rebellion that splits the military.

Hello GCHQ.

In the year before taking power in 1933, SA men were shot dead almost every other day on the streets of Berlin (and Germany as a whole). Goebbels went to funerals almost on a weekly basis to bury one of the comrades. Nothing was or could be done. These men, the early casualties, were just part of the process. It's gonna get much worse before it gets better.



That is a problem, but it can be overcome. Just go make friends with a group of young white males (late teens, early 20's), redpill them slowly. That process will get easier and easier as time goes on. Then you move to action, but only when you know every single one of them, and know that they are men of character who won't rat you out or tell some god damn woman or someone outside the group about what you are planning so she can go tell the police.

To be fair a civil war is most likely going to come from the military getting sick of parliament.
If widespread anti-government violence does break out then theres a decent chance the military will side with the anti-government forces so long as they're not a bunch of pro-EU muzzie cunts.

Though medieval gear is an option. Certainly a trebuchet.
You're more likely to see guided bombs made using model aircraft and infrastructure sabotage.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. The Communists brainwashing has been so thorough that normal people actually cause themselves mental anguish trying to reconcile the cognitive dissonance caused by facing the truth with their heads filled with lies.

Hitler's early propaganda was super extreme to help weed out the weak-willed. Beyond that I'm not sure how you go about vetting new members. Anyone have suggestions on some reading material about how the early stage of organization dealt with confirmed subversionaries among their ranks?

Aye. I don't expect this to begin as skirmishes between civies and zogbots; I expect it to begin as actual ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods (along with the total abandonment of the usage of the word 'community' in our neighborhoods).

Perhaps you are not familiar with Generation Zyklon. These aren't pussy hat wearing millennials we are talking about here.

Nah. It'll begin with the destruction of the government.
After that you'll either have a genuine democratic government or a military one seeking to limit the inflow of muslims and remove salafists. Followed by this being extended to all sunni muslims when they inevitably come out to support their salafist brethren.


If UK doesn't have death penalty brits could start killing politicians, then again, thanks to rise in diversity they might actually have security with them at all times.
If it's not too late since their "hate crime" laws violate Roman law standards and are closer to Article 58 of the Russian SFSR Penal Code

At least he wasn't diagnosed with symptomless schizophrenia

guess the mudslime on the london bridge didn't know that.

European (((Human rights charter))) guarantees that murderers don't face justice, breivik doesn't seem to have it too bad.

Future Hitler ?

Easy assassination method brought up in another bread

I'm actually inclined to believe this, or at least the fact that if this is genuine they are trying to teach everyone else a lesson by coming down stupidly hard on him.

I lived near Golders Green when I was younger and anti-Jewish sentiment was rife amongst EVERYONE. My family, family friends, primary school friends - everyone said all sorts of things, including stuff like "its acting like that which got you lot chucked in ovens". Got to secondary school and 'racist' jokes were the norm (although that was about 15 years ago now). Working in a warehouse a little while back and the muslims and blacks hated jews, and the slavs whilst seemingly not knowing too much were happy to laugh along and mock them. There's a lot of posts in this thread from people who are saying they're Bongs, but I honestly think they are shills trying to demoralise us. I'm not suggesting everyone goes full sperg mode (actually if everyone would do it, I would suggest that..), but "anti-semitism" and "racism", the non-violent sort, is ridiculously common all over Britain.

A few months back I was at a pub in Mill Hill and had a few too many. Started ranting about Jews and all sorts of people I'd never met either joined in or didn't care. I have no doubt that we have a traitor infestation - but we're not quite at 1984 levels where you have to watch what you say in public.

What a lie. Before end of WW1 UK had no gun control

What next, are you going to say that 2+2 doesn't equal whatever the Party wants it to equal? :^)

But by crucifying him he will redpill millions :^) The kikes have been making this sort of PR mistake for… millennia keek

A shame it happened to him, how far the UK has fallen. But he will be better from it, stronger in conviction and perhaps have greater connection to other angry whites tossed in a cell while the foreign hordes pillage their country. Maybe this is the beginning of the next Hitler

What's that line from the Gulag Archipelago about:
Seems apposite.

That's just sick.

That makes me realize we could apply this to politicians. Collect blackmail on both sides, destroy a few of them to make a point, and make the rest destroy each other.

what the fuck?

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Say what you want but this Oy-Vey-ton window the jews here keep talking about us widening by backing every jewish neocon kike in world politics has permanently left it fluttering in TelAviv

Way to go fashy goys
Backing jews who only want whites dead and wondering why nothing has changed in our favour whatsoever in the Anglo-American jewish political landscape makes you as retarded as any Bernie bro or Hillary supporter

Cambridge extremist jailed for four years after inciting racial hatred online

Looks like (((they))) won

Welcome to Holla Forums. Lurk.

No, future Mosley.


So make white areas no go zones, for zog? I like it!


Congrats, UK you probably just made this guy more of a problem than if you just let him make his speeches

He's going to come out in 4 years with a martyr complex and double down on his fight against the ZOG Machine.

We should find a way to send him letters.

The only evident hooknoses here are those who populate this board promoting ZOG, claiming every neocon kike is based and pretending we're winning when all that's changed is Holla Forums is now supporting ZOG

Does the UK pamper their prisoners with free internet as well?

If they do it's probably heavily restricted.

That book really is required reading. It's such a call to action and organization, because there's no peaceful or political solution when the governmental regime is hegemonic, and geared specifically towards your destruction. There's only action.

I don't think you get it, "hate speech" and surveillance laws aren't meant to benefit everyone. They're selectively enforced to target and deplatform white straight men. Kikes needed a really good excuse to place bullshit laws, and they used other semites as a scapegoat to have complete control over whites. Notice how it's not used to target rape gangs?

Plenty of things can go wrong with it if you go with that idea. Especially if you can get tracked as well. If you already bought materials with a credit/debit card, you've already failed.

that's why you reveal your power level only to those who are promising for redpilling/good friends

I don't mean to blackpill, but it's a 50/50 chance. Some can't handle the pressure of losing their status, so they cave to kikes. Others become stronger and refuse kike bullshit because their point was proven.

Their goal is to force you into lying about what you see so that others would do the same. If you genuinely love your people, then you wouldn't make others go through what you go through. Under marxists and kikes, no one has human rights because your status hinges on you agreeing with their bullshit.

I think you mean when you suddenly disappear.

It offends my burger sensibilities that the UK imprisoned someone for voicing the "wrong" opinion; Just stole half a decade from the man in the prime of his life because they objected to his premise.

They've taken the option for discourse off of the table, so what is there really left to do? Not rhetorical. Genuinely curious what ( ((they))) think this is going to lead to

Hell, if you paid cash, but had your phone in your pocket, you've already failed.
(((mobile))) is fucking cancer

It is a bit fishy.

England doesn't have a straightforward "hate speech" law like the stupid Scottish one they've been using against that degenerate Count Dankula for his "Nazi Pug" video. They've done this guy for "Incitement to racial hatred", which requires an element of threatening, not just speaking ill of a group. The sentence would imply a very serious, credible threat of violence with some intent to follow through,

Very true, the Kikes don't know what's good for them, every time they do this they just demonstrate the reality of Jewish power. This is especially true at a time when minorities have been committing terrorism and child sex exploitation with little justice served.

1. Join the military.
2. Fill the military with like minded people till its the majority
3. Get opposition fired from the military by any means necessary.
Coups are a thing user

This is why the internet will save us, and it's essential to keep our focus on red-pilling as many people as possible. The white man won't stand for this once he's woken from his slumber. We just need to wake enough up, then we'll be unstoppable (and the payback will be fun.)

You are still subject to your nation's laws while overseas, but this is selectively enforced.

(checked the news)
It's shitty to say this, but the guy making a martyr of himself by going to jail for speaking the truth is probably a pretty good strategy, given his situation. Now more and more people who probably feel like this kind of censorship "doesn't affect me" might start to wonder: a) is that guy right about what he said, it might be worth finding out at least, or b) that guy's probably crazy but he didn't hurt anyone, what might I say that will get ME thrown in jail? Either one of those questions prods the normalfag in the right direction. It's a trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless. Surely that guy knew what he was doing, and getting caught was indeed part of his plan.

Yep, and after joining with whatever White "gangs" exist in UK prisons out of necessity to survive around whatever concentrations of shitskins fill the prisons. He'll probably be pretty stout too. Bongs just remember where he's at so if SHTF you can, shall we say, make sure he's ok.

Torfagging for obvious reasons.

I tend to think it will come from both. It's not time for action yet, we need to keep spreading the word about the Kikes and gaining more followers, but it's unlikely to be ultimately resolved without some form of insurrection.

In the meantime, we should be keeping a low profile while we work on our preparedness.

1. Get /fit/.
2. Get any sort of firearms training you can.

Joining the Territorial army is an option some may consider to cover both bases. It also might be a place to find red-pill friends, but you must me very circumspect.

Joining a local rifle range and taking up sports shooting is another possibility.

We manufacture our own.

The full schematics and instructions for the AK-47 are readily available online. You can even find Youtube videos. (use Tor for everything).

The level of metalworking equipment required varies for different parts. The receiver and most ancillary parts should be doable in a fairly modest machine shop with milling machine, lathe, bench drills etc. Barrel is probably more tricky (haven't looked into it yet), it's going to need hardening etc, but I guess the sort of engineering shop that makes auto pistons would be up to it.

Ammunition is straightforward pressings. Even the gunpowder is piss easy to make.

Britfag Holla Forumsacks that work in, or otherwise have access to, any sort of engineering shop should all look into this for themselves. Consider the options and be discreet.

I'm sure we have the skills and resourcefulness to accomplish this between us.

I wonder if one can seek political asylum from the UK in that foreign country if they are put under duress for doing something legal in said different country.

Also, I don't fully believe this is the case as everyone here in the US knows the only reason people go to Thailand and the Philippines is "sexual tourism" aka fucking pre/post-op underage b& ladyboys.

whats the next step

They do the same crap with contempt of court when you talk a judge into a corner.


some go to the fips to help run the channel networks. protection from US laws and extradition.


you can't go back into the matrix i agree, most people who see this draconian reality are eager for knowing more, even those who negate it and switch off, they can't go back without having that new interpretation you get from the world once the door of knowledge had been opened

while i also advocate for non-violence, i do think that making cells of one or two peopla at max are a reasonable effort to achive something, for example infiltrate an organization and leak info, have inside info to making money for the cause, identify people who could be an asset for the future, etc.
As i said i do not advocate to violence and the best thing to happen is massive deportation and the end of cultural degradation.
Also double nationality is a scam and should be stopped, a nation is not a sport club

Notice the cuts on his face. Suspicious.


Good, I hope he gets ass raped in prison for promoting Hitler for the Jews.

Just like Holla Forums He was reported, banned and deleted.

So all of you can STFU about muh freedom of speech.

I'd prefer if you were gassed death tbh

Except there was no fucking "gas" used during WWll against the Jews.


This. Anders and Luca have shown the way. In this age of (((consumerism))) and (((individualism))) how much is the future worth?

Isn't that picture sexist because the man and woman have different hat styles?

Oh but that's horrible, how can you believe stuff like that!?

The real solution will be that in conjunction with one of those cryptocurrency assassination bounty systems. When judges learn that a decision like this will turn into an anonymois gofundme for their death, that's when things will change.

I don't think that they give officers different hats based on their gender there. Knowing Bongistan they'd probably still make a big deal out of it anyway.

The problem the British state has mid/ long term is that is refuses to offer concession to any of its native sons. For an authoritarian state to function it must sufficiently incentivise those in essential roles. If for example the masses are hungry and threatening revolt, then those on the ground charged with preventing an uprising must themselves be well fed. If the state wishes to inflict unjustness upon its people then those pledged to enforce it must be offered immunity and so forth.

In modern Britain no one is safe. Being a Police Officer was once a good job and one for life, a fair wage made even better by readily available and well-compensated overtime. Promotion was available for those that worked hard and retirement came early and was generous financially. The work was police work, never utopian but surely you served the community. These components induce loyalty.

The modern Police Officer is offered none of this. The wage is lower, actively reduced and certainly not adjusted for inflation. Overtime is not available; there is no budget for it. As a young officer you work with older officers who were driving a Mercedes and servicing a mortgage on a four-bedroom house at your age, supporting family too. You have none of this. Promotion? Blocked no matter how hard you work because of diversity quotas. You will see vastly inferior individuals get ahead of you because they are non-native or suffer from gender dysmorphia. You don’t serve the community, you are ordered to act against your own people’s interests and you will be punished should you complain. Pension? If it ever arrives (the pot is empty) it will be late and reduced. Compound this with the fact that the threat of privatisation ever looming, will you be working for the state next year or will it be G4S?

The above applies to almost all sectors within the civil service as well.

Perhaps you have signed up to serve Britain in her armed forces. You dutifully go overseas and follow orders that don’t benefit your own people. You are a solider, you don’t complain. Maybe you end up with PTSD, forgotten on the streets whilst the people you once fought, as enemies are welcomed onto your clay and treated like royalty whilst you rot. Or maybe you end up in court for following orders and get charged with war crimes.

The British State has venomous contempt for its own especially those that it relies upon the most. And that is the cause of Britain’s current miserable state but also what shall set her free. Someone against the odds will rise and will offer an alternative and they will gain the allegiance of the Police and the Military and the People. No amount of hate crime laws, no amount of arrests for wrong thought and no amount of rainbow flags can prevent this. For the treacherous, hell awaits.

It's still illegal to go to those countries for those reasons. There's just no way for the US government to actually know. Just because ladyboys is a popular tourist attraction doesn't really give adequate reason to ban travel to SE Asia.

Crashing the entire kike system.


They don't need or have good cops that care about that shit anymore, just loyal dogs.

Reminder to look up Four Winds Shotgun or "Shotgun of the Four Winds". Literally a bunch of pipes turned into a firearm.

That banner is awesome


Germany does it, and IIRC America deported someone to Germany to face trial for speech crimes.

Dude, the British used to convert cargo ships to prisons and put people on the river even the prisons were full.

Aren't Stens easy to build?

give mps' the jo cox treatment

Ernst Zundel married to a burger living here deported to leaf land held in solitary then extradited to germany to face trial for his crimes while not living in germany. Sentenced to 7 years. And a side show was his defense lawyer Sylvia Stolz (not 100% on the name) was charged with using too aggressive of a defense in his trial and got 3 years for telling the truth and actually presenting evidence to exonerate her client even though everything was predetermined and stacked against him.

i advocate wholesale violence, use knives to stab leftists…. use guns to put lead into their brains, use fire to purge.

t. the fucking FBI

Haha, check this guy.
The British military is today, nothing more than an enhanced welfare programme for women and minorities. Check out any of their recent recruitment adverts.

The civil servants are pushing those ads and such shit because they're having difficulty recruiting those things.
But joining our military is still a bad idea due to the government pushing shitty new contracts and such.

yeah, only and cia/fbi paedos would insinuate that with violence you will achieve something big
the only thing that hurt the kikes and their minions is losing money, that's why they are rewriting laws to punish boycotts to israkikehell or big companies owned by kikes

I believe that your assessment is accurate.

of course

Underrated post.

They clearly dont know what racial hatred is, but they will. Whoever was related to the promulgation and enaction of those laws has to be summarily executed.

You get your guns back by joining the military, military police, police, or whatever.
You can also buy hunting rifles and sport guns, pleb.

This, these fucks need to pay. No amnesty for cucks

The problem with this is you will now need to accept zogbots periodically coming to your property to inspect your gun safe. If you ever deviate from any rule about keeping it loaded or locked up you will be banned and possibly prosecuted. A shotgun is the only thing you are allowed to have that would constitute a useful fire arm in a human on human fight. So two shots, 3 if you bought a fancy treble barrel. You aren't allowed pump action. If you aren't a member of a clay pigeon club or living on a farm you probably aren't going to get a shotgun license.
A military coup would be the only armed insurrection that could ever happen in Britain. And this is highly unlikely since the military is now infested from the lowest ranks to the high with the social jewstice brainwash.

It's too spooky

The point of joining the military is to make connections and recieve military training which will definitely come in handy when SHTF.

That's the point, though. A dog that gets starved and abused by its owner will eventually lash out.

You have access to Saigas and their drums you faggot. Nothing is stopping you from joining one of them nurtured 3-gun clubs and getting some training.

Yeah, you should definitely give up and go kill yourself.

You're funny, say some pol-tier shit in Russia and watch how fast you'll get into prison.

hopefully other retarded brits learn from this. i doubt it though considering there have been cases of this before yet they refuse to take reasonable precautions