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The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.' The RNC has nearly $40 million.

FEC DecemberDNC Rcpt $5.21M ($65.9M YTD)Expn $4.98M ($69.9M YTD)COH $6.53MDebt $6.1MCOH - Debt $422,582RNCRcpt $11.1M ($132.5M YTD)Expn $12.1M ($119M YTD)COH $38.8MDebt $0COH - Debt $38,818,629— Rob Pyers (@rpyers) February 1, 2018

Apparently blowing all your money on meme races right before a midterm election year is a bad idea.

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Don't worry. I'm sure all those polls will save them in the midterms. No need to worry that the party is broke. Not one bit. Zrumff is finished for sure this time.

This pleases me. Here have a bump.

Bump for this morale boosting thread.

Wonder how much Soros is still willing to give them though? We know he already spent over a billion. Eventually, even Soros will go broke if he keeps chasing his losses like a gambling addict.

Old man Bernie was smart to cash out.

Although this is fucking hilarious, money is still being given to kikes regardless of political party affiliation, different side of the same shekel ect ect..

Nobody pays bribes to losers, and as long as the Dems look like total losers, they'll be paid like losers. It's a little concerning that the great corruption engine has shifted over to Republicans, but that's to be expected – they're the ones with all the goodies to give away just now.

Going forward, the Democrats have three sources of revenue: Small individual contributions of $255 or so, large "bundles" from gentlemen admirers, and party dues, which work out to an average $100,000 per year from each office holder in the party. Even the foreign cash is probably unreliable now, since the Clinton Foundation closed up shop and left the Dems without a viable money laundry.

Republicans, meanwhile, have all that, plus the regular soft money bribe channels and the President's personal fortune.

Breddy gud.

Well this was inevitable DNC will line their own pockets. Always have, always will.

If they continue to fail to deliver results, they wont get banker funding.

I don't find it concerning that TPTB are shifting funding and corruption to the GOP. If the DNC fails for at least a period of time and the US effectively becomes a one party state, we should then focus our attention on rooting out jewish influence (there's plenty.) The US has always been a two party system which keeps power in a tug of war. If we create a uniparty and then hijack it, we can swing things rapidly in our direction. We're still years from this point though. We'll need to see how each party performs during midterms.

It's a time to be excited.

Holy shit, just look at his posture.

enjoy your ban. remember to vote republican in 2018

Hillary was THE DNC.
Anyone donating to DNC donated directly to Hillary.
Hillary then used those funds as leverage to cheat primaries. It was all rigged from the start, who wouldn't want to donate to the next president?
With Jews, you lose. The DNC is over.

who'd of thought?

It wasn't real democracy.

This is going to be a fun year.

Decades of hand-wringing, and leaning over to suck the blood out of newborn baby dicks.

So many paid protests add up. You can't expect much organic advocacy for nation-wrecking and empty platitudes, that shit costs money.

B-but the republicans are finished in 2018 elections. T-they will be wiped out.

Bernie’s getting ready to run.

Hey kids its me Boineeh Sandaghz!
Give me all of your college money so I can fight dah establishment!
WHOOPS looks like I lost all of your donations!
Be sure to vote for dah establishment goyim!

I love how we can sit here and shitpost on the internet and literally burn their money to ground.

you don't need money when you have the nigger/spic vote locked

Just wonderful.

Just donated 100k, match me!!!

The who now?

This is a white nation son.

All 11 million. You'd know be a good campaign is convince dreamers to get funding directly from the DNC for their trials and the like.

:^) Great idea to side with stingy spics right before an election keek

Yeah one of the reasons the party is in such dire financial straits is because during the last eight years Obama has used its finances to cover his staff costs and their expenses.

Shits fucking hilarious.
Hilary had to bail them out.

I think the schism is already happening. I've heard reports from people on the right of the Libertarian party that they have had people acting suspiciously like neoliberals swarming into the party and taking over the leadership, where the Berniebros have been heading for the Green Party while the anti-whiters have remained in the DNC. THREE WAY SPLIT!

The democratic party will collapse and a real socalist party will form. Stay tuned.

Well spending millions of dollars and showing your hand winning Alabama, against a bad candidate evangilacuck, for two years sure was worth it.

Their desperation over the past year makes even more sense now. It's not just greed for power, but the fact that their party simply doesn't have the kind of money necessary to push an effective offensive anymore. Unless Soros or the Saudis cuts them another check, they'll have a lot of trouble ad-blitzing come election season, and come 2020, they won't have any chance at all. Soros has been burning a lot of money lately and a lot of people are finally onto him, so his ability to try and tamper with politics has been cut down.. and the Saudis are dealing with all kinds of shit after losing a bunch of Princes and arresting several others.

With their MSM puppets dropping like flies, it will be interesting to see what happens. They really seemed to be building up to something, hoping to parlay some scandal or drama at just the right moment to swing the elections. They really seemed to think that the Roy Moore thing was going to be the final nail in the coffin, which would allow them to end the wall, open the borders, and flood the high value districts with lots and lots of generous shitskin voters who love free stuff. That shit definitely ain't happening now.

I guess spending millions of dollars on individual local elections isn't the smartest use of your resources



This. It’s going to get increasingly polarized. Polls that show discontent with capitalism among young people also point to this imo. It’s going to be Marxist slaves vs natsoc heroes. The kid gloves will come off, basically.


That's like a bonus for a CEO at Goldman Sachs.
Majority of money is probably provided by the super-PACs aka Rohschild rainy day fund.
Which is pretty much endless.
Underestimating your opponent isn't good.



Dims get "free" advertising from the (((media)))


I'd assume that capitalism gave him that cake
inb4 derail

This is getting slid hard.
I wonder why?

1st year of Trump
2nd year of Trump
I can't wait until the fifth scoop of ice cream.

gib monies pls

Things keep getting better and better


you forgot

oh god please yes



Soygoy the Cuckdad's entire liberterist party is intended to steer dumb vlog watching scum into neo-liberal ideology and tack them onto the Liberterian Party or your nations verios of such.

Radical Centirsm is codeword for useful idiot

A party loaded with millionaires and billionaires is broke..

To be honest, 40 million isn't a whole lot, and there are still a lot of big players out there that could pull a surprise upset without warning (which could be part of the plan). The RNC can't afford a sense of security at this critical juncture in time.

Pic related :^)

Maybe that was the objective: bankrupt the institution in order to take over and implement their true agenda — a hard shift even further to the left — while simultaneously purging moderates and dissenters.

The absolutely insane numbers of their party going off and forming a party of purely insane people would probably be the most suicidal thing they could do.


How much did Scummer waste having all those shutdown posters made beforehand?

which is exactly why we should meme it

Keep riding the faggot cockwave to cringetown, redditor.


Don broke them.

I can not believe this timeline
We are winning so hard.
And we keep winning more and more.

Don warned us about this.


While that could well be their death knell, I think it equally possible that, freed from the shackles of the great unwashed, a Central Committee-style party could operate far more effectively, which would leave us fighting a war on two fronts.
Never forget that it is the inheritors of the Bolshevik legacy we're up against, and they have absolutely zero compunctions about fighting dirty.
However, until I see corroborating evidence, I'm going to hold out hope that you're right, and what said; let's strike while the iron is hot.

well it's made up of Jews so is that really a surprise?

I used to get into it with some Cato Institute shill on twitter who was easy to bait all the time about how fake libertarians like her were shilling neoliberal globalism under the guise of actual libertarianism.

Could we somehow meme Arthur Jones (NatSoc guy on CNN) to win the Illinois 3rd District?


Gib monie$ pls

Imagine the salt during the mid-terms when Trump gains even more seats in both houses.

Sargon's snake oil is pointing out two extreme political opinions and then telling their audience they are smart independent people for choosing neither and that the real truth is always in the middle of those two extremes. Such that one group says 2+2 = 4 and the other says it is 3, so the answer must actually be 3.5. Throw into that some unhealthy dose of perscriptive ethics that you should not collectivize people and treat them as individuals. While people with 3 digit IQ are able to do that, more than half the world is not, so you cannot have a society that is organized around the principle that people will do what it best for anything other than their race. Since humans are tribalistic in nature and you can demonstrably prove that. Go to any comment section in his videos and you'll see his followers sing his praises how he managed to mule-headedly 'defend' his ideas against race realists though. Quite tiring.


I imagine Alwaleed learned his lesson. I don't think the DNC can expect any money from him.

Winning so much.



Isn't Radical Centrism a code word for National Socialist? When did it get co-opted?

*party becomes a nigger and spic infested shithole

Would a successful Donald Trump libel suit be enough to force the DNC into bankruptcy?

user, welcome to your 3rd grade final exam. Please answer all of the following questions.
"Around _ never __."

I doubt that it will happen, but if it did, the DNC wouldn't recover for years.


I wonder if this is due to all the drug dealers, human traffickers and pedos getting arrested and their entire illegal money making scheme being taken down.

God have mercy on the rest of these fools because Trump will not.

Not to be a wet blanket, but you know these people are masters at money laundering and will always work to expose as little wealth to campaign finance scrutiny as humanly possible, right? They have probably funneled everything offshore in preparation for the exposure of their enterprise corruption of the past decade. Even if nothing comes of the current set of allegations, they would still be wise to hide their money just to avoid IRS retaliation for the Obama administration's IRS targeting of conservative groups. They ain't running out of money, they are just funding their moves under the table now, which is more dangerous.

Also, there is for sure a pending civil suit against them for rigging the primary - that alone could be why they are siphoning their money elsewhere - to avoid it being awarded as damages.

I'd normally say yes, but the fact of the matter is this is the types of optics that they can't afford to have. To normalfags low donations === losers. No one likes a loser. Also, the money can't just magically "surface" around election time. That'd be another scandal™ in the middle of the primary season and would be suicide. Big money just ain't giving. Wonder where else (((they))) are putting their funds.

They can be faking it in order to gain money somehow, or evading paying something.


makes me wonder if we could just put up posters of a typical soy faced loser fuck with
in big red letters underneath. The soyboy salt alone would make it worth it.

If the dems really start gearing up the money laundering bullshit for the elections all Trump needs is enough leads and irregularities to open up an investigation.
Considering how big this whole operation must be, the people that are involved and that the fat nigress wrote a fucking book on democuck finances, I am pretty fucking sure the unZOGed elements under Trump will find evidence aplenty.
The dems are fucked no matter how you look at it.

wtf is that head on that body

im assuming he is a malnutritioned addict judging by the blue spots inside his elbows

one of the few cakes where a commie actually should eat all the cake

It would have to be a clash action lawsuit with both Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan as the plaintiffs. They'd take so much money that the DNC would have to pay for Trump's reelection campaign.

I think certain kinds of HIV medication fucks with the body's metabolism or something. That fag is pozzed both figuratively AND literally.

Don't mind if I do.

Yup No Refunds alright

I thought radical centrist was "proud liberal but admitting such would be disadvantageous right now" a la South Park.

One of the best ways to cripple any organization is to cut off the flow of funds. Interesting how they cannot raise money even with the media crying every minute about how awful Trump is. It also does not help that many of their Hollywood donors got swept up in scandals, coincidence? I would not be surprised if Trump purposefully targeted their donors behind the scenes in order to destroy their ability to raise money.

The Dems are pathetic but I'm still worried about 2020, the hurricane Ricans will probably have flipped Florida. Without Florida, he'll have to win Pennsylvania and Michigan again, plus either Wisconsin or Iowa and New Hampshire (which was narrowly lost).

I don't want to sound like a blackpiller, ultimately, Trump getting reelected or not is not going to be the deciding factor between racial victory or defeat but I don't really see it happening. 2016 had impressive white turnout, poor black turnout, reaction to 8 years of Obongo, anti-establishment sentiment, and 4 years less of demographic decay than the 2020 election will, not to mention that the kikes will have more tricks up their sleeves to ensure that this 'little mistake' doesn't happen again. They have real polls and real numbers from the election, and they know exactly how many they need to flip a few key states. All it would take is for Dems to defend everything Clinton won (realistic, considering demographic decay) and win Florida (recently flooded by a shitload more Puerto Ricans) and Pennsylvania (doesn't require ID to vote). You can say that their party is in shambles and everything, but they're going to cheat as always.

Trump is either going to need to take measures to ensure a fair election in 2020 (such as strictly requiring photo ID to vote in federal elections, nationwide) or better, simply declare military government "until we can figure out what the hell is going on". The ZOG establishment is so deeply entrenched in the system that it cannot be conventionally reformed, and Trump knows this, so if he really is our guy then he should be making plans to expose the (((corruption))) to the public and establish a new order via the military. All he'd need to say is "muh constitution" etc. and all the American patriots would be on board, regardless of "b-but democracy!!1" kike screeching.


I'm not saying don't worry, but things are going better than you think. Shitskins don't vote unless they are paid to. No dem funds = nothing to bribe shitskins with = no shitskin turnout = republican victory. As for cheating no dem funds means that (((their))) foot soldiers aren't going to risk jail time by fucking with the results. The biggest advantage we have over the kikes and their slaves is the fact that we are not material men, we don't need money to be motivated to fight.

Soros is still bankrolling all the pozzed candidates. As funny as this is, I don't see it changing much.

If Trump had campaigned more than ONCE in Minnesota, he could have flipped us. It was the smallest margin in decades.

Guess all of that shill money doesn't come cheap.

It means the big money knows something that the rest of the party doesn’t.


That's a good point. Can we link how much they paid SEO shills as we could with hilldog? We have to remember many shills here on image boards and wikipedia are college students in Israel running US proxy services from telecomm giants but how much does the DNC pay for kids to shill during a campaign?

The international jewish banking cabal is betting on color revolution and spending chunks of coin on full blown progressive and communist parties(that will be run by the same people who run the GOP just as the DNC is ).

There are two more special elections tomorrow in different states that republicans will likely lose, effectively ending Trumps agenda.
Feels bad man. It doesn't matter if they are dead broke.
They've already ruined Trumps presidency effectively tomorrow.
Who needs lots of money when retards think the war ended when Trump was elected.
Republicans failed to go out and vote, which means we likely will never see a wall now, or any other effective policies coming forward.

That's one hell of a soft target. All one has to do is "convert" and they are in

That's the thing, though. No moderate Democrats taking any sane votes away from Republicans / Other. More division, more desperation, more red pills.


Are you talking about the two elections in Minnesota, for the Minnesota state senate and Minnesota state house? You realize that these elections are not going to impact federal politics, right? Al Franken's seat will be voted on on November 6th.

Those are state legislature seats. One long held by Democrats, the other long held by a Republican who resigned over sexual misconduct allegations. The Democrat strategy really is to just say look at the other guys by using national media to smear candidates on things going back decades. This cannot be defended on a local level. The only thing that can be done is to attack their candidate first.

We can literally end the democrat party if we make them keep losing. Imagine US elections being Republicans vs Libertarians? Sure it's neo-cons vs lolbergs, but even that would be a breath of fresh air from the stinking communists.

Dead kikes, niggers, and faggots everywhere best thing we could hope for.

Well if you say so, not even trying to be the barer of bad news or anything but I refuse to let my guard down.
Thankfully its nothing if that's what you say, maybe I misunderstood what I had read earlier.
Going to sleep easier now tonight.


The way it'll happen in the US is that we and white folks with their head screwed on will murder every last gibnig and commie college student trying to occupy towns with violence, then the foreign soldiers and police that are already being trained on domestic soil for the purpose of 1984ing Americans will intervene. Hopefully we can kill all their asses too and the army revolts realized the FEDs are not American.

You can't convert to Judaism, only become shabotz.

This is all a non-issue to them because of (((big donors))).

Pay your own debts niggers

Yeah pretty wishful thinking on my part, the kikes know that if a civil war kicks off they are fucked. Who do they have to fight for them? Shitskins run away at the first sign of serious resistance, mercenaries are mostly white Americans and aren't gonna take a check to murder their own people, and modern commies are the weakest most pathetic faggots that ever lived. We should pray that the kikes are stupid enough to pull that shit.

Whats the final scoop of icecream?

Add in a healthy dose of both sides are bad so don't think. Sprinkle with if it feels good don't think. Slowly stir in this party believes in feeling good being an individule, and against both side so join them.

Viola the recipe for Democratic drones 2.0 the New Libertarian party after it get's flooded with the kikes that are jumping ship. The republican kikes will make sure they get a good fingerhold so the endless back and forth bullshit keeps the government gridlocked and people don't notice they are enslaved to moloch.

National Socialism needs a face. All the well meaning and good intentions mean shit if we can't organize behind a leader. Every single one of us right now needs to be living are best, keeping fit, and remaining educated and aware. If we all can achieve it when one of us finds the social skills and base fucking cunning to rise to attention without being destroyed or defamed by the kikes then the rest of us will be ready to go.

Personal note here: I am going to take my own advice and Thursday I am going to double down on my efforts.


Its more than that, Clinton outspent Trump like 2 to 1. She got gobs of money from donors who thought it was a sure thing. All that donor money flushed down the toilet on what they thought was the safest bet imaginable. They're a little gunshy at the moment because of it.

this thread is slid to fuck, but at least it's got this nice red pill.

No shit. I for one would like some freikorp action.

so does this mean local elections are now going to be republican vs independent?

I wish. That way we have a real candidate and one that's part of the international jewish banking cabal which keeps(ed) the current two part system racket going.

As if.

He said local elections.


Trump should tweet shitpost something at them offering a small loan of a million dollars

going to need more than that to keep these hot memes coming out

These small victories are nice, but I won't be satisfied until all shitlibs are starving on the streets. I want them to be stark raving mad, and broken spiritually.
We need to win more.

Man, I'm starving on the street. How many jobs do I have to work?

It's HAVE you dipshit. Who would HAVE thought

fucking knuckle-draggers

I’m fairly certain that election is currently under investigation… and there could be a CHANCE Roy Moore swaps.

You TORfags are always such pre-Madonas

please tell me this was done to make fun of them


>dat boi (((meme)))
Seriously, what the fuck was up with that?

I'd pay good money to watch that thing get thrown off a building.

You're probably correct that purposefully dissolving the Democratic Party to make way for a full Commie one was probably the plan, but here's the rub; I think it was supposed to happen during The Cunt's 2nd Term in a much browner America. With Trump as POTUS everything has been turned upside down and they are scrambling to adapt and doing a piss poor job of it. America is still majority White, and White people are fucking PISSED because they've been made to see the utter sham that the MSM is and the pure anti-White hatred of the Democratic Party. Forming a Commie Nigger Kike party now is going to be a disaster, simply because Communism, as hard as the kikes try to glorify it, is still seen as thoroughly evil dog shit by the majority of the country.

Nice digits. I agree, they're retarded.

This is a wonderful and underrated idea and I'm going to start spreading it.

Really bad think tank created forced meme in response to peepee the frog aimed at plebian retarded leftists

It lasted about a month

The Democrat party will never outright die. They will just slowly evolve to the current political climate. The world is moving towards the right, so the Democrat party will as well. Remember, these were the guys that were once campaigners for Manifest Destiny, the Trail of Tears and slavery.

You are fucking delusional if you think that the Democratic Party is going to shift right.

after all, dems are the real racists

Dems trying to shift right would absolutely shatter the party beyond recognition. They've spent so long trying to lash together a coalition of disparate groups that any attempt to move away from the far-left intersectional insanity will tumble the entire arrangement like someone taking a boot to a jenga tower.

Thus the question comes up:
What move can the democucks make that won't break them apart like a rotten fucking egg?

Can confirm. Work full time fundraising for RNC. Proud to do it. Greatest contribution I can make from my place. Love speaking with supporters. If I call you, chat with me.

You better be using your position to spread the right amount of redpills and galvanize your peers for the plight of the white people in America.

I might believe you if you can show examples from history of Socialist parties miraculously seeing the light and reforming themselves to the right without having to break away and form a brand new party.

I would wager I talk to many, many more already red pilled people then you'd imagine on some of the really heavy stuff. Certainly not everyone but more than you would imagine.

Hitler reformed a socialist party (does Prussian socialism count?) hence the Nationalist in NSDAP.

unless the jewslose all control for some reason I doubt they would let any reforms they do not approve of take hold in the democrat/bolshevik party.

There's nothing they can do. The Dems actively cultivated the SJW outrage culture as a way to keep people penned in and to prevent their blob from Balkanizing. If anyone dared to try and stray from the plantation or even set a foot out of the line of orthodoxy then the virtue signalling lynch mob would descend on you. The same monster that the Dems created are exactly what traps it and prevents it from adapting to a shifting culture and Overton window. They're the proverbial man who rode a tiger and can never get off because, as always, the golem turns against its master.

idk the retards that they have in the democrat party can over night do a 180 and change their tune for example when Comey was fired.

That doesn't even include all of the illegal and disgusting shit the democucks have been up to the last decades.
It will come crashing down on them. All of it.

Nope, Comey betrayed the sacred leftist trust and failed his mission of defeating Blommand Blumpf and co.
This example only shows what happens when you no longer tow the party line or reveal yourself as not useful.

That's exactly the problem. The beast knows no loyalty, it will devour any that stray from the path. The narrative doesn't matter. The people don't matter. Adherence to orthodoxy is what matters, and if any attempt to stray from it then it will devour them too. Their supporters have built their entire moral worth upon the tenets the left has outlined. To shift to the right would essentially repudiate their entire social value and sense of morality. This is entirely anathema to a group that is as self-centered and mentally childish as leftists are. They will destroy anyone who tries to prevent them from repeating the same failures again and again because it makes them feel self-righteous and valuable.

Fucking this! Trump winning was so much to gloat about, but it feels like pol is waaay too complacent now, and seeing the Dems cheat to steal Alabama, which should have been an easy win, is worrying me that Alabama was just the tip of the iceberg.
Dems cheat in every chance they can get. They lost 2016 because they had grown massively complacent after 8 years of Obama. But now they know they have to try again, and they will! With or without DNC funds. All they need to do is beg daddy Rothchild and daddy Soros, or any of the number of rich jews they have, as well as smearing the competition with their mainstream media.
It's fun to gloat whenever the DNC fails, but if these upcoming midterm elections aren't taken seriously by the GOP, which I feel like they're not, the midterms will be a bloodbath. But it won't be a Dem bloodbath, it'll be the GOP losing, just like in Alabama.
The GOP NEEDS to start taking this shit seriously. They've had a majority in the House and Senate, with a Republican President in the White House and they've sat back on their laurels. Or in McCain's case, actively tried to hinder the GOP because they're fucking traitors.
If the GOP doesn't start taking this shit seriously, right fucking now, the Midterms will be devastating. And 2020 will be even worse.
Call me a blackpill but it's the truth. Complacency is death. Only when every single one of your enemies is dead and gone can you rest.

user the democrats wanted him fired for screwing up the election (their opinion) until Trump actually fired him and then they pretended this was an outrage because of their russia conspiracy….
They had one of the late night fag "comedians" tell off his audience because they cheered when he revealed the news of Comey's firing … He called his audience "Trump supporters" and then quickly explained to them why Comey being fired was bad ….. the next day every leftist sack of shit was moaning about Comey being fired a complete reversal, not one leftist questioned it.

Yeah they have no loyalty but it's disturbing how easily they can manipulate these people… with what a few "buzzfeed" type outlets and some late night "comedians" (political operatives) they can make them think or do anything.

Still changes nothing about the dems not caring about anything but the narrative. In Comeys case it was just an issue of information lag.
We have no true leader because we don't need one. They don't have a true leader because they eat their own.

Their leaders are internationalist jews coincidentally the 1% they hate so much what they don't have is a figure head for their dysfunctional coalition of freaks. Drooling boy was their last attempt at a figure head.

Their repeated failures and insistance at never learning are what makes this whole situation so fucking hilarious to watch.
Their real leaders can never show themselves while their own grunts reject the leaderpuppets one after another. Ironically some are rejected for not being hardcore enough about the narrative itself, e.g. not being enough of a niggerfaggot.


Vigilance is key.

What if you could simply collapse The Currency System as it is in America? Remember that we used to be a rugged individualist Isolationist Nation who answered to noone. With proper defence we could easily repel any army in existence.

What if I told you Jenga is just a fun game to play among friends? No hard feelings because you are simply entertaining one another for the simply enjoyment of it.

I had registered as a Libertarian, and became a dues paying member, following 2012. However, in late 2015, I dropped those shitheads like a rock. They had gone from sounding off about constitutional rights to going full open borders, and that shift seemed to happen in only a few months.

They're complete controlled opposition now.

But haven't we done that too? Your average Holla Forumsack is a diehard soyboy liberal who watched the gumball video and good ol' Yuri, turned their life around (at least ideologically) and went from there.



Why would you want to throw perfectly good cake off a building?

I've been killing Jews since I was 5, faggot

My fucking college has more than 50m in its treasury. I wouldn’t celebrate too much.

It's kikes moving money from one kike-controlled party to another kike-controlled party. Why do we even have a thread here on this civnat bullshit?

Ornstein down time to kill Smough.

They know many of their legacy members are too toxic to keep on, so they're going to gradually seed younger candidates to appeal to millennials, becoming the party of Hello, fellow young people, as it were.
They're already doing it in Iowa:
In fact, wasn't his youth a selling point when Kang Barry was running?

No, try t.white guy who can't get hired because women and nigs take all the work so I work warehouse and retail stock making under 24k a year even though I have a public policy degree and 10 years work experience.
You piece of shit probably doesn't work anyway thinking that making a decent living is doable in most places in the US anymore without a tech job.

This is so important. Appeal to Youth is their only strategy left - and their waking up to that fact. We need to be very careful.

There’s many millennials in various states of POZ running town boards and higher all over the country. The vast majority of the current lawlessness is the result of shithead shortsighted millennials buying into the BAMN nigger meme not realizing what it means for their future.

Enjoy being slaves to the homos and Jews goyim.

Sure that works fine in areas where the illegals haven’t swarmed every base labor job available. Making it so you have to assimilate to them or they will burglar your homes and destroy your property.

Making 24K a year isn’t bad if you’re in a rural area, but anything close to a major city and forget it. You’re going to have to take a room mate and live next door to Jamal at his urban youth peak. You might get lucky and not have any Hasidic weirdos around as well.

I'm inclined to believe that the Gen Z are literally RWDS meme is true.
If we can just keep a lid on things till they enter the game…

They're all coordinating with/taking their orders from the same someone; we just need to find out who that is.

Sorry to hear about your situation.
Since you're not in a trade, I would say starting your own business is your best chance at success.
Try checking around: your community college or Chamber of Commerce may offer mentorships and/or classes to get you started (sometimes at little to no cost).
I myself am currently in the process.

I tried going back to community college (what I did 8 some years back for undergrad credits) for some kind of electrician certification, but I figured out quit I have to work 1 job to be able to do this. Same would go for the mentorship I'm assuming too.
What needs to be made clear on this board is that if you get a degree that isn't STEM it will only work for females, not you. A female getting a history, religion, politics, geography, math, education degree will only net you a job/pay IF YOU ARE FEMALE. It is required that you get a horta/pharma, engineering, or programing degree if you are male. The world is politicized anymore and it is mandated you play by the rules if you don't have the money to open a business or don't have friends who do.

also I would sage for being off topic but it's a sticky so there'd be no point
sahgay for the point of typing sahgay

See when I went into college for my doctorate in history it was not so bad, now adays if I did it would be pointless. We really do need red pilled history teachers spreading throughout the nation to be honest.

They've been preying on arrogant, naive, younger Americans for a long time. It's why colleges are so liberal and so messed up. They are terrified because they've lost their appeal to the next generation. And the investors, who give them money and expect political favors, all see it.

Literally it’s British secret services operations working on US soil for the usual suspects. They run the homos, TRS, Anglin, Shariablue is me.I got monarched and can’t get away to get this garbage out of my head because they tied me down with legal bullshit. Basically entrapment 101.

With all the democrats broke, unsatisfied, and vulnerable to jumping ship, I have to wonder… Is it time to non-ironincally start the "alt-left" as controlled opposition to soak up some of them and spin them in circles?

Seems almost ideal for anyone stuck hiding their power level for whatever reason.


Make it slightly more absurd than the Alt-Right is with more homosexuals than the Alt-Right has. Again, no Jews just based negros, niggers and whatever’s.

It needs an obscure website that is like hardcore Communist, but cryptographically pushing the NazBol message. The Alt-Eight needs to stop being homo then.

Chegged for ensuing hilarity and descent into madness and chaos

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

And these morons are going to block Trump's budget plan.

DNC asking for gibs and taking out payday loans. Post yfw

The real political spectrum is anarchy on one side, and total dictatorship on the other. No government on one extreme, total government on the other. The constitutional republic, basic rights and duties spelled out in law, protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority, is what the USA is supposed to have.

You should read what the Kikes have to say about libertarianism in the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They are able to easily dominate a culture that believes in the individual that cannot band together for the protection of the group. Hitler's Germany was a reaction to this exploitation. In a perfect world, we could all be libertarians and just do whatever we want, but this is no utopia, this is reality and we must maintain aristocratic tradition to ward off the evils of Jewish Marxism for the good of all mankind. (especially white people)

White nationalism has convinced me to stop smoking weed, to join a church, to get married and start a family. our goal is to have a dozen children and we're homeschooling no matter what. There is literally nothing wrong with white nationalism, The holohoax still has most people thinking that our only aim is to gas people. This is the work of the Jew.

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So youre against manipulating commie lefties into oblivion?
Well now…

Not at all. That wasn’t the message I received.

What I saw was homos attacking me for speak the truth and tell them they need to go back to their NazBol movement and stay out of National Socialism. The Brownshirts were all murdered. Let’s not repeat that if they want to fight this BA system as well.

I am straight guys. Just have a mission to accomplish.

Soros is fighting to literally save his own life right now. They know the Day of the Rope is coming for all kikes.

Kek. Literally what is pharaohism?

Like the chart, just no idea wtf some of the terms mean.

I agree it's controlled opposition (look into Dicky Spencer's background), but it's not to leave whites defenseless. It's to isolate whites from blacks, asians, and hispanics, so they don't all rise up and hang the kikes. Also, reminder that Jews are not the only ones committing kikery.

Destroy the currency just as the kikes are finishing up buying all of the physical assets with the fiat and the nation is running mass trade deficits.

You need to read some American School economists and read about the Populist movement, because kikes can control shiny money just as easily as a private reserve bank. The real threat to them is a public reserve bank issuing interest-free currency (no more usury).
Ask Lincoln, he got shot after creating greenbacks (debt-free currency).

There is no such thing as interest free currency. The difference is in whom gets to collect the side effects of the interest.

In a debt back currency with taxation, the issuing party gets the benefit of the interest in maintaining the dollar value, and the tax collector essentially works off of a de-facto title or status.

In a state or private issued currency, the holder of the currency gains the benefits of the interest as demand increases increase the value of the currency itself. Which is essentially what interest is, the time factor of demand for the currency.

What if I could snap my fingers and all the jews, niggers, asians, fags, and liberals simultaneously died instantly around the world?

See, I can ask retarded, impossible questions, too.

I'm not talking about the time value of money. I'm talking about money that is created without a requirement to pay it back to the lender with interest. The government must borrow from the Federal Reserve to issue currency. In a debt free system, they would simply issue currency without becoming indebted to the bankers.

Lmfao I can see it now. “New American Communists- we’re totally not NazBols!” UBI and Central Planning! But not quite explicitly SJW.

Reparations for slavery include an independently governed black reservation (ethno-state) state carved out of Louisiana and Florida! With current welfare payments tripled and sent to the new central government. Whites will be left to suffer alone in… the rest of America! Forever denied cultural enrichment.

And a multicultural Singapore 2.0 (but with more niggers) in a slice of land carved out of degenerate Liberal Cascadia. Probably Portland and a new surrounding suburban development filled up quite fast with White/Poo/Chinese flight. Their tax dollars being used to fund UBI for the darker complexioned races stuck in the inner city. A wonderland for all races and religions!

I know what you’re saying, but currency does not exist in a vacuum, and it primary defining feature is literally its value at the moment versus it value the next moment.

The National Socialists understood this, which is why the currency was pegged to labor, and not floated like the garbage we have today where it’s value is based on non-spendable goods like T-Bills.

Basically a currency to maintain its value and power needs to be pegged to something of value for all people not just rubbish no one can afford or have need for.

Select groups benefit from each situation, but if the idea is to make the currency benefit the most people, the currency needs to be pegged.

Don’t care, go fuck yourselves. I am on my side of town minding my own business you came onto my land.

No, I am not turning gay for you faggots just because you think you have the right to do this.

I don’t belong to you. My sister has zero rights over me, and the other guy doesn’t even pay his mortgage.

How much?

I was once a registered member of the Democratic Party a while back. Despite the fact that I formally de-registered years ago, i STILL get emails asking for shekels, even through I've told them multiple times never to contact me again. Sometimes i think of suing them.

Go get an apprenticeship started. Go welding or mechanics, combine mechanics with tech. Welding get your hazard cert. You can be clearing $90k/year after 5ish years or so.



looks like their (((investors))) are pulling out and If they won Hilary would have used this country to refill their coffers and then some, the bullet we dodged just keeps getting bigger as it flies away from us.

No point in funding losers. They might just latch onto a different party now that the DNC has become a sinking ship. Trump has set their plans back a few decades.

The only thing they can realistically do is seed their party with the next generation of Obamas and Hillaries. BUT, if and when their corruption comes out to the mainstream normies, shrekt. All they currently have is their shotgun method of millenials currently running for office.

Hillary is still hilariously staying low key and in charge of the party. There's no way she's going to step down.

Not sure why you are gloating. This is part of the Soros plan. Now the left becomes ever more dependent on the funds for Open Society, giving their message and wishes a unified voice.

Has any political party ever gone bankrupt before? What would even happen if that were to happen?

Disney and Faceberg will give them hundreds of millions

The Whigs went bankrupt in the 1800s. Tons of meme third parties go broke all the time. there is no chance of the Ds going broke

This! People are celebrating too soon. If something sounds too good to be true. It probably is.


Why not use an already absurdly stupid website that is being used by the worst degenerates to congregate and push it into the limelight and sink that particular ship, all in one go? Two birds, one stone!

For instance, there's this one website (Zambian Meat - forgive me, forgot the URL), that is used to allow cannibals to talk with one another on how they would totally not prepare another human for consumption because it's all a fantasy and not at all based in reality. Now, that name, Zambia, is obviously an African nation. So more based negroes that are totally not communist at all in the slightest will be attracted to such a website because of the name alone.