New York Times does it again!


My friend owns a subscription to the NYT. I occasionally read the book review, to try and keep up to date on recent releases. (Hint: They're usually shit, especially ones covered by the NYT.) But today I was truly disgusted. The art on this week's review was atrocious. (((Who))) would take a look at this art and decide that this is fit for the cover of a newspaper?

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first for F A-hole Fistler

A jew. Why do you even need to ask it by this point?
Vaguely humorous cover though, I guess. Disgusting more than anything.


>Sometimes, she writes, we choose books as voyeurs of others’ misery. She recalls reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich during the summer after her freshman year of college, drawn to Holocaust reading “like many other morbid kids with Jewish ancestry.”

> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:PamelaPaulNYT&src=typd

You called it.
I am curious as to who the author is though.

Fuck me, I meant artist.

I am so out of place in the world politically. I consider myself a progressive socialist (like my Uncle Addie) and I consider race mixing and 'art' like this to be degenerate.

Most Jewish 'art' can be done by literally anybody because it requires no talent, the key to Jewish art is nepotism. This cover is a doodle that 90 percent of first year art students could make. The reason it is on the cover of the NYT book review is so they can chip away our society and culture and decency.

The sad part is blue-pilled goyim are encouraged by powerful media jews to compliment this disgusting filth for being progressive.

It literally looks like an art "style" out of Weimar Germany.

The more I examine this shit, the more horrifying kosher it becomes…


>(((Andrew Sondern)))
> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:standardregular&src=typd

>>(((Lauren Christensen)))

This shit reads like a fucking synagogue attendence list.

“Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy,”
(((Hallie Lieberman)))

(((Gal Beckerman)))
Author: Lynn Comella
Lynn Comella, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies and serves as the program’s undergraduate advisor.
Dr. Comella received a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; an M.A. in Gender Studies and Feminist Theory from the New School for Social Research; and a B.A. in Psychology (Highest Distinction), with minors in Anthropology and Women’s Studies, from The Pennsylvania State University.
Lynn Comella, Ph.D. is an associate professor of gender and sexuality studies in the department of interdisciplinary, gender, and ethnic studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
She lives in Downtown Las Vegas with her husband and their three mischievous cats.
>short, dyed hair
> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:LynnComella&src=typd&lang=en

Wew lads.

>The pairing could not have been more obvious, and thus the seeds of what has now resulted in the Sex Issue — brilliantly christened “Pleasure Reading” by our editor, (((Pamela Paul))) — were sown.

Her mother is a psychotherapist and her father is a psychiatrist, and she was primarily raised by nannies.
Just days after her open letter, Marnell was hired by Vice for a column called "Amphetamine Logic". Described as darker than her previous work, it focused around Marnell's drug use and day-to-day life. In November, she went to rehab in Thailand on assignment for Vice but did not write anything.[8] When she returned, she began taking drugs again and wrote final goodbye columns for Vice in September 2012 and January 2013
She first received widespread attention when she wrote about using emergency contraception as her primary birth control, which spread through Twitter.
In March 2013, the New York Post reported that Marnell had reached a book deal with (((Simon & Schuster))) worth up to half a million dollars. The publishing house confirmed the deal but declined to address the estimated figure. It was reported that Marnell's memoir would chronicle her "sexual and narcotic adventures" and her "drug-fueled rise" through Condé Nast, xoJane, and Vice. How To Murder Your Life was released on January 31, 2017 in the United States and became an instant New York Times bestseller. The New York Times Book Review called the memoir a "success".

> (((My friend))) owns a subscription to the (((NYT))).

>The Times’s Modern Love editor, (((Daniel Jones)))

>(((Peggy Orenstein))), the author of “Girls & Sex”;

> OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic from:peggyorenstein&src=typd

Charlottesville Daily Progress
The Daily Progress is the sole daily newspaper in the vicinity of Charlottesville, Virginia
Owner(s): Berkshire Hathaway
with their cat, Ramona,

RENEE MURAWSKI, my husband, Bill Sweeney (who works at The Daily News), and I tried to drive …

He's a sportsball bugman married to a fat liberal catlady…

Jesus Christ where do they find these vermin?

Author: Erica Garza
==Born in Los Angeles to a Mexican father and a Mexican-American mother, she has spent the majority of her adult life traveling and living abroad.
Husband: Willow Nielson

Oh, thank goodness you got to keep that winner in there!

You heard it here first folks, straight from the mouth of the degenerate Jewess running NYT's book review:
"If you have to ask 'what the fuck?' about anything in this maelstrom of degenerate faggotry on our cover, you're not degenerate enough fellow shebrew."

It's 100% tumblr



I cant wait to start the cleansing, the flame of life needs human fuel to stay ablaze.

Demands backstory - is it real, it looks like he missed?

yeah i am moar interested in the backstory of this launch than the degenerate book tbh

It's fake, It's an advertisement

this looks like complete cgi fakery
not because of the pixels that can't be analyzed because of the potato resolution of the clip
but because of the physics:
the required energy to transfer a faggot from this roof to another one 1km away is not storable in this pair of elastic strings
on launch, the elastics behave as if they were 100 times smaller and zoomed on, we would never be able to see them flapping like that at the image frequency of the cam
the many tons of traction required to pull back the volunteer to cover this distance would fuck the shit up of the tiny charriot and weak-ass poles holding the elastic
the projectile visibility along its trajectory doesn't change, while it should drop fast enough that it shouldn't be visible after the first half second
and arabs wanting to throw fags from a roof would never be creative and hard-working enough to construct shit like that when simply dropping them off would suffice

We are getting further and further into (((Weimar))) territory, if we haven't already.

My intuitve guess would be more like he would have his neck snapped due to the acceleration.
The time from release to reaching the release point is less than one second, the point of getting to par levels is about 10secs. That is more than 10gs.

Even if this guy had parachute, he would have been accelerated with roundabout 50g.

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