Argument for a new morality

Ok a couple of points here about both the Sargon/Spencer and Sargon/Anglin debates:
1. Sargon has a shitty attitude and needs to cut the bullshit.
2. Sargon has no real solutions to the issues the alt-right brings up because his liberalist ideology creates a moral barrier that prevents him from taking action.
3. Liberalist-ism is basically just anarcho-capitalism minus the internal consistency.
4. Despite all this I still think that Sargon WON both debates at least ideologically.
Why? Because, Sargon successfully pointed out flaws in Anglin and Spencer’s arguments which they could muster no response to.
The first example of this is in the Sargon vs. Richard Spencer debate where Richard Spencer claimed that there was “spiritual” (actually memetic) aspect of whiteness. When Sargon asked Richard to explain what made someone “spiritually” white Richard Spencer only gave the one very weak example of the concept of the nuclear family. Additionally, Sargon questioned Richard Spencer on what the ethnostate would do with people who are genetically but not culturally white. Which Richard Spencer gave no response to at all.
Finally, in the Andrew Anglin versus Sargon debate, Sargon rightly accused Andrew Anglin of “cucking” to liberal morality. And despite Anglin's rejection of this accusation it's exactly what he did. As soon as one accepts the premise of inalienable individual rights enforcing the existence of an ethnostate through the physical removal of non-whites becomes morally indefensible. AS LONG AS THE ALT-RIGHT ACCEPTS THE IDEA OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS IT CANNOT WIN THE IDEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT.
For the alt-right to be the moral argument it must reject BOTH the ideas of an individual’s rights to “life, liberty and property” and a collective’s rights to “existence and self-determination” and embrace a new moral paradigm.
Since rights are an abstract principle that exist only in the “world of forms” it logically follows that the entities that possess rights must also residence of the “world of forms”. The residents in question are the ones which humanity should have looked to for guidance all along, the ones which are so deeply embedded in the fabric of life and society that most never even notice inescapable iron grip which these entities have over our lives. NEITHER COLLECTIVES NOR INDIVIDUALS HAVE RIGHTS, ONLY BLOODLINES HAVE RIGHTS. This is the reality of the situation is that the actions of humans and all other living things are not based around individual self-interest, logical decision-making, or the well-being of the collective but instead are made for the benefit of a higher purpose, the survival and flourishing of bloodlines. Therefore, it is the bloodline which should make up the fundamental unit of decision-making in the moral realm.

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White people have individual and group rights. Non whites have no rights except the right to not be killed while they are volintarily leaving.


I agree with that which is why I made this thread. Bloodline rights are the best logical argument that can be made to support this sentiment.

If bloodlines have rights rather than collectives or individuals than we can morally justify the creation of governments that protects the rights of white people but not those of non-whites.


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