Charlottesville Pig Camera

I was browsing up and down 4th St in Charlottesville today on Google Streets when I noticed that "The Impeccable Pig" (north-west corner of 4th and main) appears to have a camera on it's eastern face.

Do we have any video footage of the Dodge Challenger from this camera?

If not, why not?

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FUCKING BUMPED. Fantastic inquiry OP.

Never would have noticed if not for the interesting name.


Interesting, have a bump.

I don’t think so.

Any >>>/ipcam/ fags that know what they're doing might be able to lend a hand. I'll look into doing what I can to help.

If that circular white thing with a black sphere on the end attached to the vent isn't a camera, what is it? Some kind of microphone?

bumped and checked

false alarm, that's an exhaust vent.

I’ll check those digits but it possibly looks like a Sensor to detect something. It’s such a weird place for a camera, on a vent like that. I’m not even sure the pig would own that and the build the pig is in.

The square is clearly an exhaust vent, we're talking about the thing on the upper right corner…

That doesn't look like something air passes through.

What kind of sensor? A speed sensor? Carbon Monoxide? Can we find a copy of this device somewhere?

The more I look at it the more it looks like a vent with a metal filter in it. That’s why there is a flashing around in connected to the white vent panel behind it

I don't understand what you mean by "flashing around". Why would a filter cover less than 1/4 of an exhaust vent? You're saying there's some small pipe inside and the rest is just wasted space?

This looks more like to me. Not exactly but closest-looking item I've found so far.

However I found this on the same building. Interesting

what in the literal fuck is this /ipcam/ board? Are people intentionally broadcasting their bedrooms? Are they getting hacked? Please explain; this is beyond fascinating.

Sage for off-topic but please fill me in, thanks.

Look up how chimney vents look from say a pellet stove or wood stove. That have rings around the pipe called a flashing.

People setup ip cameras in their homes so they can monitor what's going on while they're away and some people either forget to secure their cams or make it easy to get access to break into them. This is where /ipcam/ comes in.

found a couple more examples of similar-looking cameras folks.

first is real, second is a dummy. Neither is a match. Knowing whether this is a real camera or a dummy camera is important.

What's throwing me off is in this pic below the black there appears to be a white "collar" or something prior to a more beigish-white thing around it.

checked, but could you explain which type you are talking about?

The cost to run wires through the brick is higher than the cost to run wires through the HVAC system.
Not wireless though, which is interesting.

It isn't wireless because then you would need to power it. Wired lets you run Power over Ethernet.

Looks like a PTZ camera or a fisheye. Given the one high up facing toward the intersection, this is probably to see up the alley that the corner camera wont pick up.

This, we have the same external vent on our tankless water heaters at work. The grate is to keep animals out.

The big ventilation duct on the side is probably to let air into the attic. The small round thing is a pvc pipe with a black cap on the end with a wire screen inside to keep birds and rodents out. The pipe is likely connected to a furnace/water heater/bathroom fan somewhere in the building.

It's not a camera, or a microphone, or a sensor. It's most likely an alarm of some kind. Look at the "top"/end of it and notice the telltale grid of holes demarcating the area of a speaker beneath it.

It transmits, rather than records, sounds. Why there'd be an alarm there, I don't know; what type it is, I don't know either.

Feel free to keep trying to find a match for a camera, but you might want to look up fire alarms or something.

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Yes here is footage

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Looks like a nigger-rigged stove exhaust vent to me. It is a restaurant after all.

HVAC vent and intake. Inside grill is exhaust outer portion pulls in air for intake. No need to run two pipes to the outside, looks cleaner.

look tripwaster, how about YOU find a 'fire alarm' which matches the photo?


Thats a through wall vent for a gas appliance.

The hot exhaust gases go out the center. Fresh air for combustion goes in the part surrounding the center.

Well think about the bottom feeders that installed the camera ON A BRICK WALL no drilling through the brick and shit mount the camera on the louver drill a little hole in the inside duct and feed the cable through and time to go and drink some beer job done.
I think it is indeed a camera with a superb mexican nigger installation team.