Another one falls.

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you thought Switzerland was 100% white until now?
do Americans really think Europe's problems with "refugees" only started now?

I thought Switzerland was still in different and not cucked.

Lol at polish slavs and Hungary being the only countries to not let rapefugees ruin them.

poland is going through a boom right now. they are also in the schengen agreement. So they won't be accepting refugees from africa/ME. They will have to accept the (((new european))) citizens though. Which will be 2nd gen immigrants.

the underline in you name is glowing

Switzerland has a higher percentage of foreigners than most other countries in Europe.

You see, you know nothing.
While a large number of the foreigners in Switzerland are of European origin, many of the neighbor Italy, France and Germany, many of the foreigners are already made “Swiss”.
Have a look at the Albanian Swiss national soccer team. Yeah funny, poking fun of niggerball, but it is more serious as the Swiss discovered when pictures of “Swiss soldiers” surfaced showing them waving Albanian flags.

LOL Pole nigger coming to the west behaving not a bit different than real nigger. Next time you going to tell me Haiti is based, because nobody wants to move there. Why do Poles need a visa to enter the USA?
LOL even more, Polish nigger (so Polish foreign minister) antagonize their neighbors, setting them self up for nuclear slaughter while brown nosing the jews via V4.

The war is over.
Anyone who didn't return home is a guaranteed fucking jihadi.
Anyone have the webbum of turkroaches and turds playing Death Race: 2000 in Switzerland?

user Switzerland is the place the jJews go to hide the money and gold they made from destroying Nations, how could you think they were ever pure?
Switzerland didn't became "neutral" by choice, but were force into the status they have because all the other European Nations got tired of their shit.


Switzerland was forced into being neutral because of its strategic location in the alps. During the 30 years war from 1618 to 1648 the Spanish used the Alps to transport their supplies. It was the bottleneck of the Spanish army during that time. The Swiss have always been the kind of people to toll everyone that wants to cross the alps. Thats why we are neutral, becuasee if even one of the major powers in Europe holds the Alps they would have an imense strategic advantage over the others. Once realized by other powers we were forced into neutrality. This neutrality has helped institutions grow(i.e. banks) and henceforth we got all the international jews to come here since we are neutral.
But talk to Swiss citizens and you will realize that we dont like anyone. Not even our neighbours. The mountains made us become some kind of shut-ins. WE JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE.
And since all this PC bullshit has started the right believes in our country have risen steadly. And on the matter of the balkan immigraion. Exept for the Albanians and their nigger-tier behavior we profited from these immigrants. They brought a strong sense of family values back to the cities they moved to.
We have always been a country where people move through and it will always be that way since we are landlocked between major powers. Also there is a siginificant diffrence between the cities like Zurich, Bern, or Geneva and the country side. Also we hate niggers with a passion.

t. Swiss citizen

Switzerland has the most muslim population percent wise. ALthought these are mostly balkan muslims. We have an organisation that represents muslims in our country. The "Religion of Cuck™ischer Zentralrat Schweiz" (archive.is/3YGw4). Its a radical ismalist organisation fighting for "muslim rights".
Also to clarify most of the non-whites live in cities and in the western(french) part of the country. Geneva and Basel are hotbeds of these people.
And even the mixed race children I've met are white-nationalists(as weird as this sounds).

and at least you still have guns

I love how the war is over so they don't even have the refugee excuse but we are still forced to take in millions of African migrants. It's almost like this never had anything to do with helping people and had everything to do with intentionally destabilizing Europe.

Im an American and I want to be able to marry a swiss women without having to live there for long portions of time. How would you recommend I do this?

Don't Saudis get Swiss citizenship? Pretty much if you're rich as fuck, you can get citizenship in a canton, right?

You guys really do have a nigger on your football team, wow.

So? They have been pozzed forever. Their country is based on dealing "neutrally" with everyone. Which just means jewing everyone equally. They want shekels from everyone so they make sure they treat whites like niggers too.
The whites the kikes have working for them are literal race traitors working with known enemies to help move their finances around.

How stupid would you have to be to think that? Jesus, I thought Holla Forumsacks were supposed to be informed, instead you're just a normalfag shit-for-brains who doesn't study anything about the world, and gets all his information from half-remembered anecdotes and stereotypes.

Nearly nobody on that picture is Swiss.

But that is OK, with Helvetian cucks:

Decide if you want to marry a German, French or Italian girl. Go to the country that lines up with whichever that is, start learning the language and go to university. When you are not in class hang out in Switzerland and try to meet conservative/Christian/traditional females

Also because of Jews we are the most censored country on the continent. More than Germany
Of course having a Jewess in charge of the legal system and investigations helps

KYS you fucking nigger

Nigger, have you seen their national football team? There are like 3 Swiss in it. They'd fallen a long time ago.