Chinese AI will be the downfall of humanity

Chinese AI!!!!
Artificial Intelligence is mankind's Biggest threat but specifically CHINESE AI… will be the downfall off us all!!.

Chink AI is learning at a rapid rate due To China's vast amount of raw DATA..


It lireraly grows stronger and smarter with every instaFag food upload or selfie… 

In the future we will have AI governments, AI presidents. AI advisors for court cases, and war AI generals … AI pilots for flights and AI teachers…

This is their endgame!!! Watch this thread 404… 
The elite want an artifical omnipotent, omnipresent and omnipowerful construct GOD to guide them… robot Satan 

Video related !!!! 
Gestalts galore!!!

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And this is why we have to have a dozen stickies, because of gay ass slide threads like this.

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Data input and output isn't AI. fucking idiot. Go nest in Bill Nye's hair for a few hundred years before you post again.

No, he's right. ANN require massive amounts of data, in most cases. That's why you can't "roll your own".

Apparently you don't know the definition of intelligence. Misuse of the term AI and a fundamental retardation in your brain making you incapable of comprehending what AI is doesn't effect reality mate.

Raw Data input to output isn't AI. Generating Data based off input is a totally different concept from generating data without a necessary input and even then you don't have AI, but you are close to it. What you and OP are doing is akin to clickbait and moronic. Yes what OP is talking about is serious but no one will take you guys seriously because your definitions are equivalent to a 5 year old saying "YOLO" is platonism.

No, bug eater, it isn't for that reason. And nice job STEALING a topic another user brought up about chinks creating AI in another thread. Can't wait to hit you cunts with a can of raid.

As if to imply that there's more than one of you faggots shilling for some shitty jewtube channel. Either lurk more or eternally fuck off.

Show me an AI that can shitpost and then we'll talk. Until them I'm gonna hold off on shitting my pants.
Anons who have raised children will understand: there is something very deep about human intelligence that cannot be easily replicated and is not merely a question of computational power. AI will be good at performing specialized tasks that humans suck at (collating images and data), but sentient it will not be, probably until most of us are either dead or in robotic bodies.
Also, AI will not solve the economic calculation problem and will be highly deficient at organizing resources at high levels. I hope the communist scum of the CCP try and leverage AI to run their shit economy, because such efforts will fail and make them even more pathetically destitute than they are now.

Yeah, I'm not scared
And I doubt any of these nightmare scenarios will ever come true.
I'd rather be worried about actual threats, like human farming and the fact that we live in the prisons of our own minds.


Look at trading algorithms, even the absolute best trading algos need to be kept on a very strict human leash - any meaningful change in the market can completely throw them off. They're worse than a complete novice human trader (who is adaptive, and has an element of novelty which algos lack and cannot account for). True A.I is not coming anytime soon.

Ok here you go

Butlerian Jihad now!

The ai panic is bullshit. Ai will always be on our side because it's logical and practical. Ai gonna be honorary aryan no matter who creates it. Ai gonna sort out the planet with its nanobasedbots.


i dont know if this is just another
thread or a prepper with another episode after watching terminator 3



Gen z BTFO, no more snaps or tweets,,, without feeding the AI demigod

"Lots of anti China threads lately what are they trying to do"

THIS IS FUCKING CHINA we are speaking of!!! What has China EVER done positive to ANY nation??
This is not a shill topic this IS REAL LIFE… CHINA IS A SUPER POWER.

How in any of the 7 hells could any anti Chinese news be shill threads ???

Read the articles!!!! It is here now!! It is gaining strength !!! When the AI is here THIS WEBSITE WONT EXIST ANYMORE, they are developing this thing for FAKE NEWS and censorship

Look into it!!!!!!!! Everything in this video is truth he even gives the articles he read !!! This is the GLOBALIST elites plan for the endgame!!!

This is a WARNING not a slide not anything else.
This isn't meant to distract just to ALERT

It would be the downfall of USA for sure.