Friend works at Jewgle now avoids me bc of chans

Childhood friend, lawyer at Jewgle, won't talk to me anymore because of chan and Trump activity

I used to hang out with this faggot almost every week. We've known each other since junior high. He became a lawyer at Jewgle.

Anyway, I started my chan activity and he started asking me questions about cuckchan and fullchan from thin air. Felt odd. Also his questions about Trump felt odd, like he knew something.

Do Jewgle employees check your (((browsing history))) can they doxx me? Ever since the election, the faggot avoids the fuck out of me. We used to hang out for years, almost every weekend.

You think he doxxed me via (((Jewgle))) servers or something?

You should just dox him OP. What kind of white man drops a lifelong friend for fucking google?
Fuck this nigger.

Do you use Google or any Google products?

Just imagine all the beans Moot spilled

Unfortunately, yeah.

Yes, but that's not what happened with your friend unfortunately.
It's sadder and more banal.
He probably went through a few weeks of corporate brainwashing "training" in which they carefully explained how those evil channers and rethuglicans are so evil and since you're not evil you wouldn't associate with them right? Here at Google, it's about family. Join the Google family!

I could not possibly agree with you more user
Dox the faggot he was no friend to begin with

That's quite the weak friendship you got there

I won't say doxx the faggot.
I also won't say he had any sort of access to your personal data. Highly doubt your average Joe can get that sort of thing. Otherwise, they'd be worried about right-wind infiltrators using their own tools against them (why are we not doing this?).
Most likely, is correct and he was simply indoctrinated.

My suggestion? Adapt a wait and see approach. Leave him alone for a few months, maybe a year. Get back to him on his birthday, Christmas, etc to remind him you still exist and even if he has attempted to cut ties with you, you have not forgotten him. If he opens another line of communication, feel him out to see how far the brainwashing extends and then begin attempting to deprogram him. Slowly start slipping in red pills. Should be easy enough, just look at your local news.

You can save your friend.
Unless he's drilling the oil, married a jewess, or gone gay/trans. In which case, the pozz is strong with this one and he is lost to you.

Fuck. I mean, we've known each other since we were kids. I guess if he can just get rid of me because of some chan and Trump shit, he never cared.

I learned his wife goes to those faggot "Womyn's Marches" and got all political on Kikebook calling Trump a (((bigot))) and (((bully))). He has two little daughters so he's probably super-cucked now.

But it's weird, before the election – he still worked at Jewgle – we used to make fun of niggers, retards and spics. Now, he won't even invite me to his house, whereas before I was like part of his family.

We met up once at Jewgle to eat. Who the fuck does that to someone he's known since he was a kid?

Since fucking childhood, I taught the fucker how to curb hop on a skateboard. I guess he has to pay the price.

Sorry for the butthurt, pls no bully.

Your dubs confirm I know those feels. It feels like we over value friends in this world, its a shit realization user. Concentrate on what it is you seek and dont give a fuck what others, or so called friends, have to say. Most of those "friends" were just using you as some sort of emotional crutch.

If he can drop a friend over something like this, then he was not much of a friend.

It's time to move on user. Work on your skills grow up, chase your own dreams.




Really? You guys can't be this dumb. You don't have to use jewgle directly. By posting at 4chan you're using jewgle. captchas, remember?

Do you know where you are m8?

Not very smart are you user?

This. Name your friend, we'll find his dox and fuck him up for being a dick.

Do you have reading comprehension? He browses 4chan along with here.

Never be surprised what a male will do for money.

I don't use these terms interchangeably as many are born male but never become a man.

A man will stand and fight for something. His word is bond. The male, on the other hand, can easily be subjugated.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you even into RULE 10?

Do you know what so social engineering is? I doubt he even had to use your search history.
I had a coworker dirty communist who hates me.for supporting Trump.
Fuck them really

Bro, it has nothing to do with Jewgle and everything to do with his wife.
This guy has allowed his wife, a pussy hat wearing cunt, to determine his associations. It happens. He might very well be a literal cuck at this point. When he gets his balls back (after a lengthy, painful divorce), he'll come back to you. Give him a copy of The Rational Male if you can, to speed up the process and maybe save him the divorce. Either way, he'll come back to you, both as a friend and a comrade, and you'll have a man who LOATHES the left and is inside Jewgle. Just hold on OP, and hold out hope for him.

I'm inclined to sage this as a slide thread but I am not yet fully convinced.

hello sjw.

That's not what they're called, dipshit.


decade+ old "newb" you're the one who has bought into some bullshit "m8."

They have (((something))) in store for us.

Why would he give a fuck about your interests or even his own? He's rich. Classic traitor behavior.

Loyalty to anything outside of money is not something that is understood by modern Americans. I hate this bullshit country.

People lose their identities to careers and the social pressure of workmates. The workplace lays down the “correct” way to be, it’s authority like the government or church, and people will contort and change to win the race along the track as laid down. I have a lot of respect for James Damore breaking free. Consider how crazy the company could get before a single person had the courage to say “nah.”

OP write your bro one last email and be short but honest- “miss you dude, you’re like a brother and I’d hate to fall out of touch.” But if it is political, then your friend probably isn’t your friend anymore.

This tbqh

Also this/thread

Checked, give us his name. An user or two will definitely be able to some real fuckery to that faggot.

Checked Frog man
Jewgle's a cult man , we've been over this

Also you want to hear some personal story time? I fucking walked out on a 100000k/yr oilfield pumper (lease op) in the middle of an OSHA safety meating. The Canadian boss was up at the front flapping his maple syrup eating gums about muh safety record and family co and I stood up and put my jacket on and walked the fuck out in front of 30ish oilfield coworkers. I am much better off today. Fuck Canada and fuck cucks
Let them all starve
Feed homelsss to other homeless and shit

blogpost though.

lol faggot!
Page 659 of Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition.

-George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World, Ch12

Partly, the other part is the jewing that could be going on here that jewgle could be facilitating via jewgle means.

this… DO IT


Go back to reddit with you blogposting, fucking moderate. Coward cuck

Good on you bro

What was the reaction and response to you?

Best post, will reuse.

Use startpage/ixquick as a search engine, use protonmail as a supposedly private email, don't use a youtube account, or at least use one with a fake name and fake details.
Flush your cookies automatically, or out right block cookies from google, find a browser extension to control cookies/javascript.
Don't use chrome, or find a version which doesn't report back to google.
Also, if you are quite sure that your friend has spied on you, either report him to the googlr company, it can be in the form of a question "I have reason to believe that someone I know who works in google has used their position to look into my private search history, is that possible? I am concerned they are misusing their position and I guess that isn't your policy, right?"
Then see what they say and drop his name to them. Can do this anonymously, no need to put yourself in it.
Or do as someone else said, and dox him here. If he has spied on you, chances are he has done it with everyone he knows, and company records will show that.
If he stopped talking to you because of that, he isn't your friend or worth having as a friend. Find new friends, join a new activity or club, meet similar people to you.

OP you just need to straight up post his dox here.


I've had former friends spy on me and make fake police reports to try to get me arrested. (Then they found out where I work. Oops.)

Trump and chan usage just helps separate the wheat from the tares. He was never really your friend after all.

It's pretty difficult to relay IP to an exact individual. You don't get a name, number or mail address. However if you use jewgle mail they see the IP being the same that you use to access jewgle mail which they can then link to your searches on jewgle as well.

If your friend knows that gmail address is yours it's very likely he could've got your entire search history. You could of course also had some files on google drive that would give this shift.

I still think it's pretty weird that a lawyer would do the above since that stuff wouldn't be relevant for his function.

Youtube account is the same as your gmail I think. If you want a chrome based browser get one that relays encrypted information to google so they can't really do that much with your usage. I recommend to set your browser to automatically delete cookies on closing the browser.

Ah if you give that context, it seems his wife is forcing SJW shit on him. Other acquaintances he made are more liberal / sjw and thus he wants less contact with you because his wife probably sees you as a bad influence or something along those lines.

Lefties are much more hardcore about their politics; much less likely to continue friendship someone who is not "with the program". It's why they are so formidable a foe. You need to be as serious as him. More so.

Every time I use Google they try to send traps after me.

Fanaticism, it’s basically how their ranks remain galvanized.

Are you doing your part?

Why wait for the indoctrination to soak in and see if his friend is fully gone? The redpilling should begin asap to counter what jewgle is doing. Feed in seeds of doubt in the forms of questions that'll continually nag at his brain.

I can guarantee you it's because of his (((wife)))

Underrated post. I wish I had that pic saved of the good goy tossing a wrench in the system.

More than likely that'll be the source of the cucking. Your friend either needs to be man enough to put his wife in her proper place, or he's going to be strung along for the ride to take care of kids while she runs off to (((womyns marches))) which more likely she's off to fuck jamal or tryone because he isn't man enough to place himself in charge of the household

He asks again, you bring up sensitivity training

Part of what? I am not involved in any of this, I ended up here because I got caught in the crossfire of Masons versus gangs. I honestly have no clue how to make it go away.

Was just trying to go to school and be a good boy.

He went to the hooked nose armenian panel around the same time he got the job proposition, coincidence? I don't think so. Entering goole is about the same as entering the church of Scientology. Irony.

I fucking feel you man, I would shoot the shit with a guy I used to know from the fourth grade through high school, but I see him in university, he starts trying to cram the fucking John Oliver down my fucking throat. I tried to call and text him this semester see if he's down to do something, but he's always not sure/"busy". It fucking sucks

He probably got his social network checked by some jewgle inquisition and was asked about you specifically

He probably wants to keep his job

And is willing to let his job tell him who he's allowed to hang out with

Why oops?
I've spent the year realizing I never had any friends. Sad business. Still, better off without.



Maybe quicker, but none of those others.

He's just a liberal. Liberals suck dicks and frankly don't want poor people around. He's ashamed of you, and this is just how it is. The cucks who oppress us are created by the decadent culture.


No one wants poor people around. Not even poor people.

Destroy Droid and Heal are light side, so light side is quicker and easier in KoToR


Whatever. If you're one of us, then he was never your friend. Don't be a faggot, user. :^)

Way to ruin an otherwise good post with muh earlobes.

Checked. It's almost like cuck propaganda is all lies or something.

You can just say "jews" and "niggers" here.

4chan uses Google's captcha you retarded sack of shit. Ever thought of why Moot joined FUCKING GOOGLE after implementing captcha after the AccelSpammer script got leaked and they couldn't do jack shit to block it? This was back in 2010 or 11 for fucks sake.

Well he was always a kike, as the owners of Holla Forums are as well, and they have always been intent on killing all white people. To be frank, all Boomer policies are of the kind cuck to strangle their own people. They are the abortion generation indeed. In them is the kike, which is alive, the slayer of their own, the poison. They'll do anything for their stupid decorative items and pointless automobile refreshes, their iphone PLUS MORE MONEYS, worn from the hip.

At Google you either drink the koolaid or you don't stay there long. Going to work and doing your job isn't enough. They have weekly "team meetings" where they practice their virtue-signaling and have a two-minutes hate against Trump. Not even kidding.

Droid is embedded deep and keeps getting reinstalled every week thanks to Sith breaking rules and entering my house.

Never went dark side, some frog told them I did and Jews set me up.

fuck off, normies

Dox him faggot. DOTR is coming. Either for him or if they win, then its for you.


Googler here

>Do Jewgle employees check your (((browsing history))) can they doxx me? Ever since the election, the faggot avoids the fuck out of me. We used to hang out for years, almost every weekend.

No, almost no Google employees could access this, and those that could would be SREs not lawyers.

What probably happened is that your friend had already been influenced by leftist politics during his law degree. After the election of Trump there was a lot of emotional outpouring among liberals (I saw it at Google). Your friend probably experienced it at work and from his wife. He was under a lot of emotional pressure to side with the grieving left, and caved in.

I agree with this

I had the same thing happen, user. Ten years, and then pffft, gone, because I posted a celebratory meme on 11/7/16. Liberals are all emotionally stunted children. As time goes on and you examine your relationship with him, I'm guessing you'll notice behaviors your wrote off as eccentricities that were actually writing on the wall.

Addendum: Sorry. I know it sucks.

lol sucker. get doxxed

>got all political on Kikebook calling Trump a (((bigot))) and (((bully)))

I know Trump is shabes goy, but a jew?

It's not (((Google))) it's the (((Wife))), except your friend to be mentally broken, accused of domestic violence and divorce raped in a few years.


You must've seen the signs that he's a cucked, beta-worm growing up then because letting your wife rule your household is fucking pathetic.

Tell him that you hope James Damore destroys his employer.

I've lost all my friends, it's… not great. Civil war obviously coming.

>Do Jewgle employees check your (((browsing history))) can they doxx me?

They could if they wanted to and that's the problem.

Most websites these days are running google scripts of some kind and whenever you run them it gets added to your profile history whether you have a google account or not.

more lefty fanfiction. you kikes need to try harder


Good. Just remember him at the DotR.

Leftism is a mental illness, they can't tolerate any opinion outside of their tight echo chamber. Meanwhile most of us go to leftist echo chambers everyday for college and we can handle them parroting what they heard from John "Oliver" just fine.

My friend's girlfriend, then fiancee, disappeared him too.
Known him for almost 20 years and we don't speak much anymore. If I see him then he's always on a time-limit. Been that way since he met her.

Noscript works quite well, but it is a bit time consuming at first.
After you've set it up with a good blacklist, it becomes more pleasant.
It also makes you realise how many scripts from how many different sites are running on each page.
Google is really everywhere, that's why it is so releasing to block it.
Can also block all the google domains in your HOSTS file or firewall/router.

Smells like a slide thread to me.

That's the only reason I come here.

How much are you being payed to be here right now shill?

wew lad

i just watched that silly made-for-tv enron docudrama the other day. there is a whole part where when the guy starts at enron and watches all kinds of silly fucking training videos. then every day, more and more propaganda videos all over the office and the elevator walls. all of them convivncing the workers that enron is the tits and you should buy more enron stocks goy. meanwhile the top brass at enron was all dumping their fucking stocks.

i have to imagine its the same fucking deal over at alphabet. look at their fucking stock. they have several different tradeable securities that are all 1000$+ a pop. what was enron at its peak? 50 some odd bucks? imagine how much money these corporate goons at alphabet have.

OP, your buddy was blinded by stock options and corporate brainwashing. he aint coming back until we see an enron style collapse of alphabet stock

Great quotes man, I just had to meme this.

Utter jaw dropping shock
One dude at the very back of the room I was sitting next to called out "hey * where are you going?"
I just smiled and walked the fuck on out
Fuck canada and their cucked corporations too
I still talk to a couple of the dudes I pumped with out there , they understood. I had another job lined up so leaving was on my mind already. Thought that was a moldy funny way to exit though kek

Clean your room. This includes cleaning your life of shit humans.

^Jordan Peterson (kikelover) cult member^

Quite a few people I've known for decades won't speak to me anymore. It happens.

Hello OP. Your friend probably smells like salt and vinegar because he has a chip on his shoulder. The reason he is curious about chans is probably because some chans are uncrawlable so he wants to know about "le dark web" without sounding like a dumbass. Every website on the internet is crawled by "spiders" - these are like bots that scan the web for content and return with information. This is how google gets results when you search for something. It is called technical SEO. Jewgle is also butthurt because site like this cannot be used in the Doubleclick suite… this is a program which they bought a few years ago… essentially its an ad-server that allows for real time bidding to normies. You work on a client of say, half a million and you bid on ad space around the internet. joogle is normie tier and this place, for example is a no-no and doesn't conform to their policies so you need to use other adservers. doublepimp for example is a trading desk used exclusively on porno sites. jewgle makes its money by selling ad space. For interest sake, every single fucking thing you have ever done has been stored and cloned by them and is in a data centre which is owned by amazon. amazon runs at a loss in the e-commerce sector but make up for it by leasing data centres. Where do you think you are? You are the product, you are jewgles product and you are the goy that gets ads served to because there's a fucking database of every human who has accessed the internet. Worse still, this is good right? because they claim it's all for marketing - bullshit! The governments have all of this information and more. Internet banking? Done through a google interface? fucking got it. Anything you've ever clicked on and went to has been tracked… Be it organically or through paid search. Your friend is just being a cunt or doesn't know much.

Pretty much this.

Sorry for samefagging but you may notice that this site is not listed because perhaps the owner has made it uncrawlable… you can do that. The funny thing is, is that I believe if memory serves, they de-listed this website. IDK why since it's just a knitting forum.


If you want friends then join far right groups/parties/movements that have similar political views to you. You wont lose those friends to bullshit like this. Every country have their own movements and parties so it should not be that hard.