Las Vegas Strip shooter Stephen Paddock had anti-anxiety medication in his system...

Las Vegas Strip shooter Stephen Paddock had anti-anxiety medication in his system, autopsy records obtained Friday by the Review-Journal show.

The autopsy report also confirms Paddock died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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This is just a diversion, as MSM will blame the shooting on his medication. They will not stop at nothing to keep the public from finding out the truth behind the shooting. Paddock was undoubtedly in some deep shit, way over his head with some very powerful people.

Mental health is a big issue currently, shit like this is why. They have to politicize it so they can control it. They will try to push mental illness as a way to keep you from owning firearms. If that works, then in the current climate, everyone will be diagnosed with some issue and therefore stripped of firearms.

They've been pushing the mental health stuff since Sandy Hook, maybe even earlier, but SH they really started going to town.

Don’t military snipers take benzos as a performance enhancer? If Paddock was prescribed this medication then this would not be a revelation, so we can presume he was self medicating. Why? Who is to say.

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Oh most assuredly a diversion

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It's a bit more than that. This is just part of the push to disarm the population:

Step 1) medicate the masses
Step 2) create mass shooting scenarios where it almost ALWAYS revealed the shooter was either ON or OFF medication
Step 3) attempt to disarm the medicated first
Step 4) using momentum attempt to disarm the masses

I'm pretty sure this is all according to (((someone's))) plan.

By the way, I do find it interesting that the deadliest mass shooting is US history was practically forgotten about and swept under the rug not too long after it happened.

Nothing to see here folks! Just some dead CIA nigger– erhm I mean mentally unstable lone wolf, with your normal everyday set of self inflicted gunshot wounds to both the head and the chest. Looks like the second (or was it the third?) timeline/narrative was correct. No need to discuss this ever again.

To elaborate on this point:

The US potable water system, including lakes, streams, tributaries, etc. is now permanently polluted with Prozac. If our tap water has Prozac… would that not mean drinking your tap water would also put Prozac into your body?

If so: congratulations everyone is on meds so now everyone must be disarmed.

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They are trying to paint this as 'oy vey goyim it was a mental health problem, not a communist problem' Antianxiety drugs are great for steadying your aim, and they also have the side affect of making you emotionally numb. Reduces the chance of growing a conscience.

Let's see do they list what it is that he was taking?

Anyone who doubts memes is a heretic and should be burned at the stake.

WOW out of all of the pills one would pop to increase their performance shooting.. That is THE top of the list.

Also, putting the thought into taking diazepam before going through with such a shooting is expert tier. IIRC the digging into this guy turned up dox going back to the late 70's early 80's when he would have been in his mid to late 20's. He was a ghost before that. In the early 1970's the pentagon just so happened to suffer from an (((accidental))) fire that destroyed almost the entirety of its active duty personnel records, it was the reason the government has to by law back everything up in multiple places now.

Either that is no coincidence and he was an operator, and among the guys who's military history was hidden via that fire for the cia. OR he was coached by the cia. There is no way some random fucking dude comes up with this perfect plan, and just so happens to come up with random shit like buying glass cutters or getting a fuckign prescription for mother fucking diazepam.

The jewish press will never admit the dangers of semitic pharmaceuticals.


Completely off the topic of this thread but..

I am on well water, its really fucking hard water.. It's got so much shit in it that it only gets used for the shower and the toilet. Have to wash my vegetables with bottled water because the shit I'm pumping out of the ground needs a really, really expensive system to make potable. But I use it to fill my fish tank. Water stinks for the first couple of days but it is never cloudy, no visible contamination, wind up getting mineral deposits on the rim of the glass like salt water aquariums get from all the salt. But thats it. To be honest it is probably safe to drink but it smells like a sewer and tastes like sulfur a bit.

Anyway.. My parents live not far away, they have a fish tank too. They fill it with their tap water. The fucking tank is so fucking cloudy you cant see the back glass. And I'm talking a tank with no fish in it and twice as much filtration as needed. They emptied it out a shit load of times and even tried waiting a couple months to see if it would settle. But no there is a constant discoloration of the water and after a week or so it starts to congele. These white feathery membranes will form and float around or stick to the glass. its not algae, i dont know what the fuck that shit is. It looks more like decomposed.. ya know what it looks like? It looks like what happens if you put styrofoam in acetone.. like some sort of thin, not fully cured plastic

The thing that sucks is theres no going back. The pollution of our water is permanent. Sure it would slowly break down over the course of however many years but all of the new understandings of memetic reality dictate that once pandoras box is open it can not be closed. The affects caused by that pollution will echo through the ages.

We start usually with the old school helter skelter on these individuals. Even with cocaine and LSD to this day. Anti anxiety and anti psychotic use long after we progress is really common because of this. It also takes some of the heat off of whatever staffer or handler was nearby. The cops and tin foil hatter's go looking for mental illness that never existed to begin with. Engineered yes but never actually mentally ill. People who are genuinely mentally unstable don't react well to even our most modern conditioning.

When I was in sixth grade I was diagnosed with ahdh, depression and bipolor disorder. My mom was on welfare, single mom, and I was dosed with drugs daily for five years.
I don't take the drugs anymore, but I know dozens of people in the same boat as me.
I can easily see this coming to haunt me when push comes to shove with big brother wanting to take something from me.
Thanks for reading my blog FBI.

I'm on anti-anxiety medication. It really helps me

What the fuck? Now that you have my attention, what is your dKh? Have you ever tested for it? Make sure the fish you're keeping are compatible with the dKh of your water…

And people who die of heart disease usually have beta blockers in their system.

Hundreds of years from know, they'll draw parallels between what we've done with our water and how the Romans used lead pipes to transport theirs. Hell, it's almost certainly worse what we've done. Microscopic plastic fibers, a deluge of hormones from birth control getting pissed into the water supply, arsenic, lead, and the whole works. The worst part is that practically no one cares, certainly not the so-called environmentalists. There are people out there who think water wars are coming soon- they're right, but for the wrong reason. It isn't global warming or overpopulation that'll start them, it's our dwindling supply of untainted water we must defend.

notice the blister of pills on paddock's dad's table
also notice the owl necklace
also notice paddock looks benz'd the fuck out
t. 420/bernz/

The feminal really really liked him. Personally if you set off a man like paddock there isnt anything that can stop him.

Formatting nigger, and check the fucking catalogue

^ CIA agent.

Full autopsy report has been released.

Will have to update more later (after work + OT), this was a very large dose of Benadryl, more than enough to knock a person out.
The dosage for insomnia is 76mg. At a LOW concentrarion of 5mg/ml that's nearly 3.5x dosage for insomnia– unabsorbed. Paddock was drugged.
4chins thread from today on the subject


Why would he have contusions and abrasions on his legs if he shot himself?
Date and time of death is listed as Oct 12 12:00, noon the day after the shooting.
Yet according to all official reports he was dead when his room was breached.

I am referencing page 9 of this report, specifically the alimentary canal in my post


We already have a vegas thread, complete with archives of all the other threads and all sorts of good stuff.

It's not even full yet.
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True, but they won't blame it on the meds, but on his "mental illness." They'll pretend the meds "just weren't working well enough," rather than admit that those meds make people even more crazy a great percentage of the time

Trips say that's a side effect of no one believing the mass media too much anymore, especially after Sandy Hoax.


That's untrue, the drugs of choice for competitive shooters are beta blockers. Valium is useful for high-risk or suicide missions so that you don't lose your nerve, but it's not necessarily going to increase your accuracy, it might even impair it due to the effect on muscle tone.

This is why I only take anti-semetic iron supplement pills

So… They drugged him in the lobby and killed him when it was all over?


Lol, probably there was contrast in his brain tissue.

Also, this pen can be a source of DIAZEPAM, Hillary Clinton's bodyguards were using it when she was running for office.