Redpill me on the white rose (weisse rose)

Redpill me on the white rose (weisse rose)

Why were they executed? They just hamded out propaganda. Why not just put them in jail?

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Were they the Yorks or the Lancasters?

German ”resistance” group

Mostly students. They were executed but I don’t know why. Wiki just states that they gave out anti natsoc propaganda.

Why waste resources keeping foreign subversives, jews, and communist traitors in jail?

They all weren't though. Three were executed, eleven were sentenced to prison, and one was acquitted.

For those executed it wasn't an unusual sentence. Traitors and deserters were routinely executed. They didn't just "hand out leaflets" they nearly inspired a student revolt and fully intended to. Such an action, if successful, could have destabilized the entire nation. Their actions were not minor offenses.

they were part of a resistance network. How you grow up in Germany under these years and still try to be a fucking commie, is something that I will never understand. I believe the execution happened near the end times, when everything was going tits up, perhaps the authorities were going loose and wouldn't have done that earlier on. But given they chose to be commies under Hitler's years, they probably figured they are just doing advanced euthanasia by putting them out of their misery. Words cannot convey how pathetic these clowns were. The entire world is converging to destroy their entire nation, their volk and everything they hold dear, and the only thing that they are concerned with is "why can't I be a dyke lesbian and spread shitty economic ideas that never worked?" …. I can't fathom this vapidness, this absolute stupidity that one head can hold. Absolute fucking idiots, a part of me wishes that the russians would have gotten them instead, so they may realize just for a split second what the fuck they have done, before a gigantic boot crushes them into the cold, blood-stained ground of the gulags.

… so god-damn stupid. Their existence alone probably costed the lives of 6 million Wehrmacht-soldiers, because their heads exploded as soon as they learned that such unfathomable stupidity existed and called itself a young, grown-up German.

Why am I not surprised wikipedia shills for them. But do you have any sauce for leading a student revolt?

Schmorell was born in Russia. I wouldn't be suprised if they're just crypto Communists. Schmorell was cannonized by the Orthodox Church, wonder why goy?

The original christcucks.

The fact the church propped up militant groups like this, in the middle of the war, effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the european people really tells a lot.

But "eugenics is sinful" because muh abortions…

For me a key fact in this case is that the father of the main instigators who admitted playing a key role in the whole horrid and treacherous movement was let free and to the best of my recollection had wicked opinions tolerated to the extent he was able to give talks. The National Socialists really were too kind for their own good.

What kind of propaganda?

For being Communists m8.

From the wikiJew:

So, their experiences on the Eastern front as motivation? Bullshit. They were anti-NatSoc christians before they left.

>He drew the Scholl siblings' attention to the persecution of the Jews, which he considered sinful and anti-Christian.
They were literally christcucks, the equivalent of modern-day evangelicals.

Yes goy… Their 'plight'…

>Quoting extensively from the Bible, Aristotle and Novalis, as well as Goethe and Schiller, the iconic poets of German bourgeoisie, they appealed to what they considered the German intelligentsia, believing that these people would be easily convinced by the same arguments that also motivated the authors themselves.
It cannot be understated that the year 1942 was a very important time for the German war effort, and for scumbags like these to be shilling to the 'intelligentsia' to oppose NatSoc efforts?
That's pretty fucking subversive and treacherous bruv.

>Consequently, in the fifth leaflet, the name of the group was changed from White Rose to "German Resistance Movement", and also the style of writing became more polemic and less intellectual.
Translation: They went full-blown #RESISTTRUMP in fucking 1943, at which point the Eastern front was turned/turning sour… And these christcucks are shilling against the state.
This sounds very familiar, and I suspect there's a Jew involved.

Dude, you're asking why these people were executed?


>Headed "Fellow students!" (the now-iconic Kommilitoninnen! Kommilitonen!), it announced that the "day of reckoning" had come for "the most contemptible tyrant our people has ever endured." "The dead of Stalingrad adjure us!"

So, literally shilling against the country's leadership in the middle of a fucking war.
They were literally blackpilled christcuck'd probably-gommunist-inspired traitors.
Fuck em.

They were communists who were trying to demoralize and subvert their own people so their nation could be destroyed and enslaved by the kikes. The little cunts deserved what they got.

Oh! And the plot thickens!


>Later, in 1942, he would serve time in a Nazi prison for telling his secretary: “The war! It is already lost. This Hitler is God's scourge on mankind, and if the war doesn't end soon the Russians will be sitting in Berlin.”

I'd also like more information on this event.
WikiJew has no sources cited in this regard except the Jewish Virtual Library.

They were not communists (although, in practice, fighting for it)…

Ah, interesting…

> 13 1943 munich riot&source=bl&ots=ytUARMomhR&sig=pSvqGr0t_vuqwft10jNCk5qh9TA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjRubqk7pnZAhWnmeAKHeK5AgsQ6AEIPDAD#v=onepage&q=january 13 1943 munich riot&f=false
It seems the 'obscene' statements was to suggest they shouldn't be in school, wasting resources in wartime, but having children; and he added, if necessary, he would arrange for one of his male staff, adding that the female students "would have a pleasurable time of it" or some such.

I dunno man, their rhetoric sounds prettttty fucking gommunist.
Wouldn't be surprised if they were, in fact, communists. I mean, its weird to think of them going from christcuck'd libshits to full-blown gommunists, but then, its also weird to think of them going from Hitler Youth to blackpilled #RESIST faggots sprawling "Down With Hitler" on walls in the city.

Why put them in jail? They deserved death for spreading jewish lies so they were given death. I fail to see a problem.

Yep, they were Communists. Particularly retarded ones too.

We learned in the spring of 1942 of the arrest and execution of 10 or 12 Communists. And my brother said, In the name of civic and Christian courage something must be done.
Let that sink in… "As Christians, we must stand up for these people who would have us killed for being Christians!", fucking insanity.

Wait, what?

>"They were eager to establish some kind of contact with the anti-Nazi opposition in Berlin, where efforts were being made to bring together the various factions of the resistance - Communist, liberal, conservative-military - into a unified movement with a consensus on aims and action. Falk Harnack had the necessary connections, including contacts with high-ranking army officers."

>Huber thought that the young men were "leaning too much to the left" and he described the White Rose group as "a Communist ring".

>He then joined the Greek partisans fighting the Nazis, working with the Greek People's Liberation Army (ELAS) and co-founded the Anti-Fascist Committee for a Free Germany with Gerhard Reinhardt, becoming leader of the organization.

>Their ages ran from 16 to 86, and about 40% were women.


Toooooottally not Communists u guiz.

You still trust Wikipedia, user?

sage for "redpill me" thread

student revolts are bullshit. the ones from the 60s caused our demise.

op is the worst kind of nigger
These are 1940s millennials. Versailles? Morgenthau Plan? Russo-Polish War? We can totally negotiate a separate peace to fight the USSR to a standstill, the Anglo-American (((elites))) are completely reasonable people with common cause against Bolshevism.

Because stupid.

They were already Hitler-Youth before Hitler became chancellor.

Because young and stupid makes good martyrs.
Bonus point, they were really so stupid, their lack of intellectual insight proofed to be no threat for the occupation regime afterwards in contrast to real commies

Ergo young retard know-it-all, who had no intellectuall pull, like fedoras today.

I already mentioned it, they had no clue, but thought of themselves as savior figures who need to tell the “ignorant” how the world should be run, fedoras.


He said the female students were better married and having children instead of siting in university.

Told you so

Hundred percent the truth. Fits right in a time were rapists were executed.

Abortion is bad from a eugenics standpoint as well since the womb is ruined afterwards due to microchimerism. Both need to be disposed of, the woman is no longer useful and is basically destroyed after abortion anyways may as well put her out of her misery before the infection spreads.

Bunch of communist subverts that were anti-natsoc and against the eugenics programs, planning student rebellions. Funny thing is the eugenics programs in Natsoc Germany were very moderate, compared to progressives in America for example.

Good slide thread shlomo.

You even replied to yourself, your buddies did too!

The death of the group was largely an over their treacherous affiliation with other anti-natsoc types.

Our enemies are sterilising themselves, how is this a bad thing?

This is literally the OP

Thanks for all the answers. I know know they were a mix of christcucks and commies. I wonder why some of you want to sage this when I actually had a legitimate question that got answered. I am now more pro natsoc than I was before. Some of you seem to be against people like me who are curious about natsoc germany. I think Hitler did lots of good things. Why do you sage my questions when I’m asking? Thanks to everyone else. /a newfag possibly future natsoc.

OP is a shit but this shouldn't be ignored. This is one of the earliest redpills I can remember. My German teacher in the 9th grade, if I remember right, shilled this story. She went on and on for however many weeks we spent on it explaining how tragic and emotional it was. I'm sure whoever is not ironically or being paid to be here will understand the mistake she made.
Their hubris/chutzpa really will be their downfall, not in the least because their good goyim push too hard with the lies they don't know the significance of but have been taught are true.
Although I think only a quarter of the class noticed, excluding the eidetic memory fag, he was his own kind of special, redpilled from birth maybe.

Those against a Folkish state are scum who deserve death.

Because all accepted PC groups are liars.

No kidding–look what happened. I would have traitors executed in incredibly brutal ways and flush out more traitors.

Shills, man.

Because you are supposed to lurk for 2 years before posting, newfag. It makes for less of the website being newfag questions. Keep lurking and you will be NS and have less questions.

Mao's Red Guard were also a 'student group'

Traitors deserve to be executed, One of the main reasons why US universities became the brainwashing centres they are now is because nobody stamped out Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 60s before they got huge.
These are marxist subversives spreading treasonous ideas within academia via student groups. That alone needs to be eliminated.

When you have people you know are more than willing to take the opposite side and work against you during a WAR, what are you supposed to do?

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So it seems history has repeated itself as of late