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come on faggots i need a cure for my music itch

here's more

let's pretend that's not my own band and i don't know it is shite.

Slightly more accessible (but much more tedious) song.

what genre is that?


I don't know what the FUCK this is but it sounds AWESOME.

A reviewer called it deathgrind once, but don't know if it fits. I was trying to write grindcore when i made this.

not bad

pls everyone post more

Thank you.

some old school AJ videos


Falkenbach, one man band from Germany, been making music since the late 80s, great black metal pagan music

really good, kinda like a German Varg

does he have any acoustic stuff?

blink 1488 - the jew

a best of


Breddy gud.

heres another with some acoustic stuff, transitions to electric.

don't get me wrongi like the metal parts, but some full acoustic stuff would be really nice

Surprisingly good.

damn, gotta say can't stop listening to this one




bumping because threads are slow af anyway






elvish (not really though)

Some fascist italian prog
Museo Rosenbach - Zarathustra (1973)

Sorry for not embedding

Heilung is sounds from the northern european iron age and viking period.
The lyrics contain original texts from rune stones and preserved spear shafts, amulets and other artifacts. Furthermore poems, which either deal with historical events or are translations/ interpretations of the originals.
Every attempt to link the music to modern political or religious points are pointless, since Heilung tries to connect the listener to the time before Christianity and its political offsprings raped and burned itself into the northern european mentality.
Genre: Amplified Historical

I can't stop listening to them

Stan Rogers is one of my favorites. Check out his other stuff. Barrett's Privateers is the most posted one by far, but he's phenomenal

I seriously fucking love this band

What am I supposed to do
If I want to talk about peace and understanding
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace
But you only understand the language of the sword
I let the blade do the talking…
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger´s arrow shall strike
All action for the good of all
I see my reflection in your eyes
But my new age has just begun
The sword is soft
In the fire of the furnace
It hungers to be hit
And wants to have a hundred sisters
In the coldest state of their existence
They may dance the maddest
In the morass of the red rain
Beloved brother enemy
I sing my sword song for you
The lullaby of obliteration
So I can wake up with a smile
And bliss in my heart
Coexistence, Conflict, combat
Devastation, regeneration, transformation
That is the best I can do for you
I see a grey gloom on the horizon
That promises a powerful sun to rise
To melt away all moons
It will make the old fires of purification
Look like dying embers


1. What is the title of this video, so I can search it myself?
2. Why?

By which I mean why is embedding hooktube any better than embedding youtube? Why not just make a webm?

Stahlgewitter - Besatzerpolitik

Mah nigga.

You’re alright user, although can’t say I’m a fan of progrock but it’s decent I guess. MO

I love me some god speed you black emperor though which came to mind listening to your choice.

come on…



it's 2018. Time to start listening to martial industrial.

Slavic folk song


Absolute classic, may even inspire me to get a Roland D50 (or the faggoty new re-release).


No subtitles since everyone should know the text.



I'm not a slave warrior. I build what I love and don't concern myself with the scum under my boot.

Northwest passage is great too, really encapsulates the Canadian spirit


I'm not a soldier. I never enlisted in that weak, adult daycare, Army. They disgusted me even when I was still blue.



If you haven't heard Agalloch before you're missing out, they've made some fantastic stuff.

The Deep State's theme tune.

Are you strong enough to shake off the bullshit of past abuses and win the one and world you love, or will you die, dancing with the demons of the past?

John Lennon's original recording of Imagine. It was changed as it was deemed too obvious in its agenda and too depressing to most people to be a hit. Although they kept the lyrics the same.

bumping, found some real gems in here

Do a 5 second search maybe then you'll know the difference you fucking nigger

I really like Horn's latest album as far as getting pumped for shit, guy knows how to make good music. Great for lifting.

TL:DR Alpha German Traditionalist says fuck being a cuck, lift weights and make metal about German's waging war.

Take your cultural marxist nigger music and get the hell out of here you godforsaken nigger. You are nothing but a nigger.

Pick one you damn nigger. The trash you posted is not even music, let alone of germanic origin. Godforsaken nigger.

Vid related is what actual german music sounds like.

Don't like it don't care, I said the guy was a traditionalist not his music. Go be downer somewhere else there's nothing Marxist about the music or the dude just because it's not some shit from 100 years ago with corsets and shrill opera vocals.

This is absolutely great.

Sorry if someone posted it already

classics like these can never be posted enough

Pick one you plebian fitnessnigger. If he was a traditionalist he'd produce traditional music.
There is no historical record of german artists assaulting the senses of their audience with vile death metal. Traditional german music (music in general really) is uplifting and transcendental. Your deafening nigger music on the other hand is nothing but cultural terrorism.

Music evolves, it doesn't have to be classical music to be trad

Music devolves too and when it reaches death metal bottom, it's impossible to keep calling it music in good conscience.

anyone got any music like the one in vid related?

Clutch those pearls harder you milquetoast moralizing queer

forgot my embed

Before getting elected to the Front National's central committee in 1997, Robert Ottaviani began his career here as Ultime Assaut's lead vocalist. He has since attempted to distance himself from his past:

Characteristic of most releases from Rebelles Européens, gritty reverbed rhythms drive the music like their fellow countrymen Légion 88 or Chauves Pourris. The songs here are consistently midtempo and have a strangely ethereal quality. The mostly Oi! A-side is a bit of a drag, and all too many songs string you along with a few neat intros before drudging you down in the conventional third-rate Oi!. The music becomes much more interesting when the album delves deeper into Post-Punk on the B-side. The closer "L.V.F." has some neat Ska strokes while "Chômeur 80" bursts forward with Hardcore energy. Unlike the French pirate vocals of Légion 88's Alain or Kontingent's Laurent, Robert has this intoxicated, off-key moan which ranges from tolerable to grating. "Segneur Barbare" is perhaps his best performance since he keeps it at a volume just above a whisper. The instrumentation helps, too.

Special mention goes to "La bête immonde", whose lyrics would make Julius Streicher proud.

Il surgit soudain le soir
D'un égout de la rue des Rosiers
C'est un goût de cauchemar
Qui la nuit hante ce quartier

Le contrôle sur "Salomé",
Je ferais campagne pour le "Rosenstein"
Découper cette maladie
Evoluant petit à petit

Un: Les cheveux crépus
Deux: le nez crochu
Trois: les doigts fourchus
Quatre: les lèvres lippues

Argent ! C'est le cri du Yougarou
Argent ! C'est le cri du Yougarou

Si un soir tu as le malheur
De rencontrer cette horreur
Ne brandis pas un crucifix
Mais une bourse bien remplie

Tu n'auras qu'à le poursuivre
Parce que cet affreux vampire
Le temps qu'il nous a donné
Désormais tu le connais

Un: Les cheveux crépu
Deux: le nez crochue
Trois: les doigts fourchue
Quatre: les lèvres lippues

Argent ! C'est le cri du Yougarou
Argent ! C'est le cri du Yougarou

Jerusalem Ville maudite
Où l'on chante la Sionie
Jerusalem, cité interdite
Où l'on chante la Sionie

In the short time of Légion 88's existence, the band would produce some raw, unrestrained, furious and scuzzy music France's underground had ever laid ears on, but with such passion comes great tragedy.

Formed in Essonne sometime around 1984 by Dominique Laffont on guitar and his brother under the name Combat 88, the band would later be joined by Alain Pérez as lead vocalist and become properly known as Légion 88. Key to their history would be scene veteran Jean-Christophe "Géno" Mâm, the madman behind Totenkopf, but perhaps best known as the vocalist of L' Infanterie sauvage. Sharing bandmates with Totenkopf, Légion 88 rehearsed in the basement of Géno's mother's home which frequently led to makeshift concerts after sufficient attendance from friends. When they weren't playing music, the band squatted around various places in Draveil. Tragedy would strike the following year when Géno drowned following a drunken swim while wearing combat boots, which some speculate was a suicide. With the demise of Totenkopf, Vico and Jean joined Légion 88. The band dedicated their only LP "Thulé" to their fallen comrade. In 1987, Légion 88 would share a stage with Skrewdriver to play the National Front-sponsored St. George's Day concert in Suffolk at the home of Edgar Griffin. After Dominique left when he moved away, Légion 88 would later be joined by squatmate Bruno of Nouvelle Croisade to record their swansong.

If you want to hear Oi! and Hardcore done just a little bit differently, then "Légion 88: 1984-1987" is the definitive CD for you, compiling virtually everything these Odin-runed skinheads ever put to record, including some tracks from the scuzzy, chaotic live album and the primitive demo. Hell, there's even a bit of Blitz-style Post-Punk in there too, especially in the occasional 'atmospheric' guitar lines and militaristic heavy beats topped off with the addition of harsh and vicious vocals. Nothing more than a raw, roughshod but confident Punk Rock LP that strides boldly and fiercely in its own direction. Some of this stuff is straight-up creepy-crawly 80s Goth with a shaven head–listen to "Violence Nocturne" and tell me that riff doesn't sound like it could come from some prime Deathrock.

In the same way that there's some kind of spiritual parallel between Landser and Absurd, I'd bet anything Peste Noire took some cues from all these old French RAC bands. That baroque sense of melody, the silly hooligan ethos, the dungeon atmosphere and fetishism for all things Medieval and rustic in general, etc.

I find it rather uplifting, it's almost like music and other forms of art are subjective to the consumer

yeah no joke

Something a little more "traditional" for the purists out there.
Or embedded if you're a metalhead which I don't see how anyone can rip on with all the fashwave stuff floating around.

bah wrong post

Perhaps just link to Hooktube, instead of embedding it, becuase if you click copy link location, you can see that it embeds to a Google URL directly in the page. Also, I don't see how I can see the title - maybe someone could tell me.

Better yet, just make a webm.

tfw hate metal and think WN bands are too edgy to be appreciated as art. am I allowed to post what I like? because I'd love to change your opinions on good music. I think all people especially white people should be in sync with what music is at its best: raw emotion. music is the dance of the soul.

you can right click and hit "open link in a new tab" goes right to the hooktube page

Not all WN bands are super edgy, then again it's all subjective and everyone's soul dances to the beat of it's own drum does it not? But go ahead im always down to hear something new I listen to 4-5 new albums a week.

posting regardless.

Pentangle - Sally Go Round

Red Red Meat - Rosewood, Wax, Voltz + Glitter

what the hell? can't embed a video AND post images? the problem with Hooktube is that it doesn't display a preview.

Lel, I feel stupid for not seeing that.

The The - Perfect


yeah man I used to, but recently I've stopped. hojewer, I do have quite the library. I'd be interested in knowing what you think of my tracks.

Big Blood - Dead Song

Volebeats - Just as You Are Beautiful

Reminds me of Postal, I love it. Extreme metal and noise are explicitly white genres

Forgot link

Does anybody here like Xurious? I discovered him when I watched /NSG/'s "Rivers of Blood" on Jewtube (wew nice work to that crew). The song matched the chaos on the screen so well. Pretty much all of his songs have an a specific "message/meaning/inspirational source", but however you interpret each one, the chances are high that it will inspire hope for the future, a desire to be the best version of yourself, and an urge to start the race war right then and there.

I'd link some individual songs I recommend, but I recommend listening to them all if you haven't before, so here's a link to his channel instead:
No bullshit, I haven't been hit in the feels this much by music since the first time I heard Beethoven.

Bonus for fun
SHADILAY (Kekwave remix)

sorry for being this new, i will kindly fuck off back to lurking now.


I will never stop shilling Fanisk and Eldrig's music everywhere I go, no non-Classical music even comes close to comparing to it






and finally the greatest album ever made to top it all off… although I recommend listening to it here instead as the youtube video isn't the best audio quality:

In today's world, "Nazi Punk" seems contradictory, but historically, Punk Rock and the far-right were strange bedfellows. Racist Punk can arguably be traced back to as early as 1977, with the birth of Punk subculture in England. The term "Rock Against Communism" was first coined in the late '70s by Young National Front (YNF) organizers in Leeds, UK, hoping to counter the successful efforts of left-wing organizers who launched Rock Against Racism (RAR). Headed by Eddy Morrison, Punk Front's aim was to co-opt Punk subculture and weaponize the rebellious sound for a new generation of young Nationalists. The front-runners for Punk Front were The Dentists, White Boss, Homicide, The Ventz (later Tragic Minds) and The Raw Boys, playing the first Rock Against Communism shows the National Front organized in 1979 around Leeds. With the exception of Tragic Minds who later became Music for Pleasure, almost all of those bands broke up towards the beginning of the '80s. Punk Front's failure didn't deter Morrison, for a cataclysmic event was only a year away.

Street violence between Skinheads, both black and white, and Indians/Pakistanis was frequent to a point where "Paki bashing" grew increasingly common. The watershed moment was an incident at a concert for The 4-Skins, The Business and The Last Resort (all unaffiliated with right-wing politics) in Southall during July of 1981. Two years earlier, police killed Anti-Nazi League activist Blair Peach in a riot instigated by the demonstrators. Racial tensions were running at a fever pitch, and a Skinhead concert was decidedly unwelcome by the local South Asians. Accounts conflict as to who instigated it. The bands conceded the skinheads and South Asians weren't getting along, but maintain the response was greatly out of proportion with the trouble the Skinheads caused the residents. On the other side, the South Asians claimed some of the Skinhead concert goers assaulted women and elderly people, engaged in property destruction / vandalism / graffiti and daubed National Front logos and slogans on shop windows. The locals protested the gig on wrongful suspicion the bands were far-right and subsequently rioted, burning down the venue in the process. Following that incident, The 4-Skins recorded a song "One Law for Them", and Eddy Morrison saw the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate Rock Against Communism.

Contrary to popular belief, Skrewdriver wasn't the first skinhead RAC band to exist since Ian Stuart wasn't involved in far-right politics until the roughly 1983. Patriotic bands like Combat 84 laid the groundwork for young right-wingers seeking rock 'n' roll as a vehicle of resistance, with lyrics advocating capital punishment and opposing nuclear disarmament. Early on, RAC was strictly about British Nationalism. There's more than a fair number of '80s RAC bands that weren't necessarily Nazi and some never were in the course of their careers. As time went on, bands became much more openly Nazi, especially with Skrewdriver's later albums becoming more obvious in their references to the Third Reich and Norse Neopaganism.

The National Front successfully recruited even more followers than before and organized their first concert in Stratford, East London. The first wave of RAC began with Ovaltinees, Peter & the Wolf, Die Hards and later Skrewdriver. Originally formed as White Youth in 1979, The Ovaltinees would release what can be considered RAC's first publicly released recording called "British Justice." The 7" EP features a neat little ditty called "Argentina", celebrating Britain's victory in the Falklands.

Now here's an enigma. In the age of ubiquitous piracy and information, you'd think bands whoever released anything would at least have at least a decent account of their existence. In the case of Final Offensive, absolutely no information about them exists aside from a 7-track demo purportedly released in 1982. Not even Eddie Stampton's massive tome "The White Nationalist Skinhead Movement" mentions them. Aside from the demo cassette, the band would later be featured on a French cassette compilation in 1998.

Final Offensive aren't as quaint as that description would suggest. These are the croaking goblinoid shaven heads in a damp dark basement, angry and probably hungry, hacking out punk rock so crude and cruddy it makes The Last Resort look like Camel. The kind shown in Trevor Griffith’s TV play "Oi for England", which you should check out if you haven’t already.

Final Offensive are having a say but not necessarily having a laugh. The lyrics of "Rally" call for the Aryan race to rebel against a Jewish threat. If the scant information online is accurate, time would place the demo one year before The Ovaltinees's landmark "British Justice" EP. All things considered, take it all with a grain of salt before anything can be confirmed.

The tunes themselves are actually very good. There’s obviously not an Ian Stuart among these fellas but as proved by "Voice of the Young" and particularly "Final Offensive" they do what they do well. The chords to "Whose Justice" are lifted wholesale from "Johnny Barden" by The Last Resort, so I wonder what the story is there.

The shit-fi murky recording is primarily what adds the atmosphere though at the same time the smudgy bass and muffled vocals do somewhat hamper the performances, making it a pity that Final Offensive never went into the studio and seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Mysterious.

Hailing from Gillingham in Kent, Peter & The Wolf were one of the original RAC bands in the White Noise Records circuit. Originally apolitical, Peter & The Wolf shifted their songwriting towards nationalism after recruiting Mark Taylor on vocals, who subsequently wrote politically-oriented songs like "Livingstone" and "Raped." "Livingstone" focused on "Red Ken", the leader of the Greater London Council while "Raped" lyricized about the account of a six-year-old raped by a South Asian in Yorkshire who only served 27 days in prison for his defilement of a prepubescent girl.

Apparently recorded in the kitchen at one of the band member's home, Peter & the Wolf's brand of Oi! is crude and made cruder by low sound quality but this is still an interesting, albeit minor, piece of Skinhead history. The vocals are largely unintelligible - I wouldn't have minded hearing what they had to say about Crass in the title track - but there is something cool about their basement rawness. This works rather nicely as a companion piece to Final Offensive's demo.

The most intelligible song comes from a cover of Ovaltinees's classic "Joe Public".

Will you only realise
When they move next door?
And will you only realise
When your nice white daughter becomes a disco whore?

Wake up, Joe Public!
Wake up, Joe!
Wake up, Joe Public!
But you don't wanna know - do ya Joe?

Will you only realise
When trouble's up your street?
Wake up Joe, get on your feet

At the next election
Be bold and take a chance
At the next election
Take a nationalist stance

The Summer of 1981 saw the rebirth of Skrewdriver. Concerned by the rising political tensions, Ian Stuart announced Skrewdriver would now be a patriotic band. After several line-up changes, Skrewdriver would stabilize and release the legendary "Back with a Bang", marking the change from non-political to political.

"Back With a Bang" is quite possibly greatest Oi! song ever, and that's out of some stiff competition. All of the passion, integrity and intensity that defines Oi! as a music genre and as a movement is encapsulated in these exhilarating three minutes. Everything just soars from start to finish, from the vocals of Ian Stuart - delivered with furious abandon, as though through gritted teeth - to the infectious guitar solo. Skrewdriver's extremist political inclinations, which were beginning to reveal themselves around the time this single hit the shelves, have ostracized them from the scene and subculture that they defined but nothing should take away from the fact that some of the ultimate skinhead anthems were theirs. Simply anyone who likes anthemic punk rock owes it to themselves to hear this.



When Pietro Badoglio and the King Vittorio Emanuele signed the armistice in September 8, 1943 all the Italian fighters were encouraged to surrender to the Allies, but the Germans quickly occupied the Northern part of Italy and put Mussolini as the head of state in the newborn Italian Social Republic.
He then encouraged all true italians to join his ranks and continue to fight 'till the bitter end. But the navy and most of its ships were on the south, making them now Allied property.
Most of them, except for some, which later became the XMAS (among some other groups, like the legendary Reggimento San Marco), the Italian Fascist Marines, who spreaded terror amidst allied fleets until the end of this bloodbath we call WW2.

And a third to finish the Axis tribute.



Fuck, no audio. Here's the real one.

I am a fan of this. Can I ask you how you are getting such an "industrial" sound?

dang, forgot to embed

Fucking hell. Why are you posting videos with bloodied White women?

You're a piece of shit. Just sayin.

You should change the name of your band to "Red Room". It's significantly less lame.

Your music currently sucks dick but you have a lot of talent and with some work you could become very good at music. Here's a free tip: Ditch the losers in your band who are holding you down and start a hunt for new talent. There are a lot of talented musicians who go unnoticed. Find and hire them as replacements. Your band will improve as a result.


If you mean the guitar tones, it's just a cheap multiFX pedal (Zoom G1xNext or something like that) and sometimes a Boss HM2 (i also use the same the same multiFX pedal to add distortion and reverb to the vocals). As for the drums, i'm just messing around on Addictive Drums until i find a drum sound that fits (and the drum sound in Gloom is just my normal drum sound, but with a lot of distortion and a lot of reverb).
If you mean the mixing and mastering, it is just my ineptitude to do both, which may give the music a lifeless sound. But there is a thing that i think may be related, and that is the Ferric TDS vst, which emulates tape compression and saturation (not too accurately), that i use in the master track.
Actually, now that i think about it, some of it may be due to Reaper's built-in reverb vst, that is good, but sounds very unnatural.

Consider Dungeon Synth. It's a beautiful genre that sounds like old RPG music.

Polite sage for low-effort post.


i got this dope a OC track

Duplicate, other webm thread is not full.

Fine uplifting tune on the liberation of the Normie.

Theme tune for Holla Forums the TV series.

Title song Esoteric-Holla Forums-The Documentary


Here are the lyrics to his newest album

why was this anchored?


Check this song

who /nsbm/ here?