How do you win in this economy?

How do you win in this economy?

It seems you need to go full jew if you don't want to be poor4life.

Most people I know apartment share in their late 20s or at best own a shoebox studio.

The only people #winning seem to be scamming psychopath jews.


I wouldn't be able to give any advice on this subject.

tbqf Holla Forums is fully controlled by the CIA/GCHQThere are threads on this topic, but they keep getting deleted. The CIA/GCHQ are all about hustling the markets, while they themselves are bailing :^)

Simply put, the CIA/GCHQ are obsessed with preventing real-world action, impact, from White Nationalists. They are working hard core throughout the White Nationalist community. They operate here, and you have read thousands of their posts yourself.

I wish to underscore this fact. The CIA/GCHQ want you to die, as a white person.

If you are a big-picture thinking kind of guy, then odds are you should be struggling, sacrificing time and money to research what exactly is wrong with the world


I have done so but there is little I can do.

Even in Venezuela, where people can barely feed themselves, there has been no revolution yet despite a right wing helicopter attacker.

can't win here I'm afraid…

Are you in the US?

They're BrownNiggers, though.

he literally said hes a europoor you twat.

No, he said "from europoor"

the game is rigged OP. if you are lucky you can make enough money to be somewhat comfortable, but it will still be hard af. winning involves never playing the game, aka living off the government dole. once you start the game you are a player for life. i can never become a NEET anymore :'(

Get a decent paying job, stay out of consumer debt, invest early and often, use loans to purchase property. It’s not hard you just have to be patient. Sage for off topic posting.
Thoughts: lurk for two years faggot


Make yourselves marketable.
Realize the difference between a hustle and a scam. Learn to code, make websites, do graphic design. Then you can work freelance and free yourself from the wage system.

Whats it like in Alberta? And whats it like working in oil fields?


Good luck finding a job with the affirmative action pajeets being mass imported and taking all the tech jobs.

Do you think they find some sort of sad fulfillment in it or lie awake at night thinking about how utterly sad and useless their life is? Probably get bullied by the rest of the intelniggers. I'd imagine they must realize a majority of the population would just laugh if they died.

jew detected or you have been reading too much jewish media

hustling is a very jewish term for the merchant that never rests from kvetsching, for the untermensch selling drugs on the corner, for the fallen men and women selling their bodies…

I do not know, but they probably work them in rotation could you imagine if you just left them here for years on end? No doubt they would start doing wrong think but being within the hornets nest, could be a very troublesome CIAnigger.


They'll hire the pajeets and then hire more pajeets to fix software issues the other ones caused.

Nah, they do pajeets for bulk work, then higher one decent white to fix all the bulk pajeet work, run um ragged till there burned out and sick of the field, then replace um with some other white.

30 minutes left…

Correct, they only hire foreigners.

Work, do whatever you have to do. Search for jobs as if you were going to starve if you didn't work.

Save in gold. Buying gold coins is the easiest and safest, no counter-party risk, not a legaly discoverable asset (in case of lawsuit, divorce etc) and coins are damn near impossibl to counterfeit (as opposed to bars and other gold items).

That's really it. Economy is really simple, only people who want to fool you try to make it complicated. You work so you get some fiat money to pay taxes etc, and you convert your fiat into real money (gold) in order to not lose it to inflation and other nonsense. For most of the history of the USA, just saving in dollars was considered a sound strategy, and the dollars were in fact silver or gold certificates. It remains a sound strategy today, but it only really shines during times of central bank debauchery (such as present day).

My plan at least

There are no jobs, retard. All that's out there is loudmouthed retard jobs, like pic related has. Stupid fucker. Loud stupid fuckers.

give me a job like that

Define high risk investments. Make sure to buy your spending in bulk, that way you get better prices, and avoid future inflation for goods you were going to consume anyway.

There are always jobs, you need to either lower your standards, learn a new trade, or get creative and self-employ. I can't say I'm pleased with the wage stagnation in my own field, but it's a job and I need the savings now so I can start a business later.

Cryptos, but mostly up and coming companies I have done a little research about and I think might take off in the future.

Why would you want to.
This entire economy is sustained by creating the delusions that obscure what's truly wrong with the world. When the economy crashes, I am happy, because that means that there will be suffering. I don't revel in the suffering of others but I revel in the possibility that some people will have their eyes opened by it.
This world is not going to improve until millions die of starvation and people will be forced to provide for themselves and become responsible for their own needs.

Everything you buy with money is used to leash you or appease you so that you don't care to look at the guys who will punish you and kill you if you cause disruptions.

Luckily for me and people like me, their game can't be sustained forever. Nature will restore balance in the end and these spoiled motherfuckers will all die. Their power is only as strong as the dependency of humanity on their services.

WHich means that when the weak dies, their power will be gone. Until then? Do what you like. I would advise spiritual pursuits, but you may not be interested.

Live simply. Boomer lifestyles are not for you, or me.

Sure, but our economic system is stacked against people like you and I. We can try to be saints in a fallen world or we can bend just enough to survive while working to change things.

Drudge goes "stocks bounce".

No, there aren't.

The win conditions are having 3-4 children and putting them in a situation that is equal to or better than yours.

The most efficient way to win is to go into one of the trades (carpentry, plumbing, etc.) or university for a 2-year Engineering degree (Electrical Engineering Tech, Mechanical Engineering Tech), getting a job in that field for a few years, settling down with a qt wifey wife, buying up some land, and homeschooling your 3-4 kids to do at least as well as you have.

Alternative paths include going to university for STEM, starting your own business, becoming a teacher in a high-class neighborhood, etc.

Grow and sell drugs to degenerates.

We ought start White syndicates/frats/unions and give each other jobs and investments, unfortunately we live in a low trust dystopia ruled by a blood drinking usury caste.
It's illegal for Whites to do that and they would be hammered by regulations, selectively obviously like nearly all laws. Hiring, taxes, inside trading and probably a million different others; the left's goons wanted less competition and the neocuck right shits all over the rights of assembly whenever they get the chance. So we have to work through stupid shit like the established controlled churches, union goons, frats, parties and lodges: all of which are huge wastes of time and energy.

This is why the aristocrats jews and good goyim always seem to win in the markets: they completely destroyed our right to assembly and freedom of association all while having first dibs on the funny money. This is why we have to do everything is a roundabout way that doesn't seem to make any sense at all, while pretending that jobs have something to do with fun & meritocracy instead of group survival.

Don't even get me started on the banking system.

And the lack of action taken against this/to change this is what really kills me.

become the leader of that change

Unless he has an army of lawyers and feels like becoming insolvent, no– he won't. Whites are being forced at gun point into becoming a caste of spiritually dead servants, peasants, scam artists and vagabonds. This is what happens to multiracial societies, they turn into low trust caste ones.

Our current civilization phenotype is rotten to the core, it's unable to remove the cancers from within so it will just grow– it was designed to be that way. We now have to serve it instead of it serving us, the caste at the top are the only ones that benefit from this baby eating machine. The cabal of tyrants are on a suicide march to nowhere and they're taking us with them just because they don't want to be lonely in hell.
There will be no revolution, war, reform or break away. Just death and maybe rebirth once cargocult of kosher capitalism and the deathcult of republicanism has actualized it's final form: a$$a$$ination politics & markets.

Ask yourself "what are the base necessities civilisation needs to function?"
Power. Computing. Water. Waste disposal. Transport. Alcohol.
No matter how bad society gets these are the areas that will always need people to keep them functioning. Some are not glamourous or overly well paid, but they are industries that are never going to change.
If you follow the heirarchy of needs, stable employment is the foundation, you just have to swallow your pride some days.

t/user who runs a tip site and will have solid work for the next 20 years

We may well need your 'waste disposal' expertise in time user, checked.

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Working over-time, Schlomo?

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A disarmed population can't revolt, they can only starve or pray that military factions rebel.

Don't go to school and get a liberal arts degree, faggot. Go into STEM and you'll be fine.

You'll be one of us in a few years, seems hard to believe, but you cant 'unsee' what you see here.

Don't employ women or non-whites
Don't work for any one non-white, don't do business with non-whites.
Feed you race, starve out the outsiders.