Italy Bros Get In Here

As you all know in Italy a girl has been hacked into pieces by a migrant.
In response, Luca Traini took it up to himself to stand up for his fatherland and started to shoot random niggers.
This is the time to take control of the narrative and associate Luca Traini with something positive: heroism.

Our goal is to copy the It's OK to be White strategy of hanging up posters around Italy.
If you are Italian, please help by printing out this image and spreading it wherever you can.
Then take photos of the posters and spread them on social media, especially news pages.

If you are not Italian, you can also contribute by sharing it on social networks/right wing group chats in order to get more italybros to join in this psyop.

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Traini had the right mindset… dead migrants can't rape

italybros… fuck psyops .. steal guns from the gangs and start killing the invaders en masse

bump. this is useful here in the in the US too because the facebook/google news circuits controlled the narrative hard here. the young girl wasnt even mentioned and all that was talked about was how he was White. fuck those dead niggers, there will be more bodies coming


here's the full story

Well that would make some nice propaganda as well

it is also not false and would then make the left seemingly defend rape or murder if they fought it

Damn. Sounds like a hero indeed.

mama mia

God bless this man, and seeing YouTube comment sections the reaction seems to be mostly positive.

dayum that's one angry Roman.

Heroic tbh


All whites can be saved you damn retard. Every fucking one counts in this war.

I don't speak spaghetti pizza language, but this is what I could come up with

Lega already GAINED consensus from all this, you'll make it worse if you act with silly posters and stuff. We need people to think that Lega is serious business, and Salvini the right premier.

is like a dream
don't let your memes stay dreams, lads

That's because he didn't murder the fuckers like certain other mass shooters. It was a fair response to the crime, which makes it easier to support him.

The Enemy distinction is more important. Everyone implicitly acknowledges "it's ok", cucked or not.



[appropriate X rhythmically] NERI
appropriate crime statistics

OUR children come first


what are you doing about it



Memetic warfare


A lot of financial support from other Italians, Luca Traini: "I'm honored, please give all the money to poor families. But they have to be Italian families"

Luca Traini arrives in prison, welcomed with applauses: "He's an hero"

Antifa tried a pro-immigrants manifestation in Pavia but they end up BTFO by Police

Refugees hospitality center set on fire in province of Naples

Immigrants in Rome on suicide watch: "we are scared now"

Pamela's Mom: "Thank you, Luca"

Luca "The Roman Soldier" Traini to prosecutors: " I Have no regrets, I'm sorry they are not dead"

Very beautiful girl. Now I understand why the Florence and Naples mobs have united and have been on a serious offensive against then the past week. Lot of bodies, lot of fires, Italian mob is no joke. They are the last group you want to piss off (besides the IRS).

Yeah but the mobs make good money of the migrants so I wouldn't put too much faith in them.

But the mob aren't kikes. They love money, but not as much as the noses do.

What a badass.

Absolute madman.

OP your picture is gay and not funny, I like the idea but this shit is fucking weak. Your propaganda either needs to be openly pro-nigger slaughter, funny, or shocking in some way.

Some OC

A true warrior of Justice.



Here OP, I cleaned up your original image by hand, turning a 200kb jpg into a 20kb png.


What kind of witchcraft is this?
the letters seem a bit distorted tho

he likely removed the color information from it.

Here's a color version. Also fixed a few stray pixels in the original version.

Low color PNGs with a lot of repeating patterns compress down to very small sizes.

I thought the point on PNG was that theres no compression, and thus no damage to data.

And a few fixes to the color version, too. The jaggedness of the text is from the loss of antialiasing. I could probably make it look much better if I had the original font.
It's lossless compression, and of only patterns that repeat exactly.

Any chance you can remove the head tattoo? This way we can post it on social media and people will not automatically think "skinhead" or some other retarded shit. This will allow us to stealth this on social media platforms and get normies to talk about it and basically fan the flames.

I don't see why not.

Thanks. This will go well, especially when you add in an "anti rapist" narrative.

I like that first one, I think the colors help actually, but I know color is hard to mass produce so I think it should still be added in.


Looks good, spread it.

True, some groups definitely do but the Neapolitan and Florence mobs are a different ballgame all together. The Rome groups have jumped in to capitalize but those other two groups have been attacking and killing the bastards for several years now.

Caused a war between Rome and Florence two years back.

You have any sources on that?
Italian works fine.

This is good, but you should try something a little bit more creative then just calling him a hero. Remember, no one in Europe voted for this situation today, this is easy to capitalise.

You could try something like "If you don't listen there will be more Traini's to come!" This statement is defensive, and also true as many in Italy feel as though they have been betrayed and ignored by the political class.

Here's a draft I did (not sure if translation is accurate). Just as an example.

no, some strung out whore is not useful on dotr. thanks for playing.

I like the idea but I think it’s better to draw attention to the fact that niggers are killing Italians rather than Italians are wounding niggers, make sure the people are forced to ask themselves “Would we rather foreigners kill us? Or us kill foreigners?” Never let people forget what happened to that girl.


Imagine being a part of the ‘system’ and watching the monumental support that Luca has received for his actions from every corner of Europe and still deciding to continue business as usual. What on earth do these people think the future holds?

I wanna say that when I went to Milan even though there were a lot of rapefugees and most of them were africans I can say one thing, these fucking guys are ready they have so many chads over there which I could see had overdosed on redpills although no racist hate happened infront of me I only saw 2 interacial couples and I stayed there for 5 days. The rest were with their own race. The city was working fine but I felt like Italians were tired and I could feel it something is coming to that city and It's gonna be good for us at least.

we need this to happen more, and perhaps in mob form


If you're willing to risk getting slammed with incitement charges, you go could with something simple like "strike back" imposed over the flag.

Thank god someone has balls around here. I'm sick of seeing someone the most mundane of pro white activities get them labelled a fed.


We are allowed to wear masks till tuesday. Pretty good timing.

We should be more like him.

Hello CIA nigger nice op you got here. Associating the right with a racial serial killer is a TERRIBLE idea. What the fuck are you idiots thinking? You are playing right into the jews hands AND political violence(i.e. through the state) is MUCH more effective! Take control of the state apparatus and then you do the violence….fucking day one stuff people.

But Luca's kill count is 0.

Italy is a different kind of European country. They are under EU occupation, but they don't pretend to like the rapefugees. Their soccer teams openly mock the Israeli team for being kikes, regularly. Luca already has popular support, so this kind of thing clearly flies over there. Seem like cool guys.

Time for your nigger games is over, it is now time for action. Fuck the PR, fuck the agencies. Gas the kikes race war now.

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wow all this jewish shilling itt

I must thank Mr. Traini for inspiring me to do some graphics work today. And whoever did OP's image. That was a fun one to work with.

mama mia

I don't like that slogan so much. Too nationalistic/insular. We've always been open to small amounts of other Europeans there plus all the tourism. It doesn't suit us.

Good luck, pastabros. Please send me a young virgin for a wife.

italy no

Real life moonman

Italy NO


I really suck at art but I want to see Luca with a wolfs pelt slung over his head like a roman velite. I get so inspired thinking about him hunting niggers like a wolf in that black alfa romeo.


I hear he was greeted like a hero in prison, glad to know the good guys didnt let the kikes control the narrative and shame a martyr.