48 hour prison leave

Would the US give 48 hour prison leaves to someone who has been convicted 11 life sentences for assassinating 11 people, planting bombs and stealing money being categorized as a domestic terrorist?
What would they do to him?


he's obviously a fed man now

Muh Greece is really a mess. And unfortunately for the disdain of many every time we go back to parliament democracy things go to hell. Wtf, I thought western democracy is the key to well being..

This is where things go sideways mate. In the US we've also had to learn the hard way that it's a bad idea to let anyone except native-race landowning citizen men have the right to vote. When that happens, eventually the voting body becomes totally watered down by people with no actual stake in the country's well-being. Women demand special shit for women, foreigners demand more immigration of their own kind, Muslims demand Religion of Cuck™ be forced into every walk of life, Jews demand hate speech laws and Holocaust propaganda, niggers demand welfare. Congress becomes entirely full of politicians who pander to minority groups and ignore the majority, because the majority's votes are guaranteed no matter what.

pick one greece

But of course.

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i bet he gets police protection too
the absolute state of greece right now jeez
greece needs a revolution more than germany does, fuck

I wish you could understand Greek. half an hour ago in this video, a member of the government is pretty much agreeing for this prisoner to go out on a leave. (He doesn't disagree and tries to talk around the yes or no question).

Elections is next year, so this decision by the parliament must be brought up in order to prevent the commies crawling away from their action.


Greek here.
Koufontinas is a radical leftist just like our government. Our government is letting leftist terrorists get out, does not arrest new ones, and we are essentially living in red terrorism. There is a group here, Roubikonas, who literally walked in our military headquarters in Athens and started spreading papers filled with "anti-government" propaganda. INSIDE THE FUCKING BASE. The police never arrived, the military did nothing about it.

I remember this! They had to do it by the book but the kids at the gates got scared/didn't expect it. Not sure what I would do tbh since the kids that guard are not trained and they are at those posts because of nepotism. At least hit them with the stock of the G3.

100% correct. Seems like almost any type of government can work in a white ethnostate, but the second you start letting everyone else in, shit goes tits up within a few decades.

Yeah, but one must also think what would happen if those people were carrying concealed guns.
By protocol, they are supposed to stop them at the gate to identify themselves.



You have no idea of our current state, user.

At least 2 other convicted members of 17N have attempted escape during their "legal" leaves and one of them has also succeeded.

hah! western capitalist democracy was invented by the jews for the jews

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It sort of depends on the situation but yeah, sometimes fucked up things happen and judges allow odd leaves for end of life stuff etc.

And, yes, they should, so the nigger can rape a white girl and vote Democrat.

But it takes a special sort of government to consciously maintain that ethnostate.

I was lightly trolling there.


We have more problems because Greeks fight with each other. Always since forever.

No, because America is a shithole that likes taking broken people and smasshing them up some more thinking it'll make them not act [as] broken.
American prison sucks because of Judeo-Christian and tradcuck belief in revenge/punishment. Look at revelations: all powerful creator elects lazy mode lake of fire over hard debugging work.
Atheism and +2 standard deviation IQ should be the minimum voting requirements.

Sauce on that animoe?

Uh… excuse me? What the fuck?
No. America would not do this. Because you're a fucking flight risk, firstly. Secondly, because you did the crime and the punishment is prison. Giving you a break from that punishment would be counter-productive.

Yeah, no. In most sane places in America, this man would have been electrocuted, shot, poisoned, gassed, and/or hanged by the neck until dead.

And of course,
If you live in America and you think it's a shithole, leave. If you live in some shithole that isn't America, stay there.

And how do you feel we should deal with handling those who commit crimes? Let's list them off, shall we?
How would you deal with:

By protocol, anyone who tries to force their way onto a military base gets the shit killed out of them.

Genocidal Organ, it's a piece of fucking dogshit though just like the studio, don't watch it. It's heavily jewed and practically false advertises with it's action sections. It literally has half of hthe film dedicated to Kafka and muh holocaust.

You're an uneducated retard, prison does not exist as a punishment under biblical law. The only forms of punishments are death, fines, and involuntary servitude until fines have been paid off if the defendant is unable to pay.

It's very cool, watch it. Fuck Kafka and Holocauft though.