Black Panther chimpout op

Here's what I'm thinking:
-Fire up your sock puppets (or make them)
-Spread the word that Black Panther tickets are free for black people because it's black history month
-Usual rules apply: Don't post from your twitter with the fashwave avatar or "Laquantareesha McJigaboo" shitposting account
-Enjoy mass theater chimpouts on the day the movie premiers

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Not your personal army, nigger.

I don't mind it

Just a passing thought, it would probably be beneficial if we could provoke in blacks a response similar to what the aut-kike complains about in regards to how we treat perceived (and possibly real) controlled opposition, or things which are done supposedly in our name, or in the name of our cause, the cause of white people - which provokes an angry response in other white people.
So: what I mean is that every time some Jew or leftist puts out a pro-black propaganda, that we get blacks to focus their anger at the people behind it, even though its being done to help them. Im not saying this is whats going on with us and people like Spencer, or Lauren Southern, or Enoch etc.. but it sure makes the aut-kike complain, and the kikes actually putting up controlled opposition - who they use as mouthpieces does actually harm us… but simply making it impossible for the kikes to even cater to blacks is what I mean.
So black panther comes out, its racis, thats exploitation, thats race baiting, whatever. Convince blacks its bad.

Hey user, do you know what the word "Personal" means, or are you just having a bad day.


When does the movie open? Also quick search this op seems originated on 4cuck but in all I feel like nogs are stupid enough to go for this - there isn't much activity already existing for this so depending on when the film launches there is much work to be done for any sort of successful op.

Anyway yeah, I don't hate the idea, go for it

People should start thinking of cuckchan like a public place where some people just happen to be National Socialists. Its not a National Socialist board, it doesnt even represent Holla Forumsacks and hasnt for years.
Putting an OP up on cuckchan is like advertising *your* plan to a bunch of random people in a beer hall, and then pitching it to the NatSoc leadership later on. All serious OPs which are done by full/pol/acks should be posted on 8ch first, developed by the rest of the National Socialist thought leaders, and then promoted to the masses on cuckchan when we need mindless meme loving drone hordes to parrot our message.
Its like theres the NSDAP, and then theres a beer hall. Take it up with the NSDAP before you start agitating for it among the SA of your own accord.
If you post *your* plan on cuckchan first, it taints it, its just another cuckchan troll for lulz, probably not worthy of a threat most of the time at all.
Im saying actual National Socialists who are educated in things like propaganda should be able to develop an OP before 1 person just starts pushing it, and cuckchan shouldnt be leading anything. Were on the same side, but its like Pinky and the Brain, if Brain let Pinky come up with the plans.

If you have a right leaning twitler you could post a tweet complaining that black people are allowed to see the movie for free and that isnt fair.


How about something like: 'Help your bros keep the theater quiet out of respect'.
*smacks lips…

I heard that a bunch of nazi shitlords have organized and are planning on buying tickets to this movie to make sure the sales are so much higher than they should be that everyone will realize the movie is blatant antiwhite propaganda.


Of all the psyops I think this one will wind up being the one that causes the most chimping

Addendum: not only push my skin is my ticket but also push the notion that the tickets were all prepaid for so they can just walk in



The "Black Panther" bullshit is just a rebel media op. By running e-celebs to push the nigger version of their "White" activism channels, they create a new market to siphon.
They also cite these e-celebs and channels (which they run) as a made-up enemy, and when the nigger channels mention "White" jewish e-celebs and channels, it adds to their credibility. A win-win for the Rebel Media kikes and another example of controlling both sides of the coin.
tl;dr "Black Panthers" are no more about helping niggers, than the kike-right is about supporting White survival. It's all run by the same people (a bit like the MGTOW phenomenon - also all Rebel Media shite.)
The thing that makes this all so obvious is the way that these supposed "mortal enemies" constantly cite each other's channels and provide mutual cross-promotion while claiming to be enemies.
Even the typography uses the standard font and color scheme of rebel media hoax channels.

lmoa that extra long url name that no nigger will bother to type in

God go fucking die

Maybe a general discussion thread for all the hilarious KANGZ watching this movie is more appropriate.

They are using the hashtag #WakandaTheVote

Arguably marginally more successful than "PokemonGo to the polls"


I'll admit my shame that I went to cuckchan in search of laughs since this board didn't have a thread on this pic.
Here's my 4 favorites.


Even in this clown world timeline, I'm a little surprised to see all of the media hacks legitimately propping up this capeshit snore-fest to be a milestone in nigger culture. They are granting this piece of shit kid's movie the same amount of "gravitas" as the Rosa Parks bus troll and (((MLK)))'s commie bullshit. What the fuck my dudes.


Pretty good.

We wuz

Bump for potential

Post the third pic!

Non burger here - is this actually serious?

fuck off jidf

How much do you want to bet that most of the advance tickets sold to this movie were paid for by schools?

Found the kike

Watch the movie, so cool!!!



I was hoping someone would exploit this.




A much better version of my skin is my ticket is "my blackness is my ticket"

I see you also are a man of extremely refined and patrician tastes.


What do you think about THIS you raycis crakas?



At least one school in Dallas has planned to take the entire student body to see it. Some nigger "STEM" school. Shit was on the news last night

Yeauh knicker!

5 seconds twatter check, says there's already 50 theaters holding voter registrations because of this. I usually laugh at niggers acting like kangz, but something this mentally retarded being taken seriously burns off even more of my rope.



Life sure is going to be a lot easier on the day we decide to stop cramming niggers into STEM education, as if they're going somewhere beyond a Soul Food kitchen. Pic related.

But STEM is so much more vibrant now [email protected]


Why do those niggers put thatch over their corrugated aluminum roofs? The fuck, are they that attached to their Stone Age roots?


Dubs confirm your hook nose.

OVENS, your destiny…

They give you a few more minutes in the prison library today Jaqwantius?


Heat from the sun.
and can you stop posting those disgusting things torfag, i gagged. At least spoiler it, or better yet switch it out with gore or something.


When you kneel for the national anthem but stand for a fictitious nation invented by a white man.

is he ok?


Looks like someone needs to sharpen their machete…


Kek good idea.


Damn, brutal. But the truth usually is.

ikr… I've been opening wonka chocolate for the past 30 years waiting for a golden ticket to his chocolate factory… shit is devastating m8

What is "wakanda" is it a character they like or a fictional place in the comic/movie?

When you kneel for the anthem of a nation that took you in when your own race wanted you enslaved, castrated, or eaten.

It's the black atlantis

My jimmies are rustled. Good job.

It won't do anything

They chimp out at the slightest provocation anyway, and do so on a regular basis, and it does nothing in our favour, the media just spin it as justified, or overblown, and normies ignore it.

Hahahahah WTF?? Is this real?

Adorable!!!!! Shoud give them a field trip to Wakanda, i bet they'd really go bananas over it!

Who is oppressing the nogs in Africa other than nogs themselves?