Does driver’s race influence traffic stops? State police say no

Getting pulled over by a state trooper has nothing to do with race, according to Michigan State Police who says its data proves it.
Posted on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018, by Aileen Wingblad.

Huh, well isn't that funny? Asians get pulled over more while Hispanics even get pulled over even less… Don't lefties love to claim cops over patrol Black neighborhoods, causing their high crime rates? Well, would you look at that, Asians get pulled over more than Blacks and Hispanics… Must mean that Asians have a high crime rate due to all that over patrolling Oh wait…

The reported numbers:
• American Indian and Alaska Native - Traffic Stops: 1,369; Percent of Traffic Stops: 0.2%, Percent of Population: 0.7%

• Asian - Traffic Stops: 3,612; Percent of Traffic Stops: 0.8%; Percent of Population: 3.1%

• Black or African American - Traffic Stops: 77,563; Percent of Traffic Stops: 16.9 %; Percent of Population: 14.2%

• Hispanic or Latino - Traffic Stops: 8,617; Percent of Traffic Stops: 1.9%; Percent of Population: 5%

• Unknown - Traffic Stops: 25,619; Percent of Traffic Stops: 5.6 %; Percent of Population: n/a

• Two or more races - n/a; Percentage of Traffic Stops: n/a; Percent of Population: 2.4 %

• White - 343,666 traffic stops; Percentage of Traffic Stops: 74.6%; Percent of Population: 75.4%

theoaklandpress. com/general-news/20180208/does-drivers-race-influence-traffic-stops-state-police-say-no

Disregard comment: Huh, well isn't that funny? Asians get pulled over more while Hispanics even get pulled over even less…"
I, OP, had read some of the stats wrong, as I've been up late and jumped the gun. Both Asians and Hispanics are under under represented in being pulled over while Blacks and Whites are proportional to their population representation.

Population of Michigan 9,962,311. Hovering right around 5% of the MI population being pulled over by "just" the State Troopers.
A quick search found estimated $120-150 Million in revenue from traffic violations in MI.
Q) Where are States, Counties, and Cities (and the Fed) going to to get the BILLIONS in lost revenue from Traffic/Moving Violations when cars drive themselves?
A) Raise Taxes?
Now watch the Moving Violation numbers start to ramp up in the next few years in anticipation of losing all that Revenue, so then Gov can cry "we have no money," when cars start to drive themselves.

During a day shift, cops don't routinely make car stops. Too busy going to other types of calls. During night shifts you can't tell what the fuck the race of the driver is. Stops are made for other types of vehicle behavior. (Even during daytime hours its hard to tell race before a stop.) Can't even tell gender, until you approach the driver's window most of the time. If you see a car doing something stupid or suspicious, you pull it over, because that's really all you can see.

If working a Hispanic area, Hispanics are often stopped. Black area, same. White area durrr I wonder. This whole race concept is a meme.

I always thought that "driving while black" was just another version of "dindu nuffin."

You have to have a car to get pulled over which is why spics don’t - they take the bus.
Niggers commit 50% of the crime so it justifies why they would be getting pulled over more.

The question begging to be asked is, why isn't this number much, much higher?

Because the Gooks might try to eat the K-9 unit's dog. No reason to put a follow officer at such risk.

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You're not very likely to get pulled over for driving too slowly.And from what a lot of asians I know have stated, they play off the "shitty-driver" stereotype knowing they'll get away.

They are preaching to the birds. Nigs don't care about statistics

That's one comical looking police car. What's the deal with the stop sign anyway?

Michigan State Police likes to keep their livery the way it was back in the old days. The illuminated STOP sign on the hood was originally used for redirecting traffic, but it's mostly just for aesthetic now.

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Nogs also take the bus too, there's a reason why public transport stops working at 9:30pm.

This reminds me of those good o'l time when we used to do border duty.

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Of course it doesn't influence the stops. It only influences how much more they are going to fuck you once they see you're a shitskin. Grace and lenience and lessons learned are lost on non-whites. kek

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If the data is correct then it can only be explained by one thing: police are, due to political pressure, ignoring crime stats and randomly stopping anyone, including those from groups with very low offender rates.
This ignoring of probability and "street sense" is grossly inefficient and expensive wasteful misapplication of resources because a randomly stopped black is vastly more likely to give a "hit" than a randomly stopped White or Asian.
The police in the UK have been forced into a similar pattern of behavior following a government inquiry into imbalance in "stop and search" rates - they found that the majority of those randomly stopped in London were black and concluded that this represents "institutional racism", despite Blacks being responsible for the majority of street crimes in London.
The left would have cops completely ignore statistical probability, street sense and their gut instinct, all in the name of achieving equality of outcome.
The reason that unhindered cops stop niggers proportionally more often is that niggers are proportionally more criminal and it's an efficient use of resources.



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