Competing with infowars idea

sup pol. Look. I want to compete with for the minds of their audience

I want to make a little news website, but more pol stuff like a lot of what we see here. Maybe it could take off.

and it would be fundamentally opposite infowars on all the important issues.

Now pol, I don't agree with exactly all of your bullshit, but we're close enough, I can overlook your flaws. but can we just agree on some things? I would love pol support for a organized offensive against infowars.

I want to see a news website that openly favors empire over republic. And also history, to resurrect old empires. In the same way as infowars has its talking points, and is a propaganda weapon, we'll do the same thing.

can we agree to favor the empire in all those old star wars films? We'll release articles saying that Obi Wan Kanobi was the one who killed padme, not Anakin. Yoda planted edited video footage of Anakin killing younglings, and Anakin knew this but Obi Wan was too stupid to believe him. But Anakin refused to kill Obi Wan, and only jumped up to the high ground because he didn't think obi wan would really kill him.

Stuff like this, we can get really creative and put a whole new spin on that conspiracy world that infowars tries to gate keep.

I want to take a new spin on the word infowar, and talk about something I thought we could call a Secret Agent War.

Make a little interesting documentary about how the secret agent war started, but just as one of the many different ideas.

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so uh where do you differ from Holla Forums beliefs?

Once had some faggot on halfchan try to tell me that InfoWars is a reliable news source and that Alex Jones doesn't discredit himself. You're dealing with a bunch of sensationalist fear porn addicts, user. Good luck

That my most lenient choice for any Jew is that he be "gassed last". I'm Christian and I'm down with Jews are bad, but we need freedom to be on the more lenient side of the spectrum.

Know what I mean? I want freedom to not bake a cake for Jews and hang no jews allowed signs in your window. Let's celebrate that as our bond, instead dividing just because I don't want to kill certain people


she died before she began

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No, you're not. Jews would be gassed first if that was true. Reported.

user, I’m a believer too. You don’t understand the jews of today are not jews in any sense of the word. These people are parasites, they want to see us dead and our children raped. You need to look into the synagogue of Satan. It will open your eyes to the truth, in closing, let’s not forget that kikes killed Christ, they hate Christians and they hate Jesus. Best of luck in your endeavor.

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Required watching.
Also, unless you are against the (((Jedi))), then there is absolutely NO way we are going to help you.
I know, I know…

so what do you think of

>unless you are against the (((Jedi))), then there is absolutely NO way we are going to help
yes, against jedi. Seems obvious that a jedi is a code for jew.

and im against luke, because the gospel of luke has the jesus birth in it. jesus WAS NOT A JEW.

well I guess that makes no sense since luke is vader's son. but the jesus birth angle needs to be on the list of things we agree on

Holy shit, you fuckers are a bit too new I guess.
Sage, request denied, nypa, gas the kikes, race war now.

^^^^ KIKE!
< attack a goy, for the good of goys!

Dude, that's retarded, infowars is controlled opposition for the weak-minded. That means you want to appeal to the weak-minded. Fuck is wrong with you?
Good luck competing with Alex Jones. Don't even come back and don't fucking tell anyone you ever were here. Faggot.

Organizing call ins like another thread suggested would be the best way to take Jonestein down.

Ok, I dont give a fuck who you are, where you come from, or how you got here. But that is an impressive roll user, may kek bless you and pepe bring you many a great trinkets for your words of obvious, agreed upon wisdom. You opened up your brown track, And from the darkness, you channeled a god. I am only here to say …

No need to compete. Infowars is perfect for planting a seed of doubt into normalcattle. Simply offer your media or memes as the next layer of truth.

user I don't want to gas Jews either, I just want them to have their own country so they can leech off of each other

If you're not baiting, kys you fucking zionist. 8/pol/ might continually degrading since ~2016, but some of the core tenets must remain unchanged.

If you're not baiting, kys you fucking zionist. 8/pol/ might be continually degrading since ~2016, but some of the core tenets must remain unchanged.

Look asshat Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians and so on if you've been here for enough time you'd at least know that nothing is gained by being an edgy nigger killer.
Nice double reply faggot hope that 0.02 cents was worth it schlomo

like pooville and russians?
it's rhetoric user, get with the program, you're a tool

If you read it, you'll notice a word change. It sucks to have to repost as opposed to edit, but it gets the job done.
yeah, no, kys. If you need funds to do it, here's this (you), it should be about 1/100 of what you need to off yourself.
As for:
Yeah, I remember the fag who spammed that, and it's a nice message, all well and good. But that speaks of Europeans, Africans, and Asians. You could classify kikes under Asian (middle-east, like UK arabs are asians), but it's a fact that they must be removed. Relegating them to their own country (with their shitty samson option + U.S. gibs) doesn't do much to them. Also, as for that message about "X for X place", it's cuck shit. It's a fine first step, but once a homeland is secured (e.g. Europe for Europeans), there is absolutely no reason to leave Africa to the Africans (which is slowly becoming Chinese).

Even European states will be primarily seperated upon the different phenotypes and I personally consider the middle east a seperate entity from "Asia" although connected by land. By that logic Europe is also part of Asia because it's connected

If we don't even have the first step complete how will we move to the second my point still stands user everyone should stay with their own, not so hard to understand now is it?

You sound like one of those American larpers who draws the maps of Europe with shit like Occitania, Silesia, Aquitaine, Bavaria etc etc indepedent even though those people don't want independence. Just leave Europe alone faggot, it will sort itself out.

Will it though, Europe doesn't have much time unless the Angry Goy awakens soon and that doesn't look likely at this moment. I'll stick to fixing America as it's bad over here too but I do have blood over there so don't think for a second it isn't my home too and that I will sit back and watch my culture be eraticated

Jonestein and his ilk aren't planting seeds of doubt, they're some of the biggest obstacles to becoming redpilled.

What are we, spooks? If you want to step on his toes then it'd have to be along the lines of Info-something

Move the Khazars back to Khazaria

Gay and stupid and nobody cares about it.

My guess would be that 3/4 of the people that consume infowars stuff ONLINE, already lurk here and halfchan. They are younger. That leaves the boomer faggots that call in when AJ does open lines as the only segment worth targeting. Maybe you could tell them things they hadn't heard before. Maybe not.

To truly compete with AJ, a person would need to be as compelling on-screen as he is.


Luke is the only gentile author of the Gospels.
Don't associate the good doctor, who also wrote Acts on the Apostle Paul, with Luke Skywalker.
Jews hate Paul more than they hate Jesus, apparently
Really though, religious D&C is STUPID.
I'm in favour of Positive Christianity, and I don't think the Christian Identity angle is productive (It's basically the White version of Hebrew Israelites–"we were the REAL Jews!") but there are a lot of good people who are in Christian Identity.
Basically, what needs to be agreed upon is a promotion of basic, European, Christian, and Pagan virtues, and staying AWAY from issues that divide us, whether it be Religion in general/Catholics vs. Protestants, Geography/Northern vs. Southern Europe/Anglos vs Continentals, etc.


Use arguments and tactics that are persuasive to the group you are targetting.

For instance:
America First
Anti-Media Censorship
Privacy issues (((Google/Facebook)))
Anti-Degeneracy (LGBT/Pornography)
Opiate Crisis/(((Sachler))) Family
(((Migrant Crisis/Multiculturalism)))
… etc. …
show (((who))) is behind all of these things, clearly and convincingly, but also in an attractive way.


It's already anchored. Don't be such a crybaby little bitch.


I'm cool with everything you're saying, except America first. Can America be re-interpreted as a land holding many diasporas until a future time when our lands are returned to us?
For example Europe, and Annatolia… are the lands of most white americans.

I mean, if we REALLY are serious about regaining our homelands; we have to respect native American homelands. It's going to be a tough sell propaganda wise, but I'm hoping to return to Europe myself one day after the war is won.

The concept of Secret Agent War is important. It's our attention grabber. To view the world war like this, will be exciting for newcomers, and key to competing for the infowars audience. I've been thinking a long time on the secret agent war concept. It's kind of my thought baby, I'm proud of. I think there is a lot we can do with it to gain a real victory in the propaganda war.

but Mark 3:17: James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James (to whom he gave the name Boanerges, that is, Sons of Thunder)

Sons of thunder. Sons of Zues. I'm thinking John was a greek. He wrote his gospel in greek. His church of Ephesus was in greek. I mean… I'm not buying all this Jesus Jew , everyone a damn jew from Christianity… really … maybe there is something to be said about not hitting those catholic vs protestant topics… but I really think this jewish Christianity stuff needs to be addressed. Fortune favors the bold propaganda. And I would think that Christian interpretation would be to pol's satisfaction. Jews would HATE for it to become common belief that jesus and john were not jewish. It's their whole ticket into all the religious glory. Take that from them, and they have nothing.

Kill yourself. We are the Americans, we are European, this is our Homeland



holy damn, those are fighting words. damn, ive never seen jewish propaganda hit so hard before on jesus issues. it must be frusterating when your enemy is jesus Christ, lmao, they never had a chancCe