Suicidal Liberals To Lay In Front Of Tanks At Military Parade

Liberal activists are planning to lay in front of tanks if President Trump holds a military parade.

Activist Arn Menconi issued a call to action Tuesday asking for volunteers to block tanks, à la Tiananmen Square, in order to challenge Trump’s “Military Authoritarian State.”

“We now have nearly 50 Americans who have signed on to lay in front of the tanks of Trump brings out a military parade,” Menconi announced on Twitter Wednesday, comparing the event to 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing where Chinese citizens protested the Communist government’s brutal oppression.

“We would go to Washington, D.C., if such a crazy and insane act occurred and we would lay down in front of the tanks, just like the heroes and the courageous students did in China in 1989,” Merconi stated on Facebook.

Menconi, a 2016 Colorado Green party Senate candidate, says he’s aware if he’s arrested he’ll likely be charged with a felony.

“In the next couple of days our voices need to be heard,” he said. “This isn’t a misdemeanor. This would be a felony charge under Donald Trump. This would mean being thrown in jail, just like the students in China.”

Other liberals on Twitter also melted down over the president’s proposal, predictably comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

While White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders did confirm Tuesday the president had asked the Pentagon to “explore a celebration” of the military for the American people, she said the administration is currently brainstorming but there are no current plans or a date set.

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Called it.

TL;DR suicidal libs plan to kill themselves in public like the attention whores they are.

I sincerely hope we have one, the salt would be enormous, and the left would show yet more people that they hate America.

The absolutely pathetic ego-stroking and virtue-signaling never ends.


Trump is not a fucking dictator, he's a civic nationalist wimp. I'm tired of hearing you faggots pretend this old cuck is gonna do anything of merit in such capacity.

Trump would sooner suck a dick than let a libshit come to harm, and you fucking well know it. God damn dude, the fucking shilling here is sickening, fucking reddit-tier.

They fucking don't, because Trump would never allow them to be harmed.

Yeah, you called it alright. Here, let me try: The Sun will rise tomorrow.

This is why no one takes liberals seriously. If they act up and get all moody people take videos for YouTube. When those students at Tiananmen stood up for themselves they risked their lives and a good number were killed. You can't relate the two because we have it so good in the US people think that having someone insult you is next to murder.

What's the clearance from the middle of a typical tank to the ground? It might be relatively safe unless they were under the tank tracks themselves.

Welcome to

how can you be so thick and self minded at the same time? it makes me angery

Sure is fucking echo-chamber in here m8.

Reality check: Trump lost the popular vote. Millions of libshits take libshittery very seriously. The idea that you'd sit there and say "nobody takes these people seriously" is fucking laughable - granted, nobody SHOULD take these people seriously, however, to suggest nobody does is just… Its sad m8. Delusionally sad.

Dude, they're not going to get anywhere near a fucking tank. There will be shit-tons of security to inhibit exactly this type of shit - its not like they're going to let some cat lady run out in front of a tank in the middle of the street.

So why won't they simply lit themselves on fire?
All of them.
Like one of these tards did in Poland

Hitler dubs confirm leftards should self-immolate.

Only an obvious outsider like you would say something like that. Any idiot can come here and spew whatever contrarian opinion they want, and they always do. For god's sake, we don't even like our own mods.

Schlomo please.

Aren't we beyond this? Who actually gives a fuck if some expendable good goyim do stupid shit?

This is a fact that (anyone who cares about the future of white americans) needs to take seriously. I don't know when it became fashionable to believe that our victory is assured, in a time when whites have never had LESS racial pride, but it needs to stop pronto.

You don't get to protest permitted parade routes. Sorry, that's an arrestin'. Well, at least you can have all the socialism your little assholes can handle in prison.

Run them all over

My god please let then get ran right over

There's plenty of space under almost any tracked military vehicle. An M1 Abrams has 19" of ground clearance. An M270 (rocket artillery, pic related) has 17". Even the Type 59s in the actual Tiananmen Square thing had 16.7", and they were designed in the 50s.

What has me more worried is the fact that there are 50 people who, at the very least, say they are willing to die for leftist causes.
What if, during a conflict, these 50 fuckers were to be suicide bombers? The Left has a thing for IEDs, and the Kurds have used them before and recently against the Turks

Someone else called it better, something like
- libs gonna tank man
- gonna get tianamened in response

Whoop Dee Doo you're a psychic. Or liberals are predictable idiots. Sometimes I think we've studied them so much we know them ahead of their own thoughts, it's like they come here to get ideas they would like (wouldn't surprise me).

I thought these faggots were maoists?

The sweet symphony of soys getting splattered, that is if the riot cops don't club the piss out of them and arrest them first

But these libshits are maoist scum.
Meme it.

Straight outta the playbook.
Bro, it was an echo-chamber as fuck statement and you know it. Stop being such a kosher twat.

Yeah, you're a cuckold.

I suspect its the result of the rampant pro-Trump shilling that transpired here after anti-Trump shilling was aggressively put down.
I mean, shit man, I consider myself a pro-Trump person, at least as much as a Holla Forumsack natsoc can be, but this shit of pretending the guy is a mixture between Duterte and Hitler is ridiculous - he's not. He's just an old civnat Boomer who seems - like all old civnat Boomers - obsessed with cucking to Jews and appealing to minorities (who don't vote for him).
Every time I think of Trump these days, I think of the cucking to Jews and appealing to minorities, and I remember these numbers, and I am overcome with disgust by the fact that the man can't even say the words 'White people'.

_Men: 34% of Total Vote
- 21.42% (of Total Vote) to Trump
- 10.54% (of Total Vote) to Hillary
_Women: 37% of Total Vote
- 19.61% to Trump
- 15.91% to Hillary
TOTAL: 71% of Total Vote
- 41.03% to Trump
- 26.45% to Hillary

_Men: 5% of Total Vote - 00.65% (of Total Vote) to Trump
- 0.65% to (of Total Vote) Trump
- 4.00% to (of Total Vote) Hillary
_Women: 7% of Total Vote
- 0.28% to Trump
- 6.58% to Hillary
TOTAL: 12% of Total Vote
- 0.93% to Trump
- 10.58% to Hillary

_Men: 5% of Total Vote
- 1.65% (of Total Vote) to Trump
- 3.10% (of Total Vote) to Hillary
_Women: 6% of Total Vote
- 1.56% to Trump
- 4.08% to Hillary
TOTAL: 11% of Total Vote
- 3.21% to Trump
- 7.18% to Hillary

_Both: 6% of Total Vote
- 1.92% (of Total Vote) to Trump
- 3.66% (of Total Vote) to Hillary



Yet people are trying to sit in here, pretending Trump is going to run over 'suicidal' libshits with a fucking tank… Get real. Those libshits are no more suicidal than you or I, in that they all fucking well know that Trump would never allow them to be harmed, let alone purposefully run over by a fucking tank in the streets.

user, that's all Trump's admin is or will ever be. This is it. I think more people, a year in, are starting to come to terms with the fact that we didn't elect a secret Hitler, we elected a secret Globalist cuckservative Boomer.

18 IS getting better and better

And then you have trash like this.
I swear, either we've got a constant team of meme-fags from reddit that have made this place their home, or we're getting shilled by bots.


Stay mad Mordecai

Do you have anything to add? Or can you refute anything in the post?


You're a grotesque lil cuckold, ya know that?



*Won despite millions of rigged votes

Dead people and pets don't count, heeb. Your day will come soon.

I reported your posts for spam too. Let's see who gets banned!
(It'll probably be me, which only goes to further support the claims that this place is bought and paid for by the Kush.)

They quite literall do m8.
Will that be before, or after, the DHS does something about the rampant voter frauahahahahahah, sorry, I couldn't help it.
Kill yourself you disingenuous cuckold.

See above you stupid faggot.
A vote being fake doesn't matter if you can't prove it - so why did Trump disband his voter fraud investigation committee and hand it off to that DHS under that catlady he inexplicably put in power?

I'm sorry guys, but this is weak-sauce shit. You're fucking pathetic is you're pushing this trash.
Fact: As far as the numbers show - cooked though they may be - Trump lost the popular vote. If you're so fucking triggered by that shit that you can't even recognize this, AT LEAST, shows that millions of people take this libshit kike nonsense seriously, you're fucking pathetic.

Arrest them for attempted suicide.
Or just continue driving, the tanks could go for some speed bumps.

Remember when people thought antifa was going to be labled a terrorist organization?
Yeah. Those were fun times.

We'll call it the "Prove You Hate Trump Challenge."


>(((f60e72))) doesn't deny he's a kike
What you fail to grasp is that rwds isn't a meme, it's a historical fact that's occurred many times before today. You're clamoring for the pencil pushers WE pay to do something, all the while shouting down anyone who tries to be level headed in discussions, and you've got it all figured out. Your hubris hasn't been this transparent ever in your life, and you know why? Because you and your handlers are losing control. The veil is lifting, and people will see you hanging on the street, as naked as you are here.

Hey Hey
Ho Ho
Self Immolation
Is The Way To Go

Now this thread is going somewhere

TBH I did not see this one coming. I thought their attack vector would be to demand prominent display of the trannie brigade.


Needs a slightly more pithy name, but that's the gist.

What truly fascinates me is.. do these shills really think that they wont be punished for their crimes? Even a couple months ago they could have argued they thought they were doing the right thing. But now? Now there is no way they can say that they were not knowingly participating in sedition.

The government may not be so keen on pursuing EVERYONE involved because of the sheer scope of the crimes being committed. But that doesn't mean that we are going to forgive or forget or all of a sudden stopped being legion.

I'd be more excited if there was any chance they were going to get ran over by tanks. At best they'll get arrested while shouting about their rights.

Okay there's actually some memetic potential with that one.

Dear God you're a delusional faggot.

Seems legit.

What you fail to grasp is that RWDS would be awesome. But there is no evidence of such forthcoming anytime soon in the US.
You have no argument, so you create a false opposition to attack and spew all this incredibly arrogant nonsense, all because someone popped your little balloon of delusion by reminding you that, contrary to echo chamber belief, there are millions of libshits in the US who take their libshit drivel very seriously.

What the fuck are you talking about?
Level headed? Cite the post you worthless kosher twat, because nobody has been level-headed in this thread - it was just a bunch of cuckolds like you accusing me of being a Jew because I dared to question your delusional narrative.

Yeah, yeah, but they aren't doing anything about it - and none of that has anything to do with any of the argumentation I've made.
You're just spewing rhetoric because you have no argument to make relative to the points I've laid forth, and you know it.

Also reported for spam.

Seeeeeeeems legit.

If any of you plebs have any actual arguments to levy, I'll be waiting. (You don't.)


remind me how tianemen squard ended? oh right, a flat gook.

The radical left in this country is literally so retarded as to believe that those people were simply detained. Also, completely missing the ironing that it was militant radical leftists who were running that particular parade.


#pranks4tanks challenge
We meme the left to try and disrupt the parade any way possible, under the guise of pranks?

Do you honestly think anyone thinks Trump is going to run over people with a tank?
Come on now lad.

Since these absolute madmen are plainly trying to mimic the June Fourth Incident, maybe they can go for the full Monty and experience the same ultimate outcome. I'm sure it would be a reasonable outcome for them and a healthier impact on society at large.

Those numbers don't lie. I don't know what it'll take to break past the standard Recucklican bait and switch tactics they've been employing for the last 50 years, but it'll start with completely dismantling the idea of "conservatism" as a positive thing.

I wish, but we aren't that lucky.

because there isnt an ever growing list of dox? Are you really trying to imply that?

Jesus Christ you are truly off the deep end, full-blown redditor syndrome.

Show me any evidence of anyone DOING anything in the vein you suggest, and maybe I'll buy it. Compiling names =/= RWDS.
We've been compiling names for years.

I think it's the former. Extremely low-IQ shitposting seems the hallmark of these reddit queers.


ohhh pffft

as if the rest of your faggotry didn't already prove that you do not belong here that one certainly corrects the record.


< I'm a brave hero for supporting the protestors in Tienenman Square
< also I'm a Maoist. Communism now!

yes, hard even for me to get my head around this one.

I believe it.

those text messages have you fucking sweating dont they?

Impressive call with the tank man comments. You really gotta marvel at how well they manipulate the collectivist elements within our society.



Bro, you're talking about the same people who argue that race isn't real and that White people are all racist and evil in the same paragraph.
They're insane.

Do you have an argument or don't you? If not, then save your reddit posts.

By a couple percent, and only after having lead in it throughout the entire election up to California where beaners voting illegally tipped the scales.

People seemed to be relishing this story before you came into the thread spewing (((muh Trump is a jew lover))) shit. That script isn't new, and it's boring. You also have some unrealistic expectations and are trying to gaslight people to downplay this parade because he's not going full GTKRWN. I was being hyperbolic in rhetoric because, quite frankly, when the hammer comes down, it'll be hyperbolic in ACTION. You need only wait for the day.

why should I supply an argument against your non-argument?


Actually, what I'd really like to convince them to do is to lie down in front of some tanks in an actual combat zone.

Who needs controlled opposition when your enemies are this stupid?

why even argue? It's patently obvious what that faggot is trying to do.

We do have people who lurk and may be not as wise to this territory, and it's good to scrawl directions on roadside signs from time to time.



Liberals are the reason we can't have nice things.
Of course on the flip side, their insanity is leading to a revolution that they cannot win so I guess it balances out.

Good God.

Jesus Christ man, are you just fucking autistic or what?
Since so many of you are getting ultra-assblasted over this, let me make this very clear for you: The point of said commentary was not to suggest Hillary's electoral victory was legitimate - merely to demonstrate that there are MILLIONS OF LIBSHITS and they take their libshittery very seriously.
Do you deny this?

I'm waiting. (You have nothing.)

Kek, no, cuckold. Its what you are.
And when did I say Trump is a Jew lover? I'm pretty sure my claim was that Trump is just a civnat Boomer who shills for Jews and appeals to minorities.
Do you deny that's the case?

Hahaha, bro, this thread is about the incredibly unrealistic concept of Trump running over libshits with a tank in the streets.
You have no argument, you're just going back to this same pattern of spewing really vitriolic rhetoric at a false opposition that you manufactured yourself because you have no argumentation against the statements made by someone who is less of a cuckold than you and willing to speak out against the reddit-faggotry which has consumed this board.

I'll believe it when they are hanging from ropes.

Yes, that is true, but they get paid a shekel every time someone replies.

Are you with the crew who spams like this in other threads?

That's nice to know
I wonder if heather the HamBeast would've fit underneath any of them kek

Nothing for what? What is your argument? All I see is blackpilled faggotry.






I'm waiting. (You have nothing.)


Dank memes fellow magapede!

You are really, really pathetic at this. -10 demerits and suspended from the team for 6 weeks. GTFO.

Thanks for playing.

thread theme

Calm down, rabbi. Just sit tight and wait for the mods to gas you.

I wasn't even making an argument, just reminding you that your day will come. And I was making fun of you for saying cuckold, instead of the much better cuck, you immensely Shakespearian faggot.


Actually no, I don't think he does. He expects Trump to continue the status quo, and the status quo is a selling off of Americas resources to foreign shitskins, while those same shitskins colonize our land. Therefore, it's of little use to invest so much time and hope into Trump, since he's just a symptom of white people's discomfiture with the status quo, not the instigating factor for it, and certainly not a motivator for whites becoming racially aware.
That day doesn't seem forthcoming. The ZOG is as strong as it's ever been, shitskin numbers grow every day, and there's no evidence of whites organizing on a racial basis (nothing significant at least). I think our energy should be really, really devoted to finding ways to make that organizing part happen, because otherwise we'll end up like South Africa or Brazil.

Got any natsoc gondolas?

Your only arguments are literal communist talking points.

Because of California and widespread voter fraud. The voter fraud investigation was completed months ago and will be released just before the midterm elections. It wasn't disbanded, thats just what was said. Just like we would never see emails or text messages or damning information at all
thats because so many fucking people are guilty that to arrest them before the public receives this very gentle red pill suppository that is being given to them they may fall for what ever bullshit the kikes try to pull. It is a guarantee that they will try to push that these fucks being arrested for treason is a treasonous act in itself. The kike infestation has been allowed to grow for so long that it needs to be dealt with expertly. This isn't even a case of "wait for Hitler" shilling because it took Hitler 9 fucking years to get things fully operational.

Of course hes not going to let the tanks run them over, instead he is going to have platoons of infantry trained in hauling them off before the tanks arrive in a very comical fashion (see my greentext) And thats if the retards are even able to get anywhere close to it.


Since I know libshits are incapable of thinking for themselves, I wonder if their (((masters))) bothered to mention to these little golems before sending them out on this errand that all the Chinese protesters were eventually killed like dogs in the street by the government?

Zero hits in the Jewish Surname Registry, I'm completely shocked.

Checked it.

I caught the gist of his post, and yes the numbers justify his statement a bit, but what people don't get is that most everyone who posts here are well versed in opsec, and we don't let the things posted here rattle our psyche. Personally, I'm implementing a plan to build a strong circle of like minded individuals, and influencing those around me to do so as well, and seek out restoration of our ways and cultures on a very silent level. We don't need a Holla Forums phone book, just some anons who are willing to go out into the world, learn a trade, make white babies, and be unyielding in their beliefs. That user has just been shitting up the thread with black pills and hasn't been contributing to this train of thought at all.

These leftist claim they hate cops as they claim they're fascist,the the moment you damage one of their nappy hairs they would scream for the police to come and help them.

I never understood this dumb shit.

2018 really keeps getting better and better

They probably don't know those ants in Tienanmen were pissed off their overlords were importing niggers.

Yep, censorship of Trump-neutral commentary is surely what will improve the board's quality.
You seem genuine.

Yes, son, that's the point.
You have no argument to make.
You're just an assblasted cuckold who doesn't like it when the echo chamber bubble is punctured. You weren't reminding me of anything - you were spewing empty toothless rhetoric at a non-existent strawman opposition that you created from whole clothe right in this very thread, because you have no argumentation to counter what I've said; the funniest part being that what I've said isn't even really anti-Trump, yet it still triggered the fuck outta you.

Wow dude, you are truly a cuckold.

Mmmm, those dank memes sure are spicy! Which subreddit did you get those from?

Hahaha, oh this should be good.

Yes! Yes, you immense faggot, I've already said as much!
You just keep repeating the same trash, like a fucking Jew, and yet you call me a Jew shill? Get real nigger!

Oh dude, come the fuck on. Do you have ANY proof of that, besides your delusional narrative of Q-tier redditor trash?
Now you're just being disingenuous, and, ONCE AGAIN, creating your own opposition wherein you cannot defend against the actual opposition levied against you.
I never suggested anything of the sort.
My point was that the voter fraud commission WAS disbanded - chessmemes aside - and there is no indication whatsoever of what you have claimed. The rest of your commentary is just more of the vitriolic rhetoric with no substance or bite.

Again, creating your own opposition.
What makes Trump a wimp is that he won't defend White people, who are LITERALLY 90%+ of his base - he won't even say the words 'White people'.
The fact that he won't run over libshits with a tank is to be expected, and doesn't really contribute to his being a wimp… However, if you're going to sit here and pretend that Trump would allow such to transpire, if you're going to pretend libshits are 'suicidal' in their claimed intent to shit up the parade, it being implied they'll be run over by tanks on Trumps command, you are delusional; and, further, the attacks levied at me for pointing out as much equate to obvious echo chamber behavior.
Exactly - I've been saying from the start, they're never going to get anywhere near a fucking tank.
My statement was that its silly to even pretend A) they'll get anywhere near a tank, and even moreso, B) that Trump would ever let them be run over by a tank.

You. Have. No. Argument.
Youre response to my commentary is to ignore what I say, create a narrative you'd prefer to oppose, and then attack that narrative which you created. Its fucking lame, pleb-tier shit at best, shill-tier shit at worst.
And you know it.

Do you deny that the popular vote in the 2016 election demonstrates that millions of libshits exist and take libshittery seriously?
Yes or No?

Copy+Paste you disgusting pleb.

You are full of shit. GTFO.

Why don't these liberals ever talk about how the Chinese government was murdering hundreds of people that day?

Because these liberals don't know anything about history man.
How are you this unaware of that fact?

You think even 2 in 10 liberals know ANYTHING about that events besides 'he was a brave man standing up to militarism!' or some shit? Fuck no. Libshits are fucking historically illiterate.

(((You))) sure do love to hear yourself talk. Also tl;dr your post. Have an insane liberal because apparently it's the bees knees to you.

The same reason they never mention the true evils that communism had perpetrated throughout history.

Sauce on that claim? Sounds tasty.

Wew user got one fast with this. Now I really need sauce.

Communism? Impossible, my irrefutable version of communism has never been tried, so communism has never existed before.

Actually the sit-ins went on for 2 or 3 months before the bullets started flying. A few high-ranking officials had their college kids forcibly removed that morning, then all exits were sealed and every single one of them were slaughtered in just a few minutes.

any more info ?

lel, you are such a cuckold m8.

That is to say, your pathetic willingness to let your interests be trampled upon by someone you admire is reminiscent of the pathetic state of the victims of brood parasitism as espoused by the cuckoo bird, wherein a mated pair of avian organisms winds up raising the offspring of another, said offspring having been responsible for the death of the true offspring of the avian organisms in question.

You are, in fact, more pathetic than the birds, however, in that you are intelligent enough to understand this and are not merely a victim of evolutionarily-derived exploitation of parental instinct; rather, you willingly subject yourself to the conscious support of someone you admire who does not pursue your best interest.

Suck my etymological cock you pathetic self-cucking pleb.

Given I've had to deal with red chinks over a business deal, they put it bluntly most of those students were there because their overlords imported chimps from former Rhodesia and as chimps will do they went all fiki-fiki causing the hivemind of the ants to get pissed off. Then the pro-democracy fucks appropriated said protest then the government really cracked down.

Its been posted a few times, I can't find it in my folder of fun stuff at this moment. If an user would like to give a hand it would be appreciated.

Don't you know?
Real communism is impossible with a human in charge. So sayeth the communist.

That's all I remember. Ofc the Internet didn't exist as a thing back then and the Commies blacked it out. But Western eyewitnesses reported that was how it went down. I'm sure it's well documented elsewhere.




Everyone just filter this obvious yid.

Is this to remind people of Tiananmen square?


No, they were a bunch of stupid college kids empowered by the growing Westernized (((influence))), and when the one young man was able to bring the entire tank column to a halt, the (((MSM))) exploded with the story and propped him up as a great hero. The whole sit-in grew from there, and thousands of these young fools died from it eventually.

That's their plan. However it will only show the public how anti-american they really are, so let them at it.

"What? You don't like the hyperbolic clickbait titles and rampant trumpism that is now the biggest cancer on this board? Why can't you criticize those kooky liberals like the rest of us? Don't you know it's republicans vs democrats? We have to vote and back our kosher certified candidate if we want to save the European races. Relax, and god emperor Trump will take care of everything."

False dichotomies. Illusion of choice. Traitors. Anons don't know how many levels of psyop we're on. Every thing is a lie. Start thinking for yourselves.

Wew didn't even think this would trigger ShareBlue this much


The whole point of the EU army is to have the Spanish men murder Germans,or French Murder Greeks.

The Chinese brought in men from rural China to murder the city folk.

Kek, are you on crack?

>and when the one young man was able to bring the entire tank column to a halt, the (((MSM))) exploded with the story and propped him up as a great hero.
Whats really funny is, two fold…

1. HE didn't stop the tanks. The men inside the tanks, who didn't want to run him over, stopped their tanks. Deserves to be reiterated.
2. He almost-certainly got a bullet to the back of the head within 24 hours of that event.

I'm starting to believe they're incapable of such.
Christ, the other day, I saw Trump saying how "polling shows 70% of people want DACA critters to stay!", and I'm like, dude… Polling also said you had no chance whatsoever of victory… I mean, does anyone buy this shit? And, unfortunately, yes, yes they do. Everything learned in the election has been forgotten, if it can be said that anything was actually learned at all.

Only cowards filter non-spam m8.
Thanks for playing.

They got literally turned into minced beef. And they were protesting the Communist regime, literally what liberals want to put in place now. What are they even protesting? Economical prosperity? Do they even know?

Guys I figured it out!!!!
Again, leftards with their to get run over!

Anyone have the webm of some sandniggers getting run over by a tank?


Haha, I just noticed that all your posts in this thread are about me and urging people not to listen to me.
Fuckin' pottery m8.

Someone has a friend! Delightful.

these liberals are gonna need a lot of concrete arm shackles
even then military police will just pick the mass up and haul them off

Technically they were turkroaches, which I'm not sure quality as sandniggers. I'd be interested to hear the debate on the matter though.

I figured it out

Liberals have a fetish over lol


They say they would become the tank man, but the rural soldiers were brought in. These leftist would gladly sick French men onto Greeks who've risen up to stop the Muslim invasion.

>leftists completely alienating the military/soldier/patriot voterbase and the average american simoultaenously, thus shooting themselves in the foot moreso

Just shut the fuck up, you'll never get digits.


Rolling for them trying and failing hard to pull another Charlottesville.

There is pretty much no difference between niggers and turkroaches.

Leftist crush fetish confirmed.

Use a trip so that my filter can catch your next prediction


You guys display a level of cognitive dissonance related to this board that is impressive to say the least. The non-sequiturs in particular cause me to reach for the popcorn.


There's no hyphen in non sequitur, it's latin.


Thanks I appreciate it kindly. Now GTFO.

Liberalism is a failed doctrine. It only succeeds in killing off those who follow it.

This gonna be good


Shakespeare invented the word cuckold for theater, the cuckoo bird explanation is bullshit and a cursory search through validated academic journals proves this. You are so ass blasted. Here you go, to your Donald Trump is a Zionist catipulating cuck who won't do anything against those who wronged him
Also other anons check this thread out too

While mislabeled, that third pic mural brings back many glorious memories. What a wonderful and magical night.

Do it, faggots. I want Martial Law.

God damn you are fucking off your rocker m8.
Nice (1). Great contribution to the thread.

Embarrassing lad.

[*cuckold rustling intensifies*]

>"Donald Trump's The Wall" channel:
Wew. Reddit as fuck in here right now m8.
Tell us more about how Donald Trump plans to get 'revenge' on… Someone… Probably with the assistance of his Zionist Jew son-in-law to whom his daughter, and favorite child, is married and breeding with. Don't actually do that, for the love of God, this thread is cringe enough as is.

Alright, I've ass-blasted enough Trump-shilling reddit faggots in this thread.

Daily Reminders:

So tired of these kikewave reddit fucks.

It's just a phase user. Next year they'll enter High School and grow out of it.

Explain yourself

Why don't you listen to the audio I linked before preaching? It's just a reading of his book. Stop being a faggot, I won't take your stupid bait until 33 minutes from now, so go listen if you're genuine. Cmon jew, do it for the (you)s.

How disconnected from reality are you?




Do you even think before you type?

I'm well-connected enough to recognize a redditor when I see one, redditor.

Thanks for your contribution of those super-dank maymays fellow magapede, it really spruced up this thread about how libshits are suicidal in wanting to shit up the military parade that our grand fuhrer is throwing to show our military might in that he will run them over with tanks surely! I wonder if Ivanka and Jared will get good seats! #MAGA

Maybe someone should tell them that the protests started because the chink students didn't want to go to school with government imported niggers

Kek. That bag of dicks looks like something straight off a Cannibal Corpse album cover. Art style is very similar.

It's literally an audio book, it's not original content you twit. Who cares just go listen. You can't because your boss will fire you or something?


This cancer is from reddit, it infected half and they have been trying to create a wedge here with it. This fagsthetic is cancer meant to grab the attention of adhd faggots and associate Holla Forums with the cucks over in the cancer ward.


I want to say it's literally medieval art, but I'm not sure. I would think it's a popular enough meme to find sauce.


Nice projection and disconnect nigger. Not that there's any obvious way to tell if someone's been here since 2014 like me or a dirty fucking newfaggot like you.

It's a little funny, I've been on image boards since 05. This guy is a wind sock.


Not with how the jews have been using it against them lately. Lots of crap in hollyjew, games, etc. are getting the treatment. Fuckers are using Holla Forums for their propaganda machine and the flashy lights and colors are distracting enough the kids miss the nuance and the honest truth of Holla Forums behind it all.

And those digits speak.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah, nah, sorry m8, i listened to the first few minutes and it comes off as bluster from an old civnat boomer that likes to do fucked up shit like have dudes wives on the line while urging them to talk about their adulterous activities.

Spicy fellow magapede! That's how you meme right there!

Seems legit m8.
If you have any actual arguments… Save them - you're too stupid of a cuckold to waste more time with.

Seeeeeems legit.


Same to you. That's a very nice post number indeed.


someone once said there's no such thing as bad publicity. maybe true, maybe not. but at least it's not spam of the demon cunt.

You can't take thirty minutes to listen to something before your confirmation bias kicks in? Man, life must be hell for you. Or you're getting paid per post, and can't take a break. And 2014 is extremely newfag, why would you even think otherwise? Jesus, get your manager to give you better notations on things if you're going to post here.

There is a guy who behaves in a similar fashion on a hobbyist board I moderate. He was initially influenced by Milo and Peterson. He only picked up on it, because he saw how effective their approach was. Those faggots are going to make their way here at some point.

I'm listening now you cuckolded faggot, and thus far he's done nothing but kvetch about some golfer, some twat, and now Martha Stewart.

What, specifically, am I supposed to be taking from this waste of my time?

All it takes is one seditious security detail and it could happen. Not like military and law enforcement aren't crawling with traitorous cunts to begin with.


This strat is old as fuck now m8.
Buncha (1)'s and (3)'s spewing "That's right I agree fellow oldfag that person who questions our shared redditor narrative is clearly a newfag shill jew!" shit is about as organic as a fucking dimension bereft of carbon.

good job mate
have you considered doing a shoop using the national mall?

Case in point


Jesus Christ this board is becoming cringe as shit.


Just listen to it all you ninny

2018's.getting better everyday

I'm now 10 minutes in, and absolutely nothing of value has been said in this video. Its literally nothing but some guy reading from Trump's book wherein he talks about - in truly Boomer fashion - how he totally fucked up all these people who gave him shit, in the book he wrote.
If this is such a powerful thing, why don't you dig up the text and post it, instead of making me wait for 30 minutes through this slow-read?

You've got 20 more minutes before I'm done with this shit, so, ya know, maybe think about that - if this is truly a valuable insight as goes the commentary, and the video is irrelevant, then the text, which can be processed much more quickly, must likewise be powerful, yes?

Can't you fucking explain for yourself what is of value in this?
Again, I'm 1/3 of the way through and nothing of value has been offered as regards your commentary…. Actually, what IS your commentary?
If I'm to be expected to take the time to listen to this reddit trash you're obviously shilling around, can't you be assed to take 2 fucking minutes and explain what you're expecting people to take from this video?

Go fuck yourself you fat nigger

Jesus Christ, now he's going on about Rosie O'Donnel.

Shut up reddit.

Its a travesty that you're not banned for this blatant reddit spam bullshit.

Until you punch the clock Shariablueballs?

Until I finish this cucky video being shilled by

You stupid twat.

And now I take a look at your ID and…

I swear to God, we've got people purposefully shilling the board as redditors.


Oh Christ, and the mods haven't been active in 9 fucking hours.
No wonder.

Will there even be tanks at the parade?
Most tanks are too heavy to run on normal streets without damaging the roads and the rest would have to be changed to rubber treads for the same reason.

I highly doubt they'd just allow some retard to run into the lines though, they would definitely have barriers all along the route.

It will be fun to watch. Leftards will either get beat up or run over again TOPKEK

Dubs confirms. All agent provocateurs and commies won’t make it anywhere close to our parade

There were tanks at the last one so I don't see why not.

>Trump: "Don't contact me again, you're a (((schmuck)))."

Seriously, what the fuck am I supposed to be getting from this?

Come on now 87ba0b, what the fuck am I supposed to be getting from this? Video only has like 10 minutes left, I'm 20+ minutes in and NOTHING of value has been said.

Also, this video is PAINFULLY diverse.

Teddy K tellin it like it is

masochistic tactics. Self-halted is a leftist trait.

And what does tell about you?
You have achieved nothing but sperged about reddit your whole shift achieving absolutely nothing.
It's hilarious.
That's because you're a fat sweaty stupid nigger.

What does it tell about me? Absolutely nothing.
Tells a lot about this board though - redditfags spam dank maymays straight from r_tD in a thread made by and for redditfags while the mods are MIA for like 10 hours at a time.

This board is a joke, and you're the punchline.
You got one part right though:

ALSO, I just now realized: the book this is a reading from was co-written by a Jew, and starting at 25 minutes in its just the Jew yammering on about how awesome Trump is.

In your defense of Donald Trump not being a Jew-friendly actor, 87ba0b, you cited a clearly-reddit-derived civnat video laid over an audiobook excerpt from a book Trump wrote with a Jew and wherein the Jew actually gets to step into the spotlight to talk about how awesome Trump is.
Again: What the fuck am I supposed to be taking from this?





Take some time to read the letters of Hernan Cortes to Charles V, or find a book that is close to the original material. It will provide insights on the difficulty of conquering a nation when a leader is vastly outnumbered. Insurrections are common.


What are you even trying to say here m8? I'm sure the material you're citing has value, but your utilization methodology comes off as chess-tier and I'm 100% over that drivel.

Why do they hate Trump so much? Is it because he's deporting trespassers? If I were them, I'd move to Mexico if I like Mexicans so much.


Great contribution.

Seriously though, they hate Trump because he was elected by a 90%+ White base, and that wasn't supposed to happen anymore, and he's barely deporting trespassers.

Because he's white.

If you haven't realized that many of these assholes are demon-possessed then you'll misunderstand most of their motivations user.

Be quiet Alex.

He's not? Then why do I see people getting deported?

Someone here is lying.

Just like the chinamen that inspired them, they plan to combat inflation, inability to participate in politics, and job assurance for college graduates. They plan to do this by attacking the guy who makes jobs, is not a career politician and is bringing big business back to America.
It's easy to sign shit online, nobody will show up. The few that do aren't ballsy enough to openly attack the US Military surrounded by patriots and possibly militiamen.

Fine let's all be alt-kike together. WELCOME REDDIT!


No more than those who came before him, no.

You probably don't, in which case, someone is lying, and its you. A fucking illegal was at that SOTU address ffs.

I won the election nigger, and all I got was this Nationalist-Globalist with a Jew daughter arguing that DACA recipients should get to stay because media polling says its what Americans want.



We agree then on the base issues, but I don't really see where the user is being blackpilling. What he's contributing is a damn sight more valuable than the magacucks relentlessly spamming stale election-year memes. The spamming is much more indicative of shilling than anything else in this thread.

Actually, should have said:

I'm glad you could admit that.

Liar. Look at this thread.

Now this? This has value. You can do a lot with this.

I'm sorry user, but no, that's not sufficient.
You are living in a delusion if you believe such to be true - we need MUCH more than what you've described.
Not that what you described won't be a good start, mind you, but… Well, its like Trump - if Trump is where this ends, if Trump is the maximum of nationalism (let alone ethnonationalism) that can gain power in the US does, its not blackpilling AT ALL to say that such just is not sufficient to overcome what we're facing; and by the same token, some Anons who are willing to be decent men will be a good start, and a help, but if that's where it bottoms out, well… Its like Americans bending over backwards to recycle, while everyone in China and India throw their used plastics into the river.

user, I have contributed some of the ONLY valuable material in this thread.
You know it.
I've gone against the grain, risked a ban, to say what needs to be said - because if its NOT said, then this IS where shit will end, because I see very little response to people urging Trump to go further, urging others to put pressure on Trump to go further, that doesn't reek of r_tD styled accusation shilling and what have you.
Its genuinely disgusting, and if I have to risk a ban to be the one mother fucker standing up amongst the crowd of redditor cuckolds to say "You're full of shit and here's why…", then so be it. And judging by this thread, I am exactly that mother fucker, and you desperately need to hear what I have to say.

woops, second part for

that faggot



Nice numbers user.




You guys have really started to overuse calling people redditfags recently. Half the derailing attempts are just shills accusing each other of coming from reddit now.

Yet, you do nothing beyond grandstand. If you have something constructive to suggest, then suggest it. Anons do what they want. It does nothing to bitch and moan about them not marching to the beat of your Drumpf.

be gone, you have no power here

But there is one sperg to rule them all. Know him by his post count and the REEEEEEEE you hear echoing in the distance.

Genuine anons don't spam the same images dozens of times in a thread. It seems like ones trying to get others to march to a particular drumbeat, are those "anons" endlessly spamming. It seems silly to accuse the anons calling out this pretty blatant shilling, of being shills themselves.
Ok, how about not acting like catty progs when called out for fawning over trump?


Cool man. Nice reddit meme you have there btw.

I have. I've been urging against civnat patriotardism from the start.
None of your ilk have had any response but the empty bitchings of someone who knows I'm right but doesn't want to feel like a cuckold and so create a false opposition to attack instead of acknowledging the accuracy of my statements and obvious righteous intent of said commentary.
Now, my counter to you: If you desire to engage in civnat patriotardism in reverence of Trump, then go where that is openly accepted, which is reddit.

Except that's exactly what your ilk have been doing this entire thread m8. You've done NOTHING but accuse me of being a shill or a Jew or whatever else, with no basis to do so beyond the fact that I questioned redditor narratives, bitching and moaning all the while whilst trying to present a brave face.
Its pathetic of you to try to employ such a disingenuous and obviously false narrative. You should be ashamed of yourself for your cowardice, but you can't even bring yourself to admit that you're a coward.

Neither do you m8.
Spam some more maymays. Maybe some more Cville memes?

Those are SUPER dank, right? Not Alt-Lite, real quality Alt-Right maymays!
You are terrible at this, and no attempt to present yourself as a legit will change the things you've already posted.


Can you name one leader that was elected to power then on day 1 of official power started acting as dictator or emperor?

If you can… care to tell us how successful that was?

Your solution is tone policing? Trump isn't Hitler. He can be praised when he does the right thing, and he can be admonished when he does something bad. Liberals laying in front of tanks sounds good to me. They aren't making a stand. They are laying down, which is a submissive position.

Last guy to do it was a nigger. Let's give a white man a try. Then we can compare success and failures hmmm?


Mugabe? I'm not super familiar with African politics sorry. Can you name a European or North American leader that was elected then day 1 started acting as dictator or emperor?



>probably doesn't even understand what the cuckchan filename means
Now that you mention it, I can't help but notice how every single image you have posted in this thread has a descriptive filename. I guess it makes it easier to use an image folder which was supplied as a complete item rather than being built up over time.


checked and keked

Checkin' these.

Oh yeah? I renamed this after I looked for pics of a "smug retard". Now I use it for faggots like you.

the bots broken and switching vpn again

I despise people who derive their power from victimhood.

also notice how this "poster" spouts the same bullshit yet doesn't offer any answers, just contrariness


No, that's the "anons" who shit out the same tired memes over and over. user above has explained himself many times, and is met with nothing but lame accusations of shilling (even though he's not the one spamming).

that individual says specifically,
>"none of your ilk

No, I'm not suggesting that, and I think you know that.
Yes, and when anons try and do that, they're met with le ebin trump memes spammed a hundred times, and accusations of "blackpilling".

Holy Schzit,
This guy has 59 entries in this thread alone


There's a reason a certain branch does buddy drags and fireman carries as a timed event every year.

Is he going for the high score?

The Trump shilling is completely transparent to me. Who else would be so devoted to Trump, other than redditors?TV watchers, lemmings

He will never be secret Hitler. Accept the fact, live with it and work on uncucking your country, fuckheads.

What are you getting at with Isabella?

some rename images as necessasry
often a timestamp is helpful

Go lie down in front of a tank, fags.

Fucking idiots. The people were ALREADY protesting and the tanks were CALLED IN by the repressive Chinese Government. China was not having a tank parade and a bunch of protesters ran out and laid in front of the tanks because that would be fucking pointless and stupid. I hope these assholes do try to stop the tanks and I hope the tanks run them over. Fucking infuriating.

its a bot
now its switched ip here

Holy Shit
Show up at Protests and shit that the left does with signs in Russian saying we are Russian Bots

Yeah, I deny that a retarded, cowardly, weak minority of a minority take their bullshit seriously enough to do violence in its defense.

ZOG is the weakest its ever been. The effectiveness, competence, and morale of the government decreases daily.

Yes. "Muh vote for Hillary" proves leftists are a strong obstacle as much as a YouTube upvote does.

Good job dubs man.

You mean the millions of illegal aliens who are illegally allowed to vote in California? All they need is a driver's license and they give them to illegals.

You can safely expect the reddit sperg to hit 100.

Roadblocks directed against goverment of public officials is illegal and yeah there is that bit about public safety.
Getting libshits locked up in mental institutions for safety of public and themselves

Oh the virtue signalling is strong in these.

And people said 4d chess was just a meme and not undeniable reality.

They are pathetic.How can they be so blind



will they have Israeli or American flags at the parade?

why would Mordecai be mad? he runs the country

Do they protest at gay pride parades too, or is it only where people who ensure they have the freedom to protest are parading?



Rapefugees have done this too, to protest their "oppression" of being held in detention centres instead of immediately being allowed into their preferred white country to receive infinite gibs forever. So a sufficiently dumb leftist might actually do this, especially because it's easy to survive when you don't use much accelerant and help is close at hand.

And back to page one we go.
Hope you're freech screeching in hell, (57)fag.

Suicide bombing doesn't fit the MO of the American left, the Kurds do it because of their race / religious martyrdom complex, not because they're commies. But yeah it's a little surprising that regular bombings haven't become a thing again like they were in the 70s. I think the big difference between then and now is that the left used to have far more unity, in a global revolutionary sense, around broad consistent themes like being anti-war and black empowerment. Now they're riven with divisions and the narrative changes so often that last year's protest symbol is now problematic (pink pussyhats), blacks are thrown under the bus in favour of illegal spics, likewise with fags for muslims, brown shitlibs protest "white oppression" even when they're marching with white shitlibs on an unrelated issue, you're supposed to not notice that the dems are warmongers and totally owned by Wall Street jews …

Oh, and who was behind that?
Every single time.

Of course he will never be secret Hitler. Not even Hitler was Hitler, because the Holocaust didn't happen.

They also think that men can be women and women can be men, or anything they wanna be.

Sure you are Chaim

plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz let them get run over by some rogue Holla Forumsack tank driver


I don't love his jew fetish but goddamn do I love that smug fucking face of his.


I can't wait for the pinko jew slime greasing the treads of our tanks. make sure to disinfect the bloodstains, it could contain AIDS

Leftards cofirmed for
Vehicular Blunt Object. Trauma Fetish

Crush ‘em.
Get ‘em out.


Nothing will come of this other than protesters outside of the parade. Do they honestly believe security is going to be loose enough to allow people to run out to military vehicles?

The fucking cheek of these cowards. The students weren't thrown in jail in China, they were shot and bayoneted, their bodies turned to jelly paste by the tanks and their remains hosed down the sewers ensuring they remained disappeared forever. They have the fucking audacity to compare themselves to people who actually stood against something! As if them lying down in front of a soldier who will do all they can to avoid hurting them is the same as a state out for their elimination!


Thank you user

What would they even accomplish if they succeeded. That they would cancel the parade?
They are going to have people watching anyways in case kids run into the street or something.


kek that dude from last night
it's like he truly believes the righteous don't have power here

I wonder when they're going to change "woman" to "wo(e)-people."

Kek. Such an obvious bait and liberals still take it. Veterans are respected even among most normal normies so this action is outright retarded, they will only antagonize themselves in public. Watching the spaghetti flow will be entertaining.


Stay salty Moshe.

I know who you are. I have been watching you not only for the past 24 hours but past 8 months. I know your schedule. You are a shit person. If I were to pass you by on the sidewalk while you accidentally get run over by a car, I wouldn't administer first aid

Hold on, how will this even work? Do they wait down the street in hopes the military parade will stop? Wouldn't some officers just take them off the streets early and make sure there are barricades stopping people from getting in the way? If they ran infront of the tanks when they are a couple metres away, they'll either get quickly pulled aside by some officer or possibly shot over a assumed terrorist plot. It's the god damn military, of course they'll be on the look out for anything suspicious!

I really hope these dipshits bring along an antifa and hammer/sickle flag. Can you imagine the optics when they still try to sell themselves as freedom fighters and tankman?

I'm laughing my ass off here

They figure if enough of them get there and push their way through someone is bound to make it and disrupt things.


fuck off reddit


poor salty bastard

what do i do? They ran over the ducks and stole the fob identifying me. They used it on the other truck to make it look like i was driving. They know i was paraschiz. They are using work colleagues as entrapment. They want to make me look mad or drive me over the edge. No one went to the police?!!! Not reporting a crime is a crime. what do i do. They are undermining credibility. What about the gangstalking last year??? contact

57 posts over four hours
im sure he would claim were all completly justified and in no way suspect






Huh, interesting. Never thought of it this way. Really makes me think.

I'm going to be in my damn 30's by the time this madman finishes his second term.
Seeing how fast 6 years has gone by is pretty scary lads, felt like just yesterday that the Trayvon arc was happening.

I can't decide which one I want the most.

I agreed with you but then you had to go and be a kike faggot and brought reddit cringe with you. fuck off back to reddit

It gets worse. Just wait until you hit 40. Then the panic sets in and you really want a change in a hurry.

Best timeline

The commie death option. The MSM would use the death and try to impeach Trump over it causing another mountain of salt from the left since they still have nothing. They will parade around images of the dead commie more than they did with Heather Heyer, and riot in the streets at all major liberal cities around the US

Where do we buy tickets to this event?
Also will be watching close enough to get sprayed? I need to know if I should wear a hazmat suit.

not if they were under the tank tracks they wont
not everyone can get a free ½ helicopter ride

What triggered you exactly Shlomo?

Not only that, he is fucking mixing up the replies to different threads. They must be putting in a lot of OT.

They didn't even run him over, they just arrested him.



Got im Himmel
© h e © k

Yeah the fat nigger really lost his shit for two days. I fear for his health.
Not, Kek

The fat nigger seems to.really lose his shit if you post vhs/glitchart. So I've been doing it intentionally lel.
He can't seem to handle fash/aesthetic it reminds him too much of Hitler or whatever. Fuckin hilarious

tank death. what they need to do is have the tanks go full throttle down the streets so that any attempt to block their path results in death due to the sheer momentum of the vehicle.

hm so that's why when he sperg'd on my posts and quoted them all twice he purposely ignored the two black spree posters meant killers but we'll roll with it
looking back and assessing the replies, i should have figured it was a rare high dollar nigger shill due to it's ignoring of the black killers and it's tendies to blow up about nothing
because it could read file names, actually got super butthurt about the laughing clinton mp4 because it implies collusion between russia and dems; it's ability to endlessly extrapolate like it was running out the clock, the intense dislike and immediate branding of all futurefash images as "alt-right," "cville," "reddit"; etc
reminder: your own autistic observations are helpful in identifying and cataloging shills

Precisely. I have been watching him and studying (well that's a lie, you cant study stupidity) let's say I've been studying my prey for a year.
I have humiliated the fat dumb negro on numerous occasions last one being a 14 day sticky. I have come to smell him through the internet. It's a foul odor. It smells of grease, stupidity and roadkill, urine and blood mixed with shit.
Anyways you are completely right
I'm amazed no one has touched him yet. If Kek wills it he will.choose the appropriate time

Another thing.
They get to the office at 9am. Start work at 9:30

He has probably returned stuffing his fat nigger mouth/presuming he even left the office lunch

No, you're just a fucking kike bringing cancer with you.

Trips confirm.

Compare this to the time f60 (Oliver ) went of started yawning about going home yesterday to establish workhour

It somewhat reminds me of that faggot who sperged out after the shutdown when the democrats demanded DACA. He went all sug of proclaiming that the republicans will cuck out and accept DACA. Boy, did he fucked his celebration that up, the dems cucked out and there was no DACA deal. Later on he went full autsim mode and replied almost to everyone which ended him having ~130 posts.

You're going to end up dead you fat nigger. Of heart attack. Mind the meth/saturated fat intake

© H e C k E d


Parent teacher conferences at school today kid? Does your mommy know you hang out on mongolian fly fishing lure exchange boards trading patterns with nazis?
You should fuck off back to reddit where they will encourage your stupidity so you can thrive and become a real shill instead of doing it for free here.

>MLP saved on your computer
You don't belong here.


I lost my shit.
This is you are a riot

either the medicine bottle is empty or it's a bot, but user I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doub….whoa! Wut? It posted that?! Here?

ed (you)rself there.

It was googled newfag. Pasting the addy where it says filename grabs a copy and uploads it.

As you'll note, the only one that doesn't have an [x] at the end is the named one which IS saved.

Go back to reddit cunt.

I dare these Liberals to do it. To stand in front of the tanks, and find you guys to punch the them so hard, they end up in the oven.

It would actually be a good protest if they pull it off. It would derail the whole celebration… however
They have no intent of actually doing it

I can't stop.laughing. I'm serious. Since I saw this picture I am laughing 15 minutes straight.

and this is the funniest thing I have seen in 2018 so far.
Things just keep getting better and better.

First time seeing it? FFS lurk more.

It's been said before. The cringe came from reddit. It's being pushed by jews. The jews have a vested interest in associating everyone with the alt-kike and making them look as faggy as possible. They are futhrer normalizing the style again in everyone's head so they can ride that nostalgia dopamine rush to throw shekels at the jews. Example of this have been provided but it isn't limited to hollyjew. It is forced as fuck and it isn't how memes work. At all. It has been stated some do it just because it irritates, like the rach cunt. No truth, no change, just a kike being a cunt.
That isn't Holla Forums

Back to the topic at hand, I hope a lefty is dumb enough and committed enough to hop the barriers and throw themselves under the tracks while it's rolling.

I like your glitch art, but not you faggot :^)

Back to the topic at hand, how do we solve this to metaphorically "throw them under the bus", or literally a tank in this case as they wish to do themselves?

Sorry user.

Capping intensifies.

I got on cuckchan back in '07. It's been great fucking up the Rothschilds ever since, lads. Also, you can tell if someone is a fucking faggot or not. That's about all we have.

Checked. It's about time these shills get RWDS'd.


That was a good thread. You could hear the shitskin coming out with the "you know what I say is true" "You know I am right" "You cannot argue this." kek

Back to.p1

Here is how it goes


are incredible user. I save all your work. Thank you so much. May happiness, protection, good luck follow you wherever you go


?! No. More like..

What's with the weird punctuation?



At least they aren't pretending anymore. Makes it even easier to spot.

Do you need a hankie Ollie?


He's a well-known commie tranny retarded faggot from Voat who goes by the username "antiracist". Real name Ethan Smith from Seattle. The moronic faggot's typing style and shilling methods are distinct. He was on meta the other day crying about the mods catching him ban evading and rebanning him.

The neo-left is incapable of martyrdom. They'll just run out in front of the tanks and the fucking cuckservative drivers will stop for them while they scream and start chanting their fucking slogans. The entire military parade would be ruined this way and everyone knows it. That's why the left is threatening to do so.

Well now we need to have one. I wanna see this.

I will pay to see this.leftists are so fucking beyond.retarded

I'm thinking of making a thread/general with list counterintelligence on shill organizations and individuals attacking us. To be made pernament sticky. Reply to this post how you feel about it. I have extensive knowledge, but if we could combine it all it would be weaponised.

we routinely have such stickies then they go away
check polarchive and if you have something fresh to add feel free to make a thread here

Great singer girl to redpill normalnigger using music

I'll look into it. What I meant though was reminding faggots we sting back when they land on page 1 do you know what I mean? Combining fear tactics with expanding our intelligence + knowledge at the same time. The thread would require dilligent modding. Does it make sense?

Attack vector list. Standardization.



get cucked libfucker

Never underestimate a liberals drive to self destruct, user, especially while in the process of virtue signalling.

Checked kekked and wrecked.

Where are we going to store all of that salt?

Looks like it's already happening. Top comment from Faceberg on a post from Trump about signing the most recent budget deal:

"Our military is already stronger than the next seven countries in the list below us combined. This is a bad idea, and scary with the mindset of someone like yourself in office. I only pray you don't send our soldiers into action that will bring dishonor to their service. Much like the way you have represented us around the world, has brought shame upon our nation."

Lots of people ripping into that one, including people with relations to the military.

I made a lake saltier than the dead sea with all the salt I've harvested. Fucking kikes are salty about that.

I was on facebook and say this shit.. Pic related.. and fucking luled so hard I swear to god. These niggers are so fucking retarded they think the snow is spose to be packy when its 13 degrees outside and the snow just came down last night. my freakin sides. there are actually white women breeding with subhumans and they are actually this low IQ.

Da snow is rayciss n shiet

this is the point though. it doesnt matter that the "trump regime" isnt actually fascist. they want to literally sacrifice themselves so that trump will be seen as a fascist. it wont work obviously because this is america, not china, and they will all just be arrested and then put on FBI watchlists (i know a couple kids who got on lists just for being arrested at protests).

the funny thing i see is that these morons are actually dumb enough to compare them getting arrested at a dumb parade to tienneman square. you would think literal maoists would know a little bit more about their ideologies history than a bunch of cyber-nazis, but i guess not. they will be arrested and then quickly forgotten about by all but their close friends.



how the fuck could someone be this stupid? and with kids too. goddamn, those kids will be lucky if they can learn to read before middle school, theyre fucked.

also, do these idiots think this has something to do with global warming, or trump, or what? who do they think changed the snow? whitey? im confus


We can learn quite a lot from that failed coup.


all we have to do is rape them while they're laying down, it's a fullproof plan



They'll have to fight past rows of police and service members guarding the sides of the parade path for this very purpose. And the tanks can just move around them. Tracked vehicles are actually very mobile and can even turn in place, they would have no problem maneuvering around any stupid protestors.

Checked for Tiananmen Square 2: Crushed Commie Boogaloo.



Dope af tbh fam, thanks for posting both of those.


What are chances we can include fire fighters in this parade too so their trucks' hoses can spray disruptors with high pressure water?

Stupid soyogys
Eternal lulz


>leftards just lie down in front of the tanks

Donald Trump is a stable genius. He knows his enemies hate him with a blind, unreasoning hatred. So what does he do? He wraps himself in the flag and stands next to America's Heroes. Now, the hatred thrown at him by shitlib America-haters inevitably splashes off his shoulder and onto veterans, police officers, factory workers, coal miners, black people with jobs, Christians, property owners, taxpayers, entrepreneurs. . . The list is endless.

Those people notice shit like this, and footage for the commercials going into the midterms will be filmed from overhead as "nearly 50" fishbelly-white upper class progressive LARPers throw themselves in front of an American tank, crewed by no doubt very diverse working class American soldiers, to protest white nationalism and elitist politics.

Trump has helped the left flip itself over and put itself into a terminal joint lock. By opposing Trump, the Democrats are officially the party of perverts, traitors, criminals, illegal immigrants, high taxes, job-killing regulations, lying media zillionaire lesbians like Rachel Maddow, obnoxious pricks like Bill Maher, even more obnoxious celebrities like Meryl Streep and Jim Carrey, big banks, al Qaeda Iraq, a new Cold War, nuclear annihilation, Jews, globalism, the EU, apologizing to Saudi slave owners, dirty money, political corruption, pettifogging gun restrictions that don't do shit but fuck with normal people's lives and cost them money, high-profile phonies like the Clintons, shutting white people up, BLM, antifa, riots, arson, misdemeanor HIV transmission, refugees, open/poorly policed borders, Justin Trudeau, screechy feminists, and possible vampires, werewolves, and the plague.

Fucking hell. What a timeline.

So same as (((liberals)))?


This user gets it



trump is a jew





we're gonna need some panzerfausts and mg42s

If they knew the history of their ideology, would they still be Maoists? Unlikely

This is mine.

Gotta' hand it to him, Trumps a genius.
He plays the left like a fiddle.

First he gets the Dems. to shut down the gov't by placing illegals over Americans. The left goes bonkers and come out looking like the anti-American haters they are.
Then he does the SOTU speech and shows the country how much of anti-American haters the Dems.are. (Espically the CBC and that mexican Gutiérrez)

Now he wants a big military parade and the left is going 11 level hysterical. (I'll post the ones I know of here with this post at the top. there's A LOT and I'm sure I won't get all of them, but you'll get to see TDS at it's worst)

Now I'm not one for jingoist patriotism, but for this I can see it's value.

1) Putting on a good show is neat. We spend a bunch of money on the military, letting us see the toys it bought would be cool.
2) The ppl in uniform will love it and remember it come Nov. as will their family and friends. (yeah, sure the left will find some vets or ex-officers to be against it. Shit, give me time and I'll find a gay guy that voted for Trump and is appalled by gay pride parades)
3) All the demonstrations by the left and the certainty of antifa, BLM, etc. showing up to break things and give bad visuals will paint the Dems. as pure full blown anti-Americans
4) Watching the Dems. spokespersons get on TV to condemn the parade and try to defend the protesters will make hours of amusement as they dig the hole they can't get out of.
5) Scum like McCuck, Graham, and Flake will try to signal against it. Alienating the establishment wing of the GOP even more from the new base of the republican party.

All in all it's a win in every way for Trump, patriots, and the country.

Be sure to strip the audio and upload it shortly after whatever parades Trump has planned. I will kek heartily when CNN is playing this video calling for impeachment


I know plenty of gay guys against gay parades.
You wouldn't know they are homos because they aren't delusional lefty's who display their bedrooms activities on their sleeves.

I agree, we need threads with that info on Holla Forums catalog not just in some backroom archive.

Cherrs I'll get to workin on it tmorrow. Meanwhile see how I am BTFO'ing Shareblue in Trump's budget for 2019


Meme a Sargent Stubby float!

Dead libtards



Explain why you haven't killed them.




good hope they get flattened

I don't know I lean left economically and I am a military fetishist

you first, Europoor


Actually, there could be if they are dumb enough to try this. A tank driver's field of view is very narrow. He'll see you when you're a way ahead, but if you walk out as he's fairly close and lay down in front of the tank you'll be underneath his view completely.

Given the slow speed tanks on a military parade would be driving at, I could see some of these idiots thinking the driver has plenty of time to stop and doing exactly that. It would be glorious to see them get squished.



No dubs. We all gon die


Good idea