1929 crash occurring? DOW down over 4%. S&P 500 down over 3%, the largest global markets all down…

1929 crash occurring? DOW down over 4%. S&P 500 down over 3%, the largest global markets all down…


Wow look at that. It's fucking nothing.

Everyone said there is a correction due. A correction is 10%. MSM hyping normal market activity as the end of Trump.

gonna go ahead and check those stock crash dubs

We are now below 24000 points.

Such an awesome thread OP. Love the effort you put into it. Get the fuck out and don't come back, cocksucker.

check em

It's fine. This is just the end of the fake Jew Economy. trump has our guy as head of the federal reserve (first non jew in 30 years), we'll be fine.

Are the jewish globalists even trying?

Just a correction following a risk aversion event, lads.

It's high before it's low.

This is a good thing. America needs another recession to knock itself on its ass to kickstart industry again. China will surely suffer far worse than anything.

Lets keep this thing going! Sell, sell, sell! Convince/fearmonger others into selling. Perhaps the automated trading computers can be tripped with enough activity.

They most likely got tripped with the last selloff we had earlier this week. Thats why the markets appeared to stabilize before this happened again.

The only thing America needs to do is exterminate niggers, jews, and military personnel.

ok i will indeed check these dubs… good advice

Ah that would make sense. Any thoughts on how this system can be exploited?

They said that in 1929 too. It was much-needed "medicine". It wasn't. It was a disaster.

sure about that? he worked at the same law firm (werbel & mcmillion) that groomed a george bush pick

Why does OP suck dicks like it's going out of style?

Trump had a long time to make his pick, & the market crashing the same day he was announced as the new head makes me think he's doing SOMETHING right to get the merchants so rattled. Have faith in the president.

What's your complaint? Can't handle the truth?

Too many kikes. It's their game. But that doesn't mean we have no methods of striking back.

2. There will always be some truth that can be memed to our advantage, particularly in Israel.
2a. Their PM may go to prison for fraud
2b. They shut down their binary options scams, because the FBI has started to come after them. Basically, binary options look like they are a cheap way to invest in the stock market, but are settled not on the stock market, but on an intermediary which they control :^) So what's to be done? Spread the association with this, in Israel. The idea of fear. The sense that financials must be sold ASAP (bets to avoid actually saying that - just inspire fear in things).

criminally underchecked dubs dubs

no faith. been down this road before.

Turn off the TV pleb.

It was followed by the greatest period of economic growth of any nation in world history

Powell has a track record that you can look up yourself.

the DOW went back up ~1000 after it fell on monday; it's fluctuating, not steadily falling at least not this week

You're talking WW III m8

Last time -666, this time -1033. Whatcha noticing these numbers for eh goy?

It’s fucking nothing. The jews will never allow it to crash again, ever.

Yeah, World War II. Not ✡FDR’s✡ policies.

It WAS much-needed medicine, until FDR came in and started fucking everything up with years of Communistic central planning.

What did your great grandfather do during the depression?


what is the significance of 1033?


It had to have 33 in it, but be large enough to notice. Perhaps we'll see 322 tomorrow.

Oyyyy veh!!!

Jews and Nazi's waging eternal esoteric warfare.

Checked and checked.

Nah. The new Fed governor has stated his policy of raising interest rates to slow down inflation which increases employment & wages long term. It hurts the fuck out of financial markets since it means no cheap cash(fractional reserves) entering the economy through lending(home loans & refi). That cheap cash was calculated into economic modeling used by companies to plan for future opportunities and investments. So higher interest rates made a bunch of opportunities(low return investments) unprofitable.

Basically the jews got jewed and are selling their shares to balance their books.

Please let it happen. Blood in the streets! Kikes jumping out of windows! Fucking cannibalism! REEEEEEEEE!

Supposedly over interest rate hikes?
Kikes initiated this crash on (((Yellen's))) last day as Fed chief.
I'm thankful (((they))) were so obvious about it. History will be extremely clear as to the (((who))), what, where, and why this happened.


Absolutely underrated.

Have none of you actually witnessed a crash before? Are you all this new here or just bored and need a happening. Stop looking at points and instead look at the percentage of the crash. And then realize how retarded you are.
Less than 40 days hot damn. Kys OP


Agreed. The way the market's risen in the last decade, a drop of a 1k isn't shit. We'd need a double digit percentage drop in the span of a week to have any meaningful change.

I got bad news for you, fam. If the (((stock market))) is crashing you can bet the kikes are behind it and are prepared. Showing a strong white nationalist fervor throughout the country will make the fucking kikes jump, though.

China opens in 30 minutes.

guys i invested in israeli stocks because jews love money like they love auschwitz and jew stocks are down too. now i;m broke what to do where did i go wrong?

Playing Jew money shuffling games is where you went wrong.

Why did the market crash the day after the memo was released?


true, but not as bad as the rest of us. You did good goy.

This is what they want to do. They cant pull it off any more. We control reality.

Shaking loose the weak fleas. This has happened before as well.



-70% at worst point


I don't even

Also SEC shilled crypto

I can't believe that was twelve years ago. Where does the time go?

Prove it with something from the article.

Once the plebs are starving, the people who made the massive gainz gaming the market are going to be targeted on mass. Hungry normalcunts get dangerous real fast, I wouldn't want to be seen in a new lambo when people are eating cats.. They'll hang themselves with their own greed sooner or later fingers crossed

Me too bro, but that 8% drop is almost certainly bigger than crypto's entire market cap several times over - and there's a very important difference - bitcoin can't go bankrupt. Bitcoin doesn't have millions of customers relying on a service, it isn't integral to maintaining the status quo opposite infact... Bitcoin isn't in debt. If it drops to $1.00, it'd still be bitcoin. It'd still be functional. 10% is bigger margins than most companies operate on. No company in the S&P500 could shoulder 70% losses.

The stock market crash down to 7,000 ten years ago. It's so ridiculously hyperinflated right now it could drop literally over 9000 points and we would still be near the ridiculously inflated numbers of ten years ago. Also the market is fluctuating wildly both up and down, not crashing like a rock.

That's what Occupy Wall Street was. Why do you think the Jews crashed it with SJWs and feminists? They knew they were being targeted and had to do something to disperse them, so they threw identity politics at it until all the actual organizers threw their hands in the air and walked away. They've been kicked out of hundreds of places throughout history. This time will be different solely because, with the advent of the internet, their historically dirty laundry will be aired out for all to see and they will have nowhere to hide.

Those commie soyboys were never going to so much as throw a rock at a window.

Think of Occupy as the precum. Yeah, the kikes subverted it, but I'll bet their assholes were twitching for a minute. Once people really have nothing to lose, they won't be occupying.. they'll be ropin' reeeeee

Its anudda opium war.

China back trading. I'm rooting for -100%.

Even if the market doesn't crash, stocks will remain relatively flat. There is enough fear for that.

Shemitah was real, just a little off on the timing


We must secure the existence of our waifus and a future for pepe tadpoles

rolling for total collapse

the 2015 shemitah did happen
nigs just too poor to see it
and as it is affecting them, the immigrant mass was also ongoing that year


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the ancestors and the gods watch you in everything you do, child



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how will boomers and jews ever recover

Thats simple user, they'll make it your problem, and hand you, your children and grandchildren a bill like every other time.

stop talking like some nigger reading a kike script on a tv show

sage your shitposts user

Yep, plus Wall Street isn't "the economy" or even a good proxy for it. The increased employment, wages and job security that Trump is bringing about are actually bad things from the perspective of the kike casino.


Stocks always eat shit around February and august-october time frame.

checked for truth
the market is kiked up anyway, it would be more stable with better money and rules
Yeah, jews want to be free to rob and plunder through market and state means, that is why we want them dead
I know a kike somewhere is reading this, I hate you


Opening bell at 9:30am EST. Supposedly +200

US: Opening highs erased.

Bouncing back?

a jesuit is not my guy. you must be speaking on behalf of the kikes, because he's definitely their guy

He is just a front, he doesn't even get to know policies of FED fully. Read more in Web of Debt by Ellen Brown.

Kudos on picking the hottest chick in all of the flying circus episodes… always wanted her

so what "super shemitah" happened in 1966? oh, none? that's right


we want red numbers right?


pretty much. the public pension obligations are particularly annoying because we get (((taxed))) to pay for a bunch of crusty (((union))) faggots.
I just want to know what fucking growth those agreements were predicated upon? Jetson's flying car, cities in the sky-tier growth?