Classical Music

Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Haydn.

What do all of these names have in common?

How long do you think it will take the left to start attacking classical music for being too white? Most, if not all, of the world's greatest and most well known composers are white Germans.

Are there any efforts amongst the lot of y'all to prepare a counter offensive to what might be another culture attack? Jews have already started soft-banning art in areas where they have most influence. We can't let them assume they have this chance with music too.

White snow

They already swear they were all black so…

nice try, mud, but your 56%ness doesn't work overthere.

Just give me your dubs and nothing will happen to you.

Why does your pic include Giuseppe Verdi?

(((Jospeh Green)))

Are Italians white or not?

Hard to say. On one hand, they would obviously want to destroy something as culturally important as this. But on the other hand, they have succeeded in preventing the average person from having any interest in classical music. Would they want to risk putting the idea of listening to it instead of degenerate (((modern music))) into people's minds? I really don't know.

I predicted this to my semi red pilled fiance months ago while walking home from Die Zauberflote and sure enough I just saw some shit recently that the Boston Symphony Orchestra was attacked in the pages of the Boston Globe for not having an inclusive enough repertoire. One of the truly last bastions of unmolested high European culture is finally getting attacked…

Anybody who says Italians aren't white is a D&C kike. But consider - if as far as Persia and Egypt there were light-haired, blue-eyed whites in the past, Italy was probably a lot like Germany.

They won't, because they don't need to. If people who like classical music die off, the fact of who did it is irrelevant.

Nignog, they have already been denigrating classical music for years.

It has been so significant that many haven't heard of it.

OP I seriously cannot believe you wrote all that and failed to observe they are all men.

Same thing they have done with country music. While it still can get fairly degenerate, country music is at least white. If you listen to classical, then you're some weak nerd. If you listen to country, then you're some toothless yokel. Just like they have tried to convince people that rock'n'roll and jazz originated entirely from niggers.

yeah no

what is public perception

Good thing about classical music is you can't get any new composer into it. Even someone really good can't really be compared to those whose work survived the test of time. So they can't simply dump money into nigger musicians as even if those interpreting it are niggers the composition isn't.

I don't think classical is associated with nerds. Snob and old, maybe, but not nerd, if I had to say one type of music is for nerds it's metal, but it isn't associated with nerds since nerds aren't the main group into it. While rock did have influence from niggers as you said plenty of it was White, rockabilly for example only had White guys (it wouldn't have hillbilly in the name otherwise).

Country music is kinda meh when it's good, godawful at worst.

With Jazz they did it, but Rock is pretty well known by bands without niggers.

Vivaldi is Italian, Verdi is a kike

inb4 hildegaard von bingen

I'd say EDM would be more associated with nerds, really.

Nobody ever wants to admit that Bill Haley had the first rock'n'roll song with his cover of "Rocket 88". Always got to claim it was some nigger.

And that's the issue. Jazz comes from Italian folk music mostly. Also, don't listen to any country newer than 1970s. It all turned to shit after that

Pretty sure she doesn't count as classical, but okay.

These days it's for the hipster/chic geek groups.

As interesting as that is as an artifact of history, the difference between rock and jazz is, there's plenty of jazz bands with niggers (because jazz frankly sounds like a drunk hobo messing with orchestral instruments), but rock doesn't have many niggers on it, even today (they're all doing rap and hip-hop, which sounds like the hobo but without the orchestral instruments)

Country is overrated.

The best music is *Western**!

They tried a couple times. Never seemed to catch on.

Its too white for a black artist. White music is the strict progressive one, blacks do well with a punkish, almost improvisational erratic beat. That's what jazz was, and why some say rock and roll, often characterized by this style, was invented by niggers.

EDM is a marketing term kike

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Where the hell have you been? Since the late 19th century jewish academics have been attacking classical european stylists and promoting atonality, serialism, minimalism etc. Think about Cage, Schoenberg, Steve Reich, Xenakis, Phillip Glass (mostly jews). This happened across all art forms starting 120 years ago.

doesn't mean it can't be co-opted

This explains a lot

Well, shit. News to me. Electronica, then. I dunno