AZ Airport Baby

So a woman leaves her freshly newborn baby at the airport saying she cannot take care of it. But she can afford to fly.

Also she is carrying a head rest. You would think that airport security would have a passenger list & security filming of passengers.

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If she left the baby at a fire station she wouldn't be in trouble, but she looks nonwhite so no surprise there.


No shit, that looks like an anchor baby. Think about it, instant US citizenship without ever proving where it was born…

Maybe you should keep your legs shut, cunt. Jesus man, how hard is it for women to not get pregnant? You can get tons of free condoms easily, you can still get off without having vaginal sex, or you can just keep your fucking legs shut you fucking whore. I don't see Daddy around, no surprise there.


Even if they ever bust her, she'll be given a wrist slap because muh_postpartum_depressions.

OK to leave an infant with a bunch of freemason pyromaniacs? fts.

There's more than 15 birth control methods, most of them with less than 5% chance of having a baby, some of them even work a day after sex has occurred, but bitches still get pregnant. And some of them even have the nerve to use the "Oh, I forgot to take muh pills", sure, you forgot to take the pill that prevents you from having a child that will need your attention and care for 18 years MINIMUM.
I can't even comprehend how there are women that get raped and don't use the day after pill.
Maybe it's a biological thing, where they think that the male partner will stay if they have a child. Degenerate women use children as an emotional trap to keep men and their resources, and in countries where there's a crazy-ass welfare system like the US, to have enough money so they don't need to work.

I want to smugly argue with you. But dammit your right

Shitskins likely wouldn't get pregnant if they weren't paid to.

not sure if you all are aware but i just heard 6 gorillion jews died like 80 years ago, just keeping ya'll up to date

She's probably the recipient of a free airline ticket to shuffle around minorities to wherever (((they))) want them to go.

Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to make baby abandonment non-criminal and even protected a good idea? Even worse in a state that has a huge problem with illegals.
A mother that doesn't want her child should go through proper foster and adoption proceedings and have the child placed in a home properly. No more of this dropping a kid off at a door ringing the bell and walking away. The mother should be on the hook for the support of that child until they are 18 to include garnishment of wages just as any man paying child support would be required.
Make the penalties for the fuckheads that go back to being animals and dumping babies, killing them, etc. much more severe. Coddling doesn't work.
Christ almighty the spics are dumping their anchors into the hands of the state and forcing the financial burden upon the people for at least 18 years not counting the beans they sprout up until they are "adults" and it won't be oh so cruel (where's my fainting couch) to mail a spic home.

Can somebody explain this for a non-burger? Is it legal to just drop off any unwanted children you might have at fire stations over there?

All those laws did was make sure shitskins that would have been dead because of their nature, survived to become a burden. Whites weren't really the ones dumping babies after having them.

Sadly the libshits created laws to do just that. No repercussions because "it's better than having the baby die in a dumpster."

They have dropboxes there & they can't do shit legally against the parents if they leave em
I recommend putting firecrackers in them for fun

looks like a gook mix, decent body, would bang and disappear


Its a good & bad kinda thing
I think it should replace abortion
There should be repercussions of some kind, but the medical expenses & ripping you apart is pretty good enough for now

Checked my man


Of course you would, you're a nigger.

The thing with the 14th Amendment is that it specifies those born in the "United States", which in US Code, Constitution, etc. ALWAYS refers to the US Government and its territories.
Really says:

I didn't know this until last week. So, all those border jumpers who stop in Texas, California, Arizona, etc. are not citizens by law. There's no "wiggle room" here.

The specific meaning of the language of the clause was not immediately obvious. In 1884 the Supreme Court of the United States in Elk v. Wilson, 112 U.S. 94, held that children born to members of Indian tribes governed by tribal legal systems were not U.S. citizens. In 1924 the Congress extended citizenship to all Indians by passing the Indian Citizenship Act, 43 Stat. 253, ch. 233.
In 1898 the Supreme Court in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649, ruled that a child born in the United States to non-citizen parents was a United States citizen under the Fourteenth Amendment.

The second set of supremes went against the intent of the law. A specific law was created to grant indians citizenship, it was never the intent to change the meaning of the law to allow any child born on American soil citizenship.
We got fucked back then.

Hell user, the pill is old school now. They've got the patch which is applied once a week, NuvaRing which has to be inserted once a month, and Depo-Provera which is a shot given every three months. Fun fact on that one, continued use (a few years) can lead to early onset osteoporosis. Women are so degenerate now that they're willing to trade their bone health for unprotected sex.

t-thanks mister shekelstein

Buyer got spooked? Same shit as the Super Bowl DHS suitcase being 'discovered' by a CNN reporter on a commercial flight, or SS leaving a laptop with Trump Tower blueprints in a cab.

Holy shit you americans are evil… fucking hell, hopefully one of the firefighters adopt the kid? Or does it go to a california home with tyrone and jamal?

Of course not. They are turned over to the state authorities.

If the baby is non-white just dump it in the trashcan

doesn't make a whole lot of sense, why would yo dead drop a baby at a fucking airport. i never understood that hollywood shit. "big drug deal? let's do it at the airport"

They get sent into a adoption agency
Pretty sure most countries have the same shit
Its just a safer way to dump babies than other ways, eg. baby in basket on doorway, its where the idea came from anyways

Source of screencap?

Actually, there is a stunning shortage of African-American foster and adoptive parents. Almost none want to take in and care for a child that isn't theirs. Whites make up the vast majority of foster/adoptive families in every state.

It's an unfortunate reality that African-Americans still aren't represented as they should be, due to white supremacist racism.

This is absolutely a human trafficking dead-drop. I'm pretty sure there is a way we can figure out what the dead-drop spots are for all kinds of things, if we put our minds to it. Then, we can camp out and wait to see who/what comes by. I'd love to say hello to some CIA niggers… Booby traps can be fun!


What's the redpill on the adoption system? Do (((they))) make sure the abandoned niggers and spics go to best and richest white homes, while throwing the white children to abusive subhumans? I have a feeling this will turn out to be true, since it's the worse scenario I can think of

Continues to blow my mind that I have to post via proxy because I've been banned for 'chronic shitposting', yet this trash is allowed.
Truly, this board is dead.

200 dollar ticket vs 220,000 dollar baby.

Any Fire station or Hospital.

For white kids it seems reasonable. But for brown kids, eh.
don't forget about how adoption centers are dominated by jewish companies that funnel the children to people like Podesta, why do you think its so hard for normie couples to adopt??

You losers just can't handle a modern independant womyn. :^)

Are we Investigating Mr. Bond? He is very against the Alt-Right.

Goyim Godess hates trump, lets check her out she's pretty hot

It's a jewish neurosis don't pay attention.

Why is there any sizable demand for abortion? How! And why shouldn’t it be in most cases something worthy of stigma. We live in a time where you can literally be a degenerate, not only a degenerate but also celebrated for the fact and have people who politely suggest it is not optimal behavior charged with the crime of offering sound advice. Dozens of methods of birth control exist, you can ignore barrier protection should you wish (to get AIDS), all you have to do it take one pill or occasionally get jabbed in the arm with a shot. And if you are still to stupid to do all of that you can go and get the ‘morning after pill’.

How do women need abortions at such a rate? It should be incredibly rare. And how is this not the main frame of the discussion. Being reckless to a near criminal extent with your health to the point where you need surgery is insanity when it is so preventable.

Morality aside, it is just plain odd.

Most Adoption places just neglect the fuck outta the kids, they send them where ever the feel like, its all up to both (((whoever))) & "whoever"
They mostly don't give a shit, buuuuttt…

There are adoption places for things like Jews, Catholic, etc
So if yer a Jew & want a baby, go to the Jew baby place, and you can get one
With the Jews specifically, if the baby isn't from Jew parents, they give the baby to some other place, instead of taking it in or converting it

Source: Father was adopted; he was first send to a Jew place, they threw him out to a different place, he got adopted pretty quick as tiny baby man luckily