Historically BANNED

So the SCA is a recreation group. A local autiste and his wife had a hand woven recreation of the famous Snartemo Sword weaving made for their "crowning". They wanted to show that the Swastika has pre-nazi roots.

Of course the SPLC has come after them, they've been doxxed by the friendly left and have been forced to destroy and burn the historical weaving in a fire pit to "atone" for their sin.

www splcenter org/hatewatch/2018/02/07/swastikas-raiments-create-uproar-among-society-creative-anachronism-fans

*attempted to archive but getting network errors. Maybe SPLC is Jew magicked against archival?

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Burned to feed the hungry kikes who still doxx'd them regardless.

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They're on the bad goyim shitlist for life and now they have bad luck too.

Nothing existed before World War II, user. The world began in 1939. It’s the creation myth of modern civilization. The jews, as a collective entity, are god. Hitler is the devil. Nothing which contradicts this is allowed to remain.

They probably are blocking the IP of archiving website.

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The peice is actually part of the heraldry, the garb one must wear when elevated to a high position in the SCA. IIRC this was part of a small group in alaska. And as far as I know the only ones bitching are the canadian and west coast groups in An-Tir and the Western Kingdoms. Thankfully most agree that we are a recreation group it shouldnt be removed or banned, we are historically based (with anacronisms) and that this really only became an issue because of the current political climate. Alot of fighters in Heavy Combat have black suns or valknuts and other traditional symbols on there sheilds which we've had to hide with cloth to stop our practice from getting interuptted by some sack of shit stepping in the ring and nearly getting brained to rant at us for the umpteenth time, wheras before we just had them out and about and nobody batted an eye.
Too bad about that card weave. That probably took her a good month or so of work. SCA is the least degenerate recreation group you can get into. Lots of trad women depending on where you go I cant speak for all kingdoms and barony's. Promoting skills and craft of ages past, my grandfather got started into it, my parents found eachother at it. And now I fight in my grandfathers own coat of plates.
Give it a try you rubes, you might actually find somthing nice to do on some weekends in the summer. Learn a craft from someone there, make freinds. We're pretty damn freindly.

The focus is more on historical reenactment. There's a lot of people who just throw on garb to sell the shit they've crafted. Some events are more LARPy than others, admittedly. The fighting is definitely at another stage - no LARPer, except maybe some "hard-core" groups in Europe, is going to let a ratan sword beat against their head. That shit fucking hurts.

There's a lot of shitbags floating around as well though. Just like any small group, it's really easy for narcissists to push their weight around and become huge trouble makers.

If the style of LARPing that the SCA does can help our people retain the knowledge our ancestors accumulated, then I'm willing to accept it. I went to an event In Fort Gains that had a blacksmith that lives in the fort and teaches people how to smith various things. I made a willow leaf and an 's' hook pretty easy, and I had fun shitposting with the Master Smith while doing it. Being involved in the SCA also encourages people to revisit old ways of making clothes, armor, weapons, food, tents, music, all kind of shit. It is a veritable haven for traditional knowledge.
tl;dr Fuck your shit fun things are fun.

The real fun starts when you start noticing that all these status-seeking wankers who all FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE lose their shit over an arrangement of geometric shapes that are apparently empowered with evil energies.
In short, they behave like a bunch of superstitious bushmen from the deepest darkest hearts of Africa, which of course belies their protected image of "rationalism and empicism".

Agreed, My grandfather had to force people out of power positions to keep our barony in order when this asshole kept forcefully apointing his freinds to postions that are supposed to be awarded to those whom show service to the crown. This was before my time however, I'll have to talk to him about it, He has some funmy stories about it. And is now enshrined in our history as an event where we all "revolt" against the crown.

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The SCA started in Berkley. What the fuck do you expect?

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SCA is almost exclusively a North American thing, primarily burger.

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If you like that one, you should try Joseph Campbell. Thinking in symbols is a very useful critical thinking skill and many of Campbell's works manage to have a remarkable depth while still remaining accessible. There are also many posthumous rumors that he was a fairly bad goy.

>When the astronauts landed on the moon, Mr. Gill writes, illustrating what he alleges to be Campbell's private anti-Semitism, Joe made the repellent jest that the moon would be a good place to put the Jews. Mr. Gill says the remark was heard by a member of his family who was a student at Sarah Lawrence.

>Others who knew Campbell have supported the allegation of bigotry. Carol Wallace Orr, another contributor to The New York Review exchange, said she worked closely with Campbell on his book Mythic Image. Campbell harbored mean spirited and seemingly unexamined biases against much of mankind, she said.

>In addition to anti-Semitism, I remember in particular his vexation over blacks being admitted to Sarah Lawrence, she writes. In a recent telephone interview, she said she did not remember Mr. Campbell's other comments, but she said she was shocked at the time that there was this side to his personality that didn't appear in his writing.

>Roy Finch, a professor emeritus of philosophy who knew Campbell for 20 years at Sarah Lawrence, said Campbell was a cryptofascist who could be reckless in expressing his views. These remarks are in a letter he wrote to The New York Review.


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Top fucking kek. Stupid kikes. The sacrifices that our ancestors made were not blood sacrifices but the sacrifice of art. They bullied that family into doing a very very white thing.

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Trying alternative archival methods. The first doesn't appear to grab the entire article.


Freezepage is kind of a pain in the ass not sure if viewable.

It's beautiful. Wish I lived in a country with a large enough population for this kind of niche event to work.

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hey, the ganges isnt even looking that bad. thats great, i thought it was literally filled with corpses and industrial waste. has the government been cracking down on it or something?

the easy way to fix this is to desensitize everybody to the swastika. how to do this?
are you angry at your teachers? draw swastikas in the bathroom, go to school at night and paint it.
bored while walking to your friends house? draw swastikas.
this is also a good way to raise absolute chaos.
even better if you're non-white, drawing swastikas on the sides of houses or stores.
eventually people will stop freaking out about it.
but until then we can enjoy the party
and after the party, everybody gets to use the swastika again.

Any groups like this in australia?

New pasta?

HEMA here, sca is for literal larpers, HEMA is traditional and self defensive.

Sca isnt historical at all, its explicitly fantasy.

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Just avoid anything that claims to be part of "F.A.R." Because those guys are basically antifa-lite, or at best signaling.


You mean the pattern on the fabric of the chairs that were on tv during trumps state of the union?

Their mistake was destroying it. They should have simply stuck to their guns.

I almost started to feel bad for them but then i see they cucked. Now I hate them. This cucking gives the SPLC it's power. This tattoo'ed "badass" is afraid of what some kikes 1000 miles away say about him on the internet. Fucking pathetic.

Why did they HAVE to burn it? I wouldn't have.

Very much this.

The kikes demanded atonement to their 'god" and it must be made in the customary way.

That symbol has been important for tens of thousands of years, maybe even longer.

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Yeah, is right. Outside of India, the swastika is forever associated with National Socialism, just like the cross is associated with Christianity and not with executions. Like it or not, that's how it is.

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This is a tattooed degenerate, who was trying to reclaim the swastika as a non-white symbol, and then cucked when the kikes called her out….

Why the fuck are you guys defending her?

Our supremacy is not based on a demonic tradition like the kikes, but on simple fact of life. He doesn't realize that it's not any particular philosophy that deems whites superior but all of philosophy.

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Haven't heard of that before. I think versions there of several websites (including those who reject Wayback Machine and archive.fo) seem to be broken.